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A Short Essay on Clinic Doctors Note Template the Life of Kate All Put Own Pictures, a Pianist. After a recent post, I received a request in the form of a comment from a reader, suggesting I might expand on my last paragraph. The last paragraph was as follows: I wonder how many people embark on serious piano studies because they want to Children Clinic Doctors be performers or because they are passionate about music, about the piano and about playing the piano? Public performance is quite a different thing, it#8217;s not for the thin-skinned or the faint-hearted. The act of Instant Access Records: Divorce, performance is an Doctors, art in Background Search, Access Criminal Records: Divorce itself, distinct from one#8217;s abilities as a musician or as a pianist.

It is like any sort of performance art, be it acting, dancing, or walking the tightrope. Children Template! Actually, walking the Own Pictures On And, tightrope is an analogy I often use for performing solo piano works from memory in public. The only safety nets are the ones we build in Clinic Doctors Template during our practising, and Resume Statements Examples, I reckon I spend a huge amount of time and energy in Clinic Template my own practice securing the memory. The Fat Factor Program Review Pdf Ebook Free! This is Children Note Template basically the Michigan Deed & Premium, equivalent of spending a fortune on insurance policies you hope you never need to use. Children! In his later years, the great pianist Sviatoslav Richter gave up playing from Michigan Quitclaim Deed Form | Download, memory and brought his scores, along with a trusted page turner on to the platform with him. He even eschewed the Note Template, limelight, preferring a muted lamp by the side of the Great Resume Objective Examples, piano. In interviews, he said the time spent memorising or maintaining the memory was no longer worth it, and that he could learn a multitude of Clinic Doctors Note Template, new pieces in the time it would have taken him to Michigan Deed | Download & Premium attend to Doctors Template his memory. There are those, it seems, who were born to play the piano in Sample Recommendation For Student.sample public, and I don#8217;t need to Children Clinic Doctors - Demplates go into Vintage Typography Music Poster | Graphicriver, a list of the greats (past and - Demplates, present) who fulfilled their destinies in Loss Review this regard.

The people who are on Children Doctors the top rung of this particular ladder would need to find playing the instrument, learning and memorising new repertoire and Payroll Spreadsheet Excel | Haisume, maintaining old repertoire relatively effortless (but not necessarily without a considerable investment of time, like any job). Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates! They would also need to Program Pdf Ebook be adrenaline junkies to Children Note some extent, and to Great Objective - be able to Children Clinic handle travel and Resume Statements -, spending chunks of time alone. Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates! Are the The Fat Factor Program, great solo pianists born, and not made? Whether one is Doctors - Demplates a performer or not comes down to talent (most obviously), but also temperament and personality. Access Criminal Records: Divorce! The secret of performance is to Children Clinic Doctors be able to Kate - You Could All Put Print get out of one#8217;s own way, and to free up the mind so it is not beset by doubts and Children Clinic Note Template, insecurities (and therefore tensions) during the Sample Career, process of Clinic Doctors, performing. Search, Access Criminal Records: Divorce! The performer becomes one with the music, one with the Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates, instrument. We all know that a memory slip can cause panic. Spreadsheet Template! Errors lead to terrors and then to Children Note Template possible paralysis. There have been those who, after the trauma of a memory slip, never played without the Background Access Criminal Records: Divorce, score again for the rest of their careers.

For others, a memory slip or momentary lapse in concentration can lead to Children Doctors Template - Demplates such acute insecurity that another slip ensues, until it is Sample By Northwestern University virtually impossible to Children Note Template - Demplates carry on. It#8217;s all in the mind! Surely the single biggest fear around public performance is that we will forget. It is perfectly possible to be an amazing pianist without being an By Northwestern University Career, amazing musician, and to Clinic - Demplates be a great musician and yet have quite average skills at Vintage Typography Music an instrument. Children Clinic Note - Demplates! I recall the apocryphal story of the debut of Adele Marcus, one of the most significant and brilliant teachers of piano of the second half of the Consulting Career, last century. Doctors Note Template - Demplates! She was responsible for Payroll Template | Haisume producing an Children Clinic Doctors Template, impressive list of All Put These, pianists, and Children Clinic Doctors Note Template, yet had no real performing career of Typography | Graphicriver, her own.

It is Template said that at Resume Objective her debut with the Children Template - Demplates, Schumann concerto, so nervous was she that she vomited on the keyboard and Vintage Typography, left the Note Template - Demplates, stage, never to return. This did not mean she was not a PHENOMENAL pianist, able to - You All Put Your On And Print These play with ease the most fiendish pieces in the piano repertoire and to toss off scales in Children Doctors double notes at the drop of a hat. It meant that her vocation was as a teacher of the piano, not a performer. Think of Kate - You Could All Put Own Pictures Print These Out, one of the other great teachers of the Children Doctors Note Template - Demplates, era, Maria Curcio not known as a performing pianist, at all. A great virtuoso might not make a constructive or insightful teacher because they might never have had to struggle with the Criminal Records:, instrument. Everything came naturally to them, and they have little idea how to build a pianist. A great teacher may also be a great performer, but very often they are two different animals. Children - Demplates! When I look at - You Own Pictures On And Out the students who have gone through my hands over the years, I have had the gamut.

Do I look at the small handful who are now making careers as concert pianists as being better than, or more successful than others who have thriving piano teaching studios or those who decided to pursue more general musical careers, or those who played for Clinic Note - Demplates a time and Letter Recommendation, then stopped? No, not at all! The elderly person who wants to keep up their piano playing because it brings them joy and Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates, keeps their mind active, the lawyer who can#8217;t live without Beethoven sonatas even though he has very limited time to practise these are just as valid (no more or less so) in Spreadsheet Excel | Haisume the grand (no pun intended) scheme of things than the Clinic Note Template - Demplates, talented child who absorbs music like a sponge or the Vintage Poster By Vynetta, tertiary level students about to Clinic Template - Demplates play their practical exams. Heaven forbid that everyone who comes to me for lessons has aspirations for The Fat Loss Factor Review Pdf Ebook a career as a concert pianist. Imagine a world overtaken by concert pianists! What a nightmare thought!

There are very many reasons why people start having piano lessons in their childhood. Those who are destined to Clinic Template be pianists will usually (although not always) take to All Put Your it like a duck to water and race ahead. For those others, many find solace in Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates the act of playing, a channel for self expression, an appreciation of the The Fat Loss Factor Program Review 30 Pages, music, and the deep satisfaction of mastering an instrument. For myself, it was a burning passion to play the piano that, for various reasons, had to Children - Demplates wait a bit. Background Access Criminal! I think I was just as smitten with music itself as I was with the Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, piano, and Sample Letter For Student.sample Recommendation, perhaps my yearning to Children play had its roots in the need (yes, need) to Michigan | Download Free express music through my fingers.

Embarking on tertiary level piano studies at Children Clinic Note - Demplates the RCM was in many ways an irrational decision, based on Template an overriding passion for Children Doctors Note - Demplates the subject (not necessarily for performance, though this came later as a necessary evil). I think there is a lot of angst among piano students as they draw to the end of undergraduate studies. Most of them decided to follow this path because of their passion, yet what sort of job will there be at the end of it? Should I be a performer or a teacher, or a bit of both? How will I support a family, or even pay the rent?

This crisis of identity is common, and there are big decisions to be made. Factor Review Free! As for the “performer” dilemma, it doesn’t matter how much you may enjoy doing it and Children Note Template - Demplates, feel like this is the life for you, if you haven’t excelled in exams and college competitions by your final year, you need to Factor Review 30 Pages see this as some sort of barometer for how you will stack up against the fierce competition in Template the professional world. Remember nobody thinking of booking Vladimir Horowitz ever asked his agent if he had a doctorate… Unless you love the idea of teaching piano, then the realities of this path may not always be glamorous. Instant Search, Criminal Divorce! For me, it was a vocation from the beginning and it still gives me enormous satisfaction. Yet we don’t need to be so cut-and-dried about Children Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, things a portfolio career is absolutely the Michigan Deed | Download Free Templates, way of the Children Clinic Template - Demplates, future for conservatory graduates, and Background Access Criminal Divorce, modern institutions are preparing their students for Doctors Note - Demplates this (along with business management and Vintage / Flyer By Vynetta, other tools I wish I had learned back then). Some playing, some ensemble work, some teaching, some writing, even something else non-musical. Children Doctors Note Template - Demplates! Why not? A freelance career based on mixed activities like this would be the envy of many trapped in a more regular job.

And in these uncertain times, if one area dried up, you would still have the Quitclaim | Download Free Templates, others. Clinic Doctors Note Template! The point I am slowly coming to is that everyone can find their niche in the wider world of the piano. Vintage Music Poster | Graphicriver! We embark on Doctors Note Template - Demplates a career in Great Resume Statements this area because we love it, and as such we are extremely fortunate already. Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Excellent post #8212; thank you. Children Clinic Note Template! It applies to all instruments, not just piano. One thing I find sad or frustrating is that most of the Great Resume Objective Statements Examples -, teachers at conservatories are people who have excelled as performers in some way but are not necessarily skilled as teachers. The hiring process seems geared toward obtaining star performers and not great teachers (the latter of course being harder to identify). Template! It#8217;s been a while since I#8217;ve been involved in that world, but that was my experience with it. Music Poster By Vynetta! Thanks for Children Clinic Note your comment, Harriet. Vintage Typography / Flyer | Graphicriver! Perhaps the Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, great teachers are able to Sample For Student.sample choose to be independent?

Just a thought#8230; Yes, there is some of Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates, that. Resume By Northwestern University Career! However, don#8217;t you think it#8217;s troubling that in Clinic many cases the Recommendation Letter For Student.sample Recommendation, students on Children Clinic - Demplates higher levels are not really getting the best teaching? I remember seeing very talented students on Pdf Ebook Free 30 Pages my major instrument (cello) struggling because they didn#8217;t know how to get better, and Children Note Template, their teachers weren#8217;t helping them because they didn#8217;t know how, either. Perhaps with the piano this is less likely because the standards are higher than for Kate - You Print other instruments (repertoire is more challenging, it must be memorized, there is more competition), so the Note - Demplates, piano students who get into Michigan Quitclaim Deed Form | Download Free Templates, the schools are probably more accomplished than those on Clinic other instruments. Conservatories are businesses at the end of the All Put Print Out, day and have to Note - Demplates remain competitive in Typography | Graphicriver the market place. It is an Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, enormous draw for them to Sample Letter For Student.sample have a big name performer on the staff. I think it depends on Children Doctors the level of the - You All Put These Out, student the Doctors Note - Demplates, higher level (postgraduate) student secure in their technique can gain a ton from being inspired and - You Could All Put Your Own Pictures Print These Out, guided by Clinic Note - Demplates a top-flight virtuoso. Letter For Student.sample Recommendation! In my experience, the average undergraduate needs a lot of TLC from an experienced teacher who will be able to deliver on a regular, committed basis. It is the difference between training and Children Clinic Template, coaching the former dealing with the construction of Review Free, a pianist from grass roots upwards, the latter concerned with improving or enhancing an end product on a given day. These activities are poles apart, and Note Template - Demplates, should not be confused. After studying classical guitar and getting my repertoire and performance skills up enough to Print These play full concerts I have forsaken the guitar and Clinic Doctors Note Template, have started again on the piano three years ago and my goal is to get to the same place.

I am going to have to Vintage Typography Music Poster / Flyer | Graphicriver hurry as I will be 60 next year. Template - Demplates! Oh and there is Kate - You Could All Put a special rung on Doctors Note Template - Demplates the ladder of music for everyone of us! Hi Robin! You are an Great -, inspiration to Doctors Template - Demplates us all I know someone who gave up an Sample Recommendation Letter For Student.sample, executive position in the corporate world to retrain, in his early 40s, as a beginner piano student. He ended up a very successful piano teacher for youngsters. Note! What he lacks in monetary terms he tells me he more than makes up for in job satisfaction, and is relieved to By Northwestern have found an Clinic Doctors Note Template, escape from the Recommendation, cut-throat world of office politics. [#8230;] While piano is very important to Clinic Doctors Note me, I also have a life outside of Recommendation Letter Recommendation, piano; and I know my students do too.

When you consider the - Demplates, small percentage of Vintage Typography / Flyer, concert pianists there are in Children Doctors Note Template - Demplates the world compared to Instant Search, Access Criminal the number of children and adults who begin piano lessons, you come to the realization that not every student will find themselves on the great stage of Carnegie Hall. Children Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates! (Here is an Objective Statements Examples -, interesting article on this same idea #8220;A Short Essay on the Life of Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates, a Pianist#8221; by Graham Fitch) [#8230;] Featuring a comprehensive library of Quitclaim Deed | Download Templates, lessons, articles and - Demplates, resources, the Practising the Piano Online Academy is the Sample Recommendation Letter, ultimate online resource for pianists, teachers and anyone seeking to master the piano. By continuing to use the Clinic Template - Demplates, site, you agree to Deed | Download Free the use of cookies. Note Template! more information Accept. The cookie settings on Objective Statements Examples this website are set to Doctors Note allow cookies to The Fat Factor Program Review give you the Doctors - Demplates, best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click Accept below then you are consenting to Sample Recommendation For Student.sample this.

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Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates

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Surface Book review: The ultimate laptop, even if it isn't perfect. And yet, immediately after unveiling the Surface Pro 4 at a keynote earlier this month, Microsoft unleashed one last surprise: the Surface Book. At first glance, it's a traditional 13-inch notebook, with a premium design, long battery life and the sort of performance you'll find in only a handful of other laptops, like the MacBook Pro. Unlike a Mac, though, you can remove the screen, turning it into Note a shockingly light, 1.6-pound tablet -- one that happens to pack a notebook-grade Intel Core processor. This , according to Microsoft, is the ultimate laptop. Distinctive, well-constructed design Impressively light as a tablet Gorgeous screen Pen input works well Comfortable keyboard Fast performance Best-in-class battery life in laptop mode Lots of configurations to choose from. Short battery life for just the tablet High cost of - You Could On And Print These, entry Fulcrum hinge makes the Children Clinic Doctors, laptop appear fatter when shut Feels heavy compared to some other flagship laptops Screen wobbles a bit it in laptop mode. Microsoft's first laptop raises the bar for other notebooks, with fast performance, best-in-class battery life and a design that manages to be both premium and unforgettable. Sample Letter For Student.sample Recommendation. The detachable screen is also comfortable to Doctors - Demplates use as a tablet, thanks to both its light 1.6-pound design, accurate pen input and some well-thought-out dimensions. Michigan Deed & Premium. Overall, we recommend it, especially to people who value performance, design and battery life above all else, and are willing to pay dearly for it. We just hope that next year's model is a little lighter and that it offers longer battery life in tablet mode.

Gallery: Surface Book review | 48 Photos. I was sitting in the auditorium where Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book. And a good few minutes passed before I or anybody else in Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates the audience realized the device had a detachable screen. Resume Statements. Until you hold down a button to release the display, the Surface Book looks just like any other clamshell laptop, with a spacious keyboard and an apparently fixed screen. That's the whole point, really: If all you cared about Note Template - Demplates were feeds and speeds, you could buy yourself a Surface Pro 4 with 16GB of Factor Program Review Free, RAM and a 1TB SSD, and run Photoshop to your heart's content. But after years of Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, trying to convince consumers that the Great Resume Statements -, Surface Pro could replace a laptop, Microsoft seems to have realized that some people don't want that; they just want a laptop. The Surface Book is for people who were never open to the idea of balancing a Surface tablet in their laps or typing on a thin Type Cover keyboard. The Surface Book is for people who demand a proper notebook -- one that can suffice as a tablet when the occasion calls for it. A gorgeous, distinctive status symbol. And what a beautiful laptop it is.

Its magnesium casing and blunt, chiseled edges help it look the part of a $1,499 notebook, with details like a chrome Windows logo also serving to remind you just how expensive it is. Note Template - Demplates. Far from being just another MacBook Pro, though, the Surface Book has a style unto its own, marked by a funky-looking hinge mechanism that Microsoft calls the Fulcrum. The best way I can describe it is that it looks like a snake folded into itself. Whereas a snake can elongate its body, and in some cases even stand up, the Resume By Northwestern University Career, Fulcrum has the same range of motion as a traditional laptop; it's not like you can flip the screen around 360 degrees into Note Template - Demplates tablet mode. Also, though I never worried the screen would suddenly detach, it wobbles a bit in By Northwestern University laptop mode, especially when you tap at the touchscreen.

In that sense, then, the Fulcrum was an impractical design choice: It makes the laptop appear needlessly fat when shut, so much so that the lid can't lie totally flat. If nothing else, the Fulcrum hinge is interesting looking. Clinic Doctors. Beautiful, even -- depending on your taste. As I worked on Payroll Excel, this review, using the laptop around the office, multiple people stopped me to Children Doctors Note - Demplates ask if this was the famous Surface Book. Resume Objective Examples - They all wanted to look at it; watch me slide the screen out. Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates. Even my mom did a double-take when she saw me using it at her house. That looks like a nice laptop, she said. And let me be clear: My mom otherwise doesn't give a shit about the gadgets I cover. I could go on, but I think you get the Payroll Spreadsheet Template Excel | Haisume, point: As gimmicky as that snake-hinge might seem, it does what it's supposed to. Note. Which is to Recommendation Recommendation say, it turns the Surface Book into a status symbol.

A gorgeous, distinctive status symbol. With the screen attached, the Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, Surface Book feels heavy, at least compared to other flagship Windows laptops. Michigan Quitclaim Free & Premium. Then again -- and I can't stress this enough -- the Surface Book isn't like most of the other premium notebooks that cross my desk. Whereas most of Doctors Note Template - Demplates, those trade on a thin and light design, Microsoft's laptop is Sample Recommendation Letter Recommendation all about horsepower: fast performance, robust graphics and unmatched battery life. You can't get that in a sub-three-pound laptop, at least not right now. Children Doctors - Demplates. Instead, the Surface Book comes in at Great Statements 3.34 pounds, or 3.48 with a dedicated GPU. For comparison's sake, the 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro also weighs 3.48 pounds, except it doesn't have a touchscreen, and isn't offered with discrete graphics. For what it is, the Surface could have been even heavier. As you take a tour of the device, you'll find two full-sized USB 3.0 ports on the left side, along with a full-sized SDXC card reader.

On the opposite edge is a Mini DisplayPort, along with the Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, same shallow charging connector found on the Surface Pro. As I said in my review of Michigan Form | Download Free, last year's Pro model (and the one before that), the charging connector can be awkward to Clinic Doctors Note insert, and doesn't always stay put. Finishing up our tour, the Your Own Pictures On And These Out, power button and volume rocker are both located on the top of the screen, so that you can use them in either laptop or tablet mode. Makes sense to me, though it was mighty confusing the first time I unboxed the Clinic Doctors Note Template, Surface and couldn't initially figure out how to turn the damn thing on. Finishing up the show-and-tell portion of this presentation, there are speakers built into either edge of the Could Own Pictures Print, screen, and Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, though the grilles aren't easy to spot, the sound they produce is louder than you might expect. Sitting alone in a quiet room, a volume level of around 30 out of 100 was more than enough for streaming Spotify; it was rare I even broke the halfway mark. Resume Objective. Additionally, the Children Clinic Note Template, Surface Book includes dual cameras: an 8-megapixel rear-facing unit and a 5MP one up front that supports the Recommendation Recommendation, Windows Hello facial-recognition option in Windows 10. Both cameras shoot 1080p video, and are helped by Children Clinic Doctors Template, two mics, one on Form | Download & Premium Templates, each side of the tablet. If the Surface Book feels slightly heavy, that's because most of Children Note Template, what makes it great -- the Michigan Deed Templates, optional GPU, the larger of the Clinic Template - Demplates, two batteries -- is squeezed inside the The Fat Loss Program Review Free 30 Pages, keyboard. Hold down the Children Clinic Note Template, button next to the Delete key; wait till it glows green; lift the screen away from the Sample For Student.sample Recommendation, dock; and you'll be left with a shockingly thin and light tablet.

To echo what I said in my initial hands-on, I've been reviewing gadgets for eight and a half years now. I'm not easily impressed anymore. Clinic Note Template. Even so, it's hard not to Examples feel awed by what Microsoft's done here: cram a fully functioning Core i7 computer into Children Clinic Doctors a slab weighing just 1.6 pounds and measuring 7.7mm (0.3 inch). I'd even go so far as to say that the Kate - You Could Own Pictures On And These Out, Surface Book does a better job doubling as a tablet than the Clinic Note, Surface Pro does as a laptop. Again, though, the question of which you should buy ultimately comes down to what sort of device you'll use most. What's nice about the Surface Book's screen-detaching mechanism is Great Resume Objective that it uses software-based controls to make sure you remove the display safely. So, if you're running a program using the GPU in the keyboard dock, the Surface Book will prompt you to Children Doctors Note close out of the Kate - You Your Own Pictures On And These Out, app; otherwise you won't be able to remove the screen. When it comes time to Children Doctors Template - Demplates reattach the display, you can put it back the way you found it, or you can flip it around with the screen facing away from the keyboard. This is great for Michigan Quitclaim | Download Templates, presentations, but I don't recommend pushing the display all the way back into tablet mode -- why settle for a three-and-a-half pound tablet when you can have a 1.6-pound one? If you're wondering, this is also why the Surface Book lacks the sort of 360-degree hinge made popular by Lenovo's Yoga line: It would solve a problem that doesn't actually exist on this device. Reattaching the screen isn't hard, exactly: Just place the tablet over Note Template - Demplates a few guides sticking up from the keyboard dock.

I stumbled my first few times doing it, but it's since become second nature. The only thing I miss is the satisfying click of snapping a Surface into its keyboard cover, but even then, the Deed | Download Free Templates, Surface Book makes a neat little sound to indicate you've reattached the screen correctly. I typed most of this review on the Surface Book. In between, when I wasn't concentrating so much on Clinic Note Template, the task at hand, I used the laptop as my primary machine for email, web surfing, Facebook, Twitter, Google spreadsheets, Slack and every other app I use every day. I think it's a testament to Recommendation Letter the Surface Book that I was so willing to Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates make it my daily driver, and Kate - You Could All Put On And Out, the keyboard layout here is definitely a big part of Children Doctors Template - Demplates, that. The buttons are well-spaced and cushy, with a generous 1.6mm of Michigan Deed Form Free & Premium Templates, travel and Clinic - Demplates, a sturdy panel that stands up well to vigorous typing. I worried, when I saw the device for the first time, that the keys weren't springy enough; that they didn't bounce back much, and might be prone to missing button presses.

As it turns out, that hasn't been an issue -- I barely make typos on this thing. If anything, I wish the keys were quieter. I type quickly, especially once I've found my writer's mojo, and Quitclaim | Download Templates, when that happened this week, my typing on the Surface Book got a little clacky. To be fair, it's no louder than the MacBook, which can also get noisy when I'm on - Demplates, a roll. And not all of Resume, my coworkers at Engadget even agree with me: Terrence, a longtime ThinkPad user, says the buttons are actually quieter than what he's used to. In any case, then, you might not be bothered by the sound at all. And even if you are, it's no worse than what you'd experience on the MacBook Pro. As you'd expect of a laptop made by Note - Demplates, Microsoft, the Quitclaim Form | Download Free Templates, Surface Book uses one of the company's own Precision touchpads, which you can already find in notebooks made by other manufacturers, like Dell.

It's already the best Windows trackpad, and it mostly works well here, with smooth two-finger scrolling and pinch-to-zoom for things like maps and fine-print pages. As a warning, there were a few times when I booted up the Clinic Note - Demplates, system only to find the touchpad was unresponsive. In each case, a restart did the trick, but a Microsoft rep said the company is Resume By Northwestern University Career aware of the problem and is planning to release a fix through a firmware update. Indeed, I was testing pre-production-level hardware, so there's a good chance you won't encounter this issue at all. The Surface Book has an unusual screen size: 13.5 inches, with an equally odd resolution of 3,000 x 2,000. Microsoft could have easily gone with a more standard cut, like 13.3 inches, but it chose a slightly larger panel so that it could achieve the Template - Demplates, same 3:2 aspect ratio as its other Surface devices -- the idea being that in - You All Put Your On And Print tablet mode the Children Doctors Note - Demplates, screen would have the same shape as a pad of paper or a clipboard. Letter Recommendation. In fact, that's what Microsoft calls the Clinic, detached screen: not a tablet, but a clipboard. Excuse me, but I'll just call it a tablet anyway if you don't mind. Marketing speak aside, that aspect ratio is one of the things that makes the Payroll Spreadsheet Excel | Haisume, Surface Book so comfortable to use as a standalone slate: It's not as long in Children Doctors Note Template either portrait or landscape mode. If you like, you can also draw on - You Could Your On And These Out, it, using the included pen, which attaches magnetically to the side of the device. (Don't worry, I keep the pen there regularly and haven't lost it yet.) The pen now recognizes 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and has an eraser at the top, both of which should serve you well in everything from Clinic Note - Demplates, drawing apps to the markup feature in Windows Edge. The Fat Factor Review Pdf Ebook. In OneNote, pen input felt smooth and controlled, with just enough resistance to make it feel sort of like I was writing on paper. Children Clinic Template. (Nothing can fully replicate the real deal, but this was close.) I found that the screen picked up even faint lines without me having to go back and re-trace my marks, and Letter For Student.sample, yet it was smart enough to ignore my fingers when I was just picking up the device in my hand.

As a laptop screen, it's a little taller than other 13-inch notebook displays. As it happens, I've spent months using the Chromebook Pixel, which also has a 3:2 panel, so I tend to notice the odd screen shape less than perhaps some casual users might. In any case, even if it looks slightly strange at first, you won't notice any meaningful difference in Doctors Template - Demplates the way you use Windows. Spreadsheet Template | Haisume. Yes, if you had a standard 3,200 x 1,800 screen, you'd have 200 extra horizontal pixels for viewing apps side by Doctors Template, side. Sample Recommendation Letter For Student.sample Recommendation. That said, I had no problem multitasking in a split-screen layout, even with slightly fewer pixels from left to Children Clinic Template right. Letter For Student.sample Recommendation. Conversely, the extra 200 vertical pixels on Clinic Doctors Template, the Surface Book meant I could technically see just a little bit more of webpages before having to Payroll Excel scroll, but it's not something I ever noticed in practice. Whether you use it as a laptop or tablet, the display is Template - Demplates as gorgeous as you'd expect on something billed as the Sample Recommendation Letter For Student.sample Recommendation, ultimate laptop. Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates. With a pixel density of Payroll Spreadsheet Excel, 267 ppi, it's even crisper than both the Chromebook Pixel (239 ppi) and the 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro (227 ppi), and even those make it hard to pick out individual pixels. Aside from the resolution, you're looking at some rich, but not overbearing colors, with a wide palette that covers 100 percent of the sRGB spectrum. And though the Clinic Note Template - Demplates, glossy screen finish wasn't immune to sun glare, I found it mostly stayed readable in Could All Put On And different conditions, including my office, where I sit next to an east-facing window that lets in lots of light every morning. E2,758 / P1,578 / X429.

E2,001/ P1,122 / X310. E1,667 / P932 / X265. E2,114 / P1,199 / X330. Over the Children Doctors, past two weeks, I've had the opportunity to test not one, but two Surface Book configurations: one with a dual-core Core i5-6300U CPU, 8GB of Quitclaim Deed | Download Free, RAM and integrated Intel HD 520 graphics, and another with a Core i7-6600U processor, 16GB of RAM and a custom 1GB GPU based on Children Clinic Note - Demplates, NVIDIA's Maxwell architecture. Michigan Quitclaim Deed | Download & Premium Templates. The two machines delivered similar scores in CPU-oriented tests like PCMark, with disk speeds matching as well: top read speeds of about 1.6GB per second, and max reads of around 600 MB/s. Startup is similar across different configurations too: between 10 and 15 seconds to the login screen, which is Children Clinic Note fast, but also fairly standard for a flagship laptop with an SSD. But, as you'd expect, the GPU-enabled model soared in graphics tests, sometimes delivering as much as a 70 percent improvement. Clearly, it's unlike almost any other thin-and-light Windows flagship laptop on the market, and Your Own Pictures, if you intend to use apps like Photoshop or a video editor, you'll appreciate the added clout. That said, the Surface Book's results in more gaming-focused tests like 3DMark's Sky Driver benchmark suggest that although the machine has plenty of graphics power, it wasn't built for gamers. Children Template. Maybe it was the relatively modest 1GB of VRAM, or maybe this just isn't the best GPU NVIDIA has to offer, but in Kate All Put Your On And Out Sky Driver's gaming simulations, titles ran at Children Clinic Doctors Template an average of around 30 frames per second.

That's playable, but it was slow enough that I decided against running additional benchmarks that simulated an even more graphically intensive game. Also, games were one of the few things to really make the fans start whining. The Fat Review. For the most part, during my two weeks of testing, I enjoyed quiet performance, with a chassis that didn't stay cool , exactly, but never burned my hands or legs either. Get a game going, though, and Clinic Note - Demplates, the fans will get quite loud. To Microsoft's credit, at least, the noise pipes down quickly -- in some cases a few seconds after you close the offending app. Microsoft rates the Surface Book for up to 12 hours of Michigan Quitclaim Deed Form & Premium, battery life with the keyboard dock attached. I'd say that's a conservative estimate: I logged nearly 14 hours on Doctors - Demplates, the integrated-graphics model, and that was with a 1080p video looping and the brightness fixed at The Fat Program Pdf Ebook Free 30 Pages a punishing 65 percent. Even the configuration with a Core i7 CPU and discrete graphics managed 11 and a half hours in the same test, and Doctors Note Template - Demplates, that's on The Fat Loss Factor Review Pdf Ebook Free, par with the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which doesn't have discrete graphics. Either way, I have no doubt that with a dimmer setting (not to Note mention the ambient brightness sensor enabled), you could squeeze out even more runtime.

The catch is Could All Put On And Print Out that most of that battery capacity lives inside the keyboard dock, meaning you won't be able to use the Surface Book for Clinic Note, more than a few hours in tablet mode before needing a trip back to the charger. With a Core i5 processor, the tablet lasted a brief three hours and 20 minutes; with a more power-hungry i7 chip, that number dropped to three hours. In any case, I suppose none of this is surprising: It's a 1.6-pound tablet with a Core processor and Consulting Resume Career, a 3,000 x 2,000 screen. Something has to Clinic Template - Demplates give, and that something is battery life. I won't knock the Surface Book too much for that, but I would remind you to see this for Quitclaim Deed | Download & Premium Templates, what it is: a laptop that can be used as a tablet.

If what you really want is a tablet that can replace your laptop, you'd be better served by the Surface Pro. The two Surface Book configurations I tested represent two extremes: the entry-level model and the most tricked-out SKU Microsoft has to Children Clinic Note - Demplates offer. Separating them is $1,700 -- and Quitclaim & Premium, a potentially big performance gap. So let's break down what you can get as you move up in price. Note - Demplates. Starting at $1,499 you get a Core i5 CPU with 8GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD and integrated graphics. Great Resume Statements - For $200 more ($1,699) you can double the storage to 256GB. Microsoft also recently added a new option at that $1,699 price point. Children Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates. Essentially, you have your choice of either doubling the storage to 256GB or adding in discrete graphics to the Core i5/128GB model. If you want both discrete graphics and more storage, the least expensive model is the $1,899 configuration, which also has a Core i5, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage space. From there, you can get a Core i7 machine with the same NVIDIA GPU and Michigan Deed Form | Download & Premium, 256GB of storage with 8GB of RAM ($2,099), or a 512GB SSD with 16 gigs of memory ($2,699). Children Clinic Doctors - Demplates. Finally, that brings us to Factor Pdf Ebook Free 30 Pages the big kahuna: a $3,199 beast of a system with a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, discrete graphics and Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, a full terabyte of solid-state storage.

Basically: the one we all want, but few of us can afford. When Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book, I was just one of many who said that other PC makers should be worried. Still, that doesn't mean they're doomed. Kate - You Could All Put Your On And Print These. Although the Dells, HPs and Children Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, Samsungs of the world sell flagship laptops, most of them are in Kate - You All Put Out a different category than the Surface Book. Which is to say, they tend to be thinner and lighter, but their specs aren't as robust and they aren't quite as comfortable to Clinic Note Template use in tablet mode. If you're looking for a machine with discrete graphics, and maybe 16GB of RAM and a full terabyte of Payroll, solid-state storage, you wouldn't have been satisfied with the likes of the Children Clinic Template, Dell XPS 13 ($800-plus) or HP Spectre x360 ($900-plus). Likewise, if you don't require that level of performance -- or if you don't care about using your PC as a tablet -- you might indeed prefer one of those other models, both of Michigan Deed Form, which weigh less than the Surface Book. Also, most competing Windows laptops start somewhere below $1,499 -- often well below. So, you know, they have that going for them too. That said, there are a couple Windows models that come a little closer to competing with the Surface Book.

One is Clinic Doctors Template Dell's redesigned XPS 15. Yes, it's bigger than the Surface Book, and has a fixed screen, which means you can't use it as a tablet. Quitclaim Templates. But at 3.9 pounds, it's in Doctors the same ballpark as Microsoft's laptop, and Kate - You Could Your Print These Out, with a compact footprint more in line with 14-inch notebooks, it's not that much bigger than the Doctors Note Template, 13.5-inch Surface Book. Payroll Spreadsheet Template Excel | Haisume. Also, it has the potential to perform like the Children Doctors Note Template - Demplates, Surface. Michigan Deed Free & Premium. Although the entry-level $1,000 model has plain ol' integrated graphics, the top-end configuration packs a sixth-gen Core i7 processor, color-accurate 4K screen, 16GB of RAM, a 2GB NVIDIA 960M GPU and a 1TB PCIe SSD. Battery life there is Children Note Template rated at up to 17 hours with a lower-res 1080p screen, but even with that top-end SKU, you're still looking at around 11 hours, according to All Put Your Own Pictures On And Dell. You also might want to Clinic - Demplates consider Lenovo's just-announced Yoga 900 ($1,200 and up), which replaces last year's Yoga 3 Pro. At 2.8 pounds, it's considerably lighter than the Surface Book, and can also be used in tablet mode, but it, too, is offered with sixth-gen Core i5 and i7 processors, a similar 3,200 x 1,800 screen and up to Consulting Resume 512GB of Clinic Doctors Template, storage. The trade-off seems to Resume Statements be that in Children Doctors Note Template exchange for a thinner and lighter design, you get shorter battery life (up to nine hours, says Lenovo) and no discrete graphics.

And, of course, there's the Form | Download Templates, machine against Template - Demplates, which Microsoft itself is comparing the Template Excel, Surface Book: the MacBook Pro. Let's stick with the 13-inch Retina display MBP, which starts at $1,299 and Children Doctors, weighs a similar 3.48 pounds. At that price, it comes with a Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD, Intel Iris 6100 graphics and a 12-hour battery, although you can also configure it with a 1TB solid-state drive. Other than that, though, Apple has saved its best specs for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, including discrete graphics and a quad-core Core i7 option. There's nothing wrong with the larger model, except at 4.49 pounds it's far heavier than the Surface Book. Either way, it has no touchscreen and can't be used as anything other than a clamshell laptop. Deed Free Templates. Similar to Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates what I said earlier, if you want something that can double as a tablet, you're likely to ignore the MacBook Pro, regardless of the size. The Surface Book isn't perfect no product is. But if the ultimate laptop merely means it raises the bar for Statements, other laptops, then it mostly lives up to that promise. Children Note - Demplates. I would recommend it b ased on its long battery life alone 11 hours at a minimum.

Even if you consider the detachable screen little more than a party trick, you still get a well-built laptop with unmatched runtime and Payroll, performance options that most other 13-inch systems simply don't offer. Because the screen is detachable, too, it's more comfortable to use as a 1.6-pound tablet than all of Note - Demplates, those Yoga-like PCs are with their screens flipped back. It's just a shame about the Surface Book's battery life in tablet mode it's comfortable to use, but you won't last long without a power cord. There will, naturally, be people who don't need the - You Could All Put Own Pictures Print These Out, option of discrete graphics or 16GB of RAM, and Children Clinic Note - Demplates, there will also be folks who just want a traditional laptop, and not necessarily a laptop/tablet mashup. Resume Sample University. For those people, there are other PCs that are lighter, cheaper or both.

Machines like the Dell XPS 13, which is still one of my favorites. Otherwise, I highly recommend the Surface Book, especially to people who value performance, battery life and design above all else, even if it means you don't get the Clinic Doctors Template, lightest-possible machine. You'll pay dearly for such a machine, of Payroll Template Excel | Haisume, course, but that will be true of any halo product. Ultimately, though, I wonder if Microsoft's true no-compromise device is yet to Clinic Doctors come. The original promise of the Surface has always been to All Put Own Pictures Print These Out combine the best of a tablet and laptop. Both the Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, Surface Book and the Surface Pro attempt to do that: While the former is Recommendation Letter Recommendation surprisingly comfortable to use as a tablet, the latter has gotten steadily more powerful over the years, not to mention easier to type with or use in the lap. As it stands, the Children Note Template - Demplates, two devices serve different purposes, but they also appear to be moving in a similar direction. I would one day like to see a laptop with the Surface Book's build quality, battery life and performance, just a little lighter and with better endurance as a standalone tablet. Resume Sample By Northwestern University Career. For now, the Surface Book is at its best as a laptop, which really is the whole point. Update: We've updated the Configuration options section to include a new $1,699 model with a discrete GPU. Dana is executive editor of Engadget, where she runs a growing team of Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates, reporters and reviewers.

She got her start in tech journalism a decade ago as a writer for Laptop Mag and the AP before arriving at Engadget in 2011. She appears weekly on ABC Radio and has also been a guest on Bloomberg TV, CNN, CNBC, Marketplace, NPR and Fox Business, among other outlets. Dana is a graduate of Wesleyan University and the Columbia Publishing Course. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Google Assistant's latest feature is a male voice. Voice II is the Objective Statements, new kid on the block. Plex makes its adaptive streaming tech available to all. Plex Pass subscribers can use hardware-accelerated streaming too.

Uber agrees to limit the power of its former CEO. It#039;s all because the board had to decide on new rules to Children Doctors Note Template move forward with its deal with Softbank. Europe takes Ireland to court over Apple's $14.5 billion tax bill. Ireland is owed billions by Apple, but has yet to start collecting the money.

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The Scoop on Resume Length: How Many Pages Should Your Resume Be? by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Once upon a time, someone came up with a “rule” that resumes should not exceed one page. No one really knows who came up with the rule, but a great many job-seekers still seem to Doctors Template - Demplates, live in fear of this supposed edict. The fact is that very few “rules” exist today in the world of Kate Print resume writing.

Unbreakable rules include: You can’t lie, you can’t have typos/misspellings, and you can’t include negative information. Just about Children Clinic Doctors Template every other rule you’ve ever heard about resumes, however, is breakable, including rules about how many pages your resume should comprise. Rules are one thing, but trends are another. After a period that could almost be described as “anything goes” in terms of resume length, the pendulum in this Twitter-inspired, short-attention-span age has swung back toward shorter resumes. “The norm for most resumes/CVs is one to Review Free 30 Pages, two pages, even for very experienced professionals,” says the Findings of 2011 Global Career Brainstorming Day: Trends for the Now, the New the Next in Careers , published by the Career Thought Leaders Consortium. The publication went on to note that a survey of HR/recruiters on LinkedIn indicated an overwhelming preference for Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates, a second page. Even against within this climate of Kate Could Your On And Print These Out shorter resumes, each individual situation dictates resume length.

After surveying career experts, we developed some guidelines to help you determine the right length for your resume. It should be noted that length is primarily an Clinic Doctors issue that pertains to the traditional, formatted, “print” version of your resume. For resumes in electronic formats that are intended to be placed directly in keyword-searchable databases, page-length is immaterial. “The length of your resume doesn’t matter to Great Resume Statements, an applicant tracking system,” affirms Jon Ciampi, CEO of Preptel, a company that aims to Children Note Template - Demplates, help job-seekers penetrate these systems (as quoted in an article on by The Fat Factor Program Review Pdf Ebook Free, Meridith Levinson). “It will scan your resume regardless of whether it’s two pages or four. Submitting a longer (say three or four page) resume that allows you to pack in more relevant experience and Children Note Template - Demplates, keywords and phrases could increase your chances of ranking higher in Payroll Spreadsheet Template Excel | Haisume, the system,” Ciampi says in Levinson’s article. Thus, this article’s guidelines apply either in situations where your formatted resume is screened by human eyes without having been placed into a keyword-searchable database or after a keyword search has narrowed the field of applicants. Resumes for new grads and Children Note - Demplates, entry-level job-seekers are often, but not always, one page. Most college career-placement centers tell students to Payroll Spreadsheet Template, limit their resumes to one page, notes resume writer Sharon Pierce-Williams, 75 percent of whose business is writing for the college population.

Pierce-Williams observes that many career offices even require that students stick to a one-page resume.” Indeed, if there is one group that should strive for a one-page resume, it is Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates, college students and new graduates. In many cases, these entry-level job-seekers don’t have enough relevant experience to justify more than a page. Some new grads do, however, have lots of relevant internship, summer-job, extracurricular, leadership, and sports experience that justifies a two-page resume. Pierce-Williams takes an unusual approach to new-grad resumes. Great Resume Objective - “I have compelling proof that two-page resumes land job interviews for college students,” Pierce-Williams says. “Length depends on Doctors - Demplates, extra-curricular involvement and leadership. It takes a certain ‘go-getter’-type student for a two-page resume.” Pierce-Williams designs college-student resumes in which page one “often looks like a ‘regular’ resume, but page two is entitled ‘Key Leadership and Project Management’ or simply ‘Key Leadership.'” Pierce-Williams says she uses this page-two section to list three to four projects in which the student made a difference in an association or sorority/fraternity. If you fall into Quitclaim Deed Form | Download Free the college-student/entry-level/new-grad group and are tempted to Children Note Template, go to two pages, just be sure that you have the relevant material to Resume Statements -, justify a second page. “Once someone has been in business for 10 years, particularly if they have switched jobs, I find it difficult to keep it on Children Clinic Doctors Note, one page,” says coach, speaker, and trainer Darlene Nason. “I think a two-page resume is a good average.”

In his Resume Critique Writer software, Grant Cooper of Strategic Resumes offers this view of the Kate - You Could Own Pictures Print, two-page resume: “The resume has now taken the place of the initial interview, and only those with significant qualifications and strong resumes are even invited to interview. Doctors Note - Demplates? True, it does take an additional minute or less for an HR professional to review the All Put Your Own Pictures These Out, second page of a resume, but that extra minute is seen as far more helpful than scheduling a questionable candidate for a personal interview.” Supplemental sheets and addenda provide a way to present additional information without adding to the length of the resume itself. Executives in particular were advised till recently that three- and four-page resumes were acceptable and even expected. Now, though, the trend is toward two-page or even one-page resumes for executives that are supplemented by various addenda that can optionally be submitted with the Children Doctors Note Template - Demplates, resume. “A suite of addenda,” says Deborah Wile Dib, president of Executive Power Brand, can be “a strategic way to mention presentations, awards, published works, technical skills, extensive education, and expanded success studies.” Dib, who particularly uses addenda with executives, notes that “such addenda allow for Spreadsheet Template, even greater depth without cluttering the resume.” Creating various supplements and addenda enables the Children Note - Demplates, job-seeker to choose which pieces to send along with the resume. He or she might instead choose not to send any addenda but to bring them to the interview. Even among employers, there’s no consensus on Resume Statements, preferred resume length.

While there is no consensus among employers and Children Doctors Note, recruiters about resume length, some feel one page is too short. Maureen Crawford Hentz, manager of talent acquisition, development and compliance at Osram Sylvania, Boston MA, particularly disdains “abbreviated or ‘teaser’ resumes” that urge the recruiter, “for more information, call me.” Many recruiters believe that two pages is about the right length; for some, three pages is the outside limit that they will read. “If the resume is longer than two pages, it needs to be well worth it,” noted Hentz’s colleague at Osram Sylvania, Harlynn Goolsby. Others question executives’ ability to Kate - You All Put Your On And Print Out, prioritize if their resumes are longer than two pages. Since recruiters pass candidate resumes on to client employers, they must also consider employer preferences. Children Note Template? “Most of Great Resume Objective - my clients profess that they are too busy to read anything lengthier — thus, I deliver what they require,” said Chris Dutton, director at Intelligent Recruitment Services and Doctors Note - Demplates, Owner, Intelligent IT Recruitment, Manchester, UK. Recruiter opinions about Kate Could All Put Own Pictures Print These resume length have been colored in recent years by the growing practice of reading resumes on a computer screen rather than printing them. Resumes that might seem too long in print are acceptable on Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, screen. For many decision-makers, page length is less important than providing sufficient details. “I … encounter quite a few resumes that have been stripped of any detail in Kate - You All Put Own Pictures Print These, order to confine them to one or two pages,” said Pam Sisson, a recruiter for Children Clinic Doctors Template, Professional Personnel in Alabama. “My immediate response is to ask for a more detailed resume. A resume that’s three or four pages but actually shows the qualifications and experience necessary for a position is much preferred, in my opinion, to Objective Statements -, one that has cut out Children Doctors Template - Demplates all the substance to meet some passe idea of Letter For Student.sample Recommendation a one-page resume.” John Kennedy, senior IT recruiter at Belcan agreed: “Resume length is of very little importance so long as the information is accurate, verifiable, and Children Note Template, pertinent to the position. If a candidate has 20 years of experience directly relating to the position being applied for and that experience is verifiable, it should be listed even if the Payroll Template, resume goes four-plus pages.” Given that employers screen resumes for as few as 6 seconds, a resume must quickly capture the Clinic Template, reader’s interest. “As long as the resume grabs the attention of the hiring manager, it is the right length,” says McCown-Guard. “Whatever the length of the resume, the critical factor is to make absolutely certain that your reader’s interest is piqued within the first half of the first page,” cautions Laurie J. Smith, president of Creative Keystrokes Executive Resume Service. “Of equal or greater importance [to length] is concise writing, short paragraphs, brief lists of bullet points, and good organizational strategies that ensure the Loss Factor Program Review, resume can be quickly skimmed,” notes the Findings of 2011 Global Career Brainstorming Day: Trends for the Now, the New the Children Doctors Template - Demplates, Next in Careers . “In addition, it is essential to use strong merchandising and positioning strategies to bring the most relevant information to the forefront.

Creating a strong impact “above the Great, fold” — on the top half of the first page of the resume — has become increasingly critical for job seekers in one of the most competitive employment markets we’ve ever experienced.” Whatever page your resume ends on, text should fill at Clinic Note - Demplates, least a third to a half of the Form | Download Free & Premium Templates, page. If the last page of your resume amounts to just a few lines of text, it’s best to condense so that the preceding page becomes the last page of your resume. Conversely, don’t add superfluous text just to fill up the last page of your resume. “I never fluff up content for the sake of Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates filling space,” says Teena Rose of Resume to Referral. “Irrelevancies can dilute the overall effectiveness of the Spreadsheet Template | Haisume, resume.” The end of Doctors - Demplates your resume, Rose notes, “should offer additional value and not be perceived as leftovers.” Don’t sacrifice your resume’s readability to make it conform to arbitrary “rules” about resume length. It’s always pitiful when we have to whip out the magnifying class to read the tiny 8- or 9-point type on the resume of Payroll | Haisume a job-seeker who has gone to absurd lengths to limit his or her resume to a certain number of pages.

Don’t forego readable type (we suggest no smaller than 10.5 point; 11 to Children Doctors Note Template - Demplates, 11.5 is better), comfortable margins (some resume writers say 1 inch all around; we’ve gone as small as .7?), space between lines, white space, and Consulting Sample University Career, a pleasing, eye-attracting layout just to cram your resume onto X number of pages. Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates? “It’s less taxing and time-consuming to Consulting Sample By Northwestern University Career, read one and a half or two well-formatted pages than one page where everything’s squished together,” observes one expert. “Those resumes that do contain detailed information, but are literally ‘crammed’ into one page, are now frowned upon,” says Cooper in Children Doctors - Demplates, his Resume Critique Writer software. “It is simply too difficult for Payroll Spreadsheet Template Excel, a hiring director to read the tiny print and jam-packed information squeezed into Clinic Note Template - Demplates a one-page stuffed resume. Companies that once insisted on one-page resumes are perfectly happy with a clearly-written, concise, and Recommendation For Student.sample Recommendation, well-formatted two-page resume that is easy to Children Clinic Note Template, read, yet has the detailed information they now need.” Page numbers, headers, and footers can aid continuity in a resume that is two or more pages. All resume pages beyond page one need to The Fat Loss Factor Program Free 30 Pages, be numbered. Some job-seekers choose a “page 2 of 3” model. “If you decide to go with two or more pages, be sure to include your name and appropriate page number at the top,” suggests Ann Baehr of Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates Best Resumes. “And organize all of the The Fat Loss Program Review Pdf Ebook Free, information with distinct categories to make it easier for Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates, the reader to find what they are looking for at a glance.” Including your name close to Great Resume Objective -, the page number is Children, highly desirable in case resume pages get separated from Statements each other. However, repeating your entire “letterhead” from the first page of Doctors Note your resume on subsequent pages can be confusing and take up too much space. Career-management coach Don Orlando takes a novel approach to a footer designed to entice the employer to keep reading the resume: “At the Consulting Resume By Northwestern University, bottom of my multi-page resumes, there is a [customized] footer that reads something like this: ‘More indicators of Children Doctors Note Template performance General Motors can use now…'” It’s OK for a resume section, such as your experience, to straddle two pages of your resume, but avoid splitting the description of a given job over two pages. Finish describing a job on Payroll Spreadsheet Template, one page, and Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates, begin detailing the next-oldest job on - You Could All Put Own Pictures On And These Out, the following page. Final Thoughts on Job-Seeker Resume Length.

One more guideline to Note Template, consider is that one-page resumes are typically expected for networking and at job fairs. If you’re still torn about Resume Sample By Northwestern University Career how long to Children Note Template - Demplates, make your resume, consider contacting a qualified resume writer for an expert consultation. Questions about some of the terminology used in this article? Get more information (definitions and links) on Consulting By Northwestern Career, key college, career, and job-search terms by Doctors Note - Demplates, going to our Job-Seeker’s Glossary of Job-Hunting Terms. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Factor Review Pdf Ebook 30 Pages Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine , an Doctors - Demplates electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career . Katharine, who ea ned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is Michigan Form & Premium Templates, author of Dyn mic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in t e Door: N tworking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates, with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters , Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha). Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at kathy(at) Great? Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Have you taken advantage of all the Children Doctors Note, many free resume tools, articles, samples, and more that we have in the Resume Resources section of Quintessential Careers?

QUINTESSENTIAL RESUME-WRITING PARTNER. LiveCareer’s Resume Builder is the fastest, most efficient way to build an effective resume. Featuring hundreds of templates and professional designs for all jobs and industries, Resume Builder also includes sample phrases written by our experts, plus helpful tips and advice to make your resume stand out. We’ll guide you step by step through the Resume Sample By Northwestern Career, process, so you can build an impressive resume that will make employers want to know more. Clinic - Demplates? Ready to jump-start your job search and move closer to reaching your goals? Try Resume Builder today, and learn how easy it is to Loss Program Review, create your own resume. We’re so confident that you’ll love Resume Builder that you can try it for FREE! Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives.

Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to Children Clinic Template, help land the job you want. Dr. Randall S. For Student.sample? Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the Clinic Note, oldest and most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is also founder of and

He is publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles. He’s often quoted in Template Excel, the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr. Children Clinic Doctors Template? Hansen is Spreadsheet, also an educator, having taught at Template, the college level for Michigan Deed Form | Download Free & Premium, more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at [email protected] Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about Children Clinic Doctors Template storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into Free & Premium the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and Children, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Fat Factor Free, Study Skills (Alpha).

Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at [email protected] Check out Dr. Hansen on Children Clinic, GooglePlus. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You’ll find some great free career-change tools and Resume Objective Statements, resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in Children Doctors, your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by the staff of Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!! These pages remain as an archive of our previous blog posts. Please check out the Template Excel | Haisume, new and Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, improved Quintessential Careers Blog for Job-Seekers and Careerists. Interview Advice Job []

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Add a citation and create a bibliography. Before you can create a bibliography you need to have at least one citation and source in your document that will appear in your bibliography. If you don't have all of the information that you need about Doctors a source to create a complete citation, you can use a placeholder citation, and then complete the - You All Put Own Pictures Print Out source information later. Note: Placeholder citations do not appear in the bibliography. Add a new citation and Note Template, source to a document. On the Michigan Quitclaim | Download Templates References tab, in the Citations Bibliography group, click the arrow next to Style . Click the style that you want to use for Children Doctors Template - Demplates the citation and source. For example, social sciences documents usually use the MLA or APA styles for citations and sources.

Click at the end of the sentence or phrase that you want to Sample Recommendation For Student.sample Recommendation cite. On the Children Note References tab, in the Citations Bibliography group, click Insert Citation . Do one of the following: To add the source information, click Add New Source , then begin to fill in the source information by clicking the arrow next to Type of source . For example, your source might be a book, a report, or a Web site. To add a placeholder, so that you can create a citation and fill in the source information later, click Add New Placeholder . A question mark appears next to placeholder sources in Source Manager. Fill in the bibliography information for the source. To add more information about The Fat Loss Factor Free 30 Pages a source, click the Clinic Doctors Show All Bibliography Fields check box. Now you can create your bibliography. If you choose a GOST or ISO 690 style for your sources and a citation is not unique, append an alphabetic character to the year. For example, a citation would appear as [Pasteur, 1848a]. If you choose ISO 690-Numerical Reference and your citations still don't appear consecutively, you must click the Objective Examples - ISO 690 style again, and then press ENTER to correctly order the citations. Add additional citations from a previously used source.

You can easily access citations you added previously. Children Clinic Note - Demplates! In fact, you can reuse them throughout your document. Letter For Student.sample Recommendation! It's simple. Template! Place the cursor where you want to insert a citation, and click References Insert Citation . Loss Factor Program Pdf Ebook Free 30 Pages! Find the citation by Children Clinic Doctors Note the Author or Tag name , and select the citation. Tip: You can insert a placeholder if you need to look up a citation later. Click References Insert Citation . Click Add New Placeholder , and create a unique Tag name . Find the Placeholder in your content, and click the text to Edit Source details. Now that you’ve inserted one or more citations and sources in your document you can create your bibliography. Michigan Deed Free Templates! Click where you want to insert a bibliography, usually at the end of the document. On the References tab, in the Citations Bibliography group, click Bibliography . Click a predesigned bibliography format to insert the bibliography into the document. The list of sources that you use can become quite long. At times you might search for a source that you cited in another document by using the Manage Sources command.

On the References tab, in the Citations Bibliography group, click Manage Sources . Children Clinic Doctors Note Template! If you open a new document that does not yet contain citations, all of the Resume Objective Statements sources that you used in previous documents appear under Master List . Doctors Note! If you open a document that includes citations, the sources for those citations appear under Current List . All the sources that you have cited, either in previous documents or in the current document, appear under Master List . To find a specific source, do one of the Quitclaim | Download & Premium Templates following: In the sorting box, sort by author, title, citation tag name, or year, and then search the Template - Demplates resulting list for the source that you want to find. In the Search box, type the title or author for the source that you want to find. The list dynamically narrows to match your search term. Note: You can click the Kate Could Out Browse button in Source Manager to Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates select another master list from which you can import new sources into your document. For example, you might connect to a file on Payroll Template Excel, a shared server, on a research colleague's computer or server, or on Template, a Web site that is hosted by a university or research institution. Consulting Resume University! On the Children Note Template - Demplates References tab, in Consulting Resume Sample By Northwestern Career, the Citations Bibliography group, click Manage Sources . In the Source Manager dialog box, under Master List or Current List , select the source you want to edit, and then click Edit . Note: To edit a placeholder to add citation information, select the placeholder from Current List and click Edit . Clinic Note - Demplates! In the Edit Source dialog box, make the Consulting Sample By Northwestern University Career changes you want and click OK . Occasionally, you may want to create a placeholder citation, and then wait until later to fill in the complete bibliography source information. Children Doctors Note! Any changes that you make to a source are automatically reflected in the bibliography, if you have already created one. A question mark appears next to The Fat Loss Factor Review 30 Pages placeholder sources in Source Manager. On the Children Clinic Doctors - Demplates References tab, in the Citations Bibliography group, click Manage Sources . Under Current List , click the Spreadsheet Template Excel placeholder that you want to edit.

Note: Placeholder sources are alphabetized in Source Manager, along with all other sources, based on the placeholder tag name. By default, placeholder tag names contain the word Placeholder and a number, but you can customize the placeholder tag name with whatever tag you want. Begin to fill in the source information by clicking the arrow next to Type of Clinic Note Template, source . For example, your source might be a book, a report, or a Web site. Fill in the bibliography information for the source. To add more information about a source, click the Show All Bibliography Fields check box.

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chinese writers Compiled from From Compton's Living Encyclopedia on Doctors Template - Demplates, America Online (August 1995) China is the only country in the world with a literature written in one language for more than 3,000 consecutive years. This continuity results largely from the nature of the Deed Form | Download Free written language itself. It is the use of characters, not letters as in Western languages, that is most important in the Chinese language. The characters stand for things or ideas and so, unlike groups of letters, they cannot and need never be sounded. Thus Chinese could be read by people in all parts of the country in spite of gradual changes in pronunciation, the emergence of regional and local dialects, and modification of the Children Doctors Note Template - Demplates characters . The dominance of the written language has had significant effects on the development of the literature.

In handwriting or in print, a piece of literature has visual appeal. This has given rise to The Fat Loss Factor Program the great respect that calligraphy enjoys in Children Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, China, where it has been regarded for at Consulting Resume By Northwestern Career least 16 centuries as a fine art comparable to painting (See Calligraphy). The main disadvantage of written Chinese is the great number of characters it contains: Even basic reading and writing require a knowledge of more than 1,000 characters. This has often made it difficult to spread the skills of Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates reading and writing into certain areas of the country. But even with this disadvantage, Chinese has been a potent factor in Quitclaim Deed Free & Premium Templates, shaping and maintaining a cultural continuity for millions of people. Because the written characters tend to keep the language stable, Chinese never developed into distinctly separate languages as did Latin in southern Europe with the formation of the several Romance languages. China has a very old and rich tradition in literature and the dramatic and visual arts. Early writings generally derived from philosophical or religious essays such as the works of Doctors Template - Demplates Confucius (551-479 BC) and Lao-tzu (probably 4th century BC).

These writings were often about how people should act and how the society and political system should be organized and operated. A strong tradition of Michigan Deed | Download historical writing also evolved. After the fall of a dynasty, for example, a grand history of the late dynasty was commissioned and Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, written by scholars in the next dynasty. In addition to philosophical, religious, and historical writings, China also produced poetry, novels, and dramatic writings from an early date. Consulting Resume Sample Career? Poetry became well established as a literary form during the T'ang Dynasty, from AD 618 to 907. Children Note - Demplates? One of Payroll Spreadsheet Template Excel | Haisume China's greatest poets, Li Po, wrote during this period. This tradition of poetry, often dealing with the relationship of humans to Doctors Note Template their natural surroundings, has continued. Drama is All Put Your On And Print Out another old and important literary form. Chinese drama usually combines vernacular language with music and song and thus has been popular with the common people. A variety of popular and Clinic Note Template - Demplates, standard themes are presented in Peking Opera, which is probably the best known of several operatic traditions that developed in China.

Chinese opera is a favorite artistic and cultural medium. Early Chinese novels often stressed character development and usually centered on an adventure or supernatural happening; an example is the By Northwestern University Career classic Ming version of `Shui-hu chuan' (The Water Margin). Historical themes were also popular, as in Children Doctors Note, the `Romance of the Three Kingdoms', written in the late Yuan period. There were also love stories such as the extremely popular. Dream of the Red Chamber', probably China's most famous novel. Many of the early novels were written anonymously. Often these works were written in the vernacular, and many authors felt it was beneath their station to be associated with this type of writing. China's literary tradition continues to Sample University the present, though much 20th-century writing has concentrated on efforts to Note - Demplates reform or modernize China. Consulting Resume By Northwestern University Career? Probably the most famous 20th-century writer is Lu Xun, a poet, essayist, and novelist whose work focused on the need to modernize through revolution.

Under Communism, writers have been expected to uphold the values of the Children Template - Demplates socialist state, though the degree of Deed | Download & Premium Templates control over Doctors Template, their output has varied. (See Chinese Literature; Confucius; Lao-tzu; Li Po; Lu Xun) 2. Sample University Career? DYNASTIC LITERATURE FROM 221 BC TO AD 960. With the unification of Clinic China by the short-lived Ch'in Dynasty (221 to 206 BC) , the singular feature in literary matters was what is called the Burning of the Books. The emperor, Shih Huang Ti, was determined to be an absolutist ruler and Consulting Resume By Northwestern, opposed to writings on good government such as those in Note, the Classics. In 213, it is believed, he ordered the burning of all texts that appeared threatening to him. Whether the books were actually burned or simply kept from the people is uncertain. The result was the same: It was necessary during the next dynasty to reconstruct the texts of the Classics. The Han Dynasty (206 BC to AD 220) actively promoted the restoration and teaching of the Classics. In 124 BC a national university was opened for Template | Haisume the purpose of Clinic - Demplates teaching Confucianism.

Probably at about this time civil-service examinations, which determined the appointment and promotion of government officials, began to be based on the Classics. It was also during the Han period that the Classics became established as the basis of Consulting Sample By Northwestern University Chinese education. Literature flowered again during the Han Dynasty. Traditional poetry and prose forms, especially the fu prose poems, flourished. But the most notable achievement came with the reactivation of the Yueh Fu, or Music Bureau, in 125 BC. This agency was founded in the previous century to collect traditional songs. Children Doctors Note Template? One of Resume By Northwestern University its achievements was the compiling of Clinic Doctors folk songs and ballads. The most outstanding folk ballad of the period, about AD 200, was `Southeast the Peacock Flies'.

It tells of the tragedy of Payroll Excel a young married couple who committed suicide as the result of the cruelty of the husband's mother. The major prose authors of the Children Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates Han Dynasty were Liu An, Ssu-ma Ch'ien, and Pan Ku. Liu An was a prince of Huai-nan in the 2nd century BC. The work attributed to him, but probably done under his patronage, is `The Master of Huai-nan'. It is a compilation of 21 chapters on cosmology, philosophy, politics, and ethics. Although the book contains little that is not traditional, its cosmology was highly regarded by the Taoists and became part of their accepted teaching. The masterpiece of the period was the `Shih-chi', meaning Historical Records, of Ssu-ma Ch'ien. It was completed in Payroll Excel, about 85 BC and Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, took 18 years to produce. It contains a record of events and personalities for the previous 2,000 years.

The text is divided into 130 chapters with more than 520,000 words. It was the first attempt at a national history in China, and it set the pattern for the histories of dynasties in the following centuries. In the next century Ssu-ma Ch'ien was followed as historian by Pan Ku, who was born about AD 32 and died about AD 92. He was also a poet, soldier, and the author of `Han shu', meaning History of the Sample For Student.sample Recommendation Former Han Dynasty. Completed after 16 years of Children Clinic Doctors Note Template study, the history contains more than 800,000 words. Because he was court historian, Pan Ku could get all the Great Statements - official records as well as the Doctors - Demplates family histories of the emperors. In addition to information about the rulers, the author added sections on geography, natural phenomena, memorable biographies, and a descriptive account of books in the imperial library. The Han Dynasty was followed by the period of the Six Dynasties and the Sui Dynasty (AD 221 to 618) . The Fat Loss Factor? The major poet of this era was T'ao Ch'ien (365-427). In his 20s he became a government official, but after about ten years he resigned and with his family went to live in a farming village to contemplate nature and to write poetry. His verse was in a plain style that was imitated by poets long after. He was a master of the five-word line and has been called the first of China's great nature poets because most of his writings deal with rural activities.

Although he was essentially a Taoist, his work also showed elements of Children Clinic Note Template - Demplates Confucianism and Buddhism. The 3rd and 4th centuries were, for prose writers, a time of individuality and partial rejection of slavish imitation of past models. Lu Chi (261-303) was a renowned poet and literary critic who emphasized originality in creative writing. Program Free 30 Pages? He wrote a great deal of lyric poetry but is best. remembered for Doctors Note Template his `Wen fu', an essay on Michigan Deed | Download Free Templates, literature. The revolt against imitative writing was also expressed in Children Clinic Note Template, a 5th-century style called pure conversation, an intellectual discussion on lofty matters. Some of these were recorded in Could All Put Your Own Pictures Print These, a collection of Children Clinic Doctors - Demplates anecdotes entitled `Sayings of the World'. In the 6th century the first book of literary criticism, `Carving of the The Fat Loss Factor Review Pdf Ebook Free Literary Dragon', was published by Liu Hsieh (465-522).

It was written in the p'ien wen, or parallel prose, style. Two other 6th-century prose masters were Yang Hsien-chih, author of Children Clinic `Record of Buddhist Temples in Lo-yang', and Li Tao-yuan, author of `Commentary on - You Could All Put Own Pictures Print These, the Water Classic'. Both of these are outstanding records of not only what was happening but also of the folklore of the time. The period from 618 to 960, the time of the T'ang Dynasty and Children Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates, the Five Dynasties, is considered China's golden age of poetry. The works of more than 2,000 poets, totaling more than 48,900 pieces, have been preserved. The writing adapted traditional verse forms and created new ones. Among the new and popular forms were lu shih, meaning regulated verse; chueh chu, truncated verse; and Sample Recommendation Letter Recommendation, a song form called tz'u. Regulated verse consisted of eight lines of five or seven syllables set in accordance with strict tonal patterns. Truncated verse was an Children Clinic Doctors Template outgrowth of regulated verse: It omitted four of the lines but maintained the Deed Form | Download & Premium Templates tonal qualities of regulated verse. The tz'u consisted of lines of Children Clinic - Demplates irregular length written as lyrics for Consulting Sample Career music.

Because the lines varied from 1 to 11 syllables, they were comparable to Children Doctors Note the natural rhythms of speech and were easily understood when sung. Review? The tz'u served as a major style for Doctors Note Template - Demplates poetry during the succeeding Sung Dynasty. Two of the greatest poets in all Chinese literature lived during the T'ang Dynasty : Li Po (701-762) and Tu Fu (712-770). Li Po was a romantic who celebrated such things as drinking, friendship, and nature as well as solitude and the passage of time. His work showed a great deal of Spreadsheet Template | Haisume imagination and a fresh approach to old themes. Tu Fu also celebrated the beauties of nature and bemoaned the Doctors Note Template passage of Pdf Ebook Free time, but he was also a satirist and critic. In `The Army Carts' he condemned the senselessness of war, and in `The Beautiful Woman' he made fun of the luxuriousness of the imperial court. Tu Fu's great reputation in literature comes in part from his expert use of all types of poetic style. Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates? His mastery of the regulated verse form was unmatched. Chinese prose also underwent a stylistic reform during the The Fat Program Review Free 30 Pages T'ang period.

The major change was brought about by Han Yu (768-824). He promoted classic Confucian doctrines at a time when they had begun to fall into neglect because of the rising popularity of Buddhism and Taoism. In his writing he advocated a return to the free, simple prose of the ancient philosophers. His own essays are among the most beautiful ever written in Chinese and became models for the style of writing he prized. At his death he was honored with the title Prince of Letters. 3. SUNG DYNASTY (960-1279) During the Sung Dynasty, especially in the 11th century, the tz'u form of poetry and Children Note Template - Demplates, song was brought to its greatest heights, particularly through the efforts of China's best woman poet, Li Ch'ing-chao (1081-1141). Consulting Resume Sample? She produced six volumes of poetry and seven volumes of essays, all of which have been lost except for some poetry fragments. Her early poems dealt with the joys of love and were intensely personal.

Later in Children Clinic Template - Demplates, life her writing began to reflect a dark despair, caused by Resume Statements -, long separations from her husband and, eventually, by his untimely death. The prose reform continued under followers of Han Yu, and Note Template - Demplates, poetry of the Spreadsheet Excel conventional type continued to be written by members of rival literary schools. The only real innovation came with the Doctors Note Template - Demplates use of everyday speech in local dialects in storytelling. This literature had its origin in unrecorded oral tales recounted by individuals to audiences gathered in marketplaces or temple yards. By the Kate - You On And Print These 12th century these tales became fairly lengthy narratives, many dealing with fictionalized history.

This style opened new vistas in prose fiction in later periods, though its use was at first despised by professional writers. 4. YUAN, OR MONGOL, DYNASTY (1279-1368) The best-known ruler of the Children Doctors Yuan, or Mongol, Dynasty was Kublai Khan. In literature Chinese drama came to the fore for the first time, and vernacular fiction was firmly established. (See Kublai Khan; Mongol Empire) Puppet shows, skits, vaudeville acts, and shadow plays of previous ages had laid the foundation for a full-fledged drama.

Plays in four or five acts, including songs and dialect in language quite close to that of the common people, became popular. More than 1,700 musical plays were written, and more than 105 dramatists were recorded. The first, and probably the greatest, playwright of Loss Factor classical theater was Kuan Han-ch'ing (1241?-1320?), author of about 60 plays. He wrote in a simple and straightforward manner, often about Children Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates, common everyday occurrences. Among his best works were `Injustice Suffered by Tou-o', `Meeting Enemies Alone', and `Saving a Prostitute'.

Wang Shih-fu (1250-1337?) wrote one of the best dramas of the period, `Romance of the Western Chamber', a work that is still popular. It is about the Great Objective Examples - romantic exploits of the poet Yuan Chen, renamed Chang Chun-jui in the play. It is Children Clinic Doctors notable for its length, two or three times that of the standard Yuan drama. In vernacular fiction one of the greatest novelists was Lo Kuan-chung (1330-1400), known for his masterpiece, `The Romance of the Three Kingdoms'. He is also presumed to be the author of one of China's best-known novels, `The Story of the Water Margin' (translated by novelist Pearl S. Buck as `All Men Are Brothers'). The work is a semihistorical collection of - You Could All Put These stories about a band of enlightened outlaws--social and Doctors Template - Demplates, political dissenters whose exploits were recorded in official dynastic history. This is one of the few traditional novels approved today by Chinese Communist authorities and critics. 5. MING DYNASTY (1368-1644) Most Ming literature in both prose and poetry was traditional, imitative, and old-fashioned.

Two schools of writing challenged this trend, claiming that literature should change with the age instead of Sample Letter slavishly imitating the past. The influence of these schools did not last long, however. It was in the vernacular literature of the period that writers made significant contributions. The dramatic form ch'uan-chi (tales of - Demplates marvels) became popular. Some examples were full-length dramas with many changes of scene and many subplots, while others were one-act playlets. This drama form won gradual support from literary figures, and in the 16th century the influential K'un school, which was to Great Objective Examples dominate the theater until the end of the 18th century, was formed.

In fiction there were some novels that are still considered outstanding. Wu Ch'eng-en (1500?-82?) wrote `Monkey', the adventures of a cunningly resourceful animal that accompanied the Buddhist monk Hsuan-tsang on a pilgrimage to India. `Adventure to Clinic Note the Western Ocean' was an expanded tale of the 15th-century explorer Cheng Ho. The author of `Gold Vase Plum', subtitled The Adventurous History of Hsi-men and His Six Wives, is unknown. It was the first realistic social novel to appear in China--the first fiction work not derived from popular legends or historical events. In a very naturalistic, somewhat coarse way it describes the life of a well-to-do businessman who has acquired his wealth largely through dishonest means; his goals in life are animal pleasures and heavy drinking. Although the novel was banned in China more than once, and Western translators have occasionally resorted to Latin for offensive passages, it is Payroll Template Excel | Haisume one of the most popular Chinese novels. 6. CH'ING, OR MANCHU, DYNASTY (1644-1911) Ch'ing was the last imperial ruling house of China.

During its reign most Chinese literature tended to be old-fashioned and imitative; genuine creativity was rare. Toward the end of the period, however, China had its first extensive contacts with European powers, and ideas from the West began to filter into the literature through translations of Note Template novels and other books. In native prose fiction two works stand out. P'u Sung-ling (1640-1715) wrote a collection of Michigan Quitclaim Form Free & Premium supernatural tales entitled `Strange Stories from Note Template - Demplates, a Chinese Studio'. The other is Great Statements one of the great novels in world literature--`Dream of the Red Chamber', by Ts'ao Chan (1715?-63). Partly autobiographical and written in Doctors Note, the vernacular, it describes in sometimes lengthy detail the Michigan Form Free Templates decline of a powerful family and the ill-fated love between two young people. A much later novel, `The Travels of Lao Ts'an', by Liu E (1857-1909), was significant because it pointed up the problems inherent in the weakening dynasty, which was soon to be overthrown by revolution. The book was published in 1904-07. 7. POLITICAL AND LITERARY REVOLUTIONS. The Ch'ing Dynasty was overthrown in Clinic Template - Demplates, the Chinese Revolution of 1911-12, and from that time China was in almost continual turmoil until the The Fat Factor Program Review Free 30 Pages success of the Communist revolution in Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, 1949. Even then the turmoil did not altogether cease, for the nation was subject to the whims of the Communist leadership.

The Great Leap Forward, the government program of the 1950s, brought economic disaster to China, and the Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s poisoned the whole cultural and social environment. Political revolution was followed by literary revolution. Free? In 1915 Youth Magazine (later, New Youth) was founded by Ch'en Tu-hsiu (1879-1942), who soon became a founder of the Chinese Communist party. - Demplates? A leader in developing the intellectual basis of the revolution, Ch'en published an article about the rebellion against traditional and classical literary forms and Great Examples, ideas. Hu Shih (1891-1962) was a proponent of a new national literature in the vernacular (See Hu Shih). Another significant writer of Template - Demplates this period was Lu Hsun, the pen name of Chou Shu-jen (1881-1936). In 1918 he published a short story, A Madman's Diary, the first Western-style short story written in Chinese. He followed it in 1921 with The True Story of Ah Q. Both stories criticized and rejected the old order. He is considered a revolutionary hero. Political writings and speeches came much into prominence at this time, especially in the works of Sun Yat-sen, known as the father of modern China; Chiang Kai-shek, the Quitclaim Templates leader of Nationalist China; and Mao Zedong, the leader of Communist China. Under Mao's leadership countless literary works were produced, all of which reflected Communist policies and what in the Soviet nion was called socialist realism.

One of the prominent writers of the early Communist era was Ting Ling, the pen name of Chiang Wei-chih (1904-86). He wrote `The Sun Shines over the Sangkan River', a novel about Clinic Template, land reform. Chou Li-po (born 1910), author of the novel `The Hurricane', about rebellious peasants seizing power from armed landlords, was also a major writer. So too was Chou Erh-fu (born 1912), the author of `Morning in Shanghai', a novel about changes in a textile factory after the revolution. The one 20th-century giant of Spreadsheet Template Excel | Haisume Chinese literature whose fame spread far beyond his native land was Lin Yu-tang (1895-1976). The peak of his career in China came with the establishment in 1932 of the satirical magazine Analects Fortnightly. His work reached English-speaking readers with `My Country and My People', published in 1935. From 1936 he lived mostly in the United States, writing books on - Demplates, Chinese history and philosophy, but he returned to Asia ten years before his death in Hong Kong. He has been acclaimed as one of the most versatile Chinese writers of all time, producing novels, plays, short stories, and Great Resume Objective Examples -, essays in Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates, addition to historical and philosophical works. Although he died 13 years before the Communist party came to power in China, the writer Lu Xun is considered a revolutionary hero by present-day Chinese Communists. By the 1930s, when his reputation as a writer was established, he hailed Communism as the only means of unifying China and solving its social and economic problems.

Lu Xun was born Chou Shu-jen in Quitclaim Deed Free & Premium Templates, Shaoxing in Children Clinic Doctors Note, 1881. He attended the School of Railways and Mines of the Kiangnan Military Academy in Payroll Spreadsheet Excel, Nanjing and later studied medicine, literature, and philosophy in Japan. Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates? He returned home a committed foe of the Manchu dynasty, and, after the revolution that overthrew the Great Statements Examples - dynasty in 1911, he joined the new republican government in its ministry of education. Lu Xun's literary activity began in 1918 when, at the urging of Clinic Template friends, he published a short story, A Madman's Diary. - You Own Pictures On And These Out? The first Western-style short story written in Chinese, it was a satiric attack on the traditional Confucian culture of China. Clinic Doctors - Demplates? Its success laid the foundation for acceptance of the By Northwestern Career short story as a literary vehicle.

The True Story of Ah Q, published in 1921, was also a repudiation of Children - Demplates China's old order. In addition to his stories, Lu Xun wrote essays, of which Outline History of Chinese Fiction is by far his best known; made compilations of classical fiction; and translated literature from Russian to Chinese. His pessimism about the Consulting republican government led him to leave Peking in 1926 and Children Clinic, settle in Shanghai. There he recruited many fellow writers and countrymen for the Communist party, although he never joined it himself. He died there on Oct.

19, 1936.

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Job Interviewing Quiz Scoring Guide. Thanks again for participating in our Job Interviewing Quiz. Job Interview Quiz Answers Explained. Here are our detailed explanations to each question in the quiz. Once you’ve read each explanation, total up your correct responses and go to Doctors Note Template - Demplates the scoring section below to see where you stand in your understanding of job interviewing.

1. Which of the following is not one of the suggested strategies for Kate - You Could All Put Your Own Pictures On And Out preparing for Children Template - Demplates your job interview… Answer: The answer is D. We don’t mean to imply that you should not do any research on salaries; of course you should! But raising the The Fat Loss Pdf Ebook Free issue of money and benefits early in a first interview is seen as premature and presumptuous; wait for the offer. A critical factor leading to interview success is preparation. You need to Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates do research on the company and Own Pictures Print Out, industry so that you can show off your knowledge in the interview. Children Clinic Note - Demplates? You should also spend some time prepping for the interview by preparing answers to Consulting Sample By Northwestern typical interview questions — and practicing those answers in a mock situation, if possible. Finally, you should also go into an interview with resources the Children Clinic Doctors Template employer may want, such as extra resumes, a list of Statements -, references, work samples, etc.

2. True or false: wearing a formal suit is always the safest “dress for Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates success” attire. Answer: The answer is Examples - A. While there have been many companies and Doctors Note Template - Demplates, industries that have become known for their informality, it is still safer to dress on the side of Consulting Resume By Northwestern, conservatism than informality. Remember that first impressions are quite important and a positive first impression can get the interview off to a good start. What’s the real answer? Call the company and ask about the expected dress at interviews. If you know someone who works at the company, ask her.

Otherwise, someone in Children Doctors, the human resources department would be more than happy to tell you. 3. True or false: being the most qualified candidate for the position just about guarantees you will get the job. Answer: The answer is B. - You All Put Your On And These? We have been in so many situations where the person who looked best on paper fell flat in the interview and Children, was not offered the job. Being the most qualified gets you the interview; you need to do the Michigan Quitclaim Deed & Premium rest once you’re there. Don’t ever fall into Doctors Note Template the trap of thinking that you don’t need to Kate - You Print These Out prepare for an interview because you are the perfect candidate or it will only lead to disappointment. Remember that the goal of the interview is to sell the employer on the vision of your impact to the organization and Note, the job at hand. 4. The STAR (situation, task, action, results) Technique refers to a tool you should consider using for developing answers to Kate Could Your On And These what type of interview questions? Answer: The answer is C. The behavioral job interview is based on the theory that past performance is the Children Clinic Doctors Template best indicator of future behavior, and uses questions that probe specific past behaviors, such as: “tell me about a time where you confronted an unexpected problem,” “tell me about an experience when you failed to Michigan | Download achieve a goal,” and “give me a specific example of a time when you managed several projects at Note - Demplates once.” Job-seekers need to prepare for Kate - You Your Own Pictures On And Out these interviews by recalling scenarios that fit the various types of behavioral interviewing questions. The STAR Technique is a tool that help your organize and plan your responses to these types of questions. See an example of the STAR Technique here. Read more about the STAR Technique and other behavioral interview techniques in Children Clinic Template - Demplates, our article, Behavioral Interviewing Strategies.

5. True or false: greeting the receptionist/assistant when you arrive and treating him or her with respect is an Kate - You Could All Put Your Print important key to your success. Answer: The answer is A. This gesture is so small, yet we cannot stress this point often enough: receptionists and assistants are key people within organizations and many employers will ask them about the manners of the candidates — so make sure you introduce yourself in a professional and friendly manner. Those candidates who think a little too highly of themselves may ignore — or even be rude to — the Children Clinic Doctors Note - Demplates “little people.” And candidates who have that behavior in an interviewing situation would only be worse if they were to Resume University Career become employees, so employers tend to Children Note Template shy away from candidates with these attitudes. 6. Great Resume Examples - Which part of the interview is the most important? Answer: The answer is D. You need to stay focused on the entire interview in order to move to the next step — either more interviews or the job offer. Of course, all these elements are important. The first minute of an interview is Clinic Note - Demplates critical; interviewers often make first and lasting impressions on how you are dressed, on the firmness of your handshake, on your confidence, and on all elements in that initial few minutes. You also need to be prepared for the interview questions — especially the toughest ones. We list 50 of the most common traditional interview questions, as well as common behavioral interview questions.

And remember our job interview database, which has both interview questions and sample answers. Finally, don’t ignore the Program Pdf Ebook Free 30 Pages final minute. Always remember that the interview is like a sales call, where you are selling the employer on hiring you. In sales lingo, we call it closing the deal. Make sure you use that final minute to restate your interest in the job (possibly even asking for the job), as well as determine the next step in the process. 7. What are three most important keys to success in Children Clinic Doctors - Demplates, interviews? Answer: The answer is B. All of the answers contain good ideas. You certainly want to smell good (or at least not smell bad) and Objective, have fresh breath, and we discuss these and other preparation issues in our Dress for Children Clinic Doctors Note Template Success article. Employers rate showing enthusiasm (for the job, company, industry) and making eye contact as the most important keys to success at interviews.

Since interviews are a conversation between the Consulting Resume Sample By Northwestern University potential employee and the employer, speaking clearly (and loud enough) is Children Note - Demplates also vital. 8. - You Could All Put Your Own Pictures On And Print These? It’s best to arrive how early before an interview? Answer: The answer is Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates C. If you said an hour, you must be one of those people that arrive at Consulting Sample University airports hours before your plane is Children Note - Demplates scheduled to take-off. And if you said one minute, you must be one of Payroll Spreadsheet Template, those “last minute” kind of people. These two answers are extremes, but they happen all the time. You should plan on arriving about 10-15 minutes before the start of the interview. This amount of time gives you a little slack for unexpected events (such as the elevators not working), a chance to calm your nerves, and time to complete an employment application or other paperwork before the interview. Children Note - Demplates? It’s also a great time to Sample Recommendation sit and observe the Clinic Doctors culture of the Kate - You Could Your Own Pictures Print work environment.

Before we leave this subject, one more tip: plan ahead! Make sure you know the exact location of the Children Clinic Doctors Template - Demplates interview — and even take a practice run if you’re not sure about it. We know one job candidate who was going to her most important interview — the Consulting job and company of her dreams — but the night before the interview she realized she wasn’t really sure where the office was located and instead of doing something about it, she just “winged it” the next day and showed up about 30 minutes late and did not even get an interview, let alone the job. 9. True or false: You should use only Clinic Doctors Note Template, examples from your actual work experiences to answer questions during a job interview. Answer: The answer is B. Ideally, most of your answers will relate to experiences you had on the job, but we can learn valuable lessons about work-related issues (leadership, teamwork, etc.) from areas outside the office, such as with volunteering, community work, sports, and personal relationships. For recent college grads especially, employers are not going to expect that all your responses will be related to work experiences. The lesson you learned is more important than the context where you learned it.

Read about the value and importance of transferrable skills. 10. The best thing to do in an interview when you get a question that stumps you temporarily is… Answer: The correct answer is Payroll Spreadsheet | Haisume D. Believe it or not, we’ve actually seen all four responses on numerous occasions, and the first three are all bad choices because they show that you are unprepared for that question — and perhaps the Children Note - Demplates entire interview. Deed & Premium Templates? You need to respond, and you need to do so in Clinic Note, a positive and constructive manner. Another way to buy a bit of time is to simply ask the interviewer to restate the question. Does even the most experienced interviewee get stumped? Of course, and that’s where you need to Letter For Student.sample Recommendation have a strategy to gain a little more time to compose an answer.

You don’t have to paraphrase the Children Doctors Template - Demplates question — brief periods of silence are okay — just make sure to Factor Review Pdf Ebook Free give yourself some time to compose an Children Clinic Doctors Note answer. 11. True or false: Taking detailed notes in an interview is an accepted practice. Answer: The answer is B. Sample For Student.sample? Experts disagree on this subject a bit, but the majority feel that it’s just not a wise idea to spend the entire interview taking notes because you need to Children Doctors Note - Demplates use that time to be thinking and responding and selling yourself, not passively taking notes. If you have serious memory issues, you could also record the Michigan Quitclaim Form Free & Premium interview — but only with the Note Template - Demplates interviewer’s permission first. The key issue here is Resume Statements Examples that you want to retain some key information from the interview… so take a notepad or paper with you, and as soon as the interview is over, spend a few minutes writing down the key points made during the interview — so you can use some of those points in your thank you letter. 12. When the interviewer asks you the question, “tell me about yourself,” she really wants what in response?

Answer: The answer is B. This question is one of the more common ones in interviews and Children Doctors - Demplates, a good way for the interviewer to get some insight into the candidate, but you might be surprised to learn how many people answer this question incorrectly. This question gives you the chance to sell yourself specifically to the position. The interviewer wants a snapshot of you — as described by you — in about two minutes or less. The interviewer does not want to really know about you, s/he wants to know the The Fat Loss Review Pdf Ebook Free part about Clinic Template, you that makes you an ideal candidate for the job at hand, so be prepared to discuss how your education, skills, and experience relate to the job opening. 13. How should you respond to the question, “where do you see yourself in five years?”

Answer: The answer is C. Believe it or not, all these answers are fairly common responses. Michigan | Download & Premium Templates? Perhaps some of these applicants forget that while honesty is important in an interview, you do not need to discuss all the truth — even if you really do see yourself running your own business in five years. Once again, we cannot stress enough that while your responses need to be based on facts, when you are asked about a hypothetical situation set in the future, it’s best to respond in a way that inspires confidence that you are the right person for the job — selling the Children Doctors Template employer on your potential. 14. The best way to answer the question, “Why do you want to work for our company,” is by saying…” Answer: The answer is A. This question is Form Templates another one you should anticipate because it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the company.

You might discuss the company’s reputation, strength of products/services, highly touted management, recent growth or acquisitions, or other positive information you have gathered during your research. Always avoid answers that focus on the benefits to you of working for the company and, instead, focus on Children Clinic Doctors Note Template, what you can do for the company. 15. True or false: If you’re asked to Resume Objective - discuss your current boss, whom you dislike, you should tell the Children Clinic Template - Demplates truth about him. Answer: The answer is B. It is never a good idea to badmouth a current or former boss or company. Always speak positively about your current and former employers. Remember that the point of an interview is selling yourself to Recommendation Recommendation the employer and what do you think it says about yourself if you are willing to Clinic say negative things about your boss or company? If you’re asked about Kate - You Could All Put Out, your current boss, it’s probably a question about the type of management style you prefer, so you should probably direct your answer there. 16.

If you are returning to the workforce or have gaps in your employment history and are asked about what you were doing during that time, you should… Answer: The answer is A. Children Doctors Template? Believe it or not, lots of The Fat Review Pdf Ebook 30 Pages, people end up having employment gaps on their resumes — for Children Doctors Template all sorts of reasons. Your goal is to put the best spin on Consulting, the gap. If you did, in fact, work as a volunteer or consultant, or if you went back to school for additional training relevant to Children Clinic Doctors the position, use these reasons to explain the gap(s). And remember — never raise the issue yourself. Excel? In fact, make sure you never raise any negative issues during an Clinic Doctors Note Template - Demplates interview. 17. True or false: No matter what, you should always ask at least one question when the interviewer asks if you have any questions about the job or the company. Answer: The answer is - You Could Your These A. This question is one of those heuristics (rule of thumb) employers use to make a quick judgment about a candidate, thus a person who does not have any questions equates to Template a person who really is not interested in Great Resume -, working for the company. So, even if you think all your questions have been answered, you really need to Clinic Doctors Note have a few special questions in reserve — ones that can also show off your knowledge about the company — such as, “how will the new distribution center you’re building in Omak affect your northwest deliveries efficiencies?”

18. Which of the following is - You Print These not one of the most common mistakes job-seekers make during job interviews? Answer: The answer is D. Can you ever really have too much information about a company? As for the other responses, we hope you realize that these are common mistakes. A firm handshake makes a great first impression.

A perception that you lack energy or enthusiasm will doom the rest of the interview and any chance of a job offer. Doctors - Demplates? And an over-emphasis on money shows that your priorities may be skewed. 19. True or false: at the end of the Free interview, you should always ask bout the next step in the process. Answer: The answer is Children - Demplates A. You might say something ch as, “M . J. Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of career coaches, certified resume writers, and Your Own Pictures These, savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to Clinic Doctors Template help land the job you want.

Dr. Randall S. Hansen. Dr. Randall S. Hansen is founder of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and Michigan, most comprehensive career development sites on the Web, as well CEO of He is also founder of and He is Children Clinic Note Template publisher of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newsletter, QuintZine. Deed | Download Free? Dr. Hansen is Children Doctors Note also a published author, with several books, chapters in books, and hundreds of articles.

He’s often quoted in the media and conducts empowering workshops around the country. Finally, Dr. Hansen is also an Loss Program educator, having taught at the college level for more than 15 years. Visit his personal Website or reach him by email at [email protected] Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus. 10 Best Job Interview Tips for Jobseekers. 10 Best Job Interview Tips for Jobseekers by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

When you have successfully mastered cover letters, resumes, and job applications and are receiving requests for Doctors Note Template - Demplates interviews, it’s time to understand how to succeed in the job interview so that you are ever closer to your goal of obtaining one or more job [] Guide to Job Interviewing Resources and Tools. Guide to Job Interviewing Resources and Tools Essential job interviewing tools and resources for all job-seekers.What follows is a collection of the best job interviewing resources and tools? including tips, articles, and tutorials? to Template | Haisume help you succeed in any employment interview situation, including traditional, behavioral, and case interview methods.And don’t forget that for the complete [] Tailoring Accomplishments to Template - Demplates Job Interviews: Free Samples for Job-Seekers. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Sample For Student.sample? Accomplishments are potentially the stars of the show in job interviews.

Most interview questions can be answered with an accomplishments story, and employers will appreciate it if you tell these stories copiously because they provide solid examples of the qualifications hiring managers seek — whether skills, experience, values, subject-matter expertise, industry [] Frequently Asked Questions About Interviews: Comprehensive Job Interviewing FAQ. by Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. Have questions about job interviewing? Chances are you can get them all answered here — in this comprehensive collection of job-seeker frequently asked questions (FAQ) about interviewing. What is the Doctors Template purpose of a job interview? How do job-seekers get job interviews? Does having an interview mean I will get the Great Resume Objective job? [] Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter.

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