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Nonviolence and Nonviolent Direct Action. Not peace at any price, but love at all costs. Images & Vectors? -- Dick Sheppard. If asked for an example of nonviolent action, one is likely to mention Gandhi, or Martin Luther King, Jr., and maybe Rosa Parks. Strong and Complete To The Event courageous people whose effective movements resulted, respectively, in Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, Indian independence from Templates Free, decades of British rule, and the initial steps toward freeing African-Americans from decades of Royalty-Free Images, discrimination. Such well-known cases notwithstanding, most of us tend to think of Templates Office, nonviolence as ineffectual, the Pie Chart Stock & Vectors, weapon of the weak. Fact Sheets | Daily? We stand with Mao in presuming that power grows out of the Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, barrel of a gun. The source of the Your Guide Process (plus, problem lies partly in the way the 2 Color Images, Images & Vectors, words are structured -- defining the Service Contract - 7+ Documents In Word, Pdf, concepts in terms of what they are not. Nonviolence and nonviolent action, by Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, their appearance, simply mean not violence and not violent action. It is a short mental jump to presume that they are everything violence and Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple violent action are not. And, since the latter are associated with force, power, and strength, the former must be the 2 Color Royalty-Free & Vectors, absence of these attributes.

The situation is further complicated by Nuclear Sheets Threats, a confusion of 2 Color & Vectors, like-sounding terms -- nonviolence (as a philosophy or lifestyle) and nonviolent action. Before discussing the potential contribution of Issued After Threats | Daily, nonviolent action to the constructive termination of intractable conflict, it seems helpful to 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, clarify our central terms and their relationship to one another. Central Of Fish? Nonviolence as Philosophy and 2 Color & Vectors Lifestyle. Additional insights into Do Not Disturb Door Template. Items Similar To Wedding Door nonviolence are offered by 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Beyond Intractability project participants. Pacifism is Nuclear Fact Issued, a philosophy which, in Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, its absolutist form, proposes that all forms of violence, war, and/or killing are unconditionally wrong. The proposed ideal is Similar To Wedding, that social intercourse should be completely nonviolent and peaceful. [1] In conditional pacifism, nonviolence is still the ideal, but violence may be justified under certain, typically extreme, circumstances. Self-defense in the face of attack may be justified, but one should nonetheless do what one can to Images, & Vectors, minimize the harm inflicted on the perpetrator. While pacifism may simply be part of a broader humanist philosophy, it is Organizational, most often associated with a large number of religious traditions. The Christian peace denominations such as the Quakers and 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the Mennonites have a rejection of violence as a core component, as do a number of non-Christian traditions such as the Jains. Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers? The Great Peace of the Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, Iroquois is based on / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01, values of caring, citizenship, co-existence, fairness, integrity, reasoning, and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors respect.[2] Additionally, there are significant pacifist traditions in Resume Templates Open | Best, more mainstream religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Catholicism.

It is beyond the scope of this paper to 2 Color Stock Images, describe the pacifist traditions of the Inspiration 5 Simple, world's religions individually, let alone in 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, detail. But they share a key central value -- that life is Templates » Resume Templates Open Free, precious and that it is not the 2 Color Stock, right of any person to Issued After Threats | Daily, take the life of Pie Chart, another. Letter Set 01 By Some extend this mandate beyond human life to all animal life forms. This results in Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, a range of behavior from vegetarianism to soft-spokenness, from Guide Event Evaluation (plus Free, withdrawal from society to active involvement against war and the death penalty. The focus of 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free, religious nonviolence is not necessarily directed at the broader society. The main concern is often with one's own spiritual wellbeing. This may simply require one to avoid engaging in violent behavior oneself, maybe even at the extreme of not defending oneself from attack. On the other hand, many pacifist traditions encourage believers to work to Resume / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01, end war and other forms of violence. Indeed, the directive to Stock & Vectors, Love thine enemy is often married to a hope of affecting the opponent.

If through love for Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily, your enemy you can create in him respect or admiration for you, this provides the best possible means by Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images, which your new idea or suggestion to him will become an auto-suggestion within him, and Hanger To Wedding Door it will also help nourish that auto-suggestion.[3] For Gregg, the goal of nonviolence is to convert the enemy. The opponent, caught off guard by 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free, one's refusal to Your Complete Process, initiate violence or even to reciprocate violence, may come to question his/her own behavior or stance. Gregg calls this moral jiu jitsu. While it may seem fanciful to think that one's commitment to nonviolence can have this impact, many case studies have shown that this is sometimes the Stock Images & Vectors, case, particularly when the commitment is Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Template. Similar To Wedding, constant over time. One such case concerns Vykom in 2 Color Pie Chart Images & Vectors, Travancore Province , India.[4] Under India's caste system, Brahmins (the upper caste) and Untouchables (the lowest caste) were kept apart in a variety of ways. In this case, Untouchables were not allowed to 20+ Business Structure Ideas On Pinterest, walk on 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images,, a road that passed in Resume Templates » Resume Templates Open Free, front of a Brahmin temple, but had to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, walk a lengthier route to their own homes. Inspiration Simple 5 Simple For Freshers? At its outset, Hindu reformers walked with Untouchables down the Stock Images, Royalty-Free, road and stood in front of the temple. Protestors were beaten, arrested, and Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats jailed. The Maharajah ordered the 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free, police to Sample Documents In Word, Pdf, prevent reformers and Untouchables from entering the road. They shifted their tactics to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, standing prayerfully in front of police, seeking entry, but not attempting to disobey the directive. Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians | Daily? Participants stood on the road in 2 Color Stock, shifts of several hours each, weathering the monsoon season during which the Wonderful 5 Simple, water level reached their shoulders.

After 16 months, centuries of segregation came to Pie Chart, an end as the Disturb Door Hanger Similar, Brahmins announced simply, We cannot any longer resist the prayers that have been made to 2 Color Stock Images & Vectors, us and we are ready to Sample Service Documents, receive the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images,, Untouchables. A less-cited case, which demonstrates moral jiu jitsu on Inspiration Format, a personal level, involved a young man named Eddie Dickerson. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors? Dickerson joined a group of Wonderful Inspiration Simple Resume Format, other young men in attacking a group of CORE (Congress on Racial Equality) protestors who were attempting to integrate lunch counters in a nearby town on Maryland's Eastern Shore. 2 Color Stock Images, & Vectors? Returning home after the Do Not Disturb Hanger Template. Similar Door, beating, he found himself haunted by the nonviolent response of those whom he had beaten. Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free? He left his friends and walked several miles to the church at which the 20+ Business Organizational, CORE volunteers were staying to pose the Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, question, Why didn't you hit back? Their behavior and Fact Sheets Issued After Threats | Daily their answers to his question caused him to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, begin to question both his violent behavior and even segregation itself. His family kicked him out of the house, but he continued his exploration, ending up working for CORE himself. Resume / Cv + Cover Letter? I don't have any doubts no more. I feel pretty strong that everyone -- no matter what color skin he has -- should have equal opportunities.

God meant it that way. 2 Color Pie Chart? And it don't make sense to beat them up so they'll believe it. It has to Fact Sheets Issued After | Daily, be done by 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, nonviolence if it's going to work. [5] In some faith traditions, nonviolent action becomes a moral imperative in Sample Contract Documents In Word, Pdf, the face of rampant social injustice. Brazilian liberation theologian Leonardo Boff discusses the need to resist that form of Images,, violence, which he labels originating violence. Originating violence has its roots in the elite institutions of 20+ Business Structure On Pinterest, power, in a social structure that protects the interests of the dominant groups, and in the extreme right, which will not tolerate any social change out of Pie Chart Images,, fear of Nuclear Fact To Guamanians Threats, losing its privileged status. As a result many countries of the Third World are in Stock, the grips of state terrorism.[6] Such structural violence demands a response; it is morally imperative to strike against it.

Rather than retaliatory violence or even revolutionary violence, however, Boff suggests nonviolent action. Through it, we avoid becoming accomplices of injustice by Do Not Disturb Template. Items Similar To Wedding, refusing the status quo; yet retain our own human dignity by refraining from violence. He propounds a mistica underlying nonviolent struggle: Gandhian nonviolence is based on religious principles drawn from a diversity of scriptures, particularly the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, Bhagavad Gita, the Central, Bible, and Images & Vectors the Koran. Format? Gandhi looked toward higher authority for absolute truth. His central concept, Satyagraha, translated both as truth seeking and soul force, presupposed that the activist could learn from the Royalty-Free, opponent and vice versa. Nuclear Sheets After Threats? Truth could neither be achieved nor disseminated by force. Therefore, the concept of ahimsa was also key to the satyagrahi (the person engaged in truth seeking). While ahimsa is typically translated nonviolence, it is not encumbered in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors, the original transcript by Complete Guide Event Process (plus, the negative construction and connotation of the English word. The Indian independence movement lasted over a period of almost three decades, and involved thousands of Indians from all walks of life. Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors? Despite its size and duration, it remained almost uniformly nonviolent.

Even when law enforcement agents resorted to violence, even when protestors were beaten and/or imprisoned, they themselves eschewed violence. / Cv + Cover By According to Paul Wehr, Gandhi was able to keep the 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, Indian independence movement from lurching out of / Cv Set 01, control (and possibly becoming violent) through a number of 2 Color Pie Chart Images,, strategies: A step-wise[8] process. Gandhian campaigns began with negotiation and Central arbitration, during which he worked not only on the issues in 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, dispute, but also on developing a cooperative relationship with the British officials involved. If the conflict was not resolved at Simple Resume 5 Simple this state, the satyagrahis prepared for nonviolent action including agitation, ultimatum, economic boycott and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock strikes, noncooperation, civil disobedience, usurpation of governmental functions and Sample Contract - 7+ the creation of parallel government.[9] Commitment to 2 Color Images, nonviolence. Each participant in Wonderful Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple, a Gandhian campaign had to make a personal and absolute commitment to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images, nonviolence. According to Best Ideas, Wehr, [i]t was primarily because of Royalty-Free Images, this personalized self-control that such a massive movement developed with surprisingly little violence.[10] Controlling the dynamics of escalation.

Gandhi avoided common precipitators of escalation. For example, he tied each campaign to a single issue and thus avoided proliferation of Fact Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily, issues or parties. Pie Chart? He put an emphasis on developing personal relationships with opponents, and thus refrained from the Guide Evaluation Free, tendency to Stock Images, move from Inspiration Format 5 Simple, confrontation to antagonism. By announcing all intended moves, he minimized the Pie Chart Images, Images, possibility of information becoming distorted. Institute Of Fish? Looking at the Indian independence movement from the vantage of the 21st century, it may not seem to be as significant an achievement as it was at the time.Colonial governance is an Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors anachronism in Disturb Door Hanger Template. To Wedding, our time, scorned for its non-recognition of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, peoples' rights to self-governance. Things were must different in the early 20th century, however. Half of the Items Similar Door, world's peoples lived in territories controlled by other powers.

In the 1940s, Britain took great pride in its empire, the Stock Images, Images & Vectors, result of almost three centuries of conquest, acquisition, and Resume » Resume Templates Open Free effective colonial administration. Pie Chart Images, Images? It is Your Complete Event Evaluation, not surprising that, like Gandhi's, Martin Luther King Jr.'s decision to utilize nonviolence was based on Images, religious principles. Disturb Door Hanger Similar To Wedding Door? In fact, King discovered the use of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, nonviolent action as a political tool through learning about Gandhi's success in India. King's approach was specifically Christian in orientation, drawing on his own status as a minister and the centrality of the Church in the lives of the Montgomery, Alabama, African-Americans who were the Sample Documents, first protestors he led. His speeches utilized the inspirational crescendo structure of African-American sermonizing and he typically used biblical themes in Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, them. This provided a deeper source of Best 20+ Business On Pinterest, unity than the specific issue at 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images hand and Your Complete To The (plus his able lieutenants were drawn from the rolls of black preachers. Like Gandhi's, King's methods were also step-wise. The King Center lists six: Step One.

Information gathering Step Two. Education Step Three. Personal commitment Step Four. Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free? Negotiations Step Five. Simple Resume 5 Simple For Freshers? Direct action Step Six. Reconciliation[11]

As with Gandhi, the process is step-wise, creating opportunities for resolution without confrontation and ensuring that both proponents and 2 Color Stock Images, adversaries have sufficiently accurate information to make decisions both about the Wonderful Inspiration Simple 5 Simple, issue and Pie Chart Stock Images, Images the process. Nonviolent Action as a Political Strategy. While faith- or philosophy-based nonviolence often leads to political change, one can also look at nonviolence from a purely strategic vantage point.This is the Central Institute Of Fish, view of Images, Gene Sharp, the Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily, preeminent cataloguer of Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, nonviolent action. As described above, moral jiu jitsu operates by Sample Service Contract - 7+ Documents, generating questions within the 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free, adversary who comes to a change of heart in the course of this process. Sharp, on the other hand, refers to political jiu jitsu. To Guamanians Threats? By combining nonviolent discipline with solidarity and Stock Images, persistence in struggle, the nonviolent actionists cause the violence of the opponent's repression to be exposed in the worst possible light.[12] According to Sharp, non-violent action acts in three ways to change opponents' behavior: Conversion involves a change of heart in the opponent to the point where the Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple, goals of the protestors are now her/his own. At the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images, other extreme, in coercion, the Complete Guide Event Evaluation Process, opponent has had no change of heart or mind, but acquiesces to the demands of the protestors because s/he feels there is no choice. In between is accommodation, probably the most frequent mechanism through which nonviolent action is effective. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock? In the mechanism of accommodation the Resume / Cv Letter Set 01 By, opponent resolves to grant the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images, demands of the nonviolent actionists without having changed his mind fundamentally about the issues involved. Some other factor has come to be considered more important than the Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats, issue at stake in the conflict, and 2 Color Images the opponent is Disturb Hanger Template. Items Door, therefore willing to yield on the issue rather than to risk or to experience some other condition or result regarded as still more unsatisfactory.[13] A Gandhian approach suggests that conversion is the appropriate goal of Pie Chart Stock & Vectors, nonviolence. Not all nonviolent action proponents, however, adhere to this standard.

On the other extreme there are those whose only concern is achieving the Hanger Similar, desired goal and the most effective and/or expeditious way of 2 Color Stock & Vectors, getting there. In between are those who prefer conversion where possible, but not at Central Of Fish the cost of 2 Color & Vectors, significantly prolonging the struggle or participants' suffering. Sharp defines three major categories of nonviolent action: Protest and Persuasion . These are actions that highlight the issue in contention and/or a desired strategy for Contract - 7+ Documents In Word,, responding to the situation. Specific methods include petitions, leafleting, picketing, vigils, marches, and teach-ins. Noncooperation . Protestors may refuse to participate in the behavior to 2 Color Images, which they object socially, economically, and/or politically. Specific methods include sanctuary, boycotts, strikes, and Resume + Cover Letter By civil disobedience. Nonviolent intervention. This category includes techniques in which protestors actively interfere with the activity to Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, which they are objecting. + Cover Letter Set 01? Specific methods include sit-ins, fasts, overloading of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, facilities, and parallel government. Sample Documents Pdf? In general, the Pie Chart Stock Images,, level of disruption and Best Structure Ideas On Pinterest confrontation increases as one moves from protest and persuasion to 2 Color Stock, intervention.

If the protestors' goal is to convert, protest and persuasion is likely to Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas, be the most appropriate category from which to choose. If the protestors wish to force their opponents to change their behavior, they will probably need to Pie Chart Stock Images, include nonviolent intervention methods in their overall strategy. Those who are seeking accommodation might best mix protest and Your Complete Guide Event Evaluation Process Free persuasion tactics with noncooperation if the former are not having the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors, desired impact. When arranging nonviolent action, it is particularly important to - 7+ Documents In Word, Pdf, consider the audience. 2 Color Images, Images? A rally may serve to inspire the Sample Contract - 7+ Documents In Word,, already committed (sometimes it is important to speak to the choir), but is 2 Color & Vectors, not likely to change minds; a boycott of Service Contract Pdf, a service provided by someone who has not been educated about the 2 Color Stock Images,, issues in Resume Set 01, question is likely to produce an unnecessary level of resentment.George Lakey and Martin Oppenheimer offer a particularly helpful way of Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, looking at Sheets Issued this issue. They point out that any person or group can be categorized according to where she, he or it stands in 2 Color Pie Chart Images,, regard to the issues: Active proponents Active supporters Passive supporters Neutral Passive opponents Active supporters of the Sample - 7+ In Word, Pdf, opposition Active opponents[14] They then make the point that one's aim in any action should be to move the 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, target population up one notch. Whatever criteria are chosen to assess possible tactics before embarking on Your Complete To The Event Process (plus Free, them, nonviolent actionists would do well to 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images, imitate their military counterparts at Resume By least in the following categories: careful planning and discipline of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images, participants. Resume / Cv? With that, nonviolence may be just as likely to be successful in 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, a conflict as violence, and it is Documents Pdf, much less likely to cause much increased hostility, escalation, and Pie Chart Images, backlash. Sample Service Contract - 7+ In Word,? [1] Moseley, Alex. Pacifism, Internet Encyclopedia of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Philosophy. Institute Of Fish? Accessed 10/15/02. [3] Gregg, Richard B. The Power of Nonviolence . The Rev. Ed.

Nyack, NY: Fellowship Publications, 1959, p. Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors? 50. Wonderful Simple Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers? [4]; Sharp, Gene . The Politics of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors, Nonviolent Action . Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas? Boston: Porter Sargent Publishers, 1973. [5] Robbins, Jhan and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images Rune Robbins. Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued Threats? Why Didn't They Hit Back? in 2 Color Stock Images, Images & Vectors, A. Paul Hare and Wonderful Simple Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers Herbert H. Blumberg, eds., Nonviolent Direct Action; American Cases: Social and Political Analyses , Washington, D.C.: Corpus Books, 1968, pp. 107-127, p. 126. [6] Boff, Leonardo. Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors? Active Nonviolence: The Political and Moral Power of the Poor. Forward to Relentless Persistence: Nonviolent Action in Sample Service In Word,, Latin America . Pie Chart Images & Vectors? Philip McManus and Simple Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers Gerald Schlabach, eds., Gabriola Island, B.C.: New Society Publishers, 1991, pp. vii-xi, p. vii. [12] Sharp, Gene. The Politics of 2 Color Images & Vectors, Nonviolent Action. Institute Of Fish? Boston: Porter Sargent Publishers, 1973, p. 657. Images, Royalty-Free? [14] list modified from Oppenheimer, Martin and George Lakey. Fact Issued To Guamanians After? A Manual for Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, Direct Action . Wonderful Inspiration Format 5 Simple For Freshers? Chicago: Quadrangle Books, 1965.

A similar (though somewhat different) list is presented in the ICKB essay Intra-Party Differences. Use the following to cite this article: Dugan, Maire A.. 2 Color Images, Images? Nonviolence and Nonviolent Direct Action. Beyond Intractability . Your Complete Guide (plus Free? Eds. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess. Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Posted: September 2003 Please contact us if you encounter problems using the new site. You can also still use the old homepage.if you prefer. The Intractable Conflict Challenge. Our inability to constructively handle intractable conflict is making social problem solving impossible. Find out about the problem and how Beyond Intractability can help you help address it. 2 Color Royalty-Free Images? Concrete and realistic steps we LL can take to promote more constructive conflict processes and outcomes. This seminar takes a complexity-oriented approach to Institute, examining frontier-of-the-field issues related to difficult and intractable conflicts Visit, follow, or join the Conflict Frontiers Seminar (MOOS) to Stock Images,, explore and discuss strategies for On Pinterest, more constructively addressing these conflicts. Royalty-Free Images & Vectors? Conflict Fundamentals Seminar/Blog. Brief readings and videos which highlight the conflict and peacebuilding field's fundamental building blocks – ideas which help people address both tractable and intractable conflicts more effectively. Beyond Intractability in Your Complete To The (plus Free, Context Blog.

Placing conflict and 2 Color Stock Images, Images peacebuilding in Contract - 7+ In Word,, the larger context of wise and equitable social problem-solving, this blog reports on 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free, news, opinion pieces, and Resume / Cv Letter reports that illustrate the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, challenges and successful responses to To The Evaluation (plus Free, complex, intractable conflicts. Opportunities for becoming involved in a large-scale learning community working to promote more constructive approaches to Pie Chart Stock Images,, conflict. Tell us what YOU are doing that relates to these efforts! Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are those of the Sample Service Contract, authors and do not necessarily reflect those of Beyond Intractability, the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors, Conflict Information Consortium, or the University of Resume / Cv + Cover Set 01 By, Colorado. Copyright © 2003-2017 The Beyond Intractability Project, The Conflict Information Consortium, University of Colorado; All rights reserved. 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free? Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission. Resume + Cover Letter? Citing Beyond Intractability resources.

The Beyond Intractability Knowledge Base Project. 580 UCB, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309, USA -- Phone: (303) 492-1635 -- Contact.

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office resume wizard Wizard's Corner #68 8 June 2013. Yes, we're all too aware of the large gap in our reporting here at Wizard's Corner ! A close reading of a major ancient Greek writer (=Plato) lets us know that the world-order only came about 2 Color Stock Images, after a craftsmanlike struggle, some of the ornery (or as he calls it, the necessity) down here being things like fear, spite and and such all-too-human weaknesses. Organizational Structure! Plato doesn't mention Sloth, there at Timaeus 53 b, but he could have. In Timaeus 53 he says The Divine Craftsman needs help from us humans, overcoming some of our weakneses. One other telling point to be made here, about newly released glimpses of a medieval manuscript, bringing us Plato's actual words. Plato also shows definite signs of believing that the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, total count of the Grand Cosmologist's worlds = 2. We have a newly released item in evidence.

The Marciana library in Venice calls their book Gr. IV, 1. Quite possibly it was Plato himself -- o himself [pace the Oxford editors and just about Office Resume Templates Open Office Free, all other editors) we now have newly released evidence, from that very ms., -- its folium 260r -- to confirm this belief of Plato's own : There are TWO worlds calling on the cosmogonist writer to count them, perhaps up to FIVE primal factors (p. 55c) . Plato wants to refer to 2 Color Stock Images, them with the pointer-word το?τω (dual-number !) Back to the down-here part, where our windmills operate. Between the Office Resume Templates | Best, two machines, they have logged in 6,773 days, somewhat over 20machine-years of time period counting all the days for 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images both.

An impressive sum. If you so-to-speak 'poured together' all of their output energy, you'd have (roughly) 42,800,000 KWhs. Process Free! Try out this simple 'monetising' move now: take ten cents as the average value to Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, the town (6 and a half for the raw wholesale energy value and Your Guide Evaluation Process 3 and a half for the 'GreenTags' revenue, some 3 years of this still under contract between ourselves and 2 Color Pie Chart Harvard, pending our deliveries the Your Guide To The, coming 3 years). This means the Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, town has already, with the Guide Event Evaluation, machines only 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free half as old as their full life-expectancy -- are on the plus-side of the money accounting, $1 million paying in Nuclear After Threats full for the installation of HW1 and $3.2 million paying for HW2. Pie Chart Stock Images! Look back to Resume Templates » Resume Open, the Wizards Corner entries from 2006 and 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free earlier. Disturb Door Hanger Template. Items Door! This will look like good results so far, not so ? Possibly Harvard will want to re-enlist for more of Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors our GreenTags around this time in Complete Guide Event (plus Free 2016 ? Their library's electronic collection of ancient authors has already shown some interest in our Wizards's copy of Gr. IV, 1 (44 GB in 2 Color Stock Images, Images all).

Admittedly, Widener's interet has so far been less than that of David J. Murphy from Nightingale-Bamford and Stefano Martinelli Tempesta of Milano Universita -- but still some true interest. Time will tell. Meantime, what is the Nuclear Fact Issued Threats | Daily, precise meaning of the words [sorry about the halting Greek letters; it was a choice between this present and some still worse-looking Greek: More on this later. Wizards Corner #67, 20 December 2012. We picked up an error in one of our count-of-days figures. 2 Color Images! Since commissioning, our two machines have a total day-count as follows: HW 1 11 years less 7 days (three of them leap-years) 4,011 days. HW 2 6 years plus 230 days (two of them leap-years) 2,422 days. These figures have been corrected on the Homepage, and on the blogsite The corrected values result in an improvement in the CF's of both machines, a fracn of a percentage point for HW1.

For HW2 no correction was needed. Do have a look at site, which includes some blogs from Door Items Door a wind-opponent. He appears to agree with the opinion that ISO and the grid do NOT need any new generation in the coming 10 years. Pie Chart Images, Images! And some of his colleagues play on words by putting WIND into the middle of the word sWINDle (i.e. why windpower does not work). This North Shore man also has said that he has changed from being a wind-advocate in Massachusetts. He comes forward now as a wind-opponent here, after (he says) studying the Best 20+ Business Structure, facts and figures of windpower, for example in Maine. Images, & Vectors! If you agree with him, you might want to post something there, your arguments included. Just today I noticed in the Town of Hull's annual report for 2010 (its p. Best 20+ Business On Pinterest! 148) their muni light department reported $207,512.

This does not take into account the approximately $415,000 of wholesale electricity at 7 cents -- electric energy and capacity that Hull's light company avoided buying because it was produced locally. Maybe a KWh grown locally doesn't taste that much better than one you import [contrast a homegrown tomato], but it sure has that special tang of local-pride. You may get a flavor or local controversy from this Op-Ed piece by the Chairman of Pie Chart Royalty-Free Hull's Light Board. He notes that the Town Manager, by Door Hanger Template. Similar Door, charging his Light Dept a startlingly high rent for 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors its small plot at the town lanfill (i.e. $200,000/yr for each of Your Complete Event Process Free 3 successive years) -- has harvested something like 7 times the going-rate for rentals of this type. 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! A negotiated settlement was reached after months of frank expressions of views, Town Manager vs.

Light Board. Your Complete To The Evaluation Process Free! You, O Reacer, may well be able to Stock Images, Images, write further chapters of this story all by yourself. Will this or the next Manager make another raid on Disturb To Wedding Door, his favorite enterprise department in the coming few years ? Of course your narrative will conscientiously abstain from thinking of any of Hull's citizens as unfair or greedy, or protective of Pie Chart & Vectors our windpower profits, enterprisingly and fairly won, -- right ? Here's a snippet from the Board's Op-Ed of Organizational Ideas 17 Feb 2012 : Wizard's Corner #66, 8 Nov 2012. The election is over, and the man pushing for Pie Chart Stock Images the ProductionTaxCredits to expire (for windpower)has been decisively defeated. American Wind Energy Association has put out a post-election press release expressing cautious optimism that the upcoming 'Lame Duck' congress will likely support an extension of these credits. One of Resume » Resume Office Free | Best their arguments -- and it is backed by some careful fact-checkers -- is Royalty-Free Images & Vectors that Bloomberg Energy News documents this following point about comparitive publlic-support mechanisms (i.e. public incentives). Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure! The point: fossil fuel interests out-score renewables by Pie Chart Stock & Vectors, a ratio of 12:1 in this matter of public support and incentives to provide energy. Hurricane 'Sandy' arrived in Hull, Scituate, Falmouth and Resume Templates Templates Open Free | Best Fairhaven at approximately the same hour of the same day. Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors! That was noon of Wonderful Resume Format 29 October, 2012. We are in process of creating graphs of the Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, output of the various megawatt-scale windturbines in those towns.

Meantime have a look at the graph for Scituate -- which sent the output from peak high in the forenoon directly to Zero as the excessive windspeeds shut the turbine down. Just as promptly at 8 PM, when the speeds of wind at hubheight moderated to less than 50 mph, the machine jumped from Zero right back up to peak power. We are informed that the 10-turbine array near Hancock Mass. operated by MMWEC was ready to resume production as early as 6 PM that same storm day (the 29th), but that substation outages prevented the grid from Disturb Hanger Template. Similar To Wedding accepting their output power. So they had to remain shut down some 24 hrs., while voltage was restored to 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors, the substations. Hull and Complete To The Event Evaluation (plus Free Scituate were more fortunate, in maintaining their local voltage and grid power.

More fortunate both in the direction of the Stock, end-users (like ourselves at WizCrnr here in Hull and Resume Letter Set 01 By like the families of our colleages J.S. and J. H. of Pie Chart Scituate), -- and in the direction of our megawatt-rated wind turbines, which lost only a few hours of production. Similarly for Falmouth's Notus 1 and its Wastewater machine. If we can get reports from Princeton Muni Light Dept, or from Ipswich -- or from other wind projects in the Commonwealth, and Best Structure On Pinterest if we get permission to put these up on 2 Color Images, Images, the web -- we surely will do this. Wizard's Corner #65, 19 May 2012. 1. Flash! This week's edition of Hull's weekly newspaper ('The Hull Times', Thurs, May 17, 2012) reported some remarks by a candidate for Resume / Cv Letter By Hull Light Board. The election will happen 48 hours from now. Election Day is Monday, May 21st. This candidate is reported (p.

5) as saying this about Hull Wind II: [it] is down most of the time. If our local electorate prefers truth to error, -- and if they vote against candidates who fail to do fact-checking before making such false assertions -- that remark will likely lose him votes. The same candidate is 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images also reported to Fact Sheets, be promising the public more transparency about the windmills, adding that he thinks that the 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, public deserves regular reports, on a monthly basis. Such a candidate ! In recent years those familiar with the homepage of Wonderful Format For Freshers have become accustomed to reports much more frequent than that. And we're more free from factual errors too. But who knows, this candidate may get elected. 2 Color Stock Images, Images! If he does, this victory will get publicised in the Hull Times. Not here, however.

Well, that's democracy for you. As a prominent Soviet statesman once said about democracy: the trouble with it is 20+ Business Structure that you don't know who is going to win a given election until Election Day is Images, Royalty-Free passed. Ask us someday what is meant here a WizCrnr by our home-made akronym SIPx . Hint: the Do Not Hanger Door, second letter stands for Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors Ignorance. 2. Templates! On a sweeter, more positive note now, the recently developing story of Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images windpower in Scituate, Mass. [it's 20 May now] Scituate did a full-scale dedication ceremony of Wonderful Inspiration Simple Resume 5 Simple their new windmill, at the town's landfill site. This dedication was deliberately scheduled to 2 Color Pie Chart Images, coincide with this year's Earth Day -- on Sunday Apr. 22nd. Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats | Daily! Their superb planning earned high praises at the dedication. Praises from 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Rick Sullivan, Governor Patrick's Energy Czar and from the chief of the State's DOER, from Senator Robert Hedlund and from others. This Scituate turbine is exactly like the one commissioned October 14, 2011 in Charlestown for the MWRA. These in turn are identical in Resume Format 5 Simple both make and model to what are now planned for commissioning in Fairhaven Mass. later this year.

Including the MWRA unit in Charlestown, there are to Royalty-Free, be a total of four (4) Sinovel 1.5MW units in operation by the end of Disturb Door Template. To Wedding Door 2012 in Massachusetts. We were able to Pie Chart & Vectors, take a reading at Town of Scituate's (admirably 'transparent') output meter. It is there in Do Not Disturb Door Template. Items To Wedding plain view at their landfill. Our crew took readings both days -- i.e. 22 April (noon) and today 20 May (also noon). 2 Color Pie Chart Stock! A 28 day total, therefore. Here are ourtwo readings: Apr 22 198,872 KWh. May 20 436,771 KWh diff.=237,899 KWh. This production can reasonably be put into the formula 237,899/28/24/1500 to yield their CF.

It calculates to 23.6 %, somewhat better than we did here at HW2 in that same period. Later this summer the work on reinforcing the MWRA machine's foundation is to be completed, and we can run parallel calculations for Organizational Structure them. During that same 28 days Notus1 in Falmouth maintained its admirably high CF. In this past 28 days Notus1 showed a CF slightly over 31 %. Ask Dan Webb of NotusCleanEnergy if we've miscalculated his numbers. We're pretty sure his past four weeks scored 30% or better.

Bravo Falmouth ! Bravo Dan Webb ! As in Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors all such work, where you are measuring and calculating, you are better off double-checking, cross-checking and reviewing your comparisons. Nuclear Fact Sheets After Threats | Daily! Here at WizCrnr we have come across cases of meter-A not agreeing precisely with meter-B, but both claiming to measure the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors, same thing. That has meant some serious re-calibrations and re-calculations were required. One such case involved a hydro plant in the Catskill Mountain region in New York many years back. We had direct access to the critical information there. In that case the utility company had to 20+ Business Organizational Ideas, re-calculate. Somehow the utility-calibrated meter had resulted in their (the utility's) under-paying its bill to an independent producer of renewable energy.

Wizard's Corner #64, 16 May 2012. 1. Just last week we got fuller info on what's behind our major flow of 'visitors' from Poland. Royalty-Free! Have a look at this newly published reporting SALZBERGEN, GERMANYMay 8, 2012GE (NYSE: GE) will supply 38 wind turbines for four wind projects in construction in Northern Poland. Your Complete Guide Event Evaluation (plus! When operational, these projects, referred to collectively as Darlowo Wind Energy CenterPhase Two (DarlowoPhase Two), will mark the Images, Images & Vectors, first use of GE’s 2.5-megawatt class wind turbines that feature 103-meter rotors for high productivity in Poland. Invenergy Wind LLC (Invenergy) and Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Polish development company Enerco sp. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors! z o.o. (Enerco) are collaborating to Best Structure Ideas, develop nine wind energy generation projects in the region in and around Darlowo, near the Baltic Sea. GE provided 32 wind turbines for DarlowoPhase One, which was fully commissioned in March 2011 and today produces 80 megawatts of power. 2 Color & Vectors! DarlowoPhase One is comprised of the Weikowice, Jezyce and Dobieslaw projects.

DarlowoPhase Two, comprised of the Boryszewo, Krupy, Stary Jaroslaw and Nowy Jaroslaw facilities, will bring the total installed capacity of wind energy in the Darlowo area to 175 megawatts. DarlowoPhase Three will consist of two additional projectsGorzyca and Pekaninowhich currently are under contract. Do Not Template. Items To Wedding! These sites will boost the 2 Color Stock Images, aggregate output of the nine Darlowo projects to 250 megawatts. Name of Invenergy's President ? Michael Polsky. We're betting that, if he looks at Wizards Corner #53, of 10 Dec 2010, Mr. Polsky will see why we have a special warmth for our friends in Poland -- before, during and after their new collaboration with our U.S.A. company General Electric. He is even likely to be able to read the Your Guide Process (plus, Polish in that letter of 1945. Perhaps he will even know of one or more of the highly honored military men who signed that letter in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images 1945 ? Do let us know, Mr. Fact Threats! Polsky, if you read these messages. . . 2. Happy 6th birthday to Hull Wind 2, which turned 6 years old on 4 May 2012 -- having harvested 22,602,890 KWh's in those 6 years.

3. Please notice that Poland remains one of Images, Images our top-10 sources of Complete Guide To The Event visitors, by 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, nation. Interesting that Vietnam and Cambodia are now rising in the ranks, in this same list: Wizard's Corner #63, 02 Mar 2012. There is an Energy Club, it seems, at Tufts. Bravo Tufts.

Let's see how much of a bump-in-voltage this can give us here at Office Templates Templates Open | Best WizCrnr -- perhaps allowing us to do some mirroring/echoing of this and Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors that specimen of realtime output info. Which this ? Which that ? Well for starters, how about Notus 1 ? How about Bread Roses solar ? Perhaps MWRA's Sinovel 1.5 too ? We'll see. / Cv Letter Set 01 By! Our Commonwealth should be so wealthy, and so willing to 2 Color Royalty-Free, make the Wonderful Resume Format, info-wealth common property. 2 Color Stock! So say Wiz1 and Wiz2. It is affirmatively a sadness to us here at Do Not Disturb Hanger Items Door WizCrnr, but yet in all it deserves to Images, Images & Vectors, be reported: HW2 has been idled for Structure Ideas over 14 days now -- a period during which HW2 has scored Zero, whilst HW1 had put out 2 Color Pie Chart Images, more than 70,000 KWh's. Resume + Cover Set 01 By! (In August, this discrepancy would not likely be so great, of Stock Royalty-Free Images course.) The trouble is with HW2's generator. The precise nature of the trouble is still under the careful monitoring of the Vestas warranty--maintenance people. They have so far narrowed the problem down to (a) something local to the output terminals or (b) something alas, deeper within the Wonderful Simple Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers, generator itself. Either way, more work will be needed in the coming week to complete the diagnosis and move ahead on remedies. Those of 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free you who are like us her in Hull in Nuclear Sheets Issued To Guamanians After Threats being able to see HW2's blades, and observe their idleness, may find it a relief to have an Royalty-Free, expected time-of-renewed-operation. Our prognosis, based on Resume Templates Open | Best, a report from late in the morning on 2 March -- is as follows. HW2 is expected to return to service sometime shortly before St.

Patrick's day, March 17th. Not a bad day for 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free celebrating, St. Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued! Pat's Day (a.k.a Evacuation Day). One Hull family is even growing some shamrocks, purchased at a local market in Pie Chart Stock Images Hull. After all it's only a short distance across the 20+ Business Organizational Ideas On Pinterest, Atlantic, from Hull's shores -- either to Kilrush or Doonbeg in County Clare, -- or to Arklow on Ireland's far coast Arklow is where the world is learning ever more new things about windpower. 2 Color! Learning the sweeter on Your Guide Event Process (plus, account of the many shamrocks looking on, feeling the beneficent breezes alongside.

Wizard's Corner #62, 18 Feb 2012. Please exercise your wizardry (the exegetic side of this) on the following pair of texts, Dear E-Reader: (1) e-published in late 2011 and echoed in Wizcrnr #61: [businesses and cities have dutifully reported to] Carbon Disclosure Project in Royalty-Free & Vectors 2011, perhaps swayed by CDP's 551 investor members, who use the information in deciding where to place more than $71 trillion in / Cv Set 01 investment capital. (2) e-published 17 Feb 2012 : [Jeff Zelkowitz] Chief financial officers and investor relations officers. Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! . .[need to learn about] tracking and communicating [their company's] sustainability, so that it can be effectively digested by financial constituencies and reflected in the market’s opinion of the stock. This particular analyst clearly holds that 'ESG factors' (Environmental, Social and Governance) will repay the CFO's time and Event Evaluation (plus Free effort to move towards sustainability. Even if this particular CFO's time and effort may command a high price. [please see the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images,, WizCrnr # 67, for Wonderful Inspiration Format 5 Simple For Freshers 20 Dec 2012 -- with a flashback to Feb 17, 2012 and the famous raid on Hull Light's treasury. How much money was lifted ? Answer: in one way of looking at it, $600,000. In another way (an impecunious uncle robbing a rich nephew), $0.] Wizard's Corner #61, 19 Jan 2012.

Today's posting of new data lets us look back on the full 10-years of production at HW1, 15,571,884 KWh's net of electricity consumed at the turbine site itself. Yearly average of 1,572,000, approximately, less than half a percentage point away from the 1,565,000 predicted by Roger Bacon and Mike Lynch of MMWEC 11 years ago now. Roger and Mike aren't about to Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors, cry over that very minor difference being on the favorable-to-MMWEC side, either. They always like to estimate on the conservative side. Here they turned out to be just one-household on Nuclear | Daily, the conservative side in their estimates. Nor are we about to cry here in Hull. We overproduced by enough energy to Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, light the streetlights along Nantasket Avenue (at no cost to the town), for Resume Letter Set 01 10 years -- that's just the overage. Our production numbers didn't show that much year-on-year variation either. Nice, stable flow, in other words, of a commodity (emissionfree energy) that is compound marketable. Compound in this sense: under prevailing laws in our Commonwealth this past 10 years, we in Hull have been able to market both the 'underlying commodity', i.e. the electrical energy measured in Images, Images & Vectors MWh's, and also something else. We can market (a sheer addition to our revenues) the 'attribute' or quality of its mode of Best 20+ Business Structure production.

What is Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors now fashionable to call its 'greenness'. In a metaphorical sense, we are able to Sheets To Guamanians Threats | Daily, sell both the 'colorless' energy [ask soon about marketing that other colorless commodity, 'capacity-credits', OK?], -- and Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images also compound our revenue flow by » Resume Templates | Best, selling its 'greenness'. Pie Chart Royalty-Free! Color coding like this is Office Resume Templates » Resume Templates | Best now widely recognised. Much more widely than back in 2000 when Roger and Mike and Hull were doing our early estimating. Often the specialist term 'sustainability' is substituted for this idea of greenness. That term 'sustainability' is one launched by Lester Brown's 1970's book Building a Sustainable Society.

Try this experiment. 2 Color Stock & Vectors! Try to find a college program with 'sustainable' in its title in the late 1970s. Like the 'Sustainability' Masters degree at Harvard today. Or try to find publications with that specialist word in their titles, back then, 30 years ago (when Earthday was still new). Then do a Google search for titles from year-2011.

You'll probably a 100-fold increase since Lester B's day, in the use of Lester's term of art 'sustainable'. This attribute has become far more widely recognised just in these past ten years. Do you doubt there are truly forces out there working in favor of this kind of sustainability ? Consider this: A published report in December of 2011 Four Sustainability Trends that will shape 2012, this strong point came out. A group set up to 20+ Business Organizational Structure, monitor (The Carbon Disclosure Project) reported that over 80% of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Global 500 firms, voluntarily reported on their climate change policies. Inspiration Simple Format! The article used the famous 'understatement' device when it wrote perhaps these decisions were swayed by the CDP's 551 investor members, who use the info in deciding where to place more than $71 trillion in investment capital. Further, this same CDP asked 58 cities worldwide to report on their sustainability progress. [yes, hullwind thinks worldwide, or why do we keep getting hits from Ukraine, or Netherlands, or Romania or Spain or the Czech Republic?] How many cities responded ? 42 of them did, and 38 of these 42 made their responses public. We know what that means, don't we, dear E-Reader ? Transparency is our middle name here at WizardsCorner. 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors! We preach it here. We practice it too. Imagine yourself in the position of Mr. CDP or Mr.

WXY, and Resume / Cv Letter you have $71 trillion in your pocket. Will you get the attention of corporations ? Will they want to 2 Color Stock, listen to your lectures on Nuclear Fact To Guamanians After, sustainability ? Enough said. At the same time that Hull Muni Light sold each MWh of the colorless commodity (electric energy) it got further credit for an additional colorless item, (electric capacity). This latter is an item often left out of account in the analyses of 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images these matters. Call this commodity colorless2, where the Energy was colorless1. It is helpful to Nuclear Sheets To Guamanians After Threats, the transmission grid (even if it is a grid your Municipality itself owns) to avoid the costs of putting up new or fatter wires, to accommodate the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, 'traffic flow' of the Amps and Watts demanded by us end-users. As we put our energy up onto Do Not Template. To Wedding, this grid at Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors the near end of it, we are being helpful to the grid, and measurably so. We're letting the 20+ Business Structure Ideas On Pinterest, system benefit from something negative, something avoided. A form of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images Nega-watts (capacity or demand). Door Hanger Template. Similar To Wedding! This is the Stock Images & Vectors, same as the room needed by the grid's wires, -- for distributing the power in the more standard ways of distribution.

That is, running it for medium to large distances along high-voltage lines ('transmission' voltage, it's called), then stepping it down in voltage when it gets nearer to Your Complete Event Evaluation Process (plus Free, our local town. You're a distributed generator from the point of view of those CentralUnits, the big generating plants twenty to fifty to a hundred miles away. Your being out near the end of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors their lines allows these big guys to shed load, or avoid the Templates Templates Free | Best, need to generate and distribute for distant customers. We can hold back from details about 'locational marginal pricing', but you can lilkely imagine what is Pie Chart Stock & Vectors involved there. Disturb Door Items! That's the system, giving $$ compensation to 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors, those in favorable locations, by favoring them in turn in Your Complete Guide Evaluation Process (plus the regulated pricing schemes. Pie Chart Royalty-Free! Make sense ? There is a multi-megawatt powerplant just 40 miles or so from 20+ Business Structure Hull, to our south.

It's in Plymouth, Mass., where the famous Rock also is. 2 Color! It's called Pilgrim, and runs on nuclear power. Just recently there has been a citizen group, Pilgrim Alliance, calling on the Entergy Company of New Orleans (they own the Pilgrim plant) about taking care of Your Complete Guide Event Evaluation (plus Free some safety issues. It's a classic central-generating unit, megawatts by the thousand, all 'radiating' (so to 2 Color Pie Chart Images, speak) out along transmission and distribution lines from the center point near Plymouth, Mass. It has come up for re-licensing. Can it keep doing business as usual for another 20 years ? No, say some residents in the nearby town, or not without some safety conditions needing to be imposed. So here comes a set of concerned, -- even at times irate, -- citizens. Call us DistributedEnergy people, call us 99% people, call us Occupy people, call us anything you want, but don't call us slackers when it comes to helping our fellow-citizens make our grids more responsible, transparent, and Wonderful Resume safe. Bay State here, Bayou State there, Hull, Hingham and Scituate love* you one and all. It's amazing, by the way how much fits inside our little Plymouth County over and beyond Plymouth Rock: Kingston Mass., Scituate Mass.

Duxbury Mass., Marshfield, Mass., Hull Mass. -- all places where windpower is making progress. This group of citizen activists calls itself Pilgrim Alliance, and it has begun to press a further question, alongside those about safety. Why not install a sizeable array (or 'flock') of Pie Chart Stock wind-turbines on the outskirts of that nuclear plant itself ? Naturally, such an array would be able to take advantage of Entergy's switchgear, or substation capacity, likely not saturated even as much as 10% of the time. There's lots of secrecy about Pilgrim's total capacity and production history. But satellite imagery lets us know that there are certainly a hundred acres or so that could be dedicated to Resume / Cv Letter By, a wind-and-solar project. The local winds are not at all bad, on Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images, a par with those in Marshfield, Duxbury and Kingston. Don't quote us, but WizCrnr will shoot-from-the-hip and Office Resume Open Office Free say at hub-height of 80 m, Pilgrim's windspeeds won't be more than 1 m/s below Hull's speeds, or Dan Webb's slightly higher speeds.

Dan is at Technology Park in Stock Images, & Vectors Falmouth. This citizen initiative is asking that the owner's company, Entergy, have its renewed license DELAYED, until certain safety issues linked to the Fukushima reactor's meltdown have been dealt with in more than a superficial and iffy manner. Iffy and whenny, one might say this. Imagine a little encampment there in Plymouth, promising to de-camp if-and-when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission encodes some safety conditions. Enforceable conditions, that is. Structure! 'Enforceable' matters, does it not ? We have kindly asked Jon Corzine and the MF Global company he led to limit his stealing (within any given 5-year period at least) to sums less than $1 billion dollars. Our Obama Administration's Justice Dept. Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images! seems to think imposing such laws on a kindly man like Jon Corzine excessive government interference. Too rule-of-law. So their current stance appears to be: unless political pressures force us to Do Not Door Hanger Items, take notice, we will treat petty thefts like a billion $$ or so over a 5 year period as not worth criminalising or penalising.

Bro. Holder's attorneys may soon wake up and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, think they have a stake in this matter. Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Similar To Wedding Door! Even a sworn duty to do something about it. Stay tuned. Coming back to our topic, the Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, 'colorless2 factor' : to get another view of this and its market value, try this. Work backwards from Resume Templates » Resume Templates Office Free what appears on your bill, or anyhow on the bill of the supermarket you shop at, or at some other large commercial user, such as a hockey rink. Stock Royalty-Free! Work backwards from the item called Demand Charges.

What service is the / Cv + Cover Letter, bill-paying consumer being charged for, under the Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, name of Guide Event Evaluation Process 'Demand' ? Well this is nothing other than Capacity-when-thought-of-backwards. The grid's capacity has to be upgraded or increased if your hockey rink's Demand increases. So the managers of the grid charge the rink managers money for this. [we know somebody like this; she calls herself Michelle, or 'rinkrat' for short. she's a demanding rat, and likely wouldn't mind our saying so]. Helping the grid system to Not-Need to do these upgrades, or even helping them delay making such upgrades is managing things smart, from their point of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images view. Demand Side Management it's sometimes called. Smart-and-valuable in that the whole system is Managing its Demand smarter, thus limiting its need for Capacity upgrades.

Those of us out here near the end of their lines, -- call us distributed producers -- deserve a credit (in $$). Not just not just praise and other forms of Best 20+ Business Organizational Ideas intangible benefits (rinkrat likes us, which is gratifying). Market prices of such capacity credits vary widely, of course. But one figure we've come across recently is $4/KW-month, or $48/KW-year. If HW1 continues with its established Watt-Bar performance, 175 KW, this 'room on the wires' colorless commodity would be worth $8,400 per 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, year. More of this colorless commodity is available from Younger Brother. Call HW1 'Apollo' and Office Resume Office Free | Best call the younger brother 'Hermes'. This very youngster got quite the abusive treatment in the early chapters of Plato's Laws , Bk XII. Call Plato 'son of Apollo'; call Younger Socrates 'Philip, or son of Hermes'. Hermes is the Mercurial younger brother of Apollo; he's the merchandiser and messenger.

He's also god of under-the-radar revenue production. The god of crooks. The Telecoms immunity god. (Glenn Greenwald might be writing about Him in his 2011 book With Liberty and justice for SOME , especially the chapter on 2 Color, under-the-radar politics, Immunity for Resume / Cv Letter Set 01 By sale, Telecoms buying, pp. 2 Color Stock Images, Images & Vectors! 82-93.) In any case, between the two of these extra credits, often kept on Best 20+ Business Structure Ideas, the outside of financial analyses, from colorless commodity #2, one can pay maintenance on the Apollo machine, as the market now sets these costs. That's apart from any sales of the big underlying commodity, the colorless MWh's themselves. Which are way up there in Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors monetary value. More than double the value of those bonuses.

What about those other marketable commodities, which make us at Hull Light compound marketers ? Well let's simplify by leaving aside the Federal credits (just now expiring for HW1, but still due to Guide Evaluation Free, us for another 5 years for HW2). What about the 'green-certificates', or 'RenewableEnergyCertificates' ? This is the so-called 'voluntary' REC market. Well here too you have market variability. In its first 10 years HW1 was able to Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images, market, on top of the Simple Resume Format, pair of underlying commodities, this 'greenness', at a market rate at Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images or above $30/MWh. Structure! HW1 therefore harvested 'green' or 'sustainability' revenues of approximately 15 thousand (MWh's) times $30, or $450,000. This 'bonus' money [if you feel that these bonuses are fragile, don't forget, our friend Mr. CDP is out there proving that yes, Hull deserves the Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors, bonuses that we multi-trillionaires believe in, they really do !] will have roughly paid us back something near the initial purchase price of the machine. And do recall, the bonus we're talking about here costs the taxpayer nothing. Simple Resume Format! It's the 'voluntary' market. It's good guys rewarding us for being nice guys -- not bad guys like Government and the TaxMan [we're for the sake of argument assuming the really odd idea, the Anti-Occupy idea, that Government is necessarily a Bad Guy. untrue, but many people, even out here among us 99%, believe it].

Naturally, one doesn't do right to crow unreasonably or unseasonably about Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, one's bonuses. It is unseemly. But recall well what Bloomberg Business News reported about a year ago: if you want a direct, no-nonsense answer to your question so who gets more government subsidies, renewables or fossil fuel companies?, take our word for it,-- us here at Bloomberg Business News -- you renewable good-guys are out-competed for public subsidies by your fossil fuel brethren by a ratio of about 12:1. Occupy Fossil Fuel lobbyist offices ! Level the playing field ! OK, so how has HW1 done during the first half of its expected 20-yr lifespan ? Well it has not only Resume / Cv + Cover Letter By paid for itself (initial costs plus maintenance), but it's had leftover revenue to pay down the costs of its younger brother HW2. And as the older brother enters his 11th year, it still has a signed contract for 4 years into the future of 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors 'green bonus' credits. We get a reduced rate, yes; but this is still a far cry from 10 years ago, when we lacked any contract at / Cv Set 01 all. No predictability at all. And no Mr. CDP the multi-trillionaire on our side either. We've heard the suggestion recently: why not put up a Third Turbine in Hull ? It might take Apollo and Hermes working together. But brothers sometimes do that.

They aren't always quarreling with each other. [Speaking of Love: ask Sage Radachowsky what's Love got to do with it?. Tell him Wizard has been talking about him. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images! Wizard says: Sage knows the deeper relations among these items: Love, Boston's Homeless people, Evolutionary Biology, Plymouth County's 'No Nuclear Fuel, LLC' 6MW windfarm, re-licensing of a nuclear power plant, Watt-Bar's of power, WJFF radio, OccupyBoston, www.OBR.FM, and JS Bach arranged for homemade guitar and Dewey Square]. Try clicking on 'OccupyBostonRadio', the link just one line up from here. And ask more about Sage R. He's an Occupier . Still more visits from The Ukraine and The Czech Republic in recent weeks. Look how China has sunk lower -- except in bandwidth ! Wizard's Corner #60, 07 Dec 2011. Try out this calculation -- with just 20 days left till HW1's TENTH ANNIVERSARY: to reach ten times our predicted annual-average production, our total 20 days from today should be 15,650,000.

So the Open, target we must hit is 15,650,000 - 15478,006, that is: 171,994 KWh's . It is unlikely we'll do quite that well in the coming 20 days, but remember two things: (1) even if we only produce half that number (I mean 86,000 KWh's), our 10-year expectation will be not a tenth of a percentage point away what we predicted (with Roger Bacon's help) 11 years ago now. Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! That's what's called Roger and Office Open Office Free Hull hit it right on Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors, the money. (2) some mid-Decembers in Hull are really quite windy. We might do better than that modest goal of 86,000 KWh's. Right now OccupyBoston is talking about the 'American Spring' of 2012. Good winds in Hull now, good winds of change between now and 20 days from Your Complete Evaluation Free now. The Tar Sands pipeline may be in retreat by then, Jon Corzine may be headed for 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors his indictment, and the various Occupy's should be advancing, thinking ahead to Spring. Like OWS and like AdBusters, these insurgents don't think small, and they don't think short-term only. Guide Process (plus Free! In any case, be sure that China, the Netherlands, Russia and the Ukraine are watching us. They all think ahead. And they march too.

Wizard's Corner #59, 10 Nov 2011. Soon we will be reaching the end of Royalty-Free Images & Vectors year-10, ten years of Resume / Cv By production from Hull Wind 1. It was somewhat more than eleven years ago. (June of Images, Royalty-Free Images 2000) that Hull received a helpful estimate of what this Vestas V47 would likely produce on an annual basis. Disturb Door Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door! We remember the. crucial meeting -- it was in the large cafeteria room of the HighSchool. Well filled with interested citizens. Going forward meant our Town's committing funding, time from the schedules of various town officials, and -- this was a hard part -- involved our taking a chance.

Would the figure we were estimating prove to be in error ? Would we produce, on average, considerably LESS than our predicted 1,565,000 KWh's a year, on average ? People in 2 Color Pie Chart Images & Vectors the room listened intently. Resume / Cv Letter! Our Wizards Corner was there that evening in June 2000. Was our 'crystal ball' working effectively ? Well in just a month and a half from now, -- the afternoon of 27 December 2011 -- we're at 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, our 10th birthday. As of Do Not Disturb Hanger Items To Wedding Door today, with a little over a month and a half left of that time, we are on track to hit within 1% of our predicted figure. Stay tuned ! Meantime the quality and quantity of our site's 'Visitors' has remained high. Surprisingly, China has just recently dropped back behind Holland in this present month. Pie Chart Royalty-Free! But if you judge by bandwidth, neither Holland nor the Nuclear Issued Threats | Daily, USA visits us more than China ! (The MWRA's new 'Sinovel' 1.5MW machine in Charlestown is 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors now a quarter the way to its first million KWh's, we learned a few days ago). Have a look at these figures, comparing our various visitors from different countries.

Does Czech Republic surprise you ? Wizard's Corner #58, 25 July 2011. We have not yet done the full retrospects to the heat-wave coming to an end just today all along the Eastern seaboard. Weather broadcasters continually inundated the public with advisory warnings, temperature readings in triple digits [Fahrenheit] and indexes of discomfort. Regulatory agencies such as the regional transmission organisations (New England ISO, New York ISO, PJM) warned of / Cv Letter Set 01 By limits on 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, peak loads -- and spoke of needing to bring down voltage levels so as to stay within limits of available power. Brownouts might be mandated. Does New England ISO foresee the Your To The Event Evaluation Free, future ? For example does it see ahead 'one-day' ? Yes, and Images, Images & Vectors it publishes its forecasts. Best 20+ Business Ideas! Jargon here is 'dartmwh', or day-ahead and Stock Images & Vectors real-time MWh's. Consider the hour ending at Resume / Cv + Cover Set 01 16:00 EDT this past Friday. 2 Color! Hull's sub-region called 'Northeast Mass. and Boston' will be needing a peak of power, roughly 5,000 MW, rated on an instantaneous basis.

Does it help shave this peak to have Notus Clean Energy's Vestas V82 running at some 90% of its maximum power rating (of 1.65MW) ? Yes it does. Measurably, one might say. Let's try to set up a metric. Suppose we had a set of 5 machines running at a robust 70% CF during that late-July day's 15th hour, and / Cv Letter Set 01 By each were rated at or near 1.5MW. This would not be far from the realities as they are taking shape in our subregion between 2006 and 2012. [Consider: Hull's V80 at 1.8MW, Notus1 at 1.65MW, Falmouth WasteWater's at 1.65MW, Town of Ipswich's at Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free 1.5MW and MWRA's Sinovel at 1.5]. Not entirely unrealistic for us to suppose that these 5 machines might (say on Your Complete Guide Process, 22 July 2011) peak at or above 70% of their entire rated power(s) of 7.5MW. 2 Color Royalty-Free! Have a look at Do Not Template. To Wedding the robust figures for Notus1, now available as real-time actual output at that very hour of that very day.

Then think of this as a peak-shaving of more than 1% of this heavy demand. A 'demanding' business, this one of finding enough supply to meet 5 GW of predicted (day-ahead) demand in our sub-region-- not so ? Put yourself into the position of those regulative controlling good people (Roger Bacon is 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors one) at NE-ISO, so to speak sweating it out looking for either citizen willingness to trim their electric power requirements, or citizen willingness to Your Complete Evaluation Free, suffer voltage-reductions (aka 'brownouts'). The good citizens in Ludlow (Lynch, deBlois, Boas) may be too public-spirited to complain. But we grouchy folk here in 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors the greater Boston region often act out, misbehave in a way Philip of Opus used to Wonderful Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers, call 'orgE kai antapodosis'. This is like 'blowing one's fuse', or 'manically suffering a SouthBoston fit of out-of-control Rageaholism'. Philip taught his pupil Aristotle much of what he wrote on Anger, most likely. Both in Aristotle's Rhetoric and in his lost work 'p. orgEs'. This teacher thought of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free himself as the Nuclear Issued Threats, philosopher more beneficial to humanity than even the best King, a kind of SocratEs Basileus. Someday within a year now the website may be able to decode parts of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free these claims. Disturb Door Hanger Template. To Wedding Door! Wm. of 2 Color Images, Ockham will help, Heytesbury may also help. In any case, here is the data concerning Friday July 22, just 3 days ago now:

Another snapshot of our visitors -- again featuring our Iberdrola colleagues in Romania ! Wizard's Corner #57, 27 May 2011. You may think of bankers when you hear someone say promissory note. Well wizards can say this too, and you just laid eyes on Resume + Cover Letter, it, O e-Eyed reader. You are hereby wiz-promised an interim report on our springing the trap. What trap? Well the one keeping a certain horde of datapoints stored ON HARDCOPY. Wiz-Kurzweil used to 2 Color Images, & Vectors, spring such traps when he exhibited a synthesised voice reading a book in well-pronounced anglo-american English, quite a while back now. Templates » Resume Open! His elegantly trained robotic voice was singing out texts then and there. Then=1979, there=midManhattan branch, NYPL.

Yes, we hereby issue this wiz-promise: some interesting data on HW1 will be Kurzweil-sprung from its hardcopy trap, before Labor Day 2011. Hockey players rejoice ! Do you say our robot has misspellt May ? We answer, It opts to Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, write its 02 AM FAX's in Danish. Wizard's Corner #56, 5 May 2011. Yesterday (4th of May) was the Fifth Birthday of Inspiration Simple Resume Hull Wind 2. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images! Its yearly production (average) in Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple its first 5 years is just over 3,910,000 KWh's. We Hull ratepayers today are paying (residential, retail) somewhat over Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, 13.5 cents/KWh. Resume By! Our average residentail retail rate has been somewhat less than 12.5 cents. To compute the approximate yearly revenue (all of it, net of the 1.5 cents/KWh maintenance and other overhead), we may fairly use a figure of 11 cents net. A different calculation, of course, results if we start from the wholesale price of those same 19,560,000 KWh's, Hull's costs for that amount of Pie Chart Stock electricity, IF we had bought them all from MMWEC. Let's keep to the simpler, straight-ahead calculation for the moment -- what the town in fact harvested from retail sales to our townspeople. Thus the rough calculation of Hull Light's revenues from HW2 then comes down to Best 20+ Business Organizational On Pinterest, this, for the past 5 years: $0.11 * 19,560,000 = $2,150,000. Federal and voluntary incentive payments have added to our revenues.

These sum up to approximately 6.5 cents/KWh. Thus the Pie Chart Stock Images, gross total revenue from Resume / Cv By this machine will have been roughly $0.175 * 19,560,000, or a little over 3.4 million dollars. Essentially 100% of the Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, capital costs of the machine and its installation. Looking backward on this same 5-year period there is another cheerful view. Templates! Why? Well by middle of 2006 -- which was HW2's Zero'th birthday -- Hull Wind 1 had essentially paid back its own capital cost. You will recall that it had been installed 27 December, 2001. So its own gross revenues (after maintenance and other overhead) will have added an 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free, extra half-million dollars to Hanger Template. Items Similar Door, Hull's treasury. Much of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images these past 5 years have seen severe reductions in Resume / Cv Set 01 our town's budgets (like others in our Commonwealth).

And even after some preliminary signs of an upturn, there's plenty of interest in finding a bright spot with a 5-year history of Images, Images & Vectors staying bright. A member of the town Finance Committee said at Town Meeting on Door Hanger Template. To Wedding, 2 May 2011 that he does not share the public's optimism about the town's financial future. He remarked And in fact I work in the finance industry in downtown Boston. With full paybacks of both of our turbines already in hand, and neither of 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors them nearing the end of their life-expectancies (20 years for each), windpower here is one of those bright spots. Do you know why the most frequent search-phrase this month -- from visitors to -- has been Linear Responsibility Chart ? Our guess here at Wizards Corner is this following. Rich Phelan at Mass.

Maritime Academy, who led their institution to follow the example of HW1, can now look back on 5 years of solid performance from their MMA 1. Rich's machine is essentially paid off now. He followed his mariner's chart. His concept of Linear Responsibility got it built on time, on Your To The Event Evaluation Process (plus Free, budget. With pride. Another bright spot.

Try googling the phrase. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! You'll likely end up at Wikipedia. To plan is human, to implement divine. Do Not Door Template. Similar! So wrote Prof. Charles Haar of Harvard Law. Wizard's Corner #55, 24 Apr 2011. Just this morning (Easter morning) our small delegation betook ourselves to HW1, purposing to write down output data directly from its LED screen. 2 Color Pie Chart Images,! These data were there, and + Cover By are now written down for you to soak up and assimilate, and Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors relay wherever you care to. We had intoned our 'hulleleuia' cry, just before noon: net output since commissioning (net of the Your Complete Guide Evaluation Process, -22,736 KWh consumed) : 14,817,246 KWh. total hours actual run-time (as % of total hrs of 'line OK') 79,984/81,106 : 98.6 % You may want to try your hand, dear visitor, at 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, helping us to Resume / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01, run a calculation based on the online data from NotusEnergy's machine in Stock Images, Royalty-Free E. Falmouth Mass.

It is a 1650KW Vestas V82, commissioned 29 June 2010. Your data will differ slightly from ours (being more uptodate). First off, have a look at this website: Look especially at its page 'equivalents' As of today (24 Apr '11), we have found this result: FLOAT REALTY'S Notus Energy 1: total days since commissioning (2010 = 185 ; 2011 =114): 299 days. total generation until today (24 Apr) 4,095,130 KWh (=4,095 MWh) calculation of CapFactor 4,095/299/24/1.8 34.5 % This is Office Templates » Resume Open Office | Best truly a strong performance, with its only 66 days left in 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors its production year. It is Hanger Template. Items Similar To Wedding very substantially stronger than our average for nearly 5 years (1814 days, 10 days short of its 5th Birthday). Images! The two main factors likeliest to have caused this difference are (1) higher wind-velocities at a set hub-height in Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians After Falmouth than in Hull and Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors (2) NotusEnergy's hub-height, its being 33% taller than HW2's (80m rather than 60m). However, it looks to us in Guide To The Hull like a pair of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images substantial success stories in the making. (A) HW2 has achieved well over 50% pay-back of its capital outlay already [there are a few assumptions built into this conclusion -- we have been careful to avoid 'wishful-thinking' or self-serving presumptions here]. (B) NotusEnergy's machine is making bold strides toward full repayment of its capital costs also, and is a kind of beacon-light showing the way forward to fellow towns on Cape Cod, for their land-based proposals. Here's an exercise in short-term forecasting (just the Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued After | Daily, coming 66 days until NotusEnergy's machine completes its production year).

Make three assumptions (High,Medium,Low) for a projected CF for the coming 66 days, as follows. High=26%, Medium=23%, Low=20%. Then compute the weighted average of the (known) first 299 days, plus the (estimated) final 66 days, on each of the three scenarios. 2 Color Pie Chart! You get these resulting forecasts: High = 299/365*0.346 + 66/365*0.26 = 28.3% + 4.7% = 33.0 % Medium = 299/365*0.346 +66/365*0.23 = 28.3% + 4.2% = 32.5% Low = 299/365*0.346 + 66/365*0.20 = 28.3% + 3.6% = 31.9 % We may compare these forecasts to those published by MMWEC 22 Dec 2010, for Complete Guide To The Evaluation Process (plus Free its 15MW 'Berkshire Wind Power Coop' [this includes Hull and Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors 13 other muni light companies in the Commonwealth].

The BWPC is forecasting a 40% Capacity Factor for their 10-turbine project near Brodie Mtn in Town of Hancock (high up in altitude). The Coop is basing its forecasts on the higher wind velocities at those elevations (naturally, the air-density will be somewhat less than sea-level densities in Hull and Falmouth), and Office Resume Templates Open Free | Best seems not worried much about issues about 'ridgeline' locations, with their sometimes troublesome updrafts and turbulences. Further, it is relying on ongoing active support from GE Wind, in Stock Images, & Vectors carrying out needed maintenance on this wind-farm. Will GE not find us in little Massachusetts 'not big enough to worry much about' -- when they have projects of Your To The Event Process Free 50 MW and 100 MW to help maintain in 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors the prairie states ? Some of us 14 cooperators will inevitably worry about Fact Threats, this. The Coop's forecasts seem to Stock Royalty-Free Images, us at Wizards Corner just a bit overoptimistic. When we look hard at a backlog of several years of Complete Guide To The Event Process (plus Free 'realworld' data like that from Hull and Falmouth, we think CF's below 35% are the rule, those above 35% the exception. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images! To compare: our exceptional hitter Ted Williams would astonish everyone by going another season hitting at a 'Capacity Factor' of .400 ! And imagine the Red Sox offensive strength if it could achieve (like Berkshire Wind is now forecasted to do) a team average of 40% ! Its 10 productive units would have to have three or four better than Ted hitters to offset the poor hitters not hitting above .350 ! It is in our interests-- of course --to believe. As we're all witnesses, believers sometimes have hold of the Truth. Such a fine service it is, in any case, to have this Falmouth project's output data going up onto the web in real time. Please do note: we have our Commonwealth to thank for this. Nuclear Fact Sheets To Guamanians! The Mass.

Clean Energy Center and Notus Energy are together giving us all a model of 'transparency' in this easy-to-access and uptotheminute data. The PowerDash people are clearly playing a valuable role here, too. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free! And soon, -- maybe even in the coming weeks now -- we will all be able to type in a suffix something like . . .systems/1000nnn and get real-time info from the MWRA's PV array at the John J. Door Template. Items To Wedding Door! Carroll station. This array has been in testing phases the past month or two -- and boasts an impressive rating: 495 KW. This too is intended to come out to the public via the Web and Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors via the PowerDash people's software. We trust you agree with us here at Wizards Corner: it's always good (though sometimes hard work) to keep hold of 'hard-data'. Please also agree also in this: we can all consult data to keep free from anyone's overoptimistic hopes -- or anyone's unreasoning fears -- about the prospects for renewables in » Resume Free | Best this critical time. It looks to us anyway, that the struggle for renewables to make gains is one we're now winning. In the coming months and years we can likely look back to a time before our 'string of 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images pearls' across Boston Harbor was just an Olmsted-like plan, and back to when (i.e. now) renewables were working hard to compete in Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians After Threats a challenging and hard-to-predict energy market. We stuck to 2 Color Royalty-Free Images, our guns, maybe we can then say, and to our commitment to Do Not Door To Wedding Door, pay close attention to the data.

Bravo Hull, bravo Notus Clean Energy ! May we both continue to harvest our wind resources, and both continue on the road to prosperous renewables. Wizard's Corner #54, 22 Dec 2010. Birthday time. Hull Wind One is approaching its Birthday #9 -- on 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, 27 December 2010, at Issued Threats | Daily 2:45 in the afternoon ! With just a handful of interruptions for 2 Color Pie Chart Stock scheduled (or unscheduled) repairs, it'll have been producing for 108 complete months at that time of day and on that day. This lets us get a valuable pair of Complete Evaluation Process measures. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images,! I mean the Fact Sheets Issued After Threats, per-month average energy and the average CapacityFactor (CF) for 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors that entire 9-year period, counting every one of its days, every one of its hours. Total energy production at HW1= 14,125,000 KWh Per-month average energy = 14,125,000 KWh/108mo. = 130,790 KWh/mo. per-day average energy = 14125000 KWh/3287da. = 4297 KWh/da. per-hour average energy = 4297 KWh / 24 hrs = 179 KW (=avg.) This rate, calculated against the 'ideal CF' of 100 % (of its rated 660KW) CapFactor = 179 KW / 660 KW = 27.1 % Many months ago, we speculated to ourselves and thought up a dutiful employee whose net value to Your Guide Evaluation, Hull and its light company was set crudely to that worker's net green energy production, accounted at a dime a kilowatt-hour: your output will have a gross value to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, us of roughly $17.90 each hour you work.

Let's make one or two further suppositions now -- namely that our dutiful producer should only have to work a 40-hour week, thus taking home gross wages each 2-week period of 80 X $17.90, or a gross of $1,432. + Cover Letter By! No vacation weeks, not even vacation days for the 3,200 or so days in Pie Chart Stock Images, his duty-filled future. What would this leave behind in Guide To The Evaluation Process (plus the way of green energy revenue (i.e. leave this behind for Hull Light to harvest) ? Let's keep our setting of the KWh at that artificial value one thin dime, despite the fact that -- in most muni light districts in our Commonwealth this past nine years the retail value has climbed higher than that. Yes, it's even reached 50% higher than this supposed rate in Pie Chart Stock more than one of our fellow muni's ! Down in The Bronx today, the retail value is nearly a thick quarter, as we have ConEd bills to Sheets Threats, prove. OK, but back to the value of the energy NOT sent home with our productive employee as part of his gross income. Pricing this also at that modest 'thin dime', it's worth (336 - 80 ) * $17.90 each two weeks, which calculates out this way: (1) Hull's proceeds each two weeks = $ 4,547. (2) Hull's proceeds per year are 26 times that: $118,196. Pie Chart Stock Images,! Over a 9-year period nine-times that, or 9 * 118,196 = $1,063,700 after a little rounding down. You will ask about insurance, about maintenance, about various of the things our metaphorical employee would deserve, maybe require ? Yes, we've trimmed off a lot of the analysis here and there. The picture might get a lot less rosy if we took away this trimming.

Agreed. But we also trimmed away some of the 'rosy' features too -- like the incentive payments from the US Dept of Resume Format Energy, like the Renewable Energy Certificate revenue. Trimmed away the 10-year contract (runs to 2016) with Harvard, for all of HW2's green-energy tags. A further point should be added. It it makes our Hull picture rosier: HW1's younger brother has now been running for over 1680 days. Suppose this youngster had the equivalent of his 2-week's paycheck showing gross income of Images, Royalty-Free Images $3,514. That's a gross of $91,353/yr for our metaphorical youngster.

And Hull town's share of Resume / Cv + Cover Set 01 By that same 2-week gross -- just the younger brother's now mind you, we're purposely forgetting about HW1 for the moment: $ 11,059. Town of Hull has stood to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images,, bring in, from HW2 alone, yearly revenues (net of Fact Issued To Guamanians | Daily incentives) of Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors 26 times that, or: $ 290,030/yr . The town has in After | Daily fact brought in more than that over the past four and a half years . And what about those intangibles, call them our bragging rights ? Town of Falmouth's Waste-water plant put up a 1.65 MW machine a year ago (we're trying to get output figures from them, to compare to ours in Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Hull, also to those at Mass Maritime and those at MWRA's proudly spinning windturbines) ? Hey, the Commonwealth is so proud of these projects, they celebrated, and, along with MWRA and some others, awarded them Lead by Example status in the State. Again, the hilltop we locals call Turkey Hill (i.e. the Trustees of Reservations site on the line between Cohasset and Hingham) -- is likely to put up a new 1.5 MW machine this coming year. The Cohasset Planning Board seems ready to Fact Issued To Guamanians Threats | Daily, give them the go-ahead the evening of January 12th. So too the MWRA, -- its permissions already in place -- for 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors their location in Charlestown. A handsome new 1.5 MW machine, the one that out-competed its rival bidder, GE-Wind. [Hull 2 went that way too.] All these projects are either non-profit or public in their site ownership. The Notus Energy machine at the industrial park in East Falmouth is privately owned, by the Webb family. Resume Format 5 Simple! Plenty of local pride there too -- and not-so-local pride for that matter. Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! We in Templates » Resume Open Office Free | Best Hull are proud of our statesmanlike neighbors, private or public. Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images! If you doubt about all this pride, just ask one of your own neighbors (or ask yourself): would I willingly give up any one of these projects in my State Or ask : How much is it worth to me and my own neighbors to keep all of them ? Do keep track of Hanger Similar this pair of projects, in Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Cohasset and Charlestown.

Public attention of a positive sort helps keep up the momentum. 20+ Business Organizational Structure On Pinterest! And will add to new state Commissioner Rick Sullivan's pride in himself, in his Governor, -- and in his state's achievements. Wizard's Corner #53, 10 Dec 2010. As of the day’s end, 10 December 2010, this is the list of the present month's visitors, -- by country. Within the Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, ranks of this website's Wizards is one whose father, Roswell K. Brown was a military man and a medical doctor. He had commanded a US Army field hospital during the later parts of Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas On Pinterest WorldWar II, in 2 Color Pie Chart Images western and central europe. It would be heartwarming if amongst those of you visiting us from Germany, Romania, Latvia or the Ukraine we could find a person willing to translate this letter o f 26 August 1945 into English, German or French: [PS, 27 Dec 2010: Joanna Epstein, Slavic Librarian, Widener Library, Harvard kindly. consented to Your Complete To The Event Process (plus, let us credit her with her freely offered English rendering below.

Any infelicities. or inconcinnities that may have crept in as we transcribed her suggestions should be faulted charged. against WizardsCorner. 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images! She had certainly brought out the 'heart' wording. In ancient Greece, after. Plato had coined the word, they spoke of 'philostorgein', affection for one's personal family. She also. formulated the words about Office » Resume Office Free | Best, theaspect of genuineness or authenticity which her Polish countrymen saw in Col. Brown.]

Kindly email your translation to [email protected] We will post your translation here at Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Wizards Corner, -- if you give your permission to us to do this. In the meantime, there is something comforting in our having so many people of goodwill visiting us from central and eastern Europe. / Cv Letter! Between Berlin and Moscow, according to the historical research of Images, Timothy Snyder of Yale, peoples of Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Template. Items Similar To Wedding Door eastern Europe feel strong ties to the USA. And understand deeply our history and 2 Color Images & Vectors our struggles. Wizard's Corner #52, 14 Oct 2010. Here's a snapshot of the worksheet supplied us by MMWEC, in column E the past two weeks of output from HW1; the Resume Set 01 By, same. for HW2 and column F. Column G sums that specific hour (in a total of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock 336) for + Cover Letter Set 01 the pair of machines.

These hours, together. with the final 264 from September, pushed our two CapacityFactor's upwards significantly. The boost to HW1 was from 26.7% to 26.8%. Notice that it's been online over 76,000 hrs and we're counting in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors every. one of these hours. Our more recent machine (about 39,000 hrs online, i.e. since May 4, 2006) got a two-point boost, from 23.5% to 23.7%. We'll try to remember the Fact Issued, following -- select the final 2 weeks' worth of data in October, and see if our pair.

of machines have continued to improve their CF's in that upcoming interval. It seems unlikely. Stay tuned for Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors an updated listing of Issued To Guamanians Threats colleges and universities, mainly in the US, who've been visiting us here at. It makes a person wonder where did we find so many colleges, and such serious engineers ? Wizard's Corner #51, 20 Sep 2010. Over this past weekend our wizard-watch took a look inside the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, hatch door of HW1 and had a close look at the. data-logger, its screen called Availability.

Not surprisingly, the figure for the current month, Sept 2010, stood. at 100%, quite usual for a Vestas. What surprised us, though, was the figure for the 744 hours of August -- only. 705 of those hours saw the turbine as 'available', thus only Organizational On Pinterest a 94.8% rating for that month. What happened during. the 39 no-power hours ? We don't know just now, but will let you know as soon as we find out.

Knowledge -- even. about no-power situations -- is Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors power. Here's another tidbit of knowledge we gladly pass along to you. Our this-month visitors up to late in the day 20 Sept. We note that Belarus is no longer in evidence -- but Nigeria has come up in Fact Issued To Guamanians After | Daily the ranks. Interesting that we've had. oil-rich nations like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Republics and 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images Venezuela paying us visits now and again. Now Nigeria. Any.

Wizard's Corner #50, 17 Aug 2010. Fordham and Brown universities may soon be adding to our cadre of wizards here at Your Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation Process (plus Free So too Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and european students now at Boston. University. Stay tuned. With this bump in our wizard-voltage we may be able to 'smoke out' the underlying cause. of this oscillating presence of Belarus in our list of visitors. Pie Chart Images,! Why would Romania and Belarus.

both outrank Russian Federation ? And what has sent the Netherlands and Hong Kong up past Germany ? Netherlands can of course explain herself -- the advocacy work of Issued To Guamanians Threats Prof. Margo Guda and her. organisation with the papiamento name 'Fundashon antiyano pa energia' But Belarus. outranking Great Britain and Canada ? Why ? Do let us know, if you know. Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors! Let the AWEA know too. Wizard's Corner #49, 15 Jul 2010. Can you picture a surge of Your Complete To The Event Free interest in either Belarus or Moldova -- in windpower ? We can, and we reported this to 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, Christine Real de Asua and Michael Goggin at AWEA headquarters in WashDC three weeks ago now. Neither seemed to have heard reports of wind-development in those countries specifically, but both knew that our industry is in fact making strides in places like Romania, Latvia, the Ukraine.

Here is a picture of the Complete Event Evaluation Process (plus Free, late-June figures, where you'll notice France was lagging behind Ukraine in our list of visitors. No longer. France has moved up sharply just in the early days of July 2010 -- while Belarus has fallen back to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, the pre-2010 figures. You will see other comparisons to make, we feel sure, and maybe you'll want to Resume Open, tell us about them, at [email protected] Wizard's Corner #48, 25 Feb 2010. Let's work on the supposition that you 'out there' are like us 'in here', and take special delight in assimilating deep-in bits of information, some of which will one day come to the surface and create the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, AHA! or EGAD! effect. Only a superwizard, naturally, can divine it.

in front, -- which these are. Fact Issued Threats! Until recently, those of us inside this website knew little of the COSMIC BALANCE belonging to the bonk/oif! ratio. You may want to do a Google on exactly this term, and then follow down some of the linked terms of insider jargon. Bonk/Oif ! and Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors keeping these balanced: this may cost a person some trouble. Plato dished out a bonk at Rep. 476D and Door Hanger To Wedding Aristotle may possibly have made a cosmic counter-dish. Consider his oif! at EthNich. A,9 1099a10, reading the vv. ll. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors! there.

Our man in North Carolina may have a good Geek add-on for that excellent online jargon dictionary. This man now does telephone counseling of annuitants, but formerly went down into deeper epakouomena of the computer arts. As he formulates it over the phone, the insertabilium needed between the Resume / Cv Set 01, pair SoftwarePlusHardware is neither Fleshware as John Bacon called it in 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors 1976 nor Wetware, as a mathematics professor at U of Warwick (Coventry) told us in summer of 1978. [Rudy Rucker has wondered in print whether his own copyrighted term Wetware goes back further than the 1980s]. Here is how the phoneman spelled the Template., word phonetically Eye Dee Ten Tee ware. Can you unbend this akronym, getting the first two and the fourth to Stock Images, be letters (English pronunciation), and the third to be is a pair of numeric digits ? Maybe it's not worth the trouble. Please see updated information right here and Office Resume Templates Office Free now, possibly telling us about Romania's or Latvia's future.

Almost certainly telling us something about the cosmic balance of China USA . China comes in first, in bandwidth here at (early in 2010). Well ahead of the 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, USA, where you'd have thought Netherlandish technology would be far ahead. Speaking of the Netherlands, have you ever heard of Margo Guda ? She may be singlehandedly responsible for this list's both having Netherlands ahead of most European countries, and the Netherlands Antilles making an earnest showing too. Ask her about the language she speaks, Papiamento. Not Perl not Pascal not Fortran -- but Papiamento. Simple 5 Simple For Freshers! Not a dialect, no. Stock Images, Royalty-Free! A language.

The chart for early 2010 now looks like this. Deep-in bits of info ? The EGAD! effect ? You be the judge. Write if you have comments, to: [email protected] Wizard's Corner #47, 11 Feb 2010. Several difficulties stood in our way of supplying you (you in China, you in Lithuania, you in Do Not Disturb Hanger Items To Wedding Door Russia) with full and accurate data this past month. 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! We are working to get better access to the numbers as recorded and Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats reported there at Images, Images & Vectors the foot of HW2's tower, at the LED readouts. Office Resume Templates Free! This will be (we hope within weeks now) updated and brought into 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images, full accuracy, and reported here at We had moderately good data for 22 of the 31 days in January, for both machines, good data for Feb 1-11 for To Guamanians After Threats | Daily both machines. It will not produce much disturbance in our overall CF ratings figures even if our pro-rating of the missing 9 days in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors January needed to be left in 'estimated' status.

We prorated simply at 31/22 of the 22 days in January available to us. / Cv + Cover Set 01! In due course we have plans to adjust to actual meter-readings at the two turbines. Stock Images & Vectors! Thanks for your patience. Wizard's Corner #46, 4 Dec 2009. Yesterday's NY Times ran a story on Office Resume » Resume Open Office | Best, its lead page (p. B1) in its Business section highlighting a point we've been making here at Wizard's. Corner for some months now: the 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, USA will have to step up its commitment to supporting 'green-energy', or it will soon cede. its world-leader role to other nations, China notably: renewable-energy companies are hesitating to invest in Best 20+ Business Organizational Ideas On Pinterest new plants and 2 Color Pie Chart Images & Vectors equipment before Congress enacts new environmental mandates, like cap and trade, to limit carbon emissions. In addition, the / Cv Set 01, long recession (along with correspondingly slack energy demand) caused the clean-energy industry to delay expansion plans. As a result, the United States is likely to install just one-eighth as much new solar power this year as Germany does, and China is expected to Pie Chart Royalty-Free, surpass the United States this year as the leader in adding new wind energy capacity.

So the piece in yesterday's Times. Will we start learning what the 'Soho' search engine in China already knows ? Flushing NY is Letter Set 01 By only one place where we may find resources (intellectual capital, it's sometimes called). Los Angeles isn't the only other place where skills in the Chinese language is to be found. Gambier, Ohio can teach us to knock the rust off of our manufacturing, start building top quality wind turbines as they've been doing for generations in Holland, Denmark and Germany -- and as they are beginning to do in China. At Kenyon. College students are studying Chinese, and thinking about how their new skills will help New York City (among other places over here) can. keep up with mainland China in installing windpower machines. Stay tuned ! Wizard's Corner #45, 1 Nov 2009.

Three rumors about NY City's current mayor (Michael Bloomberg) have been circulating in the Bronx in recent weeks: (1) that the Mayor has found out about the recent proposal for windpower at Pelham Bay Landfill, to help him restore 70 acres of NY City parkland to Pelham Bay Park, and. (2) the Mayor will soon be asking his NY City Economic Development Corp (NYCEDC) to monitor China's surge in installed windpower in Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors year-2009, and to see if's surge in + Cover Set 01 By hits from China is a predictor of 2010's performance by China. (3) after environmental leader Al Gore's recent ringing endorsement of Mayor Bloomberg (who called him the 'Real Deal' in environmentalism), Bloomberg is confident of Pie Chart Images, & Vectors winning an almost unprecedented Third Term, two days from now. The second rumor surfaced in City Council's District 13. Aide Kyle M-P told Aide Bret C there that China's HullWind bandwidth in October 2009 is a real notabilium. It stands at a new high for China: almost greater than USA and Russian Federation combined (and almost double of leader-in-hits USA, when taken by itself). Bret said he thought the Simple Resume Format For Freshers, Mayor would soon appoint someone at NYCDEC to study statistics at Chinese web browser 'Soho'. Possibly NY City needs to recruit a language expert from Flushing NY or from Los Angeles to help with this.

Meantime there is only minor progress towards setting up a rather modest Green Energy park on Wards Island. Not even modest on the windpower side, proposing a turbine of hub-height only about 35m and unlikely to reach a CF above the teens. Ask the Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, Mayor-elect, especially if his name is Bloomberg, whether this wizardly estimate is too pessimistic. He and his NYCDEC, -- with little expertise there to come to / Cv Set 01 By, the rescue, seem content with not Progress, not Politics as Usual but mere gesture. Greenwashing perhaps. In addition these two Aides discussed with HullWind's Wizards Corner this Reuters report of late October: China wind power capacity up 30% from 2008: report. BEIJING - China's installed wind power generating capacity reached 15.85 Gigawatts (GW) by the end of September, up 30 per cent from the end of 2008, the official Xinhua news agency has reported. [Reuters, 23 Oct 2009] Wizard's Corner #44, 03 Sept 2009.

Each of us has (the wizard is 2 Color Pie Chart no exception) his or her models, as in model-behavior. This wizard's corner has returned to the European preference of Nuclear Sheets Issued After date-formatting, Day/Month/Year, owing to the attraction of the model of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images 'EMu', or Electronic Museum. It's a brand of software, and it did not originate in the USA. Thus our colleagues in China and Russian Federation will've seen or felt this attraction before. You may want to adopt as a model in engineering-behavior a man well known here at Your Complete Guide Evaluation Process (plus Wizards Corner, namely Allen Inversin.

His training was at MIT, but he is an engineer with horizons much larger than most MIT tech's, -- so we judge things. He wrote an Appendix B to his 1986 book Micro-Hydropower Sourcebook, truly a model book. Check it out if you can. It carries the LC number 86-61178 . This cautionary word comes from his Appendix B, direct from Wizard Inversin: Many individuals who deal with numbers, including engineers, do not seem to Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, understand how to properly express measurements, or the results of the Guide To The Process (plus, mathematical manipulation of such measurements. . . He mentions the extra hazard of hand-held calculators and computers , which compound the problem of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors Significant Figures by spewing forth solutions to eight figures or more. He warns us, engineers and Fact Threats others, not to delude ourselves about the precision of Stock Royalty-Free our measurements, or our calcuated figures based on these. Just a week ago, at Boston's MUSEUM OF SCIENCE, the exhibit for their Wind Lab claimed that a certain 1.9KW rooftop turbine would be expected to produce, -- were it to run at Office » Resume Templates Open Office Free its full rated capacity for a full year -- 16,644 KWh. Now please notice two points here: 1. Stock Images, & Vectors! The year's length has been rounded down from 8766 hrs to Your To The Event Process (plus, 8760 (a quite rational dropping of the 6 extra hours we might want to Images, Royalty-Free, include, due to each year's share of a whole LeapYear day). 2. The Rated capacity of a 1.9 KW machine might fall anywhere between 1.85 and 1.94 , which is a 'blurriness range' of .09/1.9 or close to 5%.

If we keep a conscientious attitude towards this uncertainty in 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas On Pinterest our numbers, we would be forced to re-interpret our seemingly 5-figure precise number 16,644 to mean anywhere from a bit over 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors, 16,000 to well under 17,000. Inversin advocates -- in most cases -- trimming one's measurement data to TWO SIGNIFICANT FIGURES. Exceptions allowed if one is truly confident of Resume » Resume having more precision and accuracy. His formula is & Vectors clear and Set 01 By crisp, and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images a solid warning here: It is useless to measure any variable more precisely than the least precise measurement in Nuclear Fact Threats the calculation (p. 267). 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors! This same author's figure near the bottom of his Table 10.5 namely 24,966 KWh ought really to be expressed as 25,000 KWh, and similarly, IF ONE ADHERES STRICTLY TO THE TWO SIGNIFICANT FIGURE RULE, his figure 12,483 KWh in Fact Sheets Issued After | Daily that same Table should read 12,000 KWh In this last case, and assuming the 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free, current-and-local market for a KWh to Resume Open Office Free | Best, be what Consolidated Edison in NY City today bills retail customers Today's rate-shocker rates are quite different from the standard usually given in Bulgaria when our wizards were corresponding with Len Tower of Somerville Mass. 2 Color Images! (i.e. early 1993): the Office Resume Templates » Resume Templates Open Office | Best, price of a single chicken's egg. Con Ed now bills (for 1 KWh generated and supplied): $0.25.

Therefore Inversin's rule, applied to today's NYCity analysis would monetised at over 100 of today's US dollars. Where this all started, this sensitivity to the issue over Significant Figures, was the following figures on our Homepage today: HW1 11,781,377 KWh (since Dec 27, 2001) HW2 11,781,232 KWh (since May 3, 2006 ) If we take these numbers to Images, Royalty-Free Images, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 significant figure, they are truly The Same Number. Thus spake Inversin, and truly. Inversin is a man of immense modesty, as we chance to Do Not Door Items, know, as are his two sons there in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors Washington DC (they are three exceptional men). Back in the 1980's he corresponded with a critic of his TWO SIGNIFICANTS ONLY rule. He conceded that it might result in sme distortions. alterations with significant economic value, as a percentage and as an impact on project economics. He gave second thoughts also to Resume Set 01, his use of a definite integral sign on p. 2 Color Stock & Vectors! 19, and communicated those thoughts dutifully and honestly to his critic. All of Nuclear To Guamanians Threats this went on in prehistoric times, which is to 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images, say, before the time of the 43d President of the USA. You doubt that history was made by # 43 ? To two signicant figures, he made more US history than any president since #1.0.

Let history be the judge. Our Bronx ambassador to Central America (Isaac Purdue) reported back this week. His opinion sampling there concluded that, Yes, Central Americans are of the opinion that the USA's previous president has been by Complete To The Evaluation Process Free, a wide margin the worst since the USA was founded two and a half centuries ago. Rudy Rucker's ancestors used to 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, express this, Weltgeschichte ist Weltgericht. World-history will be our judge. Wizard's Corner #43, 14 Aug 2009. Quite likely there are wizards out there -- even some of you living in China or Russian Federation -- who have no particular affection for Small Prime Numbers. A movie was recently made, however, featuring a man who became overfond, fond to the point of obsession, with the Wonderful Inspiration Simple Resume 5 Simple For Freshers, prime number 23. Sad case, we guess. On the other hand no lesser a mathematician than Hartrey Field of NYU showed some partiality to the pair of numbers '23' and '817' . Now only one of these two favorites is a prime, and Stock Images, Royalty-Free the other, as our crack n.s.n. / Cv + Cover Letter By! investigative team found out, contains a factor of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors 43 . Which last is indeed prime, as you know. Nuclear Sheets To Guamanians After! University of Tennessee at 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images Martin hosts the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, and Fact After | Daily has lore as curious and fascinating as that in 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free our other wonder from Tennessee, Graceland.

Mersenne history etc You'll easily divine what is indicated by the name n.s.n. from the following clue 's.n. Resume Format! stands for 'sine numero' There are persistent trends in the flow of Stock Images visitors here at Our geographic complexion, so to speak. This graphic takes a glimpse of our multi-national origins, from Wonderful Inspiration Simple Format 5 Simple For Freshers 1 January 2009 until today (14 August 2009): Wizard's Corner #42, Feb 23, 2009. Will the NY City Parks Dept be hosting a 'SpeakUp' event this Saturday (Feb 28) ? Yes, a Bronx-based SpeakUp, to be held noon till 5 PM at the auditorium inside the Lehman College Music building. Our Catskill Mountain Institute (HQ recently relocated to City Island in the Bronx) will be a proud participant.

We anticipate 66% or more of the not-for-profit corporation's founders speaking up for green-economy initiatives in the NY City. [PS, Apr. 2 2009: 100 % of our founders came to the event and staffed our table !] The parks and The Bronx in particular will be the focus. One agenda-topic: the idea of installing a commercial-scale seaside wind-turbine [call it Hull-style or urban-turbine] inside Pelham Bay Park, NY City's largest park. Stock Images, Royalty-Free! If the table is internet-active, possibly the homepage here, and still other pages (like the. charts of our much-appreciated web-visitors) will be on display, along with our Pelham Bay initiatives and ideas. [PS Apr 2: The graphics from the web were available via a powerpoint, and two model windmills from the Lake Michigan Wind and Sun people were on. display, energized by small PV cells on the nacelles.]

Wizard's Corner #41, Feb 14, 2009. Our local pride has been lifted the past few days both by the fact that our HW2 machine achieved. the landmark of Do Not Similar 10,000,000 KWh's of production, -- and also by the strong performances of our pair of machines. in combination. The past 7-day period, Feb 5 - Feb 12 included two days (the 10th and 11th) which were hard to interpret. because our access to the meter was intermittent. For those two days we have only estimates, which we are keeping conservative.

About half the 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free, hours were Zero -- or were conservatively set by us to Zero. All the same, the whole week had an abundance of wind energy. Between noon and midnight on Resume + Cover By, 2-12, for example our machines had a combined CF (counting all 2460 KW of their combined. rated capacity) -- of 99.1 % ! When Boston's Ted Williams looked back on 2 Color Images, a lifetime batting average near 400, -- this would be equivalent to a lifetime CF of 40%, -- he had to Wonderful Simple Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers, feel some Boston-pride. Here in Hull we Beinahe-Boston wind folks are pretty happy about our past week where, with a real or. artificial 'batting slump' of 2 Color Royalty-Free Images two days factored in [=einberueksichtight ?], -- we still had a team-average of .338 ! We're supposing that our Red Socks rarely saw such a week, even when Williams was on a hitting streak, thus arely achieved .338, here in nearby Fenway Park. Anyhow, and leaving behind the Office Resume Templates Templates Free, baseball analogy, 99 % of capacity, even for a two-unit team and 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors even for a short time, -- is a thing to be happy about. Each machine also added a point to its lifetime average in To The Event Evaluation this period. Wizard's Corner #40, Feb 1, 2009. It was suddenly easy, back in 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors 1975, when wizards high up in a building on the Murray Hill campus of Bell Labs, when -- ZAP ! one could get a full-service 'desk calculator' moved ahead boldly.

With what wizardry? Well it's now called UNIX. Even then it was called by the same. name, though the thing was a mere adolescent. At one's console, one could just tap in the pair of Wonderful Inspiration Simple Format For Freshers letters.

'dc', followed by enter, -- what we used to call the 'Carriage-Return' character. ZAP, you had what they called. the 'desk calculator' program. Pie Chart Stock Images,! Nostalgic old name, yes ? Yes. To The Event Process (plus! Wizards of 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free that era could remember the Resume + Cover Letter By, UNIVAC, whose analogue to this 'dc' would have filled most of the bleechers at Yankee Stadium, -- not just sat atop your desk. What was it like in the vicinity of those heroic wizards? I mean heroes with names like Ken, Dennis, Doug or Joe, names like Thompson, Richie, McIlroy or Ossana. Images, & Vectors! Well one thing we all felt was the sheer wit in Open Office Free their Wissenschaft. Just as they wittily abbreviated with 'dc', and here, so too with their hi-voltage astronomy program, its brief name. Their powerful generator of accurate and uptodate charts of the heavens only needed the three-keystroke word 'sky' enter. They were likely just being gentle with us low-wattage souls nearby.

Their uptodate Bell Labs hardware (the PDP8, say, with its funny little 'random access' tapes spooling nervously to- and fro-) had no trouble outperforming any citizen DeskCalculator within 100 miles of Murray Hill, since it was their software driving it. Where was a given Soviet satellite due to appear over a given one of our hidden military observatories 36 hours hence ? Type in 'sky' and type in Pie Chart Stock Images, the key pieces of data (if you had the security clearances to have such data, or access to 'sky'). Nuclear Fact Sheets After! You'd know at once. Plato had an expression for this kind of Stock Images, Royalty-Free thing, and Do Not Template. Items Similar Door had wizards like Richie and McIlroy and 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors Ossana nearby: 'ean tis anwthen thewito' . Nuclear To Guamanians Threats! Exciting archaic times. Now suppose you had a largish number, like the 9,796,610 KWh's produced by HullWind2 between 3 May 2006 and 29 January 2009, and you wanted the average-power figure.

Just divide by Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, 996, the number of days, and then divide the Your Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation Process Free, quotient in turn by 24. Look how nicely things work out now, almost exactly 1000 days since commissioning. Just move the decimal place 3 places and 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images you get the average daily output, output in Office Templates Templates Open Free | Best power-times-hours terms. Divide by 24 and you have average power, just by itself. Divide this in turn by the machine's rated power (1800 KW) and you have the uptodate Capacity Factor of that machine, averaged over its first 1000 days.

Slide rules used to do this easily enough (nothing 'long' about long-division for Pie Chart Images & Vectors them). The interesting thing is those early wizards and how they shortened things. 20+ Business Structure Ideas On Pinterest! Imagine starting from Plato's cumbersome phrase Hypotheses aimed at Saving the Phenomena. 2 Color Stock Images, Images! Three keystrokes only : 'sky' ! The concision is breathtaking. Wizard's Corner #39, Jan 24, 2009. Interesting new pro-windpower website, on display in Washington DC this week's Obama Inaugural events: You can do some easy calculating of average power right now, most-way through January of 2009. Why ? Well Hull Wind 2. is reaching its 1000-day anniversary. This means you can take its (roughly) 9,725,000 KWh of Resume Templates Free total output and. divide by Images, Royalty-Free, 1000 to get daily output. Divide this again by 1000 to convert the Best Ideas, KWh's into MWh's.

All this is plenty easy, equivalent to moving the decimal-point 6 to the left. It results in about 9.7 MWh's on average, per day. How much is a MWh worth on our mini-grid in Hull these days ? About $125 + $20 (REPI) + $45 (REC), the later. two 'additive factors' coming from incentives. The $125 represents the same as the 12.5 cents/KWh that we.

Hull Light's ratepayers pay. The REPI is a Federal program of rewarding public entities. comparably to the way the Production Tax Credits reward private generators. The REC's are from the. 'voluntary market', people chipping in the way people put money into collection baskets in churches or. send checks to Pie Chart Stock Images, Images, certain 501(c)(3)'s. OK, let's now 'factor in' each of these two tributaries of incentives.

[The concept of 20+ Business addition-side 'factoring' is of course quite different from 'factoring' in the standard. sense. Beware of the 'diakatachrEtic' risks here ! Some early Greek mathematicians used the mnemonic, adding is like 2 but multiplying is like 'bigger than 2' -- more on the historical source of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images this pre-Plato pythagorising at the roots of set-theory if it interests you]. Anyhow, including these these two tributaries of Best Organizational Structure On Pinterest incentive money, you get $190 per MWh all told. Thus on Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors, average over Open Office Free, the past 1000 days HW2 has brought to the town's coffers about 9.7 * $190 daily . This is a bit under $2,000 per Stock, day of gross revenue, just for HW2 and just for an average day. You may well wonder why various 'experts' out there look down on windpower as 'more expensive' than (say) coal or gas.No, it's not that. they're incapable of moving decimal points leftward like you and me.

It's often that their bosses tell them, not to worry about incremental social costs for coal. These bosses (fossil-fuel promoters, let's call them) regularly let. their analyses 'factor out' the Complete Guide Evaluation Process, costs to yourself as a member of The Public. Subtract them, that is. 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! You are. asked to pay those out of your own pocket. So the game is: It's your burdens we add to, and Inspiration Simple Resume For Freshers it's the coal-budget.

we subtract from. The old 'either I win or your lose, or both' if you call it by its right name. Paul Krugman's Op-Ed piece in the NY Times for Friday the 24th (i.e. today) had well-argued dire warnings, and hints that, like Britain, the US may very soon need to do some (can we say this ?) Nationalising, starting with banks. The little earlier. Empire can give lessons to the later big one ? Let's hope we are smart. And don't have to 2 Color Stock Images,, learn Mr. Krugman's lessons the hard way -- having not listened to Inspiration 5 Simple For Freshers, him early enough. Wizard's Corner #38, Jan 16, 2009. Do you enjoy applying your wizardry to data in Excel spreadsheet format ? Well here's a glimpse of real-life sample to get some of that enjoyment.

Ideally, you'll share with us at Pie Chart Images, Images your results. Naturally, we can find you a still bigger range of data on HW1 and HW2, if you'd like to do a multi-seasonal or multi-year analysis. If I could make the image bigger, you could see that the 'G' column gives sums of the Best Organizational Structure On Pinterest, hourly outputs of HW1 (col. E) and 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors HW2 (col. F). Are there valuable intra-day patterns you can find ? Each day lists each hour's outputs, for each of Wonderful Inspiration Format 5 Simple For Freshers our two machines. Royalty-Free Images! This will of course include a string of Zeroes in special cases. Do Not Door! If there are matching strings of Zeroes in the adjacent columns E and F , this will mean windspeeds below start-up minimums. Non-matching Zeroes can indicate scheduled maintenance, or something like that.

Sometimes we here at WizCrnr get info relayed to us about scheduled events, but sometimes we don't. So then we're left to Images, Royalty-Free Images, making our best wizardly inferences. If you have some way of enlarging this snapshot of our Excel worksheet, please do this. [We've tried, but haven't yet tried the Disturb Door Template. To Wedding, Adobe Acrobat 'PDF' approach, to make this easy to read. We took some excerpts from Jan 1 and Jan 2 2009, and then skipped down to Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, excerpts from our data's two most recent days, Jan 14 and 15 of Template. Similar Door 2009). Send us an email to inquire, if this interests you.

We've struggled to expand this image, but haven't had good results, obviously. Maybe a little more work will get something easy to expand. 2 Color Royalty-Free & Vectors! The word 'nano' comes from the Greek for 'dwarf' . We'd prefer not to do nanoscience here in our electronic corner. More expansive, and Templates Open Office more Excel-like info may well come your way if you ask nicely. [If you write in Chinese or Russian script, this will present new problems. Let's take those on only if necessary.]

Here's an email address you can use to inquire further about this: [email protected]. Wizard's Corner #37, Jan 9, 2009. Two of Pie Chart Stock Images, Images our Wizards Corner operatives are due to arrive in Washington DC the morning of January 20th. One of them mused outloud: maybe I'll run into Mr. Obama, who works there. Resume By! The other came back like a New Yorker: get real, son; the man will be busy with other things that day. Wizard-1: Did the Inauguration Committee's carefully engraved invitation that came in the mail mean that little ? Wizard-2: We better give him a few days. He's got a lot of miracles to perform before acting on his low-wattage miracles on behalf of us citizens living between Hull Mass. and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

But speaking of low-wattage projects, Mr. Obama ought to be in Royalty-Free Images & Vectors a big hurry to get one of these done. It might be low in watts, but it's plenty high profile: re-installing of a PV array on the White House roof. It's embarrassing how Pres. Nuclear Issued To Guamanians Threats! Carter got them up, Reagan got them removed -- and then nobody in the Clinton family seemed to notice their absence.

The biggest disappointment here is that not even 'Million Solar Rooftops Bill' paid it any attention. Or is his right name 'Million Minus One' ? If the new First Man at our White House forgets, maybe our First Lady, or one of the children could remind him ? The good Wizard will always prefer not to dwell on the past. Images, Images! Better to Office Resume Open Free, focus on Pie Chart Stock, the promising present and future. Our Obama Transition people should find time, even their earliest days on the job, to contact their comrades now hard at work on Templates Office Free | Best, this nation's promise of a first-ever offshore windfarm. It's designed to be not far from Washington.

These are the Bluewater Wind people, led by Peter Mandelstam, with a power_purchase_agreement for 2 Color Images, Images & Vectors 200 MW of Letter Set 01 By windpower already in hand. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! Nothing low-wattage about that project. There are lively ongoing discussions within the windpower industry today, about the minimum fiscally viable size for any single privately developed offshore project.. Do Not Door Hanger Template. Items Similar Door! Some say that the LIPA formula of some years back (minimum of 140MW) is no longer a target any developer can still plan around. Cape Wind's formula of over 400 MW seems now to be a target the private developer can rationally aim at. But so much depends on whether substantial public-side boosts become available. The word 'boost' is maybe more palatable than 'subsidy'. In any case the public has recently been re-sensitised, with large sums of publoic money being moved to where public control, and even public access to information, is rather limited.

Will there be a consensus in the coming year on minimum viable size for offshore projects ? Plenty of wizardry is even now being invested in these ongoing discussions, that you can bet on. Not many projects under 300 MW are likely to be built under 2009's financial conditions. 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images! In any case the Resume / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01 By, old LIPA size of 140 MW now looks unreasonably small. The Delmarva Power Light utility has signed on for a robust, industry-leading 25-year term, last summer. This covers Bluewater's first 200 MW of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors near-Washington windpower. Office Resume Templates Free | Best! The same project, some 11.5 miles off Rehoboth Beach, has been projected to expand, possibly up to 600 MW. Stock Images! Bluewater's project may reach 600 MW. How soon can this expansion be realised ? This is not yet known. Do Not Door Hanger Template. Items! The coming weeks and 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors months are likely to tell. Back to documentable facts now.

At the end of Nuclear Fact To Guamanians After calendar year 2008 our visitors here at 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors made us think harder about the Door Template. Items Similar To Wedding Door, Asian continent's interest in our municipal-scale project. Stock Images, Images! Visitors have been coming in record numbers from the Moscow-to-Beijing half of the globe. Have a look below. Do notice that, if you add together the visitors sourced from those two asian countries', you arrive at a number easily superior to Templates Open Office Free | Best, the summing of the nine strongest in Europe. That is, China+Russia are major sources of 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors visitors for Your Complete To The Event Free us. The european countries are, in order: Sweden, Germany, GtBritain, Netherlands, Romania, Canada, France, Denmark, and 'European Country'. And what of Australia ? Maybe it's a matter of their mid-summer season ? In December of 2 Color Royalty-Free 2008 they dropped below #20 in the rankings. There for a long while they remained up near the top. Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation (plus! But now (early January 09), they've anyhow climbed back up to 2 Color Royalty-Free, #12.

THIS RANKING REFLECTS VISITORS, -- ALL OF DECEMBER 2008 : Wizard's Corner #36, Dec. 8, 2008. Our flow of visitors has continued strong, here at Wonderful Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple 2 Color! From all over the globe. Best 20+ Business On Pinterest! Our month-specific counts of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors unique visitors do not include duplicative visits from the same address, and also exclude all 'robots', 'worms' or 'spiders' automatically searching the web. Even after these limitations, we average over 2500 per uniquely visiting people per month. This is over 3 per hour, on Wonderful Inspiration Simple Resume For Freshers, a 24/7 basis.

One every 20 minutes, that is. It's always something we take a special interest in -- the analysis by countries of origin. China has recently made a strong bid to rise in the rank order of countries. As of December 8, this month's chart has China's visitors in second place overall, and outnumbering Sweden and Netherlands combined. The strong (5th place) position of Sweden may possibly be accounted to Pie Chart Royalty-Free, the Nordic Windpower factor.

This company has Swedish origins (as do Holger Thesleff's father's forebears). Their Swedish windpower presence in the US is currently advancing, due to their new initiatives out of Berkeley, California. See the chart for this month: Wizard's Corner #35, Sept. 26, 2008. It has cost us some effort to stay uptodate and accurate in Office Resume Templates Templates Office Free | Best reporting output data on both HW1 and Stock Images, Images HW2. The Town decided some two years ago that a limited few persons would be able to open the Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Similar To Wedding Door, hatch doors at the base of each of our turbines' towers. Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors! Just in recent weeks, after new people have come into Fact Issued To Guamanians Threats, office in Hull, access has begun to be less limited. The Vestas V47 maintained by the good people at Mass. Maritime Academy sets us an 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free, admirable example. Admirable 'transparency' of their data.

Try pasting this URL into your browser: [then, after a few minutes, try hitting your 'refresh' or your 'F5' key -- to get yourself updated] Other good examples up on the web are (1) Oak Creek Energy Systems of Tehachapi Calif. (their 'park survey' page), and (2) First Wind of Resume / Cv + Cover Letter By Newton, Mass.. Both of these producers have an abundance of data, uplinked and Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free updated in Nuclear Sheets Issued After Threats realtime. We needed to make a correction to our figure for the larger machine's output, since its stored data in Ludlow Mass. revealed a production of 308,830 KWh's in May of 2006, and a cumulative total of 7,818,561 between June 1 2006 and Sept 25, 2008. This meant reducing our calculated CF by a minor amount, to 21. 5 % In all likelihood this figure will move upwards, cheering up those of us watching closely -- since the winds of Stock Royalty-Free Images late September and then on into fall, winter and spring tend to be stronger. In any case, the greater availability of this data is nothing but good news. The following scenario is less implausible than it might sound at first: Michael Bloomberg travels to the Middle East, making stops at Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. Visitors to our site from China (#2) and Japan (#9) have been prominent, -- as has been Great Britain (#4). If all goes in 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors the normal pattern, our mayor will only remain Mayor for Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued Threats another 460 days [he is fond of Stock Images & Vectors quipping about Do Not Door Hanger Items Door, his personal countdown of his final days]. He intends, however, to put his City on track to becoming the biggest and best producer of clean, inexhaustible renewable energy to meet its huge and Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images growing demand.

Bloomberg has made a point of / Cv + Cover By traveling to Beijing, Tokyo and 2 Color Royalty-Free & Vectors London, to discuss air quality, traffic congestion, open space, clean energy production and Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued Threats other 'green city' issues, always taking pains not to be hypocritical, -- not to claim for his signal USA city any cure-all solutions to these shared problems. Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! Our website continues to have a strong flow of electronic visitors from China, Great Britain, Japan -- and (surprisingly) also from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. There is a lesser flow, but a thought-provoking one, from Venezuela and from Pakistan. A recent 'Request for Expressions of Interest' submission to Mayor Bloomberg cited this flow of international visitors to Data of this sort is not readily gathered. But look how much better will be New York's standing in the world than if our overseas brethren hear only mindless chants like drill, Baby, drill ! coming from Door Hanger Items Similar Door this side.

[following is an excerpt from a response to NYC Mayor Bloomberg's RFEI, for Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors making his City unique --the 'greenest' on Resume, the planet] 3.7.1 There is an international dimension to making our City greener. It may be a sign that China and Australia have recently been ranking high among visitors to When a New York mayor visits Beijing or London or Tokyo, one extra point of pride in our greenness can be our already installed megawatts of 2 Color Stock Images, renewable energy generation. Inspiration Format! See table of visitors below. Visitors (by country) since September 1, 2008: Wizard's Corner #34, Aug 14, 2008. Here we are again, looking at ourselves in the mirror.

More like Sisyphus than like Narcissus, Sisyphus being certifiably the father of (or one of the fathers of) Odysseus Sisyphides -- the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock, H. Thesleff of antiquity. See how our site and its WorldTravel now yields up its statistical image. Oddly enough, Italy, --a dominant presence just months ago, -- now looks less prominent even than Iran. Of course Iran may be getting curiouser about the US these days, what with imperial strategists like Mr. Perle investing his money in Kurdish oil, and possibly enlisting Cheney's help in this.

Old line strategist Perle is Office Open Free | Best unlikely to 2 Color Stock Images & Vectors, have kept up with T. Boone Pickens. Otherwise he'd be hip to the idea shared by Pickens and Best 20+ Business Organizational Gore -- also a favorite of ours here at WizCrnr. Our shared idea is that you'll find a better and quicker route to world dominion -- more peaceful too -- if you install windpower machines. Install them close to 2 Color Images & Vectors, home. Then convince Iran to Best Organizational Structure, follow suit. Pickens the diplomat from Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors Texas ! A recent communique from David Lindorff of Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas On Pinterest Pennsylvania has hipped some of Stock Images, Royalty-Free our staff at WizCrnr to the unlikelihood that the / Cv Set 01 By, USA will need to impose Martial Law -- either in Bagdad or in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors Washington DC. » Resume Templates Open! No impeachments either. Not of Cheney and not of GW Bush. Martial Law here at home wouldn't work well, if top military brass didn't cooperate.

Spain still looks very good. Their Iberdrola Renewable does the good world-dominating, and peacefully too. Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors! GE Wind could learn from them ? Wizard's Corner #33, June 28, 2008. The two most frequently visited pages here -- after the homepage -- are (1) Wizards Corner and (2) History. Our guess is that a main point of interest here at WizCrnr will be the analysis of visitors by nation. We used to react with surprise at this tabulation.

What causes the Your Complete Event Evaluation (plus Free, United Arab Emirates to be in Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors our top 25 countries? And why has Great Britain increased dramatically in Do Not Hanger Items Similar recent weeks? Or Thailand, China and Pie Chart Vietnam -- an unexpectedly strong showing here at Up until now we haven't noticed this prominence of visitors from Spain. Does this reflect some of the initiatives of their energy giant 'Iberdrola', -- for example in New York State ? In any case, we want to send out 'un abrazo' to Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians After | Daily, our esteemed colleagues from the Iberian peninsula, and Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors also throw forward the hope that we will see one another again soon ! Wizard's Corner #32, June 5, 2008. HULLELEUIA ! our 10,032 MWh, or 10,032,397 KWh's landmark. Our good little 660KW machine has just achieved a major milestone. In the MWh way of 20+ Business Structure measuring, we're now for the first time in 5 digits, and in the KWh way in 8 digits. Some of us insist on calling this precious treasure of Pie Chart Images, & Vectors ours 'Snooky', -- nevermind what Town Hall, or anyone connected with Town Hall think. More later on that idea of connected_to_Town_Hall.

On the standard retail market hereabouts and in these current days, these 10 million KWh's are worth AT LEAST $100/MWh. Time of day is a factor, of course, and Wonderful Resume 5 Simple For Freshers day_ahead or hour_ahead markets differ somewhat. These are nuances, which we cheerfully leave it to our wizards (like Bro. Mike Lynch) to decipher and act on, on Pie Chart Stock Images,, Hull's behalf. Bro. Lynch is Your Guide To The Event Evaluation Process (plus Free truly a wizard in Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors that line of » Resume Open Office Free | Best work, take our word for it.

In any case you have retail value well over a million dollars -- even before any of the Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, trusty 'REC' bonuses (thanks MassEnergy for your lovely longterm contract and your reliable payments). Thanks also to Harvard for their regular payments of bonuses for the HW2 certificates, in Hanger Template. Items Similar To Wedding this case a contract running until 2016. Al Gore will be an old man by Pie Chart Images & Vectors, then, but likely still applauding his Alma Mater for struggling against that true but inconvenient fact of Your Guide To The Process Global Warming. Is there anyone today who fits this following description ? Deeply and broadly connected to Beacon Hill (say Speaker of the Lower House), and eager to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, embrace, even hug, our 660KW named Snooky? If so, let him or her come to Hull, arms outstretched. Several years ago, when in process of announcing his newly formed candidacy for Disturb Template. Similar Governor of Massachusetts, a youngster named Deval Patrick came to hug HW1 and display the first edition of his campaign posters.

We'll dig up the color photos of that event, if you ask us to. People in our Commonwealth didn't know him very well at the time. But he's now been our incumbent Governor for many months already. Some have wondered if he'll be invited to join the Cabinet of the then-newly elected President of our US of A (new as of Stock Images, & Vectors November 2008). Meantime Gov. Patrick is and remains a real force on Hanger Template. Door, Beacon Hill (forceful, that is, both ex officio and Stock Royalty-Free of himself). Your Evaluation Free! Our Speaker of the House hugs HW1, our Governor hugs HW1. Maybe a cabinet member will come back to this site not far south of Newton Mass. to hug her again -- in summer of 2009 ? You'd think these politico's from Beacon Hill had studied under Hull's Turbine-Hugger in Stock Chief, Steve Strong of Solar Design, Inc. ! Than whom you won't find a wizard more devoted to windpower. Except ourselves, except ourselves. To all of our friends we celebrate today thusly: May any and all of our connected_to_Town_Hall comrades from Beacon Hill come back repeatedly.

We're here for Your Complete Guide Evaluation (plus Free you, as for all of the public. Here for Pie Chart Stock Images, Images the AWEA-2008 comrades too. We're here through thick and thin, through WSJ-disapproved casino gambling (State of Louisiana clinched the WSJ argument), through the newly imposed ocean management regulations (likely unpopular amongst some of us between here and Nantucket Sound). We're also here for Office » Resume Open Office | Best the Governor's robust welcome's extended to Cape Wind (truth to tell, we in Pie Chart Images & Vectors WizCrnr have a bit of Resume / Cv Set 01 By ambivalence on Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, Cape Wind's scheme of benefits to their locality -- transparency and directness of the local benefits not fully secured, it seems to us). Anyhow, and politics aside, we love the hugs, and love how public is our 'ten million' machine. Our beloved HW1 must be resonating today to Sheets Issued To Guamanians | Daily, our locality's Hulleleuias.

One day soon the beloved Snooky Johns -- who did HW1's champagne 'launch' back in late June of Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors 2002 -- will no doubt be hearing our loud shouts of love and respect too. / Cv Letter! Then it'll be a purple HULLELEUIA !! Wizard's Corner #31, May 20, 2008. Two points to Pie Chart Images, & Vectors, report on, the Capacity Factor for Hull Wind 2 as of Disturb Door Template. Door its Second Anniversary date -- a bit under 24%. Hull Wind 1 has regularly stayed above 26%, but only in one of its 6 years did it achieve better than 27.5%. Point 2: we marvel at the changing configuration of our lists of Unique Visitors here at

Our statistics regularly exclude robots, spiders, worms (these are not bona fide 'visitors', much less. visitors worth keeping track of in our counts. On average, we seem to attract about 4 visitors per & Vectors, hour, or one every 15 minutes. Organizational On Pinterest! That's our average around the 24-hour clock. Notice also that our total of unique visitors. gets accumulated in a month-specific way. around the clock might look different in Hull and Vietnam. Notice how, as of 3d week in May, we have a strong showing of Pie Chart & Vectors Vietnamese visitors -- stronger. than any European country, and stronger than our often strongest (non-USA) count, Australia.

Here is what it looked like earlier today (the 20th of May): Wizard's Corner #30, Apr 9, 2008. Three points to report about: 1. in mid-April (that's less than a week from Do Not Door Hanger Template. Items now) we U.S. taxpayers will be completing our Form 1040, one way or another, and, sun theO as Plato used to say, sending it to Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, its rightful destination, the IRS, with our accounting of taxes due to them. Disturb Hanger Template. Items To Wedding Door! It seems odd, but the Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, program called 'CREB', or Clean Renewable Energy Bonds, is Nuclear Fact Issued After | Daily administered by this same IRS, due to Pie Chart Stock Images,, their already funding public school buildings, and CREBS can be modeled on that financing pattern. This program is intended to allow governmental or public entities to Office » Resume Templates Open Office, enjoy some financial support parallel to what the 'PTC' or Production Tax Credits provide to private-sector investors in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors renewables. Hull's offshore project has applied for a modest sum under this program, and Fact To Guamanians | Daily the early prospects look favorable. 2 Color Stock Images, Images! Not that the Best Structure Ideas, bonding requires no capital repayment -- like other bonds, it does severely require this.

Town of Hull, with many other fiscal pressures coming to bear on it in 2008-2010, may struggle to meet this severely enforced payment schedule. 2 Color Pie Chart & Vectors! It is set according to a complex formula that few ordinary citizens (none of us here at Wizard's Corner) understand fully. In any case, render_unto_Caesar is a 'large half' of a formula for April 15th. Even lesser wizards like Phil Lemnios of Natick can grasp the seriousness of these matters. So whatever is your wizardry coefficient, don't forget your severely enforced payment deadlines ! 2. The U.S. State Department's website, '' just a few weeks ago put up an article praising our Hull windpower projects. See the Nuclear Sheets To Guamanians After, link on this site's homepage. We can't help enjoying this publicity, which we first found out about via the U.S. Embassy librarian in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Snejana Yaneva. Thanks, Sneja ! On the other hand, some of us at Wizards Corner were amazed that this U.S. story of a few weeks ago identifies a certain Massachusetts State agency for promoting renewables. But there have been some signs that this state agency is not long for this world, thus may well be defunct a year from Stock Images, today. (Keep an eye on it, Sneja!) Here is a sign. A major pair of wind and solar initiatives on Deer Island, directly across Boston Harbor from Hull and not 10 KM distant from our State Capitol building, was announced this week by our Governor's office.

But the Governor never mentioned this agency in his announcement. How can this be ? It is yet harder to explain, since that renewables agency reports to the the Governor's top appointee, his Energy officer, a man who reports directly to the Governor himself. Maybe Washington is too far from Boston for these signs to make sense ? Hey, even as far away as Hull (15 KM from him) and Guide To The Event Process Deer Island we have trouble making sense of this paradoxical set of facts. Is the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors, Governor's agency not long for Office Templates » Resume Templates Office this world ? A further sign came to us last week, via one of our Wizards Corner scouts. That state agency's Executive Director confided this: my agency might not exist beyond June 30th of this year -- 2008 I mean. 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images! That's a stronger sign than most in Massachusetts politics. What about Office Resume Templates Office Free | Best, this following series of upbeat thoughts and Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors dreams ? Boston Harbor will one day have A string of pearls to Office Resume Templates Open Office Free | Best, connect to Frederic Law Olmsted's well-know Emerald Necklace, this being a series of green spaces surrounding the City of Pie Chart Royalty-Free Boston roughly from Deer Island to its northeast to Hull to its southeast. Simple Format! Now with the Governor announcing a set of wind-turbines up at the North end (Deer Island), and with our pair of peninsular turbines at the lower end of this same Harbor -- this string of pearls may be in its embryonic stage of 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors life. Please note that Quincy and its Nut Island intend to put up a Harbor Island commercial-scale turbine. Quincy is a fine place to put another pearl out on that string of Hanger Template. To Wedding harbor islands.

Now F. L. Olmsted did things of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors national significance (Central Park in Your Complete To The Event Free New York City was only one of them). He strung precious bits of landscape architecture together, long before this was fashionable. One might say, taking Al Gore's Nobel Prize as 'year One', Olmsted was a great figure in Images, Royalty-Free Images landscape architecture's 'prehistory'. He is quoted as praising Boston for Resume / Cv + Cover its care and 2 Color Pie Chart Images attention of Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily its Harbor and the islands here. He might've had trouble with the syntax of the string ''.

Nevermind, he saw a lot of the future, long before Al Gore was born. We may not be just dreaming idly here, since a young man named Craig Olmsted --a member of F.L. 2 Color Images, Images & Vectors! Olmsted's extended family -- is an engineering wizard of today, and he's helping put up wind turbines near Boston ! Why couldn't this youngster -- perhaps with help from Bluewater and Peter Mandelstam -- create a landscape all the way down past Block Island RI ? Why not even as far as Hunts Point Park in New York City ? Geologists tell us that lots of 'New England style' granite is there to Wonderful Inspiration Simple Format For Freshers, give support. Call it the 'Quincy effect', except not prehistoric Quincy now. Only dream on a bit further and young Olmsted reaches the East River, maybe even down to where Mayor Bloomberg can look out his City Hall window, towards the Manhattan Bridge, and see a pearl that has a linkage to our pearls and emeralds here in Boston. A Green City, that's what Mayor is 2 Color Royalty-Free & Vectors ereaming of. He wants 20MW of locally generated Green power, as documents can prove.

Bloomberg's plaNYC includes this -- at Energy Initiative #11 . Do we not have ample evidence of the 'polymEtic' Bloomberg's being a major Wizard ? We do. Office | Best! He even preaches greenness to Beijing and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free their 2008 Olympics. Also preaches it locally to NYC. He could recruit young Peter Mandelstam, or not-so-young Barry Benepe to follow on pre-history's Alfred E. Smith and Robert Moses, visionaries both. So then (are you and your son stil reading, young P. » Resume Templates | Best! Koenig ?) we end up with a Bloomberg-visible piece of 2 Color Stock Images, Images urban landscape architecture, a string of Pearls connecting Olmsted_South to Olmsted_North. Resume Templates » Resume Templates Open Office Free | Best! Easy to find that 20MW of green 'downstate energy, before 2010. Bloomberg's Beijing talk ends by Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, being an NYC walk . Wizards Corner has heard a rumor about a NY City organization called Sebreeze Energy, that wants to supply some of that 20MW the Mayor has pledged -- from Do Not Disturb Door Similar To Wedding inside the City Limits. 3. Do you find these charts of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors visitors to Disturb Door To Wedding, our site interesting ? They interest us mightily ! Why so many Aussies ? Is it because their Labour Government last week announced (Financial Times) a major national boost to 2 Color Stock, their windpower ? Why that many from Italy?

We have no guesses, though Milano is one smart city. / Cv By! And what of Iran ? Are the Iranians now thinking like our 'BP' colleagues, -- 'B(eyond) P(etroleum)' ? Wizard's Corner #29, Feb 7, 2008. We've reviewed this concept Capacity Factor once or twice in these pages. Time to go over the matter one more time -- this time introducing a few nuances. Our preference here has regularly been to avoid nuances (such as scheduled downtime, such as derating our machines.) This keeps the calculations simpler and also more completely transparent. Transparency here means: it's not at all hard for 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors you to double-check. You can simply run your own calculation taking the output data we're relaying and Your Guide (plus Free figuring out how many total days --therefore total hours, at 2 Color Images, 24 hrs per day -- to take as the basis. For example, looking backward from today [i.e. Feb 7, 2008], and counting all the Wonderful Resume Format, days since the commissioning day of HW1, up to and including yesterday, the 6th. That's the last day for which we have full information. OK, it adds up to how many ? Year2001 had 4 days only, 2002, 03, 05, 06 and 07 each had 365 (these five were each a non-LeapYear).

So adding those 4 to the 1825 of the five 'regular' years, you get 1829 days. Now add each of the two extra 'irregulars', namely the 366 of Stock Images, Royalty-Free 2004 and Issued the 37 days from these Jan 1 - Feb of 2008, you arrive at the following sum: 4 + 1825 + 366+37 days = 2,232 = total days since Dec. 27, '01, commissioning of HW1. Now here's where some of the nuances and some of the 'extra assumptions' can enter, if you want to let them enter. You can try to anticipate such things as 'downtime (scheduled or unscheduled)', assumptions based upon a de-rating, or down-rating of one's expected (by nameplate estimates) power, c. Our scientific instincts take alarm here, as follows: are we sure we'd derate our machines by the same percentage as (say) a Jim Gordon would do to his Cape Wind machines, or a Jay Cashman to his Buzzards Bay units, or an MMWEC to their Berkshire project ? Or, just assuming someone near Execution Rocks at the west end of Long Island Sound were to study his wind and expected energy production -- which of these nuances should be built into that planning ? Keeping it as we prefer -- uncomplicated -- lets us all stay scientific and on 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors, the same footing. Complete Event Evaluation Process (plus! We here at Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors Wizard's Corner take the following approach: to guard against Office Templates » Resume Open Office Free | Best, WishfulThinking (recall the proverbial horseman, the one who rides only If Wishes were Horses), we stay out 2 Color Pie Chart & Vectors, of the Disturb Door Hanger Template. Similar, nuances altogether. Let's run an example, adhering to our preferred nuance-free approach. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images! ty across parts of one's own project, and also across projects. Nuclear After Threats! Simply divide the total KWh's produced (by HW1) by the total days it's been online -- i.e. divide the 9,488,217 by the 2,236, and we are all clear what we have, namely the average KWh's per Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, day. Wonderful Inspiration For Freshers! (raw KWh's divided by total days gives the 2 Color Images & Vectors, average figure for KWh's-per-day). One more step gets you to the average POWER of our actual output. You must divide by the 24 hours, to Fact Sheets Issued After Threats | Daily, find KWh's of energyper hour, by the time in hours.

This results in a figure for average KW's -- the average power over the subject time period. Note how it all chedks itself (a cardiologist skilled at electrical engineering once told me 'pay attention to the DIMENSIONS !') In this case it's KWh's of energy divided by h's of time, and you get (avg.) KW's of 2 Color power -- right ? That's good science, either for a cardiologist or a chemistry teacher, -- or for Office Resume Templates » Resume Open Office Free anyone else of a scientific turn of mind. Only one thing then remains, before you arrive at our final number, our calculated 'CF'. We're aiming to get a percentage . That is, we want the Stock Images, Images & Vectors, percentage of maximum-possible-power which is represented by our formula's average power. This has the great merit of being a true, no-nonsense, nuance-free result, as valid in Boston Harbor as it is in New York City.

It tells us what percent of Simple Format a hypothetical 'running full bore around the clock' -- what Capacity Factor we actually achieved since Day One. We divide our observed actual average power (for today, Feb 7, 2008, -- and for HW1 --this came out to 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free, be 177.1 KW). Resume / Cv + Cover Letter! We used an un-adjusted 660 for the 'rated' power. Exactly what the manufacturer claims our machine will do, at a maximum, when wind conditions are optimal (over the Images, Royalty-Free Images, startup velocity, but under the maximum that causes the machine to Wonderful Simple, go into self-protective shutdown). Just like a 200 horsepower motor, or car, expects to put out a peak power of 200 'horses' of power when running wide open, throttle to 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, the floor.

Our final answer to the CF calculation comes down to: Precisely the same calculations for Office Resume Templates » Resume Open Office Free | Best HW2, and its to_date output (as of Feb. 7), 6,401,773 KWh's. Its 640 days since commissioning gets you 416.7 KW / 1800 KW = 0.2315 or 23.15 % Now a fine thing about blocking any nuances, is how you can then proceed to make straighahead comparisons. If Jim Gordon's CapeWind project says it will achieve a 40% CF, and if its total rated power is Royalty-Free Images & Vectors 486 MW, then Jim Gordon expects 0.40 X 486,000 KW X (365 X 24) hrs of output energy in each year with no LeapYear's day in it. If Berkshire Wind expects a 30% CF, and has 15,000 KW of rated power, its annual expectation will be 0.30 X 15,000 X (365 X 24) 39 million 400 thousand KWh's in Berkshire's case anda little over Your Complete Event (plus, 1.7 billion KWh's in the Cape Wind case. May they achieve their 30% and their 40% ! Our situation in Hull today differs from 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors these large or future projects in various ways, including: 1. Cape Wind and Berkshire will have hub heights substantially higher than Hull's. 2. ocean breezes (Cape Wind) and Simple Resume For Freshers mountaintop breezes (e.g. Berkshire's) are cooler, stronger.

4. these example projects are all 'virtual' or 'future' or 'projected' outputs, whereas Hull's are actual. 5. the 2 Color Stock Images, & Vectors, CF calculations for Hull's project are transparent, simple, un-nuanced - thus easy for you to check. Tune in for some extra wizardry relating to Resume 5 Simple, Dicaearchus and his little pseudo-Platonic dialogue 'Sisyphus', or 'Sophistry's Father'. Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors! Some have thought Plato wrote that dialogue, but there are signs it was a polemical piece at the Early Academy -- aimed against Theophrastus of Eresos. It differentiates deliberations about non-existent futures from deliberations of a plainer sort. That's where Amphinomus (was this a nickname for Your Complete Evaluation Process (plus Philip of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors Opus, the Templates Free | Best, 'stasiarch' ?) did their hyper-orthodox disputing. Their debates were hi-theoretical adventures in the near vicinity of Mr. 2 Color Pie Chart Images & Vectors! Outis, or Mr.

Nobody, also known as Sisyphides since his father was, or may have been, Sisyphus. Much wizardry there at the Old Academy, around 360BC. Proclus may have understood this better than we do. But who knows, it may be that we of today may find ways to out-wizard Proclus. Stephen MacKenna, a Sisyphides himself, would've delighted to translate our results into Gaelic, or into song. Wizard's Corner #28, Jan 17, 2008. Our statistics here at [email protected] make sure to leave to the side 'spiders and robots' -- not counting them into the totals. That is, they're left out Resume, of the reported 'hits' or 'visitors', or 'unique visitors'.

This is of course good science. Many of the robots are just testing to see if we're still here, are still having a robust number of hits, visits, c. It's clear to many of 'them', robots and you valued e-readers alike, that we're having our share of visits, who're downloading their share of kilo- and meta-bytes. [A little linguistic aside -- have you ever heard the words 'wattage', 'kilowattage' or 'megawattage'? Hey, you can hear them first right here. Why not? But maybe not so often the words 'bytage', 'kilobytage' or 'megabytage', right ? Many of them offend our SpellCheck program. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors! Whatever your call them, our stats at report them to us. A logician, initials J.B., was always interested in extreme cases. 20+ Business Organizational On Pinterest! He asked me once if all these '-age' suffixed words, village, spillage, mileage, wordage, tonnage c -- if this list would be complete without including the extreme case of 'age' pure and 2 Color Images & Vectors simple, suffixed to a nullity ? I found him the example of Best Organizational Rene Descartes, using the French word 'aage'.

This pleased him, increased his smileage. That was back in the 1970s, and he has since moved to Australia. No harm done, so far as I know, to his ageage.] Here's a clip from our early-January 2008 report: Wizard's Corner #27, Oct 11, 2007.

Try this out on your I pay no heed to reports that are too ANECDOTAL principle. Pie Chart Stock Images,! I assume it's your principle too, not just mine, OWC, unless I hear back to Guide Event Evaluation (plus Free, the contrary. Pie Chart Images, Images! A man knocked on my door at 5:30 this afternoon, said he was interested in Disturb Door Template. Items To Wedding Door my signing a contract which would bind me and Consolidated Edison. It would be favorable to my personal interests, he assured me (all this within the first 60 seconds of accepting my invitation to 'come right in'). What group or company did he represent, and what was his name, I reasonably asked him. Could I have a copy of the contract he'd already put into 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images,, my hand, asking for my signature ? Bob acted reluctant to turn loose of a copy of the printed form and muttered something about wanting me to hand back the one copy he'd handed me -- after I signed it. Fact Sheets To Guamanians After! Mind you, less than 45 seconds had yet elapsed since he entered the front door of my Bronx residence. Well his name was (so he said) Bob Woodside, a resident of Queens, and his company, said he, was US Energy Savings. How were my interests being promoted by my signing ? I said something a bit sarcastic about his asking me for my signature before I'd read the Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, contract, something about his allowing me less than twenty-seconds-worth of Office Templates Free reading time.

In such a quick scan I might fail to spot clauses about my volunteering to Images, Royalty-Free Images, do military service in Iraq in the coming few months. Wizards can be wicked, you understand. Bob may understand too, though I did not show him my Wizard badge. No, Bob warbled reassuringly, there were no clauses about military service. I proceeded directly to the business at hand, and asked about KWh's and CCF's of gas (ConEd markets both, here in Inspiration 5 Simple For Freshers the Bronx.) Kilowatt-hours, he continued patiently -- ConEd would guarantee me an exemption from any rate-increases for the coming 10 years, above the figure printed right here in the contract (he was pointing, and the number did in fact read '15.9', with no further digits appended. Well he wanted to see my most recent ConEd bill before he'd willingly answer that question. Whilst I dug the bill out (mind you, not 3 minutes had yet elapsed since he stepped through my front door), I asked him if his 15.90 figure was net of delivery charges -- that is, this is only the rate for the KWhs as the undelivered commodity, delivery charges to Stock Images, Images & Vectors, be added on top ? Right, said Bob. He showed no sign of familiarity with the layout of my ConEd bill, when I produced it. Naturally, I wondered that Bob hadn't yet seen many bills just like this, maybe dozens or scores of them, in the course of Nuclear Sheets Issued To Guamanians After his work for Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the ConEd contractor.

My wondering this aloud was ample -- so loud as to 20+ Business Structure Ideas, fill my livingroom. Anecdotal, you say ? Yes, this would seem to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, be a classic specimen of the anecdotal, in the ordinary meaning of that word. Etymologise it, though, and you get 'without ekdosis. Like the German word, 'unherausgegeben'. This way it comes out meaning 'un-published' 'not given out [to the public]''. From your vantage-point, Dear e-Reader, and since this story was 'published' here at / Cv + Cover Set 01 By Wizard's corner on 11 Oct 2007 -- it's not truly unpublished. It would gain still more standing with you, and 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors not fall subject to your principle ruling against the merely anecdotal if I were to publish the 1-866 phone number of his company. Just ask, and I'll publish that too. My ConEd charges for 'delivery' is public, part of their published tariffs. Here in the Bronx, delivery charges now run 7.3898 cents/KWh. Is this what my signature would be 'buying' me ? I'd be able to buy a KWh for a figure somewhere near 23-and-a-quarter cents, provided delivery charges didn't go up, for the coming 10 years.

But Bob, what about my monthly Service Charges ? Yes, those are also added on top, and are not covered under this contract. I believed him. Like the core rate of inflation, -- a few things are being left out of Bob's 15.9. Robert Reich has suggested an 'Inner Core' index -- the core of the core. This omits food, energy and your home mortgage. Office Templates » Resume Templates Open Free | Best! I retained my politeness and personal decorum with Bob of Queens, and concessively counter-warbled, ConEd has to look out for Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors its interests too. Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers! Some deal, you'll agree. Did ConEd recently consolidate itself further by merging with Keyspan, I asked ? This would make it like former Boston Edison, merged into NSTAR, merging itself in turn with former Boston Gas, renamed Keyspan. Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! Any guarantee they won't re-merge, say with WalMart, Home Depot and Disturb Hanger Template. Similar Door Google inside 10 years ? Those early mergers, yes, said Bob, they happened. Does this not have the ring of the un-anecdotal, Dear Reader?

Thanks for Pie Chart Royalty-Free your patience, and for Nuclear Sheets Issued To Guamanians After | Daily your principle too. Stock Royalty-Free! I have not recently had any offers of a longterm mortage from 'Countrywide', except for the one I got yesterday from them. Inspiration Format! They came e-knocking on my email's front door. Should I open it ? Would you ? Update on Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, the Aussie Question. 1. the Fact To Guamanians, world's largest windfarm was announced last week -- proposed to be installed in Australia. 2. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free! no Aussie was hired by Hull Light, and their rank has fallen from their #2 rank here at Do Not Disturb Hanger Template. Similar, not even staying in our top 10, as unique visitors:

Wizard's Corner #26, Sept 28, 2007. Hull Wind 2 is now within easy reach of Pie Chart Stock its own 5-million KWh mark -- by the time of Letter By this writing likely 10,000 KWh or more over. We here at continue to 2 Color Pie Chart Images,, be underinformed about any but 'estimated' readings of its output meter, sorrowfully for Resume » Resume Office Free | Best us. There have been rumors around town, however, that a new Operations Manager is Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors either already on duty or will be before Thanksgiving. Meantime questions have arisen (reports came back from an August 'outreach' session) about the true 'CapacityFactor', or CF, of Do Not Disturb Hanger Items To Wedding HW2. Why should our reports reflect a figure so low as below-23% ? One reliable reporter said he heard it there from a Hull official that HW2's true CF was: 29% . This a true shame if an officer of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free our town published such a figure, despite this website's steadily and responsibly reporting to tens of thousands of site-visitors over recent months -- quite different numbers.

Why do we at expect a CF figure several percentage points below that. of HW1, as of end of summer 2007 ? There is a perfectly straightforward explanation: months like January in Hull normally deliver about triple the wind-energy resource that months like July deliver. Resume / Cv Letter Set 01! (South of the Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free, Equator it is likely to be the reverse.) In the case of Your Complete Guide Evaluation Free our larger machine this means that, since it went online in early May of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images 2006, and much to its disadvantage as of Best On Pinterest September 2007, it has had only one season of January-like wind seasons behind its CF number, but two seasons of July-like winds. HW1 by contrast, since it is now nearly 6 years old (2101 days since commissioning), has 6 of the strongest seasons balancing out Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, its 6 of the Your Guide To The Event Evaluation Process (plus, weakest. Good science does not let itself be swayed at all (not by fear, not by favor) from reporting.

data honestly. By the way, we've wondered if 'sine ira et studio', the motto of 'Financial. Times', means something like 'without fear or favor' ? Do a favor to your WikiComrades here at Wizard's. Corner, and inform us if you know. Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images! Meantime, and getting back to the point about good science: it is compelled by Do Not Door Hanger Template. Items To Wedding Door, its nature to exclude all distortions of its data, -- 'wishful-thinking' or other. We needn't make a point about General Petraeus needing to 'restate' his announced numbers. Admiral Fallon is easily as much a military man as our General -- he's even his commander. Of course he didn't use Latin, but used language you might expect of a high-ranking sailor. The Admiral scolded the general: let's have no distortions of the information or analysis -- nevermind what our boss might want to hear.

Science tells it like it is. Wizard's Corner #25, July 30, 2007. Is this mid winter? Yes, if you're in Australia, it is. The fact is Images that Australians have out_visited friends_of_USA by a factor of 20 or more this wintry month of July.

I mean this: from July 1st (i.e. early winter) through today, our nationality_based count of visitors to looks this way: Try this calculation: add Canada to France to Great Britain, then see if Aussies don't outnumber this agglomerated set of 20+ Business Organizational Ideas On Pinterest friends BY NEARLY A FACTOR OF 10. All of Pie Chart Images, Images us are English Speaking (The French are proud of being able to say Freedom Fries without an accent. Ask Pierre of if Mons. le Wizarde is not au point on this one.) Maybe you have an explanation. We don't. Let's ask ourselves some questions.

Let's 'wiki' the matter. Who knows, our next Operations Manager may turn out to be -- if the selection process stays honest, anyhow -- an Aussie ! Wizard's Corner #24, July 6, 2007. We have had to rely on estimates for the output values of HW2 these past weeks -- and likely this will remain true for another month or so --since there has been some trouble with the remotely-read meter (on the 13.8KV side of its transformer). This limitation happily only affects us on Fridays, and does not affect our HW1 reports at all, -- where the meters and our information flow is going smoothly. Today's figure for HW2 (July 6, 2007) is Guide To The Process (plus calculated based on 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, HW1's output for that same period. Structure On Pinterest! We assumed that the 24 hours of production on July 5 will be roughly the same -- using just HW1's CF for Stock Images the same 24-hr period. This meant setting the Set 01 By, HW2 estimate to 17,800 KWh for Royalty-Free Images & Vectors this July 5th period.

We simply added that figure to our last available meter reading. Our WizCrnr staff is now operating at a reduced output level. This is Best Structure Ideas likely to remain true (for various reasons) until early September. All the same, you our valued e-readers deserve a serious flow of info. We'll do our best till the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images, fall. We Americans sometimes forget about our standard-setting colleagues, the Europeans. But within months (so our local forecasts have it) all of us here may have to Open Office Free | Best, raise our sights, whether we want to or not. Just thinking about 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images, windenergy in particular, this means paying attention to standards of the Danish Energy Authority, and its publications.

Their November 2006 book entitled Danish Offshore Wind illustrates this gap between America and / Cv + Cover By Europe vividly. See if you don't agree. Stock Images, Images! Are these not higher-than-American standards at the following website ? click here. In any case, and back in our picocosmic WizCrnr, we'll do what we can to regain our strength. Wna we'll also look to raising our own super-local standards. Our favorite motto here is 'before Thanksgiving'. It's like the proverbial rich farmer He's proverbially a next-year farmer. Wizard's Corner #23, June 19/20, 2007. Please click on the 'images' button on our homepage to see a shot taken last evening, -- HW2 with crane adjacent. This may be the right time and place to bring out a fundamental fact about our 'NGO' website, our C.A.R.E. 20+ Business Ideas! organisation -- and their relation to the public entity (a department within Town of Hull), -- Hull Municipal Lighting Plant (HMLP for short). We at are not now, and have never been, a part of Hull's town government.

Nor beholden to any subdivision of this. Our flow of information from the Town varies widely, and not always predictably. It ranges from free flow of many forms of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors information, to a restricted flow, to a vigorous and determined shutting off of information. Illustrative of the unpredictability (to us) was yesterday's event: neither the Town Manager's office, nor HMLP nor any of the Selectboard, nor any other facet of our local government gave us any advance notice of this planned shut-down. No heads up as we say in Nuclear Threats | Daily our non-Australian way of speaking -- about Stock Royalty-Free Images, this scheduled repair. The first we knew was when one of our wizards drove by the landfill yesterday where HW2 is Nuclear Fact Sheets To Guamanians sited. Our operative noticed a crane adjacent, its boom extending up past the nacelle. Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors! That was yesterday -- we promptly put up an image on our 'images' page -- last evening.

This leaves us today (no further info from + Cover Town Hall) needing to guess about Royalty-Free & Vectors, various things: (1) was this repair scheduled, and Wonderful Inspiration Format if so how far back was the schedule known by our colleagues at Stock Royalty-Free Town Hall? (2) the content of the repair: does it follow up on the 'temporary' fix reported here WizCrnr ##14-16 ? (3) is there any prediction by Vestas or the Town, about when HW2 will be back in operation? [PS as of 09:45 this morning, June 20th, HW2 was observed, by Resume + Cover By, us, to be back in operation. We can judge the dimensions of this event as follows. Neither the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, hours of downtime (not much over 24 hours), nor the wind-energy-opportunity lost (some 5 MWh) -- was much of Do Not Door Hanger Template. a burden. Define a burden as an ekplExis in the sense of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors ps-Pl. Def 415e8 . ] Remaining underinformed, whether in Hull's 'constricted-flow' or 'no-flow' mode, all we can do is supply you our best guesses on these and other questions. Are there also questions about the procedure for selecting a new Operations Manager for HMLP ? There are, but this is for a later discussion. For a reader of your e-wit and e-intelligence, there will be (again, pardon us our non-Aussie jargon) a 'take-away'. This namely: a vivid illustration of the opposition SGO vs.

NGO . Our organisation (Citizen Advocates for Renewable Energy, or C.A.R.E.) is a 'Non'. Hull's town government and Do Not Disturb Door Template. Similar To Wedding Door its departments illustrate the 'Sic'. Today's updating of our homepage will be carrying a new disclaimer, reminding our e-visitors (Australian and other) that we here at 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free are committed to remain on the 'Non' side of the divide. Wizard's Corner #22, June 13, 2007. How much energy is in a baker's dozen of megawatt-hours? [Familiar definition: baker's dozen is an ordinary dozen, with an 'extra 1' factored in, or added in.] Hull's pair of turbines, as of Door Template. Similar To Wedding Door today, have delivered one more than a dozen thousands of MWh's, in other words 13 thousand MWh's. Today's MWh's, adding the total from HW1 to the total from HW2, have topped the 13,000 MWh mark.

The two factors (additive) in today's sum of MWh's, those from HW1 plus those from HW2, are 8,637,055 and 4,366,465 . It's not so easy to count the number of days, since HW1 has been running 1994 and Images & Vectors HW2 has been running 407. At any rate, this lump of energy, like a baker's dozen of edible consumables, has a market value. Depending on which bakery you patronise, you can buy that much electrical energy for Resume Templates » Resume Templates Open Office between 1.3 million and 2 million dollars. That's assuming you buy each of its 13,003,520 KWh's for Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors 10 cents, or 15 cents (apiece). Here in Massachusetts today only a few retail customers can find 10-cent units. Some of us have trouble finding them for Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple 15 cents at the retail. You won't be surprised to Royalty-Free Images, hear, even if you don't follow the electricity markets, that even bulk buyers , like Hull Municipal Light or MMWEC, can't always find a 10 cent wholesale KWh. Let us try to Disturb Hanger Template. Items Similar To Wedding Door, find one for 10 cents on a hot July or August afternoon, for example. Naturally, wholesale buyers are also bracing for overall price increases. Even for us bulk buyers, and even factoring out the hot summer afternoon prices -- a 15 cent KWh may soon look mighty appetizing. We might be happy to Stock Images, Royalty-Free, pay you for 13 of them, even if you only delivered us 12 (baker upsidedown).

Have I left something out of account? Yes, I've factored out the incentive payments , for our power's being wholly pollution-free. From our point of view these are icing on the cake. We have so far banked roughly $400,000 in incentive 'on-top' payments, and are under contract, so long as we continue to produce, to bring in another 2-million-plus dollars in Simple Resume For Freshers the coming years, prior to 2015. Won't Al Gore, Nobel Laureate and US President, be proud of us? That's an 2 Color Pie Chart Images, incentive of another sort, which we're disciplining ourselves to factor out, -- at least for now. News note: Gloucester has passed a 'land-based' ordinance, favorable to Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas On Pinterest, windpower. Notice here: Wizard's Corner #21, June 10, 2007.

Question 1: does the Wizard Bureau at have an 'operative' at Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors the Amer Wind Energy Assoc meetings? Short answer: Yes. Question 1a: Will this site have updated info, based on this operative's having been debriefed here in / Cv Set 01 Hull? Short answer: Yes. Question 2: Will Hull Muni Light Plant have a new Operations Manager before September of 2007? A good prospect that this will be so. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock! Today's issue [June 10] of The Boston *Globe* (in its 'Careers' section, p. 6) carried a notice of Hull Light's job opening, announced that applications are due by Sheets | Daily, July 9, 2007.

For more info, have a look at Hull's town website: click here . Some updated stats. on HW1 and HW2 production: A. taking our pair of turbines in combination. The pair of Stock Images, Images & Vectors turbines, in their aggregate total (1992+405) of To The Event days of generating time, since commissioning: Twelve million Nine hundred eighty thousand or better -- a little fewer if you measure on the 'downstream' side of their respective transformers. B. taking each turbine by Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, itself. HW1 daily average (over the past 1992 days) 4,333 KWh's [would power one Danish home for a year].

HW2 daily average (over the past 405 days) 10,754 KWh's [would power one US household for a year] Can Al Gore explain why Danish and US households differ so radically? He can, and will one day soon. Resume Set 01! An AP report late last week (June 7) told the world that 'Spain's most prestigious prize' was awarded to the man we surmise will become the Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, next US president. The award is Spain's 'Prince of Asturias' prize, based on promoting international cooperation. AP goes on to note this about + Cover Letter By, that award: '[it is] considered by some to be a prelude to the Nobel Prize'. Which is the source of guess 'Gore the next US President'. More soon about forecasting the Pie Chart Stock Images, future.

Ambrose Bierce wrote a parable about the future-divining man who, seeing one swallow, said 'hey, summer is Fact Sheets After Threats | Daily here', and forthwith pawned his overcoat. We can subaudibly hear Bierce-Epakouomenos wondering, 'But does one swallow make a summer?' The parable ends, however: it was in fact summer. 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors! Chancy inference, yes; bad inference, no. Wizard's Corner #20, May 25, 2007. HW1 and 20+ Business Organizational Ideas HW2 continue in Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors their quiet and Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians productive ways. Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! Since last report we at have been fortunate to hear from Jill Cliburn of the APPA, and also to have achieved an improved format for + Cover Letter By our production statistics (Excel format). As soon as we can muster the Wizard Power we will be carrying out more detailed and more industry-standard analyses of our data. A certain lady whose code-name is ps.-Beatrice, -- or Kara --, may soon supply us the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, needed boost to our wizard-voltage. Like Clemson University, with its newly announced plans to work on Resume » Resume Templates Open, off-shore windpower a bit south of Cape Hatteras -- we will be sure to put our data and our analyses up on Pie Chart Images & Vectors, the web as quickly as we possibly can. That's for you, O e-reader.

Your code-name might be N. Theknow or Uncledave, as a certain website based in Fresno reports. Organizational Ideas! We might imagine an echo of 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images these names up here in the NorthEast, like J. Quincy Public or W.V. Equine. Sometimes our nation's southern and Simple Format western states look up to Pie Chart, us Northeasterners for guidance (U of South Carolina looked northward to Resume / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01, U of Virginia, which in turn looked up to Harvard ; San Diego State looked east to Carnegie Mellon or M.I.T.). At other times, however it is NorthEast admiring South or West. Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors! Two particulars of special relevance to Your Guide To The Event Evaluation Process (plus, (1) the 209MW windfarm in West Texas, and the DOE decision to Images, & Vectors, award TX rather than MA its funding for low-wind turbine blade research [decision still pending, as of this date]. That is likely to be Texas defeating Massachusetts. Another example: Stanford's program in Computer Science often sets the standard for Yale or NYU. Again, consider the Office Open Office | Best, collaboration of offshore wind engineers, at Clemson and Coastal Carolina U These universities may soon be the envy of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors Hull and M.I.T., since these southern engineers intend to set a fast pace, and Resume + Cover Letter By also set high standards of Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors academic professionalism. We up North will have all we can do to keep up with them. See if you don't see a Southern Challenge here: click here.

News note about today's Wall St Journal 'Gorilla' contest -- WSJ is struggling to identify the mystery investors wanting to Set 01, pour billions of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors dollars into Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats | Daily, erecting a world-class energy factory of some sort in southeast South Dakota, buying up thousands of acres of cotton and soybean fields but remaining completely anonymous. One of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors our wizard staff thought she came onto a clue. She overheard one of the investors close to Inspiration Simple Resume Format 5 Simple, Mr. R.E. Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! White speaking a language not far from the American dialect of English -- but different. Our junior wizard reported to us yesterday (May 24): It sounded sorta like Australian, and the man seemed to be talking about wind turbines ! See if this helps identify the Gorilla. Wizard's Corner #19, May 9, 2007. A tidbit from the wizardology archives. Templates Free | Best! You may have already known it, the diminutive 'Kuertli'. Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! A loving diminutive applied to him by a close familiar -- to Kurt Goedel. There's published evidence.

It is doubtful, however, that Abraham Robinson (ne Robinsohn) or Dana Scott or Rudy Rucker ever called him that. A draft letter from Best Structure early 1971 handwritten by Goedel and intended for Robinson [who knew at the time that 'Abbie', Goedel's handpicked successor, had just 3 years left in his severely shortened life ? ] was never sent. Rather, the letter was published in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors Goedel's Nachlass. Now Goedel used a non-European way of expressing the date in that MS: mm.dd.yyyy. Yet he was himself plenty European, as you know. Kuertli the Austrian. So we might expect his hand to write, out of Nuclear Sheets After | Daily habit or tradition, in the format. Possibly he thought it affected to Pie Chart Stock & Vectors, write the European mode, being now a Princeton person ? In any case, and wizardologists please take note, his hand in fact encoded it in the Americanised format there. Resume! A good example to follow. Newsnote from the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, grapevine : at least five of us are in the market for 're-manufactured' hardware, comparable to the Norwind 46 -- but much more 'experienced'.

Tens or hundreds of thousands of generating-hours of service behind them. Installed in California or in Texas perhaps. I won't say more about who these 5 are. This much for now: we all want to find sites in Eastern Massachusetts to Do Not Disturb Hanger Template. Items Similar Door, install one or more such machines, we are none of us engineers by training, we have all studied the 'RECs' market, and (although we don't like saying it in mixed company) we know what the words 'anno' and 'Net Present Value' mean. Two of us have our own personal crystal ball, which lets us do remarkably precise prognostications (recall the haff-untrustworthy, hahf-trustworthy method of Capacity Factor). 2 Color Images & Vectors! On some date before Al Gore wins nomination to be our next President -- our agreeing devices have told us -- the Locational Marginal Prices in Best eastern Mass. will make at least a half-dozen installations here fiscally irresistable. All of these installations will occur east of Images, Worcester.

If not, blame our respective crystal ball devices, don't blame us. Neither of us is in communication with former World Bank officer Paul Wolfowitz. But he was valuable material to / Cv Set 01, test our forecasting on. Wizard's Corner #18, 30 April 2007. 1. HW2's energy output stood, as of 01:00 this morning (our FAX machine received this then) at. 2. Is this a jarring number, the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors, jolt being caused by some misalignment with our expectations ? A philologist I know has a somewhat compounded criterion. Nuclear Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily! He looks to Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, avoid the 'prognostische Anstoesse' where actual data turn out to mismatch prognostications, thus producing an 'Antoss' or 'jolt' to the observant philologist. The true road will aspire to be free from bumps, or level in Structure Ideas On Pinterest front. Pie Chart Stock! Ontogeny, he may have once said, either does or should recapitulate philology, the ontic and the true being level in front. If we want to do some prognosticating toward the Organizational Ideas, 4 May 2007 date when HW2 will have had a full 365 consecutive days, we are well advised to assume an average CF for this machine -- just over this 168 day stretch of future time -- somewhere very near 34.5%. Do note this down, and see if we arrive at an overall CF as of next May 4 (predicted here and now) right near 27%. 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! [Please don't report us to Dicaearchus, the friend of / Cv + Cover Letter Plato who said planning for futures as if they were something really known is foolish, the future itself being -- as of Images, Images now -- the very picture of Guide Process (plus Free non-entity!]

The above is Stock & Vectors excerpted from WizCrnr #11 [dated 18 Nov 2006]. The idea then was to apply that trusty tool of wind-wizardry, ' Capacity Factor'. It is the always-trustworthy way of expressing one's forecasts -- these latter often-untrustworthy -- of Your Complete Guide Evaluation future production from a given piece of installed hardware. 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors! The prognostication back then, some 168 days ago now, was that as of Set 01 next May 4 [2007] HW2 would be expected to have moved its CF briskly upward from its then-current value, namely 19.4 %. Pie Chart Images,! But how far upward? Our prognosis, recorded then was based on forecasting CF = 34.5% for the stretch of future time between (a) that November day in Office Templates » Resume Open | Best 2006 and (b) the now-not-distant date May 3, 2007. The now expected modest further climb in Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images the coming 2 days [comparable to a hitter in baseball turning in a 2-day average of .300] projects to an approximate 4,010,000 KWh's total production for year-one. And it would/will put the CF for this machine a bit under 26 %. 3. Now please don't put down our CF-Wizard if he appears to indulge in some 20-20 hindsight [you might see us saying any plausible hindsight-adjustment is Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure allowed, if it save our forecasts, keep our data and our prognostications level in 2 Color Images, Images & Vectors front !]. Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued After | Daily! Here's a suggestion, based on Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, a bit of what-if thinking. Recall that period of Zero production for HW2 during a 10-day period, alas it occurred right at the peak season for strong-cold winds.

It occurred, and was reported in these pages, the final week of calendar 2006 and the first week of 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas 2007. This was a time when HW1 was humming at a CF of 50% or so. [some further research could make this more precise, but this isn't needed here in what-if-land]. HW2 was temporarily down, due to Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, an overheated component in its transformer. Do Not Hanger Template.! For about 10 days it scored a Zero for output energy. What if we add in the rather calculable production HW2 lost in that particular period of its first year of production ? We project a little over 200,000 KWh's of energy lost during this down-time. Stock Images, Images! (Hard on Resume Templates Open | Best, us to have lost 10 days of peak-wind days in 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors a machine's first year. / Cv Set 01! To compare: HW1 lost a week or so in August of 2004 to Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free, permit replacements of its generator and gearbox. This lost time was purposely slotted into the predictably lowest-wind segment of the Structure Ideas, year, and HW1 had already produced, almost continuously, over 3.5 years of output.) Now coming back to HW2 and its lost production last January: using our virtual-CF , i.e. one that gets this 'iffy' boost, which we can take as in the range of Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors 45% to 50%, we arrive at approximately 200,000 of lost KWh's. The winds blowing by our landfill and not producing energy were like the 'water over the dam' at 20+ Business Structure a hydropower plant, no energy harvested but a noticeable amount going by and catching our notice. Yes, this calculation is a kind of 'wishful IF' form of thinking, like what gets the proverbial beggar a horse to ride on, -- if he just wishes to ride.

That extra 200,000 KWh's of 'CODEC- restored' energy [ask Philippe Charles to 2 Color Stock, explain the word CODEC] would make our CF calculation come out, near 26.6. Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Similar To Wedding! Some horse: not far from our forecasted '270 hitter'. From an industry point of view there's nothing disappointing about that average output. We can't all be like the man who lent his name to the Ted Williams Tunnel, disappointed if he went a year much under 400. [Margo Guda of the Fundashon Antiyano pa Energia in Curaçao took offense when someone I know said to her show me the man or woman who brags about a windfarm with a CF over 50%, and I'll show you a liar. Margo's 12 MW windfarm turned in 2 Color Images, a 3-year performance over 60%, -- reason enough for Wonderful Simple Format For Freshers her to take offense. I apologised.] 4. Here's a bit of extra grist for 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors our calculated mills.

A certain 15MW project in the Berkshires has convinced MMWEC that it will average better than 315. Now this is like Ms. 20+ Business Organizational Structure On Pinterest! Guda's, this is a team batting average, in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock this case 10 machines, each rated at 1.5MW. Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily! [MMWEC of course has its own department of Wind-Wizards. Is one of them named RB? No, RB used to be at MMWEC, but has moved to Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, NE-ISO, taking his wizardry with him. Is one named ML? Possibly so.] These proficient wizards run their own CF calculations as of course. It's only Your Complete Guide To The Evaluation Process rarely the final data turn out to mismatch their prognostics.

MMWEC has gone on record as thinking their 15MW wind-farm out near the NY State border (near town of Hancock), -- not yet online -- will have a 'team batting average' over 315. That's like having 2 Ted Williams's and several hitters not dragging along much below 290. 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free! Almost nobody on the team should be permitted to hit under 280 in any given year. Do try your own wizardry on this puzzle, Dear E-reader. Sheets Issued After! You will be matching wits with MMWEC's wizards if you do. Try multiplying 15 MW times 8760 hrs [their first year won't likely have a Leap-Year's worth of extra hours]. Then multiply the resulting product by 0.315. That has MMWEC harvesting a little less than 41.5 MWh of energy in their first year from Stock Royalty-Free that 15 MW farm. They aren't betting the farm on such a harvest, of course.

Good wizards and Inspiration Resume 5 Simple For Freshers good farmers know how unlevel the 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, road can be, actual harvests mismatching what they'd quite reasonably forecast. My same philologist friend used to recite the ancient proverb about the rich farmer (the 'geOrgos plousios'). This farmer standing before you is wealthy, you say? Well maybe, but me the Nuclear Issued, wealthy one -- that's next year. (see further, the 2 Color Pie Chart & Vectors, prognostication in WizCrnr #12, of Sheets To Guamanians After Threats | Daily 28 Dec 06, end of par. 1. You there find a refreshed prognostication, trying to 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, make an allowance for the missing production from that downtime). Wizard's Corner #17, 20 Februa ry 2007.

Great news ! HW1 has surpassed the 8-million KWh mark, since our homepage last put up data. Hulleleuia, as our Cambridge friend is fond of saying. Welcome to our MVTV friends ! Your visits here are always welcome, but your progressive ideas about convincing political leaders to endorse windpower -- that makes you all the more welcome. Please note the smart upward jump in Resume / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01 By the 'CF' of HW2, which now stands at 22.9%. It has added 271,745 KWh's since our last posting (on Feb 8). That's the same as 271.7-plus MWh's. Let's do a bit of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors counting-our-NewEngland-pennies (in the spirit of Poor Richard): suppose, which is a true supposition, that Hull has been earning $50 + $45 + $19 just in Nuclear Sheets | Daily the 'bonus points' for Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors our green Megawatthours of output this past 12 days. That's adding the three pat-us-on-the-back sources Harvard U, MassEnergy, USDept of Energy. Here's how this adds up for Organizational Structure Ideas On Pinterest this mid-February period: HW1 has produced 109.9 MWh's and HW2 has produced 271.7 MWh's in this 12-day period in early 2007.

That's a lot of clean-green energy to brag about, just in Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors a 12-day period. [A household of 4 standardly consumes less than that over a 60-year period !] We anticipate payments from each of Office Resume » Resume Templates Open Office | Best our three green-energy supporters as follows. US Dept of Energy pays us $19/MWh in 'renewable energy production incentive' revenue. Thus you have DOE at $19 X 381.6 = $7,632 for our past 12 days. Then add in Harvard's payment to us for just HW2's output : $50 X 271.7 = 13,585.

Finally add in the MassEnergy payments for the HW1 component: $45 X 109.9 = 4,945. So our MassEnergy+Harvard+DOE revenue this past 12 days is expected to 2 Color Pie Chart Images,, total a little over $26,000. Putting it another way, the past two weeks' bonus (i.e. Office » Resume Free | Best! green-tag) revenue from Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors our turbines will nearly cover their maintenancewarrantee contract costs -- for the entire year ! But this isn't the Templates Templates, half of it. What was the Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, 'underlying commodity' worth to Structure, our Light Dept here? What will our Light Dept be billing us -- those of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images us here in Hull who have electric meters ? Well each MWh unit of energy, billed today at this or that meter in town (Wizard of course pays this rate cheerfully) brings our Light Dept $125. That's the same thing as a rate of Organizational Structure On Pinterest 12.5 cents/KWh.

So the revenue from the 'raw electric energy', -- the Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors, energy that you can think of as 'underlying' that lovely green canopy of bonus revenue -- this additional revenue will be 381.6MWh X $125 =$47,700. So the total revenue from this short period is enough to Inspiration Simple Format 5 Simple, pay insurance and Pie Chart Images, Images other overhead costs, and leave a serious sum to put toward capital cost, and its overhead. Isn't there a NewEngland-form (frugality-based) argument to be made here? We can have our Citizen Poor Richard saying a Megawatthour produced is more than a penny earned -- it comes to Fact Sheets After Threats, some two hundred dollars, when the Pie Chart Images, Images, bonus points are counted in . Office » Resume Templates Open | Best! Our frugal NewEnglander can then approach his or her political leader (on or off The Islands) and say: Your constituents can easily follow my citizen-reasoning here. So it won't be just Citizen Richard, but my spouse and many of our friends who will likely cast our ballots for you if you support our frugal position.

A healthy, clean source of energy such as this -- if you can help us to 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, harvest this crop, you're likely to harvest our votes in the fall. As the Your Complete Guide To The Evaluation Free, MVTV show pointed out there are years or decades of revenue for our town's treasuries, quite likely. 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images! And they quite rightly said 'it's an Guide To The Event Process (plus, inexhaustible resource'. 2 Color Stock! Wizard's Corner #16, 7 Februa ry 2007. A report from the Vestas maintenance crew has just come in, identifying the short period of shutdown as due to the cold weather. The nose-cone has its own controller, which stops functioning if temps inside the cone fall below a certain lower limit. Your Complete To The Free! Re-starting then remains a problem, until the ambient temperatures rise to the critical level. As you'll recall, the maintenance work is covered by Hull's contract, so labor costs are not assessed. The only 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors losses are the 'water-over-the-dam', as we may call it, drawing from hydropower lingo.

Wind whistling by rather than turning our rotor. The past 4 days (i.e. Feb 3, 4, 5 and 6) have produced fine results, Feb3=1000KW avg, Feb4=810 KW avg, Feb5=1630 KW avg, Feb6=880 KW avg. This means a consecutive run of 96 hrs at / Cv Set 01 an average power of 1080 KW, or a local-to-this-period CF of 60.0 % [!] 'Windy and cold' say the weather people, not easy to Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, tolerate; but we reply, cold-dense winds moving at high speeds -- while plenty chilly for us humans -- produce lots of Templates Office | Best power here in Hull. Stock Royalty-Free Images! Over 20% of Best Structure Ideas On Pinterest our total town's consumption over that period (we estimate) were 'carried' by our pair of 2 Color Images, & Vectors windmills -- with our little Hull Wind 2.5 sometimes reaching up past its 'rated' power level. Our little guy was clocked up past 2.5 KW on our remote measuring device Tuesday the 6th, mid-afternoon. Its nominal rating? 1.8 KW ! Wizard's Corner #15, 28 January 2007 , 9 AM. Update: at an hour sometime before dawn today HW2 became available again, and before 8 AM today the wind had come up past the minimum for it to generate.

Good news this ! This also means its just-ended period of Best Organizational Ideas On Pinterest 'unavailability' was under two days. 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors! We'll do comparisons of Resume Templates Templates Open Office our performance to industry standards for availability (95+ percent is a rule of thumb). In this particular measurement, HW2 will need to struggle in the coming months -- but HW1 has so far kept itself comfortably above this level over its 5-year total time. We'll have some more detailed reporting here in the coming weeks, when the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, precise data becomes available. Wizard's Corner #14, 27 January 2007 , 11:05 AM local time. Late-breaking news. Resume / Cv Letter! Yesterday (the 26th) at 10 AM, Hull Wind 2 shut itself down. Early on 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, a Friday is about the Office Resume Templates Open Office Free | Best, most awkward of timing for two reasons (a case of awkwardness X 2). Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! Nature was supplying us -- and older brother HW1, which is working fine -- with strong winds and good cold dense air masses, but also our offices at Hull Light are closed all day Fri-Sat-Sun. Nevertheless, Operations Manager John Murdock was on the case yesterday, and called in a service order to Vestas at once. As of now (11 AM the 27th) we're awaiting their repair technicians.

This particular 'now' has an extra significance, being an hour ahead of Fact To Guamanians Threats our 'Drowned Hogs' event on Nantasket Beach. This is Hull's rendition of the Royalty-Free Images, Groundhog's Day magical causality rituals. We invite volunteers -- otherwise rational souls -- to Inspiration Simple Format 5 Simple For Freshers, immerse their bodies in Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors our near-freezing Nantasket Beach waters. Wonderful Inspiration Simple Format 5 Simple For Freshers! Optimism X 2 here: (1) magically causing the sun and its warmth to Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images, make a turn-around and (2) selling tickets to our linked festival, the annual Chowder-Fest. Proceeds from Resume / Cv Set 01 this very warming festival go 100% to a nonprofit that helps those in need, Wellspring. Word is that tickets have sold well. 2 Color Royalty-Free! Warm hearts from Hingham are coming over.

We're hoping to Office Templates Free, have HW2 back up by dusk today. This is just cold science and technology at work, no magical or other mysterious causality. Stay tuned for Images, Royalty-Free updates, and some further calculations of the techie parameter, 'availability', for each of our two machines, HW1 and HW2. Office Resume Templates » Resume Templates Open Office Free! The first of these is running fine as of this moment. We hope to have this update ready by Monday afternoon (1/29). Wizard's Corner #13.5, 11 January 2007.

Try this, without using your 'pocket calculator': add 7,785,040 (KWh) to 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, 2, 240,215 (KWh). Notice, you couldn't resist testing out a left-to-right way of adding, rather than dutifully doing those 'carry the Wonderful Format, One', c. That's how you and your calculator are different -- it only goes one way. At last report, our pair of turbines had put out a total of 9,962,417 KWh, some 37,500 or so under the Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, ten-million mark. Today's report is something else again. We hit the 10-million this week. I recall our celebration at Bridgeman's restaurant, on the 5th of March 2005.

Back in spring of 2005 someone offered a champagne toast Hey, our 5 million mark is Wonderful Inspiration Simple Format exciting -- imagine how excited we'll be when we hit 10 million ! Words to Pie Chart Images,, that effect. But look how long it took to reach that 5-million mark -- 1164 days. The second 5 million took just 677 days -- of course 254 of these days saw both machines running, including our new more-double capacity machine ! Yes, let's not overlook 'bumps in Inspiration Simple the road'. We've had 16 days of Pie Chart Stock down time on HW2, all of Do Not Disturb Hanger Template. Items Similar Door them late last year. We have a severe policy here, severe and scientific: 'no mercy'. We calculate CF's as if down-time could never occur. Since things can't go wrong, score them so they hurt your CF at the max. Invented here in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Hull: Humpty Murphy. HW1 has had a total of some 13 days of Office Resume » Resume Templates Open Office unavailability -- 10 for warranteed exchange of gearbox and generator and another 3 to replace a lightning-arrestor part after a summer lightning storm in spring of 2006. But put it all together now: We've had full 'availability' from 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images our machines on all-but-23-days. The basis is 1841 + 254 days.

So our merciless way of Resume + Cover Letter Set 01 calculating gives us right near 99% average 'availability' Check it out -- you probably don't need to use your pocket calculator here either, and you can indulge in left-to-right arithmetic again. Humpty meets switch-back. Invented in Hull, where almost nothing is 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors straightforward. Ask Phil Lemnios, our returning Wizard of Hull. Wizard's Corner #13.0, 8 January 2007.

Hurray ! The Vestas repair crew was here the Complete Guide Event Evaluation Process Free, first two working days in 2 Color Pie Chart & Vectors the new year, and got us back up and running -- at 100% of its previous level of Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats functioning -- early in the morning on Friday, 5 January. They did repairs on 2 Color Stock, the insulation immediately adjacent to one of the 'taps' on the in-the-nacelle transformer. Our replacement transformer is on Fact Issued After, order, and will be shipped from Denmark (we estimate) sometime in 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the coming month or two. Fact After | Daily! To be installed when the days are longer. Temps may be warmer too, though those record-breaking highs we've seen recently helped make the repairs easier. 2 Color Pie Chart Images,! [In the bigger picture, of course, global warming is a problem for the whole extended family. Fact Sheets Issued | Daily! HW2 and 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors HW1 are doing their part in remedying this. And we look forward to HW3 - HW6 doing still more of this helpful work.] Meantime our full functioning HW2 is doing its gentle, quiet delivery. Effective too. Maybe you'll enjoy joining me in Disturb Door Template. Items Similar Door savoring these following particulars: HW2's first hour back in service it averaged 1440 KW (i.e.

1.44 MW) of Stock Images, Royalty-Free output power. Nuclear Issued To Guamanians Threats! Then Saturday morning (the 6th) it never scored under 1 MW from 2 AM till noon, the series of hourly averages reading as follows: 2-3 AM 1.11 MW 3-4 AM 1.10 MW, followed by 1.12, 1.14, 1.23, 1.22, 1.12, 1.15, 1,55 [11.7 m/s windspeeds during the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, hour 10-11 AM], 1.17 (arriving at Nuclear Sheets Issued To Guamanians noon on the 6th). More info soon. I hope to be able to report more details on Pie Chart Images, windspeeds, hourly energy output, wind-directions; it's just a question of getting the output in suitably tidy (=electronic) form, and Inspiration Simple Resume For Freshers getting set up to relay it to you. More info to more folks -- like you right there -- is a happy wizard here. I'm working on getting set up. Just today we got a copy of a special windpower Zoning Bylaw in Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors Fairhaven. It's their Zoning Bylaw Chapt 198-29.5 and has the Your Complete To The Event Process (plus, title Wind Energy Facilities.

Have a look. You can search their pdf for '29.5', at : Quite likely Gov. Patrick and his new energy cabinet officer Mr. Bowles know other towns or cities alongside Scituate and Fairhaven with comparable bylaws in place. Cape Light Compact is Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors working on + Cover Letter Set 01, a model by-law, but we do not know of its adoption as of yet.

Do let us know if you have more info in this line, and we'll relay it via this website. W i zard's Corner #12, 28 December 2006. Alas, HW2 has come up with some trouble (overheating) in one of the Stock Images, & Vectors, three modules in its up-in-the-air transformer. The Vestas maintenance/warranty staff are on the case. They've already placed an order for a replacement module, and are planning to install an Nuclear To Guamanians Threats, interim fix in the coming week, while we await the full-scale replacement. Even as of early today, the 28th, the machine's Capacity Factor has remained above the 20 % mark. If we're not unlucky in the coming week, we'll likely build that magic number higher by Stock Images,, next May 4th, the Complete Process, machine's first birthday. We're still hopeful it'll turn in a first-year CF rating 'right near 27%'. Like a hitter looking to bat .270 for the full year.

Time will tell. There will of course not be costs to the town or to Hull Light for 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors either the repair work or the replacement part. It's under warranty that covers these. Nonetheless, we'll be plenty happy to see the / Cv + Cover, spinner resume its graceful and gentle rotation. Won't you? Stay tuned for further updates, shortly after New Year's Day. Wizard's Corner #11, 18 November 2006.

At a talk in Bourne (Upper Cape Tech), I included this point about the federal tax-deductibility to anyone filing the trusty old Form 1040. I was talking about deducting any voluntary contribution, purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates, during calendar 2006. -- Yes, it goes on Stock Royalty-Free Images, Schedule A, I said, and Resume + Cover Set 01 By Yes, you include it among your listing of Charitable Donations there. Many in my audience raised their hands when I asked them (teasing, of course) how many of you remember the Form 1040, and Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors its Schedule A, and the line for charitable contributions?. Your Guide! I might as well have asked a rider on the Green Line of MB TA 'does anyone know the way from the Kenmore Square stop to Fenway park?', or 'has anyone heard of the World Champion Boston Red Sox'? Our aim at 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors Hull Light was to have Hull Wind 2 up and running by Thanksgiving of 2005.

That was not to be, but it had already been spinning and generating robust quantities of energy and Do Not Template. Similar To Wedding Door capacity for 68 days by the time we held our celebratory Ribboncutting on July 22, 2006. As of Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors today, 197 days after going online on May 4, 2006 HW2 has produced more energy than HW1 had done in its entire first year. And this was in the low-wind part of the year. But we must be fair to both, if we set up a comparison between them. We require it of ourselves to make any of our comparisons clearly and scientifically (wizard work demands nothing less). We need to maintain rigor and fairness in our comparisons of production(s) at HW1 and HW2. The good concept 'Capacity Factor' does much of the needed controlling here: only compare a 660 KW machine with an Letter, 1800 KW machine after factoring in a discounting or scaling ratio of 660:1800. Further, don't allow yourself to compare a May-November stretch of run-time to a stretch that goes round-the-calendar for nearly a full 5 years. As of today, the CF of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors HW1 stands at 26.5 (so to be reported on our Homepage), and that for HW2 stands at 19.4. If we want to do some prognosticating toward the 4 May 2007 date when HW2 will have had a full 365 consecutive days, we are well advised to assume an average CF for this machine -- just over this 168 day stretch of future time -- somewhere very near 34.5%. Do note this down, and see if we arrive at an overall CF as of next May 4 (predicted here and now) right near 27%. [Please don't report us to Dicaearchus, the friend of Nuclear Fact Sheets Plato who said planning for futures as if they were something really known is foolish, the future itself being -- as of Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors now -- the very picture of non-entity!].

National recognition came yet again to Fact After, us in Hull when this month's annual awards were announced from US Dept of Energy and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors the American Public Power Association. Do Not Disturb Hanger Template. Items To Wedding! Hull sent a representative to San Antonio in early November to bring home the 2 Color Stock Images, APPA plaque. Hull beat out finalist Sacramento Muni Utility District (SMUD), in a run-off that brings us as much pride as the Templates » Resume Open, Sox defeating the Yankees. Not that Sacto is Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors Evil or Imperial, just that they have been national leaders for decades (see the heroic stature they have in the John O'Connor Dan Berman book, Who Owns the Sun?). You expect SMUD to be 10 games in Nuclear | Daily front at All-Star break, unless some upstarts from the greater Fenway region challenge them successfully. SMUD had as its chief executive the distinguished energy expert and 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors renewables champion S. David Freeman. [see our Wind News page, 18 Nov 06 entry.] This same man David Freeman is now starring in the documentary movie Who Killed the Electric Car?.

He had presided over the decommissioning, decades ago now, of many of the Resume Open Free | Best, TVA's nuclear reactors. He was part of the energy Brains Trust at the Jimmy Carter White House. Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images! He had a fleet of 28 electric vehicles running at SMUD 10 years ago now. To Guamanians | Daily! Just watch, California, with SMUD in Stock the lead, will probably orchestrate the national swing back to such intelligent behavior, starting soon. Nuclear Fact After Threats | Daily! There is politics here, of 2 Color Stock Images course, and Organizational Structure On Pinterest Freeman has been wily about this. Friendly to Jimmy Carter, Mario Cuomo and Al Gore -- but deeply unfriendly to the Bush-Cheney 'Oiligarchs'. He once said to an Audubon publication: I want to put Exxon out of business. 2 Color & Vectors! Imagine that.

In Quincy the suggestion has come up that they name their first two windturbines 'John' and 'Abigail', and set them to competing. If things go well at Door Template. Similar one of the three leading locations in Quincy, QW1 will be up and running by summer of Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors 2007, and Your Guide To The Event Process QW2 (and maybe QW3 also?) before Thanksgiving of 2008. This way Quincy beats out 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, Hingham, Cohasset, Scituate and Plymouth, to say nothing of Simple Resume 5 Simple wind-rich Eastham and Provincetown. Both Abigail and John will be in a position to 2 Color Stock & Vectors, say to all these would-be competitors: you have to Sheets Issued Threats | Daily, raise your CF's above Zero, and do this soon, or you'll bring discredit on our slow-moving Commonwealth. After all, our northeast leaders would never have felt easy about 2 Color Images, Texas being our Nation's leader in / Cv + Cover Set 01 By windpower generation, even if they could accept California's being #2. Massachusetts stands, as of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors this writing, in the lowest quartile of the USA's states in Best 20+ Business Organizational Ideas On Pinterest this. Also, the bottom in spending on public higher education; who knows, these two may be correlated ? Perhaps the Pie Chart Images,, new Patrick-Murray team will set us on the road to remedying all this. It was just announced yesterday that Lt.-Governor Elect Tim Murray has been awarded the Complete Guide To The Free, 'most valuable player' award by Mass Energy, our Commonwealth's leading force in stimulating renewables.

Bravo Murray, Bravo Patrick. 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! If he doesn't watch out, Gov. Patrick will be next year's winner of this award ! A little abstract thought on Wizardry Itself. Do Not Hanger Template. Items Similar Door! Pythagoras is the patron saint of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images us wizards. Well, fellow devotees, our favorite insight drawn from that ancient wizard may be the pair of ideas (1) the / Cv + Cover Letter By, power of any of us human wizards is 2 Color Stock Images, Images ridiculously small, and (2) we must continually go public with illustrations of this near-total powerlessness, especially when we come to Do Not Disturb Door Template. Items Similar To Wedding, find out we've been dead wrong. Newton, our modern hero, wrote very late in his life: [I have been] only a boy playing on the seashore. . .now and Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors then finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me. Best Organizational On Pinterest! Can't you imagine an inspired man in Cambridge today writing something similar? For example the wizard of huge accomplishments Len Tower? I can imagine this. Kurt Keville can also, who chances to know where Len is physically.

Speaking for Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images myself now, -- a man gigawatts lower in rated wizard-power than any of these gurus or heroes: I now go public in declaring for myself a serious unwisdom, -- when I scolded [in Wizard's Corner #9] the Mass. Renewable Energy Trust for being unable to let us federal taxpayers deduct purchases of MassEnergy's Renewable Energy Certificates. Wonderful! I was entirely wrong in 2 Color Stock Images & Vectors claiming that last June. The fact is that we are now entitled to such a deduction, - on our IRS Form 1040, Schedule A (Charitable Contributions). The proof: see the following letter, with an April 2005 taxpayer clicking his heels in delight.

You may want to email Mass Energy or the Simple Resume 5 Simple, MTC to ask about your own 2004 purchases. Meantime, praises to the MTC, and to Mass Energy -- including from Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors this unwise Wizard ! News about Hull Wind 2: There is every likelihood that we in Hull will be installing our second turbine, -- this one a 1.8 MW Vestas V-80 -- before Thanksgiving. That's their machine with an 80-meter rotor diameter. We will get it up by Thanksgiving if we make a self-imposed deadline of April 14, 2005 to Disturb Template. Items Similar Door, send Vestas our downpayment [we have this in Royalty-Free Images the bank now], along with our formal notice to proceed on the V-80 we ordered last summer. Where, you ask? Some colleagues from Hingham asked the same question, and retained a lawyer to challenge our right to site it atop our landfill adjacent to Geo. Best 20+ Business On Pinterest! Washington Blvd.

Their challenge did not succeed in blocking us, as an official letter from Stock Images, & Vectors Romney's EOEA Secretary Herzfelder of Your Complete Guide Event Evaluation Process (plus Free 18 March 2005 confirmed decisively. In Europe [where nobody shudders at the word Kyoto] there are many installations of precisely this sort, all performing nicely, designed by these same people. This seems to be what convinced the EOEA that it is a sound and safe design, so they had no reason to perform any further review. I won't attach a full graphic copy of that official letter, but it is publicly available now, and Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors its top part looks exactly like this: How does one manage the engineering, standing a multi-ton piece of gently vibrating hardware atop a capped landfill? It will appear to Simple Format 5 Simple, rest on the crest of that soft agglomeration of waste material, but will not really depend on its support.

More than 70 tubular shafts, precisely specified by experienced engineers in Denmark, will be placed [carefully of course] all the way down to bedrock, thus not requiring any real support from the 2 Color Stock Images & Vectors, actual landfill material. We did the borings, and 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas the good New England granite is down there to make the device stand firm and Images, Images proud. Maybe we're jumping to Guide Evaluation Process (plus Free, conclusions (careful, Mr. Wizard !), but it looks to us like Scituate and Hingham right near Hull, Quincy not so far away - and New Bedford or Manomet or Mattapoissett-Marion-Rochester further away -- might also qualify for similar exemption from fail-safe review by this Massachusetts state office. Let us know here at Pie Chart Stock Images, what you think. We're not hard to reach. By the way, Hull Wind 1 has been cranking away quietly and gently, and passed the 5,000,000 KWh mark before the Office Resume Open Free | Best, end of Pie Chart Royalty-Free February. Guide Event Evaluation (plus Free! We had a Hulleleuia party here, as you may have heard. I remember it vividly, the morning I cried out at 2 Color Stock Images, Images & Vectors a solemn meeting of the National Park Service people in downtown Boston: this man is 20+ Business a millionaire! [I was pointing at John MacLeod].

It was a roundabout way of saying John's HULL WIND 1 machine has just this morning achieved its millionth KWh delivered to our municipal grid. 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images! I felt like a millionaire too. Today I feel like John and I could give away a million, and have two-million left - because over this past weekend HW1 passed the 4-million mark! Hulleleuia !! Here's a back-of-envelope way of sizing this up, and getting a handle on Nuclear Fact Issued After, the approximate economics. Suppose (which is Stock accurate) the Do Not Door Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door, value to us at the Light Department of each of those KWh's is what we'd otherwise have paid for it on 2 Color Stock Images, & Vectors, the open market - 8 cents. Suppose further that such extra costs as normally come along (insurance, warranty/maintenance, allowance for money-overhead) are things we can recover via the pair of Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door 'bonus' payments, i.e. the REPI's and the REC's.

Then we have realised somewhere over $320,000 to put against Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, our $735,000 total investment. It should be halfway to being entirely paid back before the Resume / Cv Set 01, end of its third year, at this rate. And think of the value of the bragging rights on top of this. Civic pride, in other words. Our project has netted 7 awards, three of Images, Images them national, and we've been able to host groups from all over our Commonwealth, many coming by boat, docking at the pier only 120 meters from the turbine itself. On June 10th it was a boatful of 170 Sixth Graders from Medford.

People have been talking a lot recently about one of Nuclear Fact Issued our favorite concepts here at Hullwind: Capacity Factor. It's like a batting average. A hitter who says I'm hitting 281 means that you can expect him to get a hit 281 times in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images every 1000 at-bats. This is the same as 28.1 percent of the total at-bats. A turbine that can say my CF is Templates » Resume Templates Open Office Free 28.1 % is 2 Color Pie Chart Images basing its claim on Your Complete Guide Evaluation Process (plus Free, its particular rated maximum power, in our case 660 KW.

This means you can easily calculate an average-power number for Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images us just multiplying 0.281 times our 660. We've averaged a little over 185 KW, on a 24/7 basis (no 'holidays', not a minute left out of account, not even the hours of preventive maintenance!). Wonderful Resume 5 Simple! The clock started at 14:45 EST on 27 Dec, 2001, so as of today we've been running 899 days. If we can get keep up a pace not less than 27.5 % (summer will be weak, but fall strong), we'll get to the final day of our first 3 years with 4,770,000 KWh's. Let's hope for a very strong fall and Images, Images & Vectors a not-so-weak summer! On a less encouraging note, that MTC-RET promise of a new IRS benefit to Massachusetts ratepayers: still not in place. Despite their announcing the favorable IRS letter-ruling back in October of Inspiration Simple Resume Format 2001, it now begins to look chancy whether, in April of 2005, they can help the Federal government get some of those tax-dollars returned to us in Images, Images & Vectors Massachusetts. You might want to ask them: how many more years are you planning to spend, converting this bright promise of 2001 into an actual cash benefit? Did you know when you announced it in 2001 that it might take you five years just to Nuclear Sheets | Daily, say 'yes' to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock, the IRS?

On the Door Hanger Template. To Wedding, windpower side, this same RET has an unimpressive record. Its Executive Director said to a newspaper on the 10th of July 2000: We see wind as being the priority. [ask them if the Wizard doesn't have this footnote right] It now looks that they won't have their first KWh until sometime in 2005. It's hard to 2 Color Stock, build much of Templates Templates Open Free | Best a batting average until you've got yourself into the batter's box. So far they're only as close as the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, on-deck circle.) Here's an Door Items Similar Door, upbeat note to end on: On July 27th 120 or so Delegates from all over the country are scheduled to sail over to Hull.

They'll be coming from the Democratic National Convention, as part of the Wind Waves event organised by the good people at Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Conventions. Hull CARE is a member. They'll be sailing over on the elegant Voyager III catamaran, run by Boston Harbor Express. Congressman Bill Delahunt helped make the arrangements. Stock Royalty-Free Images! Who knows, we may attract a very big name.

We plan to give everyone. aboard - you don't have to be an Al Gore or a Carol Browner or the Guide Event Process Free, newly picked candidate for VP - a button. It'll say something like Hulleleuia ! I visited the Hull windmill, July 27, 2004. A keeper. Just today we're completing month #27 of running our Vestas machine.

There's a bit of news to report. First, the 2 Color Stock Images,, long retrospective look: we've asked a lot of our machine this past 825 days, both on Resume 5 Simple, performance and on transparency to you our e-readers. It's as if, all those months back we at Pie Chart Hull Light had asked of an Simple Format, employee we were about to Pie Chart Stock Images, Images, hire: We'll be expecting you to produce, good faithful servant, on Office Templates » Resume Templates Open | Best, average 178 kilowatt-hours (each worth a dime to Images, Images & Vectors, your bosses here) - per hour. You'll be expected to work (so long as the wind is there) 24/7, so every hour will be logged and counted. We want your average production to be worth at least $17.80 to Your Guide Evaluation (plus Free, us, per hour No scheduled vacation days, we could have continued our warning, like the Christmases of 2002 or 2003, or the New Years' of 2002, 2003, 2004. Even the 2 Color Pie Chart, hours we've planned in Preventive Maintenance won't be dropped out of our severe accounting. Also, you should understand that your performance, like a batting-average, will be reported out on a daily basis via the Web. Now let's hear from Your Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation Free this wondrous worker, looking back on his first 825 days: I've delivered to you over $18 worth of your required output, and you can tell all your e-friends out there in cyberland about it. Now for the bit of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images news: this past month, unlike every one of the Your Complete Free, 26 months preceding, the availability-rating of Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors our dutiful servant fell below 96%. Not to Nuclear To Guamanians After Threats | Daily, say we harsh taskmasters forgave a single hour of Stock this month's down-time.

No, it was 30 hours of true down-time. Here's what happened: early on Evacuation Day 2004 (a.k.a. March 17th) the machine shut down and sent a FAX to the Hull Light office logging the » Resume Open | Best, failure. John MacLeod went to inspect. A circuit-breaker in the ground-level equipment had popped open. John manually closed it. It immediately popped open again. John decided at Stock Images, Images & Vectors once (a) to / Cv + Cover Letter By, avoid doing anything further and (b) to phone our nearest Vestas maintenance crew. They were in full electronic contact with the (temporarily ailing) machine within minutes, and Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images two of them promised to be out at the turbine before dusk. They were, and they worked that evening and Office Resume » Resume Templates Office Free the following morning to nail down their diagnosis.

Net result: before dusk the 2 Color Images & Vectors, following day, our dutiful Vestas machine was up and running, delivering its customary 24/7 services and customary hourly average of $17-plus of very-marketable goods to us. You'd think it had been embarrassed at Do Not Door Template. Items Similar To Wedding having to have that day of rest ! What had failed? Not the generator, just a circuit-board in the control circuitry. 2 Color Pie Chart Images & Vectors! Vestas had been at the ready -- in Door Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door case some more serious fault had occurred, to Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, ship us a replacement generator, under a new warranty, given a 'worst-case' scenario. But no, the replacement circuit-board was all that was necessary. So the net outcome for Nuclear After Threats our dutiful servant was this: its record now shows an overall up-time average a bit above 99.6% Our severe rules of accounting (one might call them inverse-Andersen), and our transparency gets this message out to the whole e-connected world. No, our first 825 days have not been perfect in machine availability, but they've been less than a percentage point from it.

We're taking a page take a page out of the recent book about our hardworking Brother, Paul O'Neill: Yes, it hasn't been 100%; but 'Truth is best - always best. The principle is transparency.' (p. 206) Prospects for Hull Wind #2: Fifteen days from now (15 Apr, 13:00), bids will be opened at the Hull Light offices, for the machine now under RFP. This was duly sent out, logged in the Commonwealth's registry of public bids. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free! And this: each of three manufacturers (four if you count separately the two who have very recently merged) will be bidding. That will in turn enable our Board to host public meetings, on both April 22, 2004 (our regular monthly Light Board meeting will be entirely dedicated to this public presentation) and again on the morning of + Cover April 24th, a Saturday. These meetings will have the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images, advantage of knowing what bids have been received. Following those two public meetings, and following further notices both in ratepayers' regular monthly billings and in Disturb Door Hanger Items Door the local newspapers and on local cable TV, the Annual Town Meeting, set for 2 Color Images & Vectors May 3, 2004, will vote on an article concerning this.

It is now prepared for the Warrant. Its gist is, Whether to put up an on-land Hull Wind #2, and To The Event Evaluation Free whether to 2 Color Images, Images, accept the Light Board's recommended siting. Your Guide To The Evaluation Free! This requires a majority vote of all citizens present. Stock & Vectors! By the following week, if we have a Yes vote, the Light Department will likely accept one of the bids. Your Event Process (plus! Lots of process, good clean process.

Democracy at 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images work, good clean democracy. Maybe it's even worth exporting. Letter! You can't say the Pie Chart Images & Vectors, same for some of what passes for democracy these days. It won’t be long now. Best Ideas! Hull Light’s RFP for “Hull Wind 2” is ready to be mailed out to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors, vendors this coming week, bids due back by second week in April. We will be calling for bids to supply a machine in the 1.5 Megawatt class. Before our May 3d Town Meeting, ratepayers will have received mailings from the Light Dept., will have been invited again to Disturb Door Hanger Template. Similar, give public input into the process of decision, as promised last fall. To be determined by 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, a townwide vote in early May: whether to go forward now with a second turbine, and if so, which on-land site in town is the preferred one. In recent weeks there have been ongoing discussions at Resume + Cover the Light Department’s public meetings, about Hull’s playing host to North America’s first multi-megawatt offshore windturbine. Exploratory work has already begun on pre-development tasks, such as permitting, legal research and assessing the interest of manufacturers in some sort of collaborative arrangement. The general idea is for the town to benefit from sales of both energy and renewable energy certificates, the manufacturer to benefit from the installation of an RD test-bed for this new scale of hardware, operating at Pie Chart Stock & Vectors the non-European frequency of 60Hz.

Welcome to our newest visitors to the website (the hit-counter now registers over 42,200 in the past 10 months since we began counting). Bridgewater State College (MA); CDM Corp. (water systems); Dairyland Power Cooperative (WI/MN); Florida Power Light Co.; Good Harbor Fillets (Gloucester); IBM New York; Industrial Info (Energy); Industry Canada; Iowa State Computing Dept; Kennedy Schl of Government (Harvard); King Abdulaziz Sci Tech (Saudi Arabia); Kodak USA; Navy Marine Corps Intranet; Newnan Light Water (Georgia); Nordblom Company (real estate); Northampton College (UK); Pfizer; Prentice Hall Publishers; Ridgefield Public Schools (CT); Secondary Marketing Executive; Telekom of Austria; Town of Hopkinton (MA); Town of Weymouth; U of Georgia Institute of Ecology; U of To The Event (plus Manchester Inst. of Sci. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors! Technol.; U of Manitoba (Library); U.S. Wonderful Simple Resume Format! Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria; United Nations; University College Dublin (Ireland). Let nobody tell us ‘s visitors are just another 42,000 ho-hum souls. A net-metering story in Hull. A few weeks ago I went past a certain Mr.

C’s house in Hull, where Hull Light has put in a new Siemens meter of a subtle type. You can easily see it from Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images his front sidewalk. Its LED screen cycles through a series of digital readouts, one of them called “POS”, one “NEG”. Wonderful Inspiration Resume Format! What does this mean? The “POS” is KWh’s Hull Muni Light has sold Mr. C. and the “NEG” is KWh’s he’s sold us. His home-grown energy comes from the PV installation on his south-facing roof. The concept “Net Metering” gets a new life right here, for all but the near-sighted to see.

Many of 2 Color Pie Chart Images us have been checking into the rules of the ‘sell-back’ arrangements (up to 60 KW max.), which say to the enterprising citizen: Go ahead, your local retailer will sell you electric energy (positive from the power company’s point of Office Resume Free view), but when you’re producing from your local source, you’ll automatically have sold them back – and at the same price! Your number of produced units is simply subtracted, one for one, from the total you’d otherwise owe us [Hull Light in this case]. Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! You pay only for the net number. Bravo to Mr. Do Not Template. Similar To Wedding! C. of Hull, who sells back on a level playing field.

If I get his permission, I’ll give out Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, his street address (he’s told a few friends he doesn’t mind citizens strolling by Door Hanger, and playing meter-reader). Matter of 2 Color Royalty-Free Images fact it was his decision to make this meter easy to see from the public walkway in front of his house. Your citizen viewpoint (mine too!) might have you rooting for Mr. C. and his home team, accentuating the positive in that “NEG” reading, eliminating the Office » Resume Templates Free, negative in Pie Chart Images the “POS”. Department of What-if. Suppose, a year from now, you’re preparing your Form 1040 for Resume + Cover Set 01 By calendar year 2004, and you’re wondering if you can include an IRS-approved deduction (Charitable deduction, Sched. A). Very likely – according to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors, something a fellow wizard whispered to Complete Process (plus, us recently – it’ll have been approved since late April 2004, that the 2 Color Stock & Vectors, answer is YES. 20+ Business Organizational On Pinterest! This is another way our trusty Federal Government (with an assist, by April 2004, from our Commonwealth’s MTC) – can level the playing field.

Rather than keep up the robust level of subsidies to fossil fuel industries, while leaving renewables very lightly supported – this will be the IRS saying “you good citizens who’ve paid out your hard earned after-tax money to acquire Renewable Energy Certificates, can count on us at the IRS to chip in”. Is this not welcome (even if what-if) news? We may have to revoke our fellow wizard’s license to 2 Color Royalty-Free, practice, if this turns out to be a baseless rumor. Stay tuned for more news about which turbine manufacturers respond to Office » Resume Office | Best, our RFP. As soon as our townspeople have been notified, this Corner will put it on Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free, the web. Our motto here is ‘go public’. Tax time is coming again, my fellow citizens. In case you reside in Wonderful Inspiration Simple Resume 5 Simple For Freshers the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (nickname 'Taxachusetts'), you might want to Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, follow up on this question of Sheets To Guamanians After | Daily your Schedule A deductions.

I mean whatever you paid out in 2003 for 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free Green Tags, Renewable Energy Certificates - green power. Remember, our Mass. Door Hanger Similar Door! Technology Collaborative was charged, over 2 years ago now, with setting up the local-IRS conditions to conform to IRS code, on our behalf. Want to test this out? Speak to your accountant, or to the MTC, or to the Gandhi's ghost (Lord Buckley admired his legally trained mind, and willingness to do time in 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free jail. He called him The Hip Gan). Or H.D. Thoreau, hip to the Massachusetts drumbeat.

Back in the mid-19th century, when Thoreau was writing admiring words about our good sauntering places in Hull, Harry Tudor of Nahant was writing in his diary about To The (plus Free, his salt manufacture here, out at Windmill Point (yes, his favorite point already had that name because of the windmill that had preceded his own of 2 Color Stock Images, 1830). It seems like the Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation Process (plus, Brits, then rulers of the sea and at least as imperial as Tony Blair is today, thought they could tax us ex-colonists on salt. 2 Color Stock Images! We had to go to them for it, they figured, nevermind our declared independence. Harry and his brother Frederic (two Harvard youngsters, military age about the time of the Brits were burning down parts of Washington), preferred not to Do Not Disturb Door Template. Items Similar, depend on Images, & Vectors, Britain for salt, and not to submit to their tax-collecting habits either. Let's make our own Yankee salt, they said. Nuclear To Guamanians After! Hull native Dennis Means dug out the handwritten materials at the library of Harvard Business school. Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free! The B School may be as proud of Nuclear Fact Issued After our Hullonian brothers as we are!

Today, Hull Light is taking steps to & Vectors, get an article on the Town Meeting warrant, to Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers, ask about pumping saltwater from our plentiful Mass. Bay and converting it (with locally produced energy) to 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, the pair of products, brine (Harry T. called it 'pickle'), plus fresh drinking water. A desal plant, it's now called. We've had lots of encouragement from Event (plus our Town (despite a few dissenting voices - Hull's a democracy, as we're often reminded). The U.S. Dept of Energy has said encouraging words. They've even wondered aloud if we might want to produce three products, not just two.

That same home-grown electrical energy could, they've told us, subdivide some of our fresh water, into Oxygen and Hydrogen. Images & Vectors! The Oxygen can be directly used at our wastewater treatment plant (expensive 'peroxide', is Template. Similar used to combat odors, but can be replaced by directly-fed O(2)) - but the hydrogen would be the 2 Color Stock & Vectors, more interesting part. Where are the hydrogen-powered vehicles? Henry Ford, when people told him but there are no gas stations, Henry - and no roads either came back like Henry Tudor. Inveniemus viam, aut faciemus, 'the road to hydrogen cars: either we'll find it, or we'll build it. Ask Andy Stern if this wasn't what he did 14 or so years ago now. He was an electrical engineering major at Worcester Poly, and people said to » Resume | Best, him, Andy, you can't drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Lansing, MI (1650 miles) using only 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors sunlight for After Threats fuel - you don't have a car that'll do this. Andy built his own car, raced it, drove all that way to Michigan with his team. In the process he won the 2 Color Pie Chart, personal admiration of Office Resume » Resume Open Free | Best -- guess who? -- the CEO of General Motors, Bob Stempel (himself a WPI grad).

Ask Andy about the particulars; it was patriotic work. Here's a snippet from the handwritten diary of Henry Tudor, salt (and ice) manufacturer in Royalty-Free Hull: Wizard's Corner #5. 6 January 2004. These above are some of our more recent visitors to Keep on checking in, as there's lots that's new. Howie Carr's AM talk-radio show dealt with windpower on Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats, or off the Massachusetts shores, and he said there were so many callers he'd have to schedule a follow-up show on Stock Royalty-Free, this topic. Next time maybe we can get him to Do Not Disturb Template. To Wedding, capture (for AM broadcast) our audio from the Ribboncutting event of 29 June 2002.

The four sounds you can hear (Wizard has pointed this out), are (1) the 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, gentle 'whoosh, whoosh' of the turbine's blades over Mr. O'Connor's head, (amplified by his PA system), (2) the applause of us in Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation Process (plus the crowd, (3) his own voice, overpowering our applause, and (4) the airplane that chanced to fly overhead - drowning out all the Stock Royalty-Free Images, other sounds combined! Why not ask Howie if he'll put these sounds out on his radio waves, next time he covers this topic? He could put a challenge to his listeners -- especially to those who want to say that modern turbines are noisy. See if your ears can pick up that low 'whoosh' sound, even after the PA system has amplified it. Just like Howie to Wonderful Resume Format 5 Simple, put out that challenge, right? What you'll hear mostly, dear Listener, is your compatriots from eastern Mass. applauding loudly, both for Hull Wind 1 and for Commissioner O'Connor's praises of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images it! There's still more to applaud here in Hull now that our sweet swingin' spinner has brought the town roughly $300,000 of gross revenues - not counting the $9,960.00 check Larry Chretien and his Mass Energy organization brought by at Event (plus our 2d birthday party, and not counting the roughy $10,000 he's due to bring us about 60 days from now, for the 'Renewable Energy Certificates' we've earned on top of 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images that revenue. It's like bonus points, for harvesting this energy locally and with zero emissions.

In round numbers, we can expect $10,000 each quarter, for the coming 4 years, just from these marketable 'bonus' points. So, suppose someone could actually HEAR that whooshing sound, he might say to himself sounds like a gentle giant turning the Complete Evaluation Process (plus Free, crank on our local money-printing machine. That'd be a good New England way of taking the sting out of it - if there were any sting there in the first place. Dept. of What-if: what if the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, IRS had written an agency in Massachusetts a 'letter ruling', saying that, on certain not-so-difficult conditions, those who help out Items Similar To Wedding Door, our Nation by purchasing these 'bonus points' in our State - can deduct the 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, costs on their Schedule A, four months from Office » Resume Templates Free | Best now? You might want to 2 Color Pie Chart Images,, ask the MTC in Westborough if they got such a letter, sometime prior to late-October of 2001. And if they did, what have they been doing since they announced this in late 2001 -- to satisfy the conditions, and get this Federal money to flow to our Commonwealth its citizens?

Why not ask them? Another choice is to go the route of citizen Thoreau of Concord. If he'd had an IRS to Disturb Template. Items Similar To Wedding Door, deal with, you know what he'd have said to them. Try out your skills in geometry on this one: what would you estimate to be the ROTOR DIAMETER of Stock & Vectors that 4-armed windmill pumping seawater into salt-drying vats in Yarmouth in Wonderful Resume the 1890's - assuming the square-yards of all the four blades comes to 26 sq. yds. Hull Wizard estimates that the four (roughly rectangular) canvas-covered blades are each twice as long, along the rotor's diameter, as they are wide. One or two more assumptions gets us the following approximate figure. An individual arm (i.e. the rotor's radius) is roughly 6 yds. Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images! long. Complete To The Event Evaluation! This would mean a rotor-diameter of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images about 36 ft. of rotor diameter. Compared to our V-47, with 47 meters of rotor diameter, the diameter is about a quarter the Complete Evaluation (plus Free, size. Do you agree? The book by Kurlansky Salt, a world history preserved that 1890s Yarmouth picture, and we've put it together with a history of Cohasset.

Look at all the Pie Chart & Vectors, effort to Complete To The Event Evaluation Process, get rid of (evaporate) the fresh water and get rid of it - to harvest the 2 Color Pie Chart Images,, salt. Fact Issued | Daily! They also burned wood to heat vats (near Salina and Syracuse NY) to chase away the fresh water. 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors! Today we want to hold onto the water and reject the salt. The open ocean, especially with diffusers distributing it carefully, has plenty of capacity for Ideas On Pinterest these small quantities of byproduct salt. Are there markets for 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free selling the by-product salt? Some research is ongoing on Fact After Threats, this. Stay tuned. Wizard's Corner #4, 22 December 2003.

Have you heard, we passed the 3-million KWh mark? That was early in the day on 12 December. We sent out an e-transmitted Drum-Roll far and wide, and expect that we'll have cleared the 3.1 million mark by the 27th - the Stock Images, Images, time of our machine's 2nd birthday. Stop and think about this because your town could reap similar benefits by doing something similar. Try this two-step thought experiment, with your town or city in the back of your mind: (1) suppose each one of those KWh's was completely Unmarketable as an Issued After Threats, ordinary commodity.

This is just a thought-experiment -- in truth each one has been quite marketable, and not one of them 'sat on the shelf' more than a few microseconds from the moment of generation till they were sold, at roughly a dime. Think of this as all zeroed out for the purposes of this thought-experiment (maybe we gave them all away to our friends in Quincy). Images, Royalty-Free! (2) now calculate the value, in Do Not Door Hanger To Wedding Door our socially-responsible Commonwealth, of the Renewable Energy Certificates, what you might call the 'emissionlessness bonus points' - which are marketable in a fully separate market. Today these sell wholesale for 2 Color around 3 cents per Templates Open Office, KWh. That's $90,000 for the whole set of 3 million. Now add in Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the federal incentive, today rated at about 1.8 cents per KWh, and you'll find it hard to settle for a mere 'break-even' result, as many of our friends thought we'd be forced to Inspiration Format, do. Pie Chart Images & Vectors! Too busy saving our rate-payers and citizens tidy sums of real money. Now let's add a future-looking step. Best Structure! Suppose that Hull Wind 2 is 1500/660ths as powerful as Hull Wind 1, and by Stock Images,, mid-2004 it is Nuclear Fact After doing its part, generating at a steady 26% CF, quietly and 2 Color Stock emissionlessly. Then, even continuing (like fools) to give away the underlying commodity for Organizational Structure free -- this time to friends in Hingham we'll say - the only things we're now thinking about Stock Royalty-Free, being able to sell is the REC's. We can pay for all of Sheets Threats | Daily our town's streetlighting, just from Stock Images this 'bonus' revenue by itself.

Any reason for Resume / Cv Letter believing this program of bonuses won't be cancelled in the near future? Mass Energy Consumers Alliance either has signed or is soon to sign long-term contracts with us in Hull to buy all of our REC output. Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! We do have to keep producing the Office Resume » Resume Templates Open Office Free, raw KWh's, whose by-product is these REC's. So what town or city do you come from? Every one of these following have been asking detailed questions of us: Truro, Eastham, Orleans, Barnstable, Chatham, Bourne, New Bedford, Manomet, Plymouth, Marshfield, Scituate, Peddocks Island, Hingham, Quincy, Deer Island [recently some very detailed questions here], Winthrop, Revere, Peabody, Marblehead, Nahant and Ipswich. If you live in one of Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors those towns, some of which have wind regimes at least as good as Hull's - why not run a calculation? If you live elsewhere (Newton, say, or Wayland or Wellesley), why not ask Mass Energy or another marketer of REC's to explain how coastal windpower can be a part of your future?

Here are some of government and NGO visitors to in Nuclear Sheets Issued Threats recent months: Coming soon: a human story about Stock Images, Images & Vectors, Mr. Format For Freshers! C. of 2 Color Images, & Vectors Hull and his new 'net metered' PV -- in Hull. Wizard's Corner #3, 12 December 2003. Drumroll please! Our three-millionth KWh was delivered sometime last night, from Hull Wind 1 to the Hull municipal grid.

At 8 cents per Best, kWh : 3,000,000 kWhs X $0.08/kWh = $240,000.00 SAVINGS . The strong majority of our town (straw vote of 4 December, 8 days ago now) might just urge us on to install Hull Wind 2. Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Wizard's Corner #2: 8 December 2003. Not everyone would take this as a challenge, but we do here at Wizard's Corner. A new group has sprouted up, calling itself 'Windstop', which intends to stop as much windpower installation as possible, near Nantucket or near Toledo. They drop the name Hull in Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors the course of using their website to incite uninformed and emotional aversion to wind turbines. More names later.

Not too late to visit, even if your name is Best 20+ Business Structure later than Worcester Polytech. They've (of course) also visited already, many times, like RPI and MIT. Oz-wise the Wizard’s identity remains mysterious, until late-on. Speaking of late-on, I can hardly remember my 65th birthday anymore. Here in Hull I’m by 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors, no means the Wonderful Simple Resume 5 Simple For Freshers, only wizard, though none that I know are as old as myself. Three of them are in any case far more advanced than I am in the deeper darker sciences. To avoid blowing their cover, I’ll be content to reveal only their initials, namely H.S., P.L. and A.L. I’ve often said to people who visit our turbine and are able to Images, Images, have a close look at Wonderful Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers the digital readouts inside, (several streams of data cycle across the little screen in there): in every crowd there’s sure to be one data-freak. 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images! Define this as a person who gladly skips breakfast, so long as tidbits of data are available, preferably on Do Not Disturb Hanger Items Similar, a realtime basis.

No time to get hungry. Soon, probably within a few months now, I hope to be able to report to the little knot of you: “You can now monitor our progress in 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Hull realtime on Door Hanger Items To Wedding Door, your home computer” This will mean visiting the link here at that has been a long time coming, alas. Wizard’s corner believes that it’ll be nearly as exciting to minds like yours as this one: If you can’t find tasty realtime data there, try this one: [The wizards who created these displays used to be called (in the time of Eudemus of Rhodes) “The Muse-inspired, brave, and godlike souls around Pythagoras”.] Coming soon: an excel-formatted listing of hostmarks (we don’t do any of the Federal-style snooping on individuals, but we do take note of a few statistics generalities – the hostmarks of some of 2 Color Images our roughly 2000 visitors per month). Some recent visitors are Harvard Medical School, Williams College, Sioux Rosebud of South Dakota, Dartmouth U, Oak Creek Energy of Your Guide To The Evaluation (plus Free Tehachapi, Dept of Rail Public Transportation (State of VA). These have visited since May.

There are literally scores more on our select list. Stay tuned. Copyright 2006, Hull Wind. All Rights Reserved.

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Treblinka Concentration Camp: History Overview. Treblinka was designed as a Nazi extermination camp in occupied Poland during World War II. The camp, constructed as part of Operation Reinhard, operated between July 1942 and October 1943 during which time approximately 850,000 men, women and children were murdered, including more than 800,000 Jews. Before its liberation by the Allies, the retreating German army liquidated the camp and destroyed whatever evidence remained of the Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free atrocities committed within its fences. For many decades, the only evidence of the horrors that took place at Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued After | Daily Treblinka came from testimonies of Nazi SS-men stationed there as well a few Jewish survivors who were willing to share their stories, but in 2012 forensic archaeologists uncovered previously hidden mass graves at the site that help prove its term as an extermination camp.

Samuel Willenberg, the last of only 67 survivors of the 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images Treblinka extermination camp, passed away in Israel on Resume Templates » Resume Templates Open Office | Best February 21, 2016, at Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the age of 93. Willenberg was brought to Door Hanger Template. Door, Treblinka in 1942 at age 19, and 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors, survived because he was strong and told the gaurds that he was a builder. Allegedly, he was the only individual on his transport that was not sent to the gas chambers immediately upon arrival. He escaped Treblinka on August 2, 1943 along with 300 others, and survived the massive SS manhunt that recaptured 200 escapees despite being shot in Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas the leg. Following his escape Willenberg returned to 2 Color Stock & Vectors, Warsaw, Poland, and after finding his father living in hiding outside of the ghetto, he joined the underground resistance and Simple Resume, took part in the Warsaw Uprising. - What Was Treblinka? For the first 20 to 25 years after World War II, the 2 Color Stock Images, Images & Vectors survivors of the Holocaust mostly kept silent about Do Not Door Items Similar Door, their horrendous experiences in 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the concentration camps. In those years, the only Nazi concentration camp names that were familiar to most Americans were Dachau, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen, the places that were shown in Inspiration Resume For Freshers the newsreels in movie theaters following their liberation by American and British troops. Who could ever forget the sight of the naked, emaciated bodies being shoved into mass graves with a bulldozer at Bergen-Belsen?

Or Margaret Bourke-White's shocking photographs of the survivors of Buchenwald? Back then, few people in America had ever heard of Treblinka, a camp hidden in the remote forests of northeastern Poland, along the western border of the Bialystok province. Most Americans believed, up until the mid 1970s, that the Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors majority of the 6 million Jews, who were victims of the Holocaust, had died in the gas chambers at the Dachau camp near Munich, Germany. The only camp mentioned in Guide Evaluation (plus the 1970s movie Judgment at Nuremberg was Dachau. Now it is known that Dachau and Buchenwald, although horrible places where many people died, were concentration camps ( Konzentrationslager ), not extermination centers ( Vernichtungslager ) designed for the express purpose of annihilating all the Pie Chart & Vectors Jews of Europe. Bergen-Belsen, the most horrible camp of them all, was called an internment camp for prisoner exchange ( Aufenthaltslager ) and later became a sick camp ( Krankenlager ) where concentration camp prisoners who were no longer able to work were sent. According to Simple 5 Simple, Raul Hilberg in his book The Destruction of the European Jews , there were six extermination centers, all of them in Poland, including the little-known camp at Treblinka. The other extermination camps were at Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno, Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau, all in Russian-liberated Poland. The last two also functioned as forced labor camps ( Zwangsarbeitslager ), and were still operational when liberated by Russian soldiers towards the end of the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images war in 1944 and early 1945.

The camps at Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and Chelmno had already been liquidated by the Germans before the Your Guide Evaluation (plus Free Russians arrived, and there was no remaining evidence of the Nazi atrocities. An information pamphlet available at the entrance to the former camp site at 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Treblinka says, In a relatively short time of its existence the camp took a total of over 800,000 victims of Jews from Poland, Austria, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Jugoslavia, Germany and the Soviet Union. From Warsaw, the Fact Issued To Guamanians Threats route to Treblinka starts with the crossing of the Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images river Vistula, then a turn onto Highway 18 northeast towards Bialystok, the Nuclear Fact Sheets After | Daily only large town in the Bialystok province, which is the most remote northeast corner of Poland. It is in the Bialystok province that bison still roam, and one can see the last remaining primeval forest and wetlands on the European continent. This area could truly be called the Wild East of Poland. Treblinka is near the Bug River which, during World War II, formed the border between the Nazi occupied General Government of Pie Chart Stock Poland and the zone occupied by Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians After Threats | Daily, the Russians from Royalty-Free & Vectors, September 1939 until the Disturb To Wedding German invasion of Russia in June 1941. Highway 18 is a two-lane concrete road with pedestrian paths on each side. There is heavy traffic of Pie Chart trucks from Belarus (Byelorussia or White Russia) and Estonia traveling west into Wonderful Inspiration Resume For Freshers, Poland; traffic is slowed down by 2 Color Royalty-Free Images, local Polish farmers driving wagons pulled by tractors or by Ideas, a lone horse.

The terrain is completely flat with farm land on each side of the road but not a fence in sight. Then the road goes through mile after mile of dense forest. During the 2 Color & Vectors war these woods were full of Polish and Jewish partisans, who hid there along with escaped Russian Prisoners of War, and fought the Nazis by Resume / Cv Set 01 By, blowing up bridges and train tracks or placing land mines to kill columns of German soldiers. At a point 22 kilometers from Treblinka, the route turns southeast off of Highway 18. 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors? This new road is a one-lane blacktop with no space on the sides for pedestrians. The road gets progressively worse until the final leg of the journey is Resume Format pockmarked with pot holes. The Treblinka camp got its name from the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images tiny village of Treblinka, the closest town to Malkinia railroad junction, from where trains, carrying thousands of Jews crammed into Resume Letter Set 01, freight cars, were shunted onto a sidetrack which the Nazis extended to the extermination camp.

However, the closest inhabited place on the road to the camp is the equally tiny hamlet of Poniatowa. The road as it nears the camp becomes a one-lane blacktop, badly in need of repair. During the Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images Nazi occupation of Poland there was a forced labor camp at Poniatowa; in Resume » Resume Open Office Free | Best November 1943 the 2 Color Pie Chart Images & Vectors Jewish prisoners there were shot after prison revolts and mass escapes at the Treblinka and Sobibor camps alarmed the Nazis. The village of Treblinka is Best Ideas now almost deserted and the buildings are far more dilapidated than those in 2 Color Stock Images, Poniatowa. Ideas? Some of its rural dwellings are so humble that you would not suspect that people still live there if it were not for the lace curtains which are always hung in the windows of these cottages. As you get near the village of Treblinka, there is a line of beautiful chestnut trees alongside the road on the right. You see old men walking along the road, carrying bundles of sticks on their backs.

There are farm families digging potatoes and burning the dried potato vines in the fields. Occasionally, you see a stork's nest on a roof near the 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors chimney, or a large ant hill at the edge of a forest, surrounded by a tiny log fence for protection. There are old wooden Catholic churches and By, white cottages with thatched roofs along the Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images road. Telephone poles are topped with glass insulators, the kind you see for sale in antique stores in America. The farther you travel down this road, the farther you seem to go back in time. Near Malkinia Junction, the road now has ancient concrete barriers to prevent cars from leaving the road, and quaint old railroad crossing signs. From this junction, a branch line runs south from the Inspiration Format 5 Simple Ostbahn (Eastern Railroad line) to the village of Treblinka.

Entrance to Treblinka camp, from inside the Royalty-Free Images & Vectors camp. Finally you get to a narrow archway over the road, the purpose of which is to Do Not Door Hanger Items, keep vehicles larger than 2.5 tons from proceeding beyond this point. Just before you get to the camp, you must cross a one-lane railroad bridge that was formerly used by 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, both trains and cars, but is now used only by cars and Nuclear Fact Issued After Threats, pedestrians. According to Martin Gilbert in his book Holocaust Journey , this bridge was rebuilt some time after 1959, after it was destroyed during World War II. The surface of the 2 Color Images, Images bridge is made of wood and the train tracks are not level, which would cause any train using the bridge to list to one side. The tracks of the 20+ Business Organizational Structure On Pinterest railroad lines in Germany and Poland were then, and still are today, a different width than the tracks across the eastern border of the Bialystok District in what used to be the Soviet Union, and is now the country of Byelorussia, formerly called White Russia. According to my tour guide, today trains from Pie Chart Royalty-Free, Germany or Poland must stop at Office Templates » Resume Templates Office the Bialystok eastern border and change to wider wheels which can run on the tracks in Russia. In 1941, it was necessary for the German invading army to extend the Polish gauge tracks into Russia, as they advanced.

The poor condition of the roads in 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Poland and Russia hampered the advancing Germany troops when their vehicles would become mired in Nuclear Issued To Guamanians After | Daily three feet of mud. Three kilometers from Treblinka was located the Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images main railroad line into Russia, through the Best Organizational Ideas On Pinterest Bialystok province. After the joint conquest of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors Poland by the Germans and the Russians in Office Templates Free | Best September 1939, the river Bug (pronounced Boog) became the border between the German section and the Russian section of occupied Poland; then the Nazis invaded the Stock Royalty-Free Images Soviet Union in June 1941 and conquered the strip of eastern Poland that was formerly occupied by the Russians. Treblinka was in Fact To Guamanians Threats | Daily the former Russian section, but by 1942 it was occupied by the Nazis, who were then in a position to put their plan to exterminate the Jews into effect. The other two Operation Reinhard extermination camps (Sobibor and Belzec) were also located along the 2 Color Stock Images & Vectors Bug river border, south of Treblinka.

Memorial stone at entrance to Treblinka. Hardly more than a creek, the Bug is shallow enough in some places so that one can wade across it, and according to historian Martin Gilbert, some refugees, from both sides, did wade across. The movie Europa, Europa has a scene in Office Resume » Resume Templates Open Office | Best which Jewish refugees are shown walking toward the Russian sector, trying to Images & Vectors, escape the Do Not Door Similar To Wedding Nazis in September 1939 by crossing the Stock & Vectors Bug river on Inspiration Resume Format For Freshers rafts. The pictures above show the archway, the bridge and 2 Color Royalty-Free & Vectors, the river, taken on the return trip from Resume / Cv + Cover Set 01, Treblinka. The Entrance to the Treblinka Extermination Camp.

When you finally arrive at the entrance to the site of the former Treblinka extermination camp, you are on what looks like an old logging road, which goes through another dense forest. If you had wandered into this area by mistake, you might think that you had just entered a campground in a national forest. Everything is quiet and serene with only the sound of a few birds. The caretaker's house is on the right as you enter, and there is a small wooden building with a sign on it which says Bistro. After my visit to the camp, I stopped there for a cup of tea, but the place was closed. Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors? Just beyond the Resume For Freshers Bistro is a narrow parking lot and a small building where you can buy postcards or a three-page pamphlet printed in several languages. Line of stones marks boundary line of Treblinka. There is a covered arcade area open to the elements in front of the 2 Color Stock Images & Vectors building, where huge blowups of several famous Holocaust pictures are hung, along with a poster with some information about Janusz Korczak, a Jewish director of an Resume » Resume Open Office | Best, orphanage, who accompanied a group of orphans to the Treblinka camp, and died along with them. According to a pamphlet which I purchased at 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images the camp tourist center, The extermination camp in Treblinka was built in the middle of 1942 near the already existing labour camp.

It was surrounded by fence and rows of barbed wire along which there were watchtowers with machine guns every ten metres. The main part of the camp constituted (sic) two buildings in which there were 13 gas chambers altogether. Two thousand people could be put to death at a time in them. Death by suffocation with fumes came after 10 - 15 minutes. First the bodies of the victims were buried, later were cremated on big grates out of doors. Structure? The ashes were mixed witch (sic) sand and buried in one spot. According to Martin Gilbert in his book, Holocaust Journey , the 2 Color gas chambers at Treblinka utilized carbon monoxide from diesel engines. Many writers say that these diesel engines were obtained from captured Russian submarines, but according to the Nizkor Project, they were large 500 BHP engines from captured Soviet T-34 tanks. At the Nuremberg trial of the Nazi war criminals, the American government charged that the Jews were murdered at Treblinka in steam chambers, not gas chambers. Stones recreate railroad ties for the tracks. The pamphlet continues with this information: Killing took place with great speed.

The whole process of killing the people, starting from thier (sic) arrival at the camp railroad till removing the corpses from the gas chambers, lasted about 2 hours. Your Guide To The (plus Free? Treblinka was known among the Nazis as an example of 2 Color Pie Chart & Vectors good organization of a death camp. It was a real extermination centre. There is a large memorial stone at the entrance to the cobblestone path up to the virtual cemetery. On the stone is a map showing the gravel pit in the center with the / Cv + Cover Set 01 By labor camp to the left and the extermination camp to the right. (On a real map, the gravel pit and labor camp are located to the south of the extermination camp.) Two stones placed at an angle to form a gate into the former camp, and in the foreground 6 memorial stones, set close together, which are located just beyond the stone with the map. Each of the six stones is inscribed with a different language including Hebrew, English and Images, Royalty-Free Images, Polish. The inscription says that the camp was in operation from July 1942 to Nuclear Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats, August 1943 and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free, that during that time 800,000 Jews were killed there.

It also mentions the Door Hanger To Wedding Door Aug. 2, 1943 uprising, calling it the armed revolt which was crashed (sic) in blood by the Nazi hangmen. It was this uprising, along with those at Sobibor and 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, Warsaw, which motivated the Nazis to liquidate the Jews of Lublin and Poniatowa in November 1943. The pamphlet says that After the riot the camp was being slowly liquidated and in November of 1943 it was not existing already. By this time, the Germans were losing the war on the Russian front and were in retreat. The Treblinka camp was completely dismantled and destroyed when it was liquidated. Among the few survivors were those who escaped during the uprising and joined the partisans in the forests. Large stones mark railroad ties inside the camp.

Looking toward the 20+ Business Ideas On Pinterest east, on the left side of the cobblestone path as you enter, there is a line of stone markers which delineate the original northern border of the camp. It is so quiet here that the only sound is your own footsteps on the cobblestone path. According to Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, Jewish historian Martin Gilbert, the Treblinka camp was one of the three Operation Reinhard camps organized by Disturb Door Hanger Template. Items Door, Odilo Globocnik in 1942, after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich in Prague, to carry out the Nazi plan for systematic extermination of the Jews. Reinhard Heydrich was the man who led the conference on January 20, 1942 at Wannsee, a suburb of Berlin, where the Final Solution for Europe's 11 million Jews was planned. The protocols from the conference used the expression transportation to the East as a euphemism to mean the genocidal killing of all the 2 Color Stock Images, Images & Vectors European Jews. The other two Operation Reinhard camps, Sobibor and Wonderful Simple Format 5 Simple, Belzec, were also located on the eastern border of Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors Poland, to the south of Treblinka. There were no selections made at the Operation Reinhard camps, nor at Chelmno. All three Operation Reinhard camps were located on major railroad lines from Poland into Russia.

At this point in the war, the Nazis had penetrated deep inside the Soviet Union, after first taking the lands in eastern Poland which had been conquered by the Russians in Sept. 1939. Treblinka was located in the area of Poland which had been occupied by the Soviet Union from Sept. 1939 until the German invasion of Russia on June 22, 1941. The railroad tracks go in a straight line to Malkinia Junction from Warsaw and then branch off to Treblinka. Stones commemorate the victims. from Poland Czechoslovakia. In 1942 new railroad tracks were built by the Nazis, extending from the Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians After Threats village of Treblinka into Stock & Vectors, the extermination camp.

At the camp, a storehouse was disguised as a train station, according to the pamphlet available at the memorial site. After you pass through the two stones set at an angle to form an entrance gate into the area where the Office Free Treblinka camp once stood, you come upon an immense stone sculpture designed to represent the railroad ties on which the tracks were laid on the spur line that the Germans built from Treblinka into the camp. The tracks begin in the wooded area outside the camp boundary line and then make a sharp turn to the left (eastward) into & Vectors, the camp. Nearby is the Nuclear Fact To Guamanians After end of the railroad spur line with a stone platform to the left. When the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors camp was in 5 Simple operation, there was a real train platform in this spot and behind it the storehouse, disguised as a train depot, which contained the clothing and other items which the victims had brought with them to Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, the camp. Here lies a line of Hanger Template. Items stones which represent the 10 different countries, including Greece, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and others, from which the & Vectors Jews were transported by train to be exterminated here in this remote, God-forsaken spot in the forest. Just south of the recreated stone train platform, and in front of you as you are looking southward into the camp with the platform on the left, is the Office Resume Templates » Resume Open Free | Best location of the Images & Vectors burial pits for those who died during transportation, according to the camp pamphlet.

Front of stone monument at Treblinka symbolic graveyard. East of the burial pits, according to the pamphlet, was an Wonderful Inspiration Simple Resume Format 5 Simple, execution site (disguised as a hospital). Farther east and Stock, half way up the gentle slope to where the symbolic graveyard now stands, there were 3 old gas chambers according to the pamphlet, and Your Guide To The Event Free, a short distance to the north of them were built 10 new gas chambers. According to my tour guide, the first gas chambers used carbon monoxide, but later some gas chambers were built which were disguised to Stock Images, & Vectors, look like showers and Inspiration Resume For Freshers, used the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors insecticide known as Zyklon B for gassing. A short distance farther up the slope to Complete Guide Event (plus, the east of the gas chambers was located the cremation pyres according to a map in the camp pamphlet. None of the three Operation Reinhard extermination camps, all of which were located on the Polish border, had a crematorium for burning the bodies of the dead. Of the other five extermination camps which were in operation during the same period (Chelmno, Sobibor, Belzec, Majdanek and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, Auschwitz-Birkenau), only Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek, which also functioned as forced labor camps, had crematoriums.

Inside the camp lie stones commemorating the Jewish victims from Organizational Ideas On Pinterest, Poland and 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, Czechoslovakia. There are a total of 10 such stones with names of countries on them. According to Martin Gilbert in his book Holocaust Journey , there were 13,000 Jews deported here from the Greek provinces of Macedonia and Organizational On Pinterest, Thrace, which were then occupied by Bulgaria, so their stone says Bulgaria. Stock Royalty-Free? (Bulgaria was an ally of Nazi Germany, along with Rumania, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, Finland, Italy, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia.) There is Disturb Door Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door another stone for the 43,000 Greek Jews who were brought here. At the base of the stones, visitors have placed votive candles in metal cans, fresh cut flowers and tiny flags of Stock Images, Images & Vectors Israel. A large granite memorial stone, designed to resemble a Jewish tombstone, which according to the camp pamphlet was built between 1959 and 1963. / Cv + Cover Set 01 By It is located approximately on the spot where the gas chambers stood, according to the tour guide. A Menorah sits at the top of the tombstone.

The large crack down the middle of the stone is part of the design. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free? Surrounding the huge tombstone are some of the 1,700 small stones which represent the villages and towns from whence came the Your To The Event Process (plus 800,000 victims of this Nazi barbarity. Located on 2 Color Stock Images & Vectors a knoll at the top of a gentle slope on the site of the former Treblinka extermination camp is a large circular area with 1,700 stones of various sizes and colors set into concrete, which represent a symbolic cemetery. According to a pamphlet which I purchased at the camp reception center, The great monument in Treblinka is a homage of the Polish people to those ashes lie under the concrete plates of the symbolic cemetery. It is one of the most tragic monuments of Resume / Cv Set 01 martyrdom in Poland. My tour guide confirmed that the ashes of the 800,000 people who died here were placed in this area and are now hidden underneath the symbolic cemetery and by the grass and tiny flowers which cover the spot. The map in the camp pamphlet does not specify the 2 Color Royalty-Free & Vectors exact spot where the ashes were buried.

1,700 stones set in concrete in a circle at / Cv Letter the top of Treblinka. The tour guide pointed out 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, one of the 1,700 symbolic stones which represents the city of Kielce in central Poland, where 42 Jews were killed by Resume For Freshers, a mob of Polish citizens in a pogrom on 2 Color Pie Chart Images July 4, 1946, long after the Nazi occupation had ended. Today Kielce is a modern industrial city with a population of 20+ Business On Pinterest 210,000, located between Warsaw and Krakow. In 1939, the Jewish population was around 25,000, although until the early 1800s, Jews were barred from living in the city. The 1946 pogrom was the Royalty-Free & Vectors last in Poland; after that most of the 300,000 Polish Holocaust survivors fled the country. There is also a stone for Janusz Korczak, the only person to have an individual stone in Resume Set 01 the symbolic cemetery. Korczak was a pseudonym for Dr. Henryk Goldzmit.

He was a teacher and a social worker who ran an orphanage in Warsaw. 2 Color Stock Images? He also did a weekly radio show for Best 20+ Business On Pinterest, children, and wrote a series of children's books in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images which the central character was a boy king named King Matt. In July 1942, he turned down the opportunity to escape from the ghetto, and Fact Issued After Threats, instead accompanied his orphans to Treblinka where he was murdered along with them. According to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Korczak marched with his 192 orphans to the Umschlagplatz with one child carrying the flag of King Matt with the Zionist flag on the other side of it. Another stone represents the cremation pit where, according to the camp pamphlet, bodies were burned on grates.

The pamphlet calls melted basalt set on a concrete fundamental plate.Four round containers where eternal flames can be lit on special occasions. 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors? The map in the camp pamphlet shows that there were actually two cremation pyres, located just east of the 10 new gas chambers. The bodies which had been previously buried were dug up and cremated on the orders of Heinrich Himmler, after he visited the camp in 1943, according to Martin Gilbert. Symbolic grave stone honors victims from (Warsaw) The largest stone at Resume » Resume | Best the symbolic cemetery is the one for Warsaw, from where the largest number of Jews were transported to Treblinka. According to historian Martin Gilbert, there were 265,000 Jews from 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, Warsaw deported to Treblinka. In 1940 the Jewish population of Warsaw and the surrounding area, about 400,000 people, were first crowded into a walled ghetto, then later sent to Treblinka and other camps. According to my tour guide, there are today around 4,000 Jews living in Warsaw, but only 500 of them go to the Synagogue regularly. The first picture below shows the large stone dedicated to the victims from Warszawa, the Polish name for the city that Americans know as Warsaw.

Note the two flags of Israel and the small metal cans holding votive candles, left by Your Complete Guide Process Free, recent visitors. This stone is the first one you see, right in front of the large memorial tombstone. The second picture shows more stones under a majestic tree in the back portion of the symbolic cemetery, behind the simulated cremation pit. According to Stock Images, & Vectors, the map in the camp pamphlet, the area behind the symbolic cremation pit was where the bodies were buried before they were dug up and cremated. The third picture is a close-up of the stones under the tree. As you can see, very few of the stones have names of the towns they represent. According to my tour guide, many relatives of those who died here come to the symbolic cemetery and are disappointed to find that their village is not named on any of the Resume stones. stones commemorating victims from Sandomierz while other stones have no village names (left)

In January 2012, British forensic archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls uncovered mass graves in the Treblinka camp that were previously hidden underground. Using special, ground-penetrating radar equipment and other advanced technology so as not to cause complications with Jewish law which forbids disturbing burial sites, Colls and her team managed to uncover graves at the camp where it is widely held that the Nazi's murdered more than 850,000 people, the 2 Color vast majority Jews. Since the liberation of the Resume Format 5 Simple Treblinka area by the Allies, Holocaust deniers have harped on the fact that no evidence of the exterminations supposedly carried out at the camp have been found. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors? This new evidence now will help formally disprove those who still believe that the Treblinka camp was nothing more than a transit camp that moved Jews from Poland to the other various concentration camps across Europe. Only 67 people survived Treblinka. As of Wonderful 5 Simple March 2014, only 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images two remain alive. [ED]

The research and findings from this study were presented as part of the documentary, 'The Hidden Graves of the Holocaust.' Sources : Scrap Book Pages; Jerusalem Post (January 19, 2012) ; Wesley Pruden, “The last living witnesses; they wore the yellow star and remember the Organizational Structure Ideas On Pinterest Nazi terror,” Washington Times , (December 12, 2013) .

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Dec 01, 2017 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors,

Write My Paper Fast - Vector color pie chart icons - 123RF Stock… - Stanford

12 Fake News Stories from the Mainstream Media. 22 Nov, 2016 22 Nov, 2016. With all of the politically-charged talk about banning “fake news” sites, it seems appropriate to 2 Color Stock Images, review some of the worst fake news stories pushed by mainstream media outlets. Resume / Cv + Cover By No matter how large your family gathering is this Thanksgiving, you won’t be chowing down on a turkey as big as these phony stories from Pie Chart Images, & Vectors A-list television shows and publications. Walter Duranty and the Holodomor: The mother of all fake news stories must be New York Times reporter Walter Duranty helping Stalin#8217;s Russia conceal the Guide To The Event Process, Holodomor from the world. Duranty helped the 2 Color Stock Images, communists cover up one of the worst crimes against humanity ever perpetrated, the forced starvation of over 1.5 million people in Ukraine between 1932 and 1933. This was the Your Complete To The (plus Free, worst of many lies Duranty told in the service of Soviet communism. His fake news helped sell communism to impressionable people around the 2 Color Stock Images, Images, world and changed the course of history. Nuclear? It#8217;s one of two fake news items on this list sanctified with a Pulitzer Prize, which has not been revoked despite strong calls to do so. (In essence, the Pulitzer committee insists Duranty deserves his prize for everything he wrote that wasn#8217;t an outrageous lie.) The New York Times institutionally refuses to condemn Duranty or acknowledge the depths of his deception, portraying him as the victim of Stalin#8217;s #8220;powerful and omnipresent#8221; propaganda machine an excuse heard again from the mainstream media in other settings over the years, when they explain how they had to play ball with horrible dictatorships in order to 2 Color Images gain access. CNN executive Eason Jordan#8217;s 2003 explanation for why his network concealed so much grisly news from Saddam Hussein#8217;s Iraq is a prime example.

Saturday Night Fever: Not many people realize that one of the most celebrated movies of the Office Templates Office, Seventies was based on Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free a fake news story. The script for Saturday Night Fever was supposedly a fictionalized account of a real disco dancer’s life and Guide To The Event (plus times, but the author of the 1976 New York magazine story that launched the movie, Nik Cohn, eventually admitted he made it all up. Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors? Cohn claims that he did see someone similar to Nuclear Fact Sheets To Guamanians After Threats the character John Travolta made famous at Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors a disco in Your To The Process (plus Free New York, but when he was unable to track the man down for an interview, he “conjured up the story” and “presented it as fact.” Given how popular the Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images, movie and disco culture became, this has to be counted as one of the most influential fake news stories. Best 20+ Business Organizational? Janet Cooke#8217;s imaginary 8-year-old heroin addict: The fake news manufactured by Washington Post reporter Janet Cooke received a Pulitzer Prize, but unlike Duranty#8217;s, it was revoked after her deception was uncovered. Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors? In a meticulous 2016 account of Wonderful Simple Resume, Cooke#8217;s story, Mike Sager at the Columbia Journalism Review dubbed her #8220;the fabulist who changed journalism,#8221; and made a compelling case for 2 Color, her 1980 story about Complete To The (plus Free, #8220;Jimmy#8217;s World#8221; as one of the first examples of #8220;viral#8221; journalism. The Post wanted a superstar young black female journalist, and Cooke delivered with a searing story about an 8-year-old heroin addict in Washington, D.C. named Jimmy, a #8220;precious little boy#8221; who had #8220;needle marks freckling the baby-smooth skin of his thin, brown arms.#8221; The story was so widely repeated, so influential, that Mayor Marion Barry#8217;s administration began scouring the city to rescue Jimmy from his hideous guardians. They couldn#8217;t find the boy because he didn#8217;t exist.

Cooke made the whole thing up. (When city officials asked Cooke to tell them where they could find Jimmy, she refused, and the Washington Post invoked her First Amendment right to protect her sources.) The hoax was exposed when the Pulitzer board bent its rules to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free nudge Cooke#8217;s local-news story into the national-news category, eager to bestow the very first Pulitzer Prize upon an African-American woman. Cooke submitted a resume to the Pulitzer board which included suspicious discrepancies from the resume she gave to Your Guide Event Evaluation Process (plus her former employers at the Toledo Blade . When her Washington Post editors questioned her about these discrepancies, she finally confessed, #8220;There is Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors, no Jimmy and no family. It was a fabrication. I want to give the Resume Templates » Resume Templates Free | Best, prize back.#8221; Retrospectives on Stock #8220;Jimmy#8217;s World#8221; routinely describe it as a pivotal moment when journalism changed forever#8230; except, as you#8217;ll see below, it didn#8217;t. Janet Cooke was just the first in a line of superstar Big Media fabulists, and her successors were much worse than she was they fabricated more than one story, and Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation (plus they should have been easier to catch, given the electronic information resources available to their editors. Another common observation about #8220;Jimmy#8217;s World#8221; is that it slipped past the 2 Color Images, fact-checking and Wonderful Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers editorial layers of a major publication because everyone wanted to believe it.

Cooke was given not just credit, but credibility for meaning well. The mainstream media keeps making that mistake, with both its own reporters and the political figures it covers. Dateline NBC rigs a truck to explode: In 1993, NBC News delivered a historic public apology for staging the test crash of a General Motors pickup truck for the Dateline NBC program. The reporters wanted to demonstrate that gas could leak from the & Vectors, truck’s fuel tank and cause a dangerous fire after a crash, so they rigged it with explosives. “We deeply regret we included the inappropriate demonstration in our #8216;Dateline#8217; report. We apologize to our viewers and to General Motors. We have also concluded that unscientific demonstrations should have no place in Your Complete Event Evaluation Process (plus Free hard news stories at NBC. That#8217;s our new policy,” the statement declared, leading viewers with some unresolved questions about why it wasn’t their old policy, too. Pie Chart Stock Images,? Dateline NBC was far from the Door Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door, only example of dubious product-safety reporting. It wasn’t even the first time a vehicle was rigged to 2 Color Images explode for a major network consumer report. Stephen Glass: The enduring icon of fake news is Stephen Glass, whose fall from grace was chronicled in On Pinterest a major motion picture, Shattered Glass . The truth caught up with him in 1998, when it was discovered a great deal of the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images, content he produced for The New Republic and other publications was wholly or partially falsified. In recent times, Glass has revealed that he repaid The New Republic, Rolling Stone, and Policy Review at least $200,000 for over forty fabricated stories.

There has been considerable soul-searching over the years about why Glass was able to fool so many editors for Best 20+ Business On Pinterest, so long. Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images? The story that brought him down was such a ridiculous fraud a piece about a major software firm supposedly hiring a teenage hacker who penetrated its payroll system, in Organizational Structure Ideas On Pinterest which virtually every detail was invented, including the Stock Images, Images & Vectors, non-existent software company that it became obvious no one was editing or fact-checking Glass in Best 20+ Business On Pinterest any meaningful way. Some speculated Glass fooled so many editors because he had “wonder boy” star power and great personal charisma. Others thought it was because he understood and 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images flattered the biases and expectations of the publications he worked for he sold them stories they wanted to publish, surfing the Complete Guide Event Evaluation Free, early wave of “narrative” obsession that has completely consumed mainstream journalism over Stock Images, Images, the past two decades. Glass invented people, organizations, and events that lived down to his publishers’ darkest expectations of Your Complete Guide To The (plus, every social group and profession except their own. He was so productive, and so good at Images, Royalty-Free Images fabricating “evidence” to back up his claims, that it simply didn’t occur to his marks that he might be faking so much of his work. (A fascinating 1998 Vanity Fair account of Glass’ downfall noted that he instantly whipped up a phony website for the software company he invented for his final phony article, and Nuclear Fact To Guamanians After Threats drafted his brother to Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors leave phone voice mails in the role of an imaginary company executive, when he learned fact-checkers were digging into the story.) Why generate fraudulent stories when honest reporting would have been less work? Those are blind spots that broadly affect news consumers, and producers, to this day.

Detail implies veracity, we incorrectly assume that only lazy writers would fabricate stories, and too many stories are “too good to Resume / Cv + Cover Letter By check.” Jayson Blair: New York Times reporter Jayson Blair was investigated by Pie Chart Stock Images, his newspaper in 2003 and accused of inventing numerous reports . He was especially prone to inventing news reports supposedly filed from other cities, while he was in + Cover By fact working from his apartment in 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images Brooklyn. However, the Nuclear Sheets To Guamanians | Daily, scandal that ultimately prompted his resignation involved accusations of Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, plagiarism in a story he filed about the family of a soldier missing in Iraq. The NYT conceded that Blair’s career of fabulism was a “profound betrayal of trust, and a low point in the 152-year history of the newspaper.” Tough questions were asked about how the paper missed so many obvious signs of Complete To The Event Process (plus, Blair’s mendacity, including the troubling detail that he never filed travel expenses for all the cities he was supposedly visiting. As with Glass, it seemed as if Blair only got caught because he was trying to get caught, pushing the boundaries of trust until his deceptions could no longer be ignored and even then, it was accusations of deception and Pie Chart Stock Images plagiarism from Disturb Door Items Similar To Wedding other news outlets that brought him down, even though the New York Times knew his work was problematic, and he had already been given several warnings. (And, of 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, course, everyone involved should have remembered the story of Stephen Glass, which was only five years old at the time.) The Times’ internal investigation concluded Blair’s deceit was able to Complete Guide Process (plus Free continue for so long due to 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors “a failure of communication among senior editors; few complaints from the subjects of his articles; his savviness and his ingenious ways of Resume Letter By, covering his tracks,” and most importantly, the fact that “no one saw his carelessness as a sign that he was capable of systematic fraud.” The latter judgment seems unfair to the editors who did see signs of systematic fraud, but were unable to get Blair terminated before his work led to one of the biggest scandals in 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the newspaper’s history. Letter By Other post-mortems of the Royalty-Free & Vectors, Blair affair put more blame on top management for / Cv Set 01, creating a toxic environment where editors were afraid to voice serious concerns. Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors? Blair resurfaced recently with an op-ed chastising the media for… failing to Disturb Door Template. Items Similar Door fact-check Donald Trump aggressively enough during the 2016 presidential campaign. Rathergate: The pivotal scandal of the New Media era was the pitiful end of 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, Dan Rather’s career at CBS News a debacle so devastating to Door Hanger Template. Items Similar To Wedding Door legacy media that liberals still try to 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors rewrite its history , every time they think nobody’s looking.

Rather and Your Complete Guide To The Evaluation Process his producer Mary Mapes tried to throw the Stock Images & Vectors, 2004 election (and, in the minds of the strongest critics , America’s war effort in 20+ Business Organizational Structure Iraq) with a phony story about George W. Bush’s Air National Guard service, complete with falsified documents from the 1960s that were demonstrably generated using 2004-era word processing software. Royalty-Free Images & Vectors? Rathergate was a tremendous blow to the credibility of CBS News, which generated a fresh tidal wave of fake news stories to protect Rather after his report on Bush was detonated by bloggers. Door Hanger Template. To Wedding Door? The cover-up was bigger than the original crime, and the original crime against Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors journalism was shocking, because even the CBS internal investigation which many critics found redolent of whitewash found that several production and management people allowed the story to air, even though they knew the Guide Event Evaluation (plus, documents could not be authenticated. The Rathergate disaster gave us one of the Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, most enduring phrases for discussions of media bias: “ fake, but accurate .” There were some spirited arguments in 2004 and 2005 about whether falsified reporting was acceptable, provided the story held Deeper Truth. Best 20+ Business Organizational? The proto-Tea Party gun scare: There was a lot of fake reporting surrounding the Tea Party movement. 2 Color Images, Images & Vectors? One of the most memorable examples was MSNBC breathlessly warning about Wonderful Simple Resume 5 Simple For Freshers, “white people showing up with guns” at the 2009 health care reform rallies that were precursors to the Tea Party. Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors? The segment included a great deal of hyperventilation about the alleged anger of white people over Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians, “a black person being president,” and 2 Color Stock & Vectors the commensurate rise of “hate groups.” MSNBC illustrated its claim with footage of an Wonderful Inspiration Simple Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers armed man at a rally after President Obama’s speech to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors the VFW in Phoenix, Arizona. The footage was edited to conceal that the man was, in fact, black. Oceans of ink were spilled over the following years about how the health care protesters, and later the Tea Party, were dangerous. Assertions about armed racists stalking the fringes of the Best Structure, movement were a common element of this caricature.

George Zimmerman’s edited 911 call: The media was very interested in keeping the George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin story hot, fresh, and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors outrageous, eagerly stirring a bubbling pot of Resume Set 01 By, racial paranoia for political and ratings reasons. A great deal of the early reporting about the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, Trayvon Martin shooting could be classified as “fake news.” Who can forget the widely circulated images of Templates » Resume Templates Open Office Free, Martin as a baby-faced child, even though reporters knew that wasn’t what he looked like at the time of his death? The nadir of fake news in the Zimmerman-Martin story was reached when NBC News deliberately, maliciously edited a recording of the call Zimmerman placed to 911 on the night of the February 2012 shooting, to make it sound as if Zimmerman was obsessed with Martin’s race. NBC reporters even tried to Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors convince viewers Zimmerman used a racial epthet. Your Complete Event Free? The adventures of Brian Williams: Brian Williams’ anchorman career at NBC News came to an end in 2015 after he was accused of Images, Images & Vectors, lying about taking enemy fire while helicoptering into Iraq in 2003. The accusation came from soldiers who were aboard the helicopter. Williams told the story repeatedly, over 20+ Business Organizational Structure On Pinterest, a span of years, before he was called out. NBC executives recalled having a great deal of difficulty getting Williams to admit he lied, and Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free offer an Resume / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01 unqualified apology. Amazingly, Williams still has a career in broadcast journalism.

The Rolling Stone rape hoax: The biggest recent fake news story is the appalling Rolling Stone rape hoax, which led to a successful defamation suit against the magazine, its publisher, and reporter Sabrina Erdely by an administrator at the University of Virginia. Erdely claims she was deceived by the subject of her story, a young woman known as “Jackie” who claimed to have been gang-raped by a University of Virginia fraternity. Attorneys for U-Va. administrator Nicole Eramo argued that Erdely and Rolling Stone pushed ahead with the story even though it had numerous inconsistencies that could not be resolved, and none of the crucial details could be corroborated. Critics saw the Rolling Stone saga as a paramount example of media narrative obsession run amok, a story the magazine wanted to Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images be true so much that they ignored substantial evidence it wasn’t. Those critics also point to the vitriolic response leveled at anyone who correctly questioned the story after it was published. The campus rape epidemic was a story the media and its favorite politicians were very interested in covering; the presumptive victim was given endless benefit of the doubt, while the accused fraternity and its administrative enablers were granted none.

Another interesting aspect of the Rolling Stone hoax is the way details were accepted as evidence of veracity . Office Office Free | Best? Just as Stephen Glass and Jayson Blair made their fake stories look plausible by peppering them with plenty of little details, so Jackie impressed Erdely and her magazine’s fact-checkers by 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images, providing highly detailed answers to Wonderful Inspiration Resume their questions. The fact that none of those details could actually be confirmed did nothing to derail the Fake News Express. The “fake news” freakout: The story about a professor creating an authoritative list of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free, “fake news” websites, as widely reported across the mainstream media, was itself a fake news story. The creator of the list was a madcap left-wing activist who compiled it on a whim, not through any sort of 20+ Business On Pinterest, rigorously-vetted academic process. When the list of fake news sites came under sustained criticism, it was removed from the Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, Internet, long after generating a raft of stories on top news websites and TV shows. / Cv + Cover Letter Set 01? As with many of the other stories above, the Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, fake-news-site list received huge MSM coverage because it dovetailed with a Democrat political initiative President Obama is personally involved and it flattered both the ideological preferences and business interests of Big Media. Best 20+ Business Structure On Pinterest? Furthermore, as Brian Feldman at New York Magazine points out, the much-hyped factoid about Pie Chart Images,, excessive #8220;engagement#8221; with fake election news stories is more like anecdotal evidence than hard data, overstates the actual readership of the Hanger Items Door, fake stories, understates the reach of traditional news sources, and mines a great deal of Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images, alarm out of Facebook#8217;s tendency to Complete To The Event Process (plus give opaque answers to questions about its algorithms. Feldman suggests it would be more appropriate to view the engagement data #8220;holistically#8221; than as evidence that #8220;fake news is rampant#8221; and Stock Images, Images further proof that Facebook itself is a #8220;black box#8221; understood imperfectly by / Cv + Cover By, everyone outside the company#8230; but that#8217;s not nearly sensationalistic enough for Big Media, or damning enough to launch a thousand Hot Take editorials about the Images, & Vectors, dangers of fake news swaying elections, is it?

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Bill Flores Supports Gun Control via Bump Stock Ban0 comments - 21 hours ago Bump Stocks: What They Are, What They Do0 comments - 4 hours ago GOP Sen. Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors? John Cornyn Wants Hearing on Bump-Stock Ban0 comments - 17 hours ago CNN Columnist: Vegas Shooting Because America ‘Silently Accepting the Rage of To Guamanians | Daily, White Men’0 comments - 18 hours ago Michelle Obama: ‘People Don’t Trust Politics’ Because GOP Is ‘All Men, All White’0 comments - 2 days ago Donald Trump: ‘They’re Learning a Lot More’ About Las Vegas Shooter0 comments - 1 day ago. SIGN UP FOR OUR. Switch to Full Site. SIGN UP FOR THE OFFICIAL. BREITBART EMAIL NEWSLETTER.


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Dec 01, 2017 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors,

Essay Writing Service: Buy Essays Online for Your Essay Writing - Pie chart Stock Photo Images 37,152 Pie chart royalty… - Emmanuel College

Essay, Research Paper: Research Paper On Zoology. advanced in technology, medicine and even the fact we are the most sophisticated. species on Images, & Vectors the planet. Are we a gift to planet Earth, or far from it? With cast. amounts of Ideas, pollution and destruction of the planet, not to mention unthinkable.

acts of violence and hate that has been going on since the 2 Color Pie Chart & Vectors beginning of time. Are we really as sophisticated and By important as we have led ourselves to. believe? Are we any better than any other creature because we are more. technologically advanced? Is the human race a blessing? Humans have destroyed. and endangered more species on our planet than any other species or group, with. our continuous pollution and 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors lack of respect for out own environment.

One area. of the world affected by our careless habits is our coastlines and the marine. habitats that vast amounts of species rely on. These particular areas of Wonderful Inspiration 5 Simple For Freshers, the. world are being destroyed because humans don’t seem to care as long as they. make a couple of dollars in the process. Oil spills like the one in the Prince. William Sound on 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors the coast of Alaska and Hawaiian sea turtles and their many. troubles with humans are just some examples of human carelessness and the. consequences that the Resume / Cv + Cover Letter By environment, particularly marine wildlife incur, which. often are fatal.

I chose this particular subject because I find the ocean and. it’s unique and rare inhabitants to be interesting. Stock & Vectors! Every coastline has its. one unique species and Best Organizational no two areas are the same. I wanted to learn more about. how humans are destroying the habitats of these unique creatures. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! I found that. all species are in someway being threatened by human dominance and carelessness. From the common flounder or sea star you can find when you walk across the beach.

to a rare fish like the coelacanth (prehistoric fish that was believed to be. extinct until one was caught off the Wonderful Inspiration Resume 5 Simple For Freshers coat of Madagascar by a local commercial. fisherman until in the 1950’s). Pie Chart Images, Images! The ocean can be a calm and loving but can. easily turn into Office Templates Free | Best a vicious killer within seconds. All of these things are what I. find so interesting about the ocean.

I wanted to find out why people can. continue to destroy it even though they know the effect of their actions. I. guess some people are ignorant and just don’t care if they destroy the Stock Royalty-Free Images things. that make our environment so beautiful. Letter! One example of Pie Chart Images, Images & Vectors, our careless destruction.

of our environment is the Exxon Valdez oil spill off the coast of Alaska in. 1989. The Prince William Sound still shows signs of the oil spill tem years. later. Most species have recovered since the spill, but many are still. suffering.

The Harbor Seal and Hanger Template. Items To Wedding Door herring are just two who are vital to the. survival of all the species in 2 Color & Vectors the area. Herring are the main source of food for. many species in the area, including humans. (Mitchell, p.98) “The ecosystem is. gradually recovering from the After Threats | Daily spill,” says Molly McCammon, an Executive. director of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council, “but it will never be. the same as it was twenty years ago.” The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee. Council was founded to oversee the use of 2 Color Pie Chart Images, nine hundred million dollars to the. area by the government after settling with the Exxon Company for one billion. dollars in criminal and Your To The civil damages. One serious problem in the aftermath of.

Exxon Valdez is the decline of herring. (The table shows the chave in. populations of Prince William Sound before and after the Exxon Valdez spill.) Even more disturbing than the fact herring aren’t recovering as well as other. species like them is the fact they were on the decline before the accident. This. was a major issue because herring are the center of the ecosystem in the Sound. Many biologists now believe that over 2 Color Pie Chart Images, & Vectors fishing of the herring has contributed to. their decline.

The Pacific Herring is just one species of the area, but if you. see how important that one species is to the ecosystem of the Alaskan coast than. you begin to see how important all species are to their particular habitats. This is just one example, but if you take a species out of Best Organizational Structure Ideas, its environment, then. a chain reaction would occur, hurting the species around it. 2 Color Royalty-Free & Vectors! Another species. that biologists are beginning to study wit the money received from the Exxon. Valdez settlement is the Alaskan Salmon. The oil spill has left the Alaskan. Salmon on the decline until recently, but still the species is reeling. “The.

last two years have been extremely positive for the Alaskan Salmon. population,” stated one Alaskan biologists. Resume Office Free! But her concerns were more focused. on the salmon offspring, which had been effected by the spill. Fry, as seen in. the left vial, were damaged by the oil. 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors! The fry still come in contact with oil. when oil pockets seep into some intertidal spawning streams. “These pockets. are like mines,” says Jeffrey Short, a scientist with the National Marine. Fisheries Service. Scientist discovered the oil caused genetic defects in.

salmon. Many species in the Prince William Sound are still recovering from the. spill. This is just one spill and you can see the devastation it has made upon. its ecosystem.

This has been called one of the worst oil spills in history. But. you can imagine there has been numerous spills that are almost as areas might. never fully recover from the spill on Sheets Threats | Daily their ecosystem. The devastation of an oil. spill is just one of many causes of marine destruction that humans are guilty. of. Many other species suffer from damaged habitats.

Another example of humans. destroying their environment and the unique species that live there is Hawaiian. Sea turtles. The turtles are becoming endangered because of loss of habitat. The.

overwhelming presence of humans in 2 Color the turtle’s habitat is making is harder. for turtles to 20+ Business Structure Ideas find areas where they can lay their eggs. The loss of nesting. sites if hurting the reproduction of sea turtles because unpopulated beaches are. becoming harder to find. Sea turtles have an affinity for certain beaches and. when they cannot lay their eggs there they have to find new areas which can take.

time. Other reasons why the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors turtles are being threatened are pollution of the. ocean and netting. Pollution in Complete Guide To The Event the form of debris is killing turtles. They can. ingest the plastic debris and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Images it makes it hard to get the nourishment needed. from the food they eat. Netting is another killer of turtles. Fishing nets set. out by commercial fisherman are a definite killer of sea turtles in the Hawaiian.

Islands. ( Erosion of Complete To The Event Evaluation Process Free, beaches also hurts the sea. turtle population. The lack of beach force turtles to lay their eggs in a. smaller area. When humans try to 2 Color Images, stop or reduce erosion it disturbs the turtles. even more.

Sea walls, canals, jetties, and sandbagging are all things that are. used by humans to stop erosion, but they are hurting the turtles more than they. are helping them. Do Not Disturb Hanger Similar To Wedding Door! They need dry land in order to Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors lay their eggs and these. structures are deducing land even further. Fibropapilloma Tumors are a serious. threat and are beginning to Nuclear Fact Sheets To Guamanians show up on turtles in Hawaii and other areas with. large numbers of sea turtles. They were first seen in Royalty-Free & Vectors turtles around 1930, but.

it wasn’t until 1980 that the Complete Guide Event Free tumors began to show up in epidemic proportions. The green turtles were the only known species to have the tumors, but it has. recently been discovered in 2 Color Pie Chart Stock & Vectors other turtle species. The most effected areas of the. world are Hawaii, Florida, and Resume Templates Office Australia. ( All of Stock Images, & Vectors, these threats to 20+ Business Organizational turtle population are hurting their hopes of survival. But people out to help the sea turtles such as Denise Parker who works with a. marine turtle program in Honolulu, Hawaii, have worked hard and the population. of marine sea turtles has actually been on the rise in recent years.

The. turtle’s population is coming up from endangered and threatened to a safe. number, but that isn’t far enough for Images, Images, many who care about the turtles. They. continue to help increase the population because they know they would begin to.

decline again if they didn’t have any help. Complete To The Event Evaluation Process (plus! Many groups such as the Marine. Turtles Research Program and the National Marine Fisheries Service are helping. to restore the Pie Chart Images, Images turtles in Hawaii. There are also many individuals whose work. with the sea turtles have helped in preserving them and their natural. environment. One of Best 20+ Business Ideas On Pinterest, these people is Ken Nichols. Nichols is 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors a supporter of. turtles and he is trying to make the people aware of the Door Hanger Template. Items To Wedding environment in the.

Hawaiian Islands. He feels that the Pie Chart Images, & Vectors most important thing we can do is conserve. the wilderness and Best 20+ Business beaches from expansion. We need to educate people about the. turtles especially children. When asked about how we can save the environment. and the habitat of 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images,, turtles as well as other species Nichols said, “This is. obviously a difficult task as the human population continues to grow, which. means we are constantly expanding into wild areas which support bio-diversity of. all types.

I believe the greatest task is education of children and more. efficient use of the Wonderful Inspiration Resume Format For Freshers existing areas we are using.” These two ideas, are good. examples of how the human race destroys the environment around them. We continue. to hurt our wildlife, but there are people out there to fight against the.

pollution and destruction caused by large corporations and businesses. The. Endangered Species Act of 1973 has helped tremendously in the battle for. survival of species like the turtles in Hawaii as well as other threatened and. endangered species of 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images, out planet. ( This act.

prohibits the further destruction or death of the Best Organizational Structure species. By the Endangered. Species Act, citizens of the United States are prohibited from taking an. endangered or threatened species, declared by the U.S. Fish and Wilidlife. Service, from Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors its environment whether on United States’ soil or in its waters. Punishment if caught breaking the lwas instead in this act are as follows; 25,000 dollars if caught violating the rules listed above, 12,000 forknowingly.

participating in the importing or exporting of such species. Any person who. otherwise violates any provision of this Act, or any regulation, permit, or. certificate issued hereunder, may be assessed a civil penalty by the Secretary. of not more than $500 for each such violation. ( Although this act is a great step towards the restoration of Templates Templates Free | Best, threatened and. endangered species many feel the act isn’t worth the money. A proposed. amendment to the Endangered Species Act threatened many aspects of the project.

The proposed “amendment” was an attempt to undermine the project of funding. and political support. The amendment to section 403 of the Endangered Species. Act would literally wipe out many of the Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors endangered species protected by this. bill. Nuclear To Guamanians Threats | Daily! “The sea turtles of Hawaii wouldn’t stand a chance if the amendment. would have passed,” said supporters of the Endangered Species Act and. endangered species around the Pie Chart Images & Vectors world, “We can’t just let them take back what. we have worked so hard for.” Shrimp nets alone kill 55,000 turtles a year in.

the Hawaiian Islands. ( Resume » Resume Templates Free! If the Endangered. Species Act is undermined where will these endangered species turn? Some. senators who support the Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors amendments to undermine the act are back in congress. for a second term and many feel the amendments to the Endangered Species Act. will be brought up again and re-voted. (http://www, Senator. Slade Gorton was one supporter of the bill to undermine the Guide Evaluation Process Endangered Species. Act.

Are these accusations of inhumanity and 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free lack of Resume » Resume Templates Open Office | Best, care for nature completely. true about Senator Gorton? On Senator Gorton’s web site ( he shows his compassion for nature. A letter thanking him for his help on saving. trees and Stock Images, Royalty-Free several streams in Your To The Evaluation Process his home state of Washington from the Sierra club.

was one such article bringing up questions of whether he was so bad. Others seem. to think otherwise, but it is hard to 2 Color Royalty-Free Images tell without actually knowing him or all. his work. Many other laws and acts have been implemented to » Resume Office Free stop the decline in. population of many endangered and threatened species. One it the Marine Mammal. Act, which protects the many species in our oceans. 2 Color Images! The Clean Water and Clean. Air acts were also adopted to help protect these endangered species from human.

threats. One example of how humans have hurt many different species of animals. is pesticides, especially the pesticide DDT, which was used in World War II to. keep insects away from Structure Ideas On Pinterest soldiers. After the war, the pesticide was brought back. to the United States and used very carelessly.

DDT seeped into the streams and. contaminated almost every species that ate fish or other animals that had been. infected with DDT. From the 2 Color Stock Images, Images contaminated fish the pesticide went up the food. chain and began killing off the bald eagles.

After the substance DDT was. nationally banned in 1973 the bald eagle has begun to make a comeback like most. of the other species affected by our carelessness. (Discovery, “The Bald. Eagle”). Just because the Bald Eagle is the symbol of our country does that. mean we have more of an Best 20+ Business Structure Ideas On Pinterest obligation to protect it than the sea turtles? Hopefully. we will be able to stop the Images, Images & Vectors amendments one more time, but if they are made what. will happen to the animals that depend on it? We have the obligations to / Cv Set 01 By protect.

these animals. We have placed them in this situation and it is our fault many of. these species are endangered today. We cannot continue to let them slip away if. we can do something about it. Many organizations are trying to keep these laws. in place. Others who feel that our money should go to more worthy causes, even.

though we personally are responsible for the decline in many species. Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images! I think we. need to Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians support the Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free laws that are in effect as of right now and Inspiration Resume try to get. better funding for the organizations that are already in place. Pie Chart Stock & Vectors! We don’t need. new laws, we need to support and help fund the ones we already have. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is one of the big organizations that helps protect the. endangered species as well as helping to educate and fund other small.

organizations that can do their part as well. It may not be easy to get funding. for programs like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but we can achieve this. goal if we work hard. A good example of how we can help to preserve our. endangered wildlife is Office Resume Open Free we can implement a tax that will provide money to these. programs. We can add a tax to companies who contribute to the destruction of our. environment.

For example, if a company produces pollution they should be forced. to pay a tax. We can place a standard tax for all companies and corporations who. do this or we can base the Pie Chart Stock Images, Images & Vectors amount owed by the amount of pollution or amount of. destruction caused by the corporation on Structure Ideas On Pinterest the environment. For companies that we. are unable to tell how much exactly contribute to the destruction of the. environment, we can require a base sum.

A starting base sum could be five. hundred dollars a year for all the companies who contribute to the destroying of. the Earth. We can assemble a committee of U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents to. assess the amount of pollution a company produces and then a fitting cost for. that pollution.

It might take a little while to put this proposal into effect. If we anticipated the slow advancement of 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images, passing the law in congress it would. take six or seven years to Best 20+ Business Organizational Structure Ideas implement this law. 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free! It wouldn’t take a lot of. money, but definitely some money would be required. It would take several.

thousand to advertise if it wasn’t donated by a company who felt strongly. about the issue at hand. I would think an estimate of about $500,00-60,000. dollars would easily cover the expenses of advertising, salaries for workers and. any other expenses. Donations and fundraisers would be used to accumulate enough. money to get the Resume / Cv Letter By support of the people.

When I discussed my proposal with my. friend, she felt that it was a good idea and that the organizations like the. U.S. Fish and 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors Wildlife Service need the money to study and Office Resume Templates Open Office | Best set up programs to. save endangered species and these programs need money. She felt it would be hard. to get the 2 Color Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free bill passed because congressmen have ties with big corporations that.

pollute and they wouldn’t have to pay fees. So most likely the proposal would. be stopped. Although she didn’t see the bill being passed she said that if we. accumulate enough money to advertise and get the support of the Fact Sheets After people, congressmen would be forced to 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free vote for the bill or they might not be reelected. If she has strong feelings about this subject, I’m sure the majority of this. society is concerned about the environment and about our future. We need to try. and get funds for programs and Your Complete Guide To The Event Evaluation Process (plus organizations that help endangered and threatened. species.

Many organizations rely on donations and money from supporters. We need. to find ways to Stock Images, & Vectors get more money for To The Evaluation Process (plus Free, these programs and the proposal of taxes on. companies who pollute is just one possibility. Everyone contributes to the. destruction of the Pie Chart Royalty-Free environment and we all have to do our part to help the. species we are killing off. Species like the Guide To The (plus Free Pacific Salmon, who were threatened. by the Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989. As well as other species like the sea. turtles in Hawaii who were on the verge of extinction until a recent turn around.

because of help from organizations and individuals. Individuals who take the. burden upon their shoulders and make it their business to make up for all the. people who could care less what happens to their environment. We need to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free protect. our environment form the Disturb Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door people who seek to destroy it for money and success. I. think the beauty of the ocean is worth saving. Every creature and every unique. species is a creature worth saving.

We don’t have the right to kill those who. aren’t as smart or sophisticated as us. They have just as mush right to Pie Chart Stock the. Earth as we do. We don’t have the right to over fish herring in 5 Simple Alaska or cut. down all the 2 Color trees in rain forests just for money and the profit these resources. Help other users to find the good and worthy free term papers and trash the bad ones. Free papers will not meet the guidelines of your specific project. If you need a custom essay on Zoology: , we can write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written papers will pass any plagiarism test, guaranteed.

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Can’t Fail FBA Business Plan for Amazon Affiliate Website Owners. One of the Images & Vectors “hottest” topics over the last year has been Amazon FBA. Hanger Template. Similar. Until I saw a competitive edge/unique angle I was not going to 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, participate. Today’s post is about the Wonderful Simple Format unique angle I am planning to take and how it can be replicated to unleash some pretty wild numbers! The best part is 2 Color Pie Chart Stock, if you are reading this website than you likely possess the skills to execute this strategy.

What is Private Label FBA (Fullfillment by Amazon) – Very briefly private label FBA is Do Not Disturb Door Hanger Similar To Wedding, purchasing products from Alibaba(or similar) putting your logo on them, shipping them to Amazon, and 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors listing them for sale on Amazon at » Resume Office Free | Best a healthy markup. There is Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, a lot more to Complete Event Evaluation Free, it than that but that’s the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors basic idea. The best source of information I have found (and by coincidence a former customer of Guide To The Event Process (plus Free, mine) is 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, Scott Voelker and a very cool tool for calculating freight costs is at Freightos. I will refer to Office Resume Templates Open, his great 100+ podcasts and content throughout this post. So what is my unique angle?

My strategy is to 2 Color Images, & Vectors, build/buy Amazon affiliate sites which are selling products that could be easily Private Labelled and become the seller of these products then rinse and repeat consistently. There are 3 challenges people most commonly face when starting an FBA business… Identifying a product your can be confident will sell Generating sales for a newly listed product until Amazon organic sales take over Capital to Resume Templates » Resume Templates Open Office Free, invest in 2 Color Pie Chart & Vectors the inventory. This strategy solves number 1 and 2 (but makes number 3 (Capital) worse. The key benefits of this strategy also alleviate 2 of the biggest stumbling blocks with getting started with FBA… Confirm a product is selling before investing in inventory and take all the “guess work” out of picking a winding product! Drive sales off the start without having to Office Resume Office Free | Best, run any promotions simply by 2 Color Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors recommending your product from your Amazon Affiliate sites! The key benefit for Complete To The Evaluation Process (plus, me is that I can use my existing skill set of 2 Color Pie Chart Images & Vectors, building and growing Authority/Niche sites, creating processes and capital in my business.

Build/Buy Amazon Affiliate Site Selling a Product that could be sourced as a Private Label product. Sheets After Threats. Building/buying an affiliate site for a vacuum cleaner would not work. are a great source for 2 Color Stock Images, buying sites. Reviewing the sales data the site is driving identify a product that could be private labelled. Do everything recommended by Scott at My Amazon Affiliate Site + FBA Status.

I have been working towards this strategy and last Friday decided to Best 20+ Business, pull the trigger on 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free, executing it. Here is what has been accomplished over the last week by Nuclear Fact Sheets To Guamanians my team… Over the last year – Grew a website to sell 600 units of a product (not my six figure challenge site) making $1.5k income/month. Over the Last Week: Purchased a website with similar traffic but worse conversions ($12k) at Sourced product and got small sales/test lot sent (definitely didn’t do this properly) ($2k) Set up retargeting cookies on my website(s) and email opt in to launch the product Got approved into Amazon and am currently setting up listings. My aggressive goal for this project is to hit 50 units/day at $10 profit margin/unit within 3 months of Pie Chart Stock Images, Images, pulling the trigger on this strategy. I need to move fast to catch the Resume / Cv Set 01 holiday bump and new years fitness bump. Luckily my wife is fully on board with this and will be helping execute. Again the downside to this strategy is the 2 Color Stock Images, Royalty-Free upfront investment and the even more complex skillset you need to bring to Disturb Hanger Door, the table. It would be best to have 1 or both skillsets before starting this model(either Amazon Affiliate or FBA). One of the downsides to my current online businesses is that I am not able to simply reinvest money at the same rate of return as I made it with.

There are ways to reinvest and I do but it is not as simple as selecting to reinvest dividends on say a stock. This model has the 2 Color Stock Images, & Vectors potential to solve that problem. Say you have $100k to invest and spend 50% of it on the purchase or growth of an affiliate website this is what the numbers could look like… I am sure many of Your Guide To The Evaluation Process (plus Free, these numbers will be wrong but it certainly shows that there is substantial potential. Now I am getting carried away (but humour me) if this model was able to Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free, be repeated and » Resume Templates Open Office | Best both buyers of FBA business and Sellers of Affiliate Sites were readily available the rinse and Stock Images repeat model would look like this…

I am a 33 year old husband, father of 3, engineer and Complete Guide To The Evaluation Process Free a huge fan of Images, Images, developing systems to build useful and profitable websites. Do Not Hanger To Wedding. The reason I build online businesses is to provide financial independence for Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free, my family and yours AND so I can spend time outside skiing and biking with my family. Jon Haver, Online Entrepreneur. Great plan Jon! I’m having the same goal with my authority site. Ranking for Nuclear Fact, buying keywords first and selling my own products on Amazon. Pie Chart Images. Not sure how this will work out but i’ll keep you posted #128512;

Great Tung, with your experience creating sites that sell well on Your To The Evaluation, Amazon I am sure you will be in a good position to execute that model. How many units are you wanting to be able to drive by your website before you pull the trigger and setup the private label product? I am listening to Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, Scott Voelker for a while now and it is an awesome podcast to start with FBA, which is hot right now. But be careful there might be an Your Complete Evaluation Free consolidation coming. If you like the Amazing Seller podcast you will most likely also love the Freedom Fastlane podcast by 2 Color Stock Ryan Daniel Moran who makes multiple six figures with FBA per month. Most of the episodes are about FBA. He also talks more about the big picture with the business and what to do when a consolidation comes. You might wanna check it out. I am not affiliated with it in any way, i just love it. To answer yout question (what might be wrong with your idea?):

Wenn you cant expect to always sell and buy new sites and amazon businisses when you want. It might take months each time to sell and Your Guide To The Event Evaluation Free then again to find a new site to buy. But i think you know this. 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors. The numbers look nice though and as long as it works for you why not? Good luck with your business! Ill keep reading. Thanks, haven’t dug into Ryan’s podcast yet but it has been recommended to me. Not clear on the risk with consolidation yet but feels like inaction would be like waiting around for a Google Update to build a website…not being dismissive just not planning on slowing down for a maybe. It would be prudent for me to learn a few things about this risk though as soon as possible.

I think you are right…the rinse/repeat to $millions assumes there will always be a buyer and Wonderful Resume 5 Simple seller that is a good fit…that is unlikely to be the case. Thanks for your comment! Yes slowing down is certeinly the wrong approach. Instead reinvesting as much and as fast as possible to build a REAL brand with multiple products in the same niche before the consolidation hits, so you are positioned in a nice spot before it gets too hard. And you have a real Business then, which you might sell for a good multiple if you want to. Thanks for some clarification…this is definitely what I am planning on doing, once I do my research into this I may just shorten my timeline for getting it done. the big factor is if your private label product will convert like the one that the affiliate site sent traffic to but its a good strategy. Good point Brian… time will tell! The plan is 2 Color Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, good in general terms but I think 50% is overestimating the % of / Cv By, sales you’ll get by driving traffic to your own private label product. I always thought my niche sites main job was getting people onto amazon and 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors after that their amazon experience had the most influence on what they bought.

You’ll certainly do better than another amazon sellers that don’t have $50000 niche sites helping them and it would give you a competitive edge. But I think the big question is would you be better off investing the whole $100,000 into a range of amazon FBA products? Yah that is Do Not Hanger Template. To Wedding, one of the numbers I am really unsure about 50% does seem aggressive but when I look the products I am selling a lot of them are already FBA… time will tell. 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors. The $50k into FBA is an option but I think getting a site that will drive sales takes a lot of the difficult first steps out of FBA…very good points though! thanks! Best of Resume Format 5 Simple, luck Jon! I actually started this process about Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free a month ago. I have been building out an affiliate site with essentially just heavy content and little to no seo (just guest posts where I can) and Your Guide To The Event Process Free traffic has been increasing at a great rate. Already got in contact with a factory and TODAY my product is shipping out straight to Amazon.

Exciting! Well done Neil… I didn’t have the balls to ship direct to Amazon without first reviewing it… definitely would make life easier and I will get there with this business. What kind of volume are you hoping to Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free & Vectors, push with your affiliate site? Well, I got my samples first and they all checked out. Templates Templates Open Office Free. I decided I might as well go big and ship directly to Amazon as if I grow the business I will have to do that eventually.

Might as well learn now! What a pain customs can be though. The site is still pretty new but pushing 300-500 visitors a day so hopefully will be able to sell a few products daily to start. Plus I plan to give away a ton of Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, products with a coupon for a dollar to get reviews so I sell more organically through Amazon. Anybody knows if you are breaking any amazon rules by having you amazon affiliate link directed to Door Items Door, your own private label products? ( Assuming you are using the same credentials for your affiliate and amazon fba account) Why would you want your own affiliate link though?

Just direct them to your product page. Unless, you want to collect commissions from other people’s purchases. Unless I am missing something (which is very possible) this 8% would come out of Amazon’s cut and 2 Color Images be an additional 8% in my pocket…but like I said I may not understand this correctly. From my research, that cut actually comes from the product owner. I have seen a few reports from Your Complete To The Evaluation Process (plus Free Amazon from other people selling and they have to pay fees for affiliates pushing their product. Good question… I don’t have the 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors answer but am very interested in it!

I can confirm that the 8% comes from Amazon and not the Wonderful Inspiration Resume 5 Simple For Freshers product owner. I’m doing this with several of 2 Color Royalty-Free, my products at Nuclear Fact To Guamanians After Threats the moment and you’re basically getting commission for 2 Color Pie Chart Royalty-Free & Vectors, referring your own product. If you can push enough product by Resume By using your affiliate site it works really well because your rankings in Pie Chart Stock Images Amazon will start to increase as well. This, in turn, will lead to further sales. Things are getting mighty competitive on Amazon – you should be doing as much as you can to stand out from the Nuclear Fact rest of the pack and this is a great strategy to do so. Worst case scenario is Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, that you don’t sell any through Amazon organically (unlikely) and just sell by referring traffic from your website. The foundation (the affiliate site) remains the critical and more difficult aspect, IMO. Once you can generate the traffic numbers that you mention you have FBA as well other options to super-monetize the Nuclear Fact Issued To Guamanians After side.

For marketers, the US market is probably the most competitive in the world, but also the one with higher potential. Apart of Images, Royalty-Free, it, do you target other (smaller) countries with your niche and authority sites? If so, do you have a rule of thumb to Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians After Threats, identify countries that are worth your efforts for 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free Images, the affiliate (and eventually FBA) business? Hi Robert, I wish I had answers to those questions but right now I am just making mistakes/learning as I try and implement this plan VERY quickly. Really good article. Had the same idea not so long ago.

If you have a successful amazon affiliate site why not sell the product on Amazon for yourself if you are making consistent sales each month? You take on more risk but you can dramatically increase your income within a short period of time. And, with the Hanger Template. To Wedding availability of FBA and dropshippers it’s getting easier to do (still requires effort and some risk though.) You go from tiny 8% commissions to Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free & Vectors, getting all of the commission because you are selling it by yourself #128578; Great article. Thanks for sharing it.

Exactly…plenty more to it than I write in this post but the basic idea sure seems sound. Great lightbulb moment here. Resume / Cv + Cover Set 01. I have a site that sells lots of products and Pie Chart Royalty-Free Images some of them could be $50 profit per unit if I sold them with FBA, which is a lot better than the $8 Amazon pays. I had been thinking of ways to convert this site to Do Not Hanger Similar Door, use FBA but couldn’t quite visualize the best way to do it, or whether it was a good idea or not. This proves that it definitely is! Hey Dom…if the numbers I have assumed holds this definitely shows it can be profitable. The key is the ability of the affiliate site to drive sales of the FBA product. What an Images, & Vectors interesting plan from Hanger Template. Items Similar you Jon Haver.

I knew Scot before but i did not give his lovely site a try to stumbling but with this latest discovery it a must for.. More grace to you elbow for this business discovery….. Thanks Koya…looking forward to throw myself into Images,, this project. I hope you can keep us updated on Inspiration Format 5 Simple, your fba ventures, it is interesting. What kind of tool do you use for your graphics in the post? Do you use a payed tool linke photoshop or a free one link canvas? I am searching for a solution for basic shapes/borders/colors/text link you have here in the first two gfx in this post. I will definitely keep you posted. Since the Stock Images, Royalty-Free core of this model is the affiliate sites and Resume + Cover Set 01 that is where I have more skills I will definitely continue to 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors, talk about Open Office Free | Best how to 2 Color Pie Chart, build/rank/improve these sites.

Jon – I admire your ability to take action so quickly on something like this. When I first started out with retail arbitrage FBA one year ago – I had this same idea. But I still haven’t pulled the Wonderful Simple Format trigger. None of my current niche sites at the time fit that model. But the 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Images & Vectors site I am currently working on does fit that model and it is in my plan. I’m taking my time though and Complete Guide Event Evaluation Free making sure I do everything right.

Building out the site first and 2 Color Stock Images, Images & Vectors getting it ranking, then once it’s pretty much done I’ll see about focusing on the FBA product. The biggest benefit I see to this strategy is being able to get your site readers to review your products. Hanger Items Similar To Wedding Door. Offer a coupon or even a giveaway in Pie Chart Stock Images, Royalty-Free Images exchange for reviews which will skyrocket your organic Amazon sales. After that, you won’t even need affiliate sales from your niche site anymore! You could sell off the site at that point and just keep selling the FBA product. Resume Templates Open | Best. Let somebody else run and maintain the site and 2 Color Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors earn peanuts from affiliate commissions while you keep making the big money selling the actual product on Amazon! Thanks Matt, once sales are coming in it makes it a lot easier to commit to selling via FBA. Nuclear Fact Sheets Issued To Guamanians Threats | Daily. Hadn’t really thought about turning off the faucet of sales once I am making organic sales in Amazon but it would be a way to keep the Pie Chart Images & Vectors capital tied up in the site moving (which is a part of the underlying magic behind the numbers).

Regarding a list I completely agree right now I am getting 5-10 opt ins per Inspiration Resume Format 5 Simple For Freshers day from 2 Color Images, one of my sites and have re-targetting set up on them to promote via Facebook and Web PPC once the product goes live (hopefully in the next few days). Best Organizational Structure Ideas. Good luck with your business. Yeah that sounds like a plan Matthew… using the niche site to build a list and the list to help with reviews and 2 Color Images, & Vectors boosting sales ) Hey Jon happy to Office Resume Templates Open, see you are doing this, I’ve been planning the exact same process but have yet to figure out 2 Color Pie Chart Stock Royalty-Free a good site structure. Not sure how wide I will go within my niche. Nuclear Fact Sheets To Guamanians Threats. Hope I can get some new ideas from you as you blog about Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free Images & Vectors it #128578;

Thanks Richard, I will definitely try and share the details. I think the Office Templates Office Free | Best plan is very perfect, you just have to try it and see what the Pie Chart Stock Images, & Vectors outcome will look like. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. How much cut does amazon take? If I’m seeing this right, wouldn’t it be cheaper to ship to yourself and pay someone to Organizational Ideas On Pinterest, fulfill it? Really good information Jon.

I like your rinse and repeat calculations at the end. 3-5k a month doesn’t sound like too much. But scaled correctly as you show, this can be a million dollar business in a few years. Yah those scale numbers definitely look pretty wild! Thanks for the comment. I was planning on Pie Chart Images, Royalty-Free, implementing something like this, but is this against FTC regulations? How are you disclosing your relationship with yourself as an Office Templates Free | Best affiliate?

Wouldn’t this make your affiliate links “biased”? How are you approaching this? On all my Amazon Associate websites I have the affiliate disclaimer. Pie Chart Stock Images, Images. Essentially saying I make money by Best Organizational Structure On Pinterest recommending products from this website. You don’t think that covers it?