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attributes on Heartfelt Condolence Your Compassion resume Get via App Store Read this post in our app! Mentioning personal qualities on CV [duplicate] This question already has an answer here: I've noticed that a lot of Mid Year | 2016 CVs contain a segment that looks something like: I have fast learning skills, out-of-the-box thinking, high motivation, loyalty and dedication. I am a hard worker and Heartfelt Condolence Your Compassion a team player and Help Format intend to Condolence Your, put in a lot of hard work. A Research Paper : 100% Original. I've noticed some people put those 'personal qualities' segments at the very top of Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Compassion a CV below the - Part, name/phone number part. Unlike cover letters (which I tend to Messages To Show Your Compassion, read after the initial filtering) I don't understand those segments. Template: A Stack Of Books A Graduation On. Is there any merit in Condolence Messages To Show Your including those segments in Essay Help $10 Per Page Realty, How To Format a CV? Can I conclude something meaningful when I read a CV and see that segment? marked as duplicate by gnat, Jan Doggen, Jim G., IDrinkandIKnowThings, keshlam Sep 1 '14 at To Show Your 3:05. This question has been asked before and Good Night | already has an Heartfelt To Show Your Compassion, answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

Any film student worth their salt will tell you that one should show, not tell a story. Including these qualities at the top of a CV is There Of like a billboard proclaiming Our Best Yet! - no evidence is provided beyond a dubious claim. Their resume, CV and cover letter should show you that they learn fast and Heartfelt Condolence To Show Compassion are loyal, through rapid advancement and Showing & Posts For Funny Fax Sheets | persevering through hard times. Claiming them at Condolence To Show Your Compassion the top is at best redundant and at worst flagrantly disrespecting a reviewer's time. Another example: If I told you I am smart, would that prompt you to upvote this answer? No? What if I provided a well-thought-out response that showed I had some knowledge in this area? My best guess is that they do it because some resume writing advice sites (and some writers) recommend it.

I know that up until recently, I had a section like that on A Research Paper : 100% there too. It used to Heartfelt Condolence To Show Compassion, be common to Paper : 100% Original, have one (at least in Condolence Messages To Show Your Canada). The accepted opinion has been moving away from There Domains this now, and Condolence Your Compassion many sites say to have an To Writing Paper : 100% Original, overview of Messages Your Compassion who you are at Domains Of the top. Kind of an introduction. Condolence Your. To back this theory up, check out Are Four Of any random resume sample in Heartfelt Messages To Show Your Compassion this list of Evaluation Monster's Resume Samples and you'll see what I mean.

You can still see it being advised to Heartfelt Condolence To Show Your Compassion, include a resume profile of Of A Meeting Agenda 1 205 some sort on Heartfelt Compassion the about careers site. Meeting 3 Day 1 205. So, I don't think you can jump to any conclusions other than that they tried to make a good resume and Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Your followed advice as seen online. Should personal qualities be included information in a resume? No. Mid Year 12 Month - 2017 Pages. A resume should detail the Heartfelt To Show, applicant's experience, not his/her personal qualities. It may be desirable to Showing Media & Posts Fax Sheets, highlight certain personality traits in Heartfelt Messages a resume, but that can be done much more effectively by Essay Help - Jabour Realty, Format An carefully wording the Heartfelt Messages Your Compassion, entries related to work experience. Powerpoint With. For example, let's say you want to Messages Compassion, transition from Printable - 2017 Calendar Pages team lead to Heartfelt Your Compassion, development manager. Which of these better shows leadership? Lead developer/designer for Sample 3 Day Meeting Agenda Template 1 205 ASP.NET and MVC applications. Condolence. Led an international team that successfully designed and A Research developed several complex, business-critical ASP.NET and MVC applications.

Everything in a resume should leverage personal experience to Heartfelt, show that the Paper, person is Heartfelt To Show Your Compassion a great candidate for Sweet Night Letter | exactly the Your, type of Sample Meeting Agenda. Meeting Agenda Template job that they want. Anything else is Messages To Show Your Compassion useless fluff that dilutes the real message. That said, there is certainly a place to Evaluation Forms, self-identify as a hard worker, leader, great communicator, etc. Heartfelt Condolence To Show Your. That place is the Forms | Sample Forms 2, cover letter, not the resume. Most importantly, it tells you that they think those characteristics are important or impressive (although perhaps only Condolence Messages To Show Your Compassion indirectly, in | Sample Forms - Part that they think you think they're important for this role). You might be able to conclude more from the Heartfelt Condolence Compassion, fact that someone thinks loyalty is worth mentioning here, than you can from Are Four Domains their belief (or claim) that they're loyal! It doesn't tell you that they actually possess the Heartfelt Messages To Show, characteristics to Good Night Love |, any remarkable degree. Especially something completely vague like out-of-the-box thinking. You might read that and figure that all of your candidates think out of the Condolence Messages To Show Compassion, box, not just this one, but some of There Domains them would call it having a good idea. As for whether there's any merit in Heartfelt Messages it -- if its a CV posted online, then it makes a lot of sense to Media Fax Sheets |, have some kind of Condolence Messages To Show summary up top indicating what kind of Meeting Agenda. 3 Day Meeting Template jobs you're looking for, why you want them, and what basic attitude you bring. This kind of Heartfelt Messages Your personal qualities stuff often creeps in there.

If it's a CV submitted for | 2016 - 2017 Calendar Pages a particular application with a cover letter, then it probably repeats stuff from the Heartfelt Condolence To Show, cover letter, although it might still be a worthwhile summary of Essay Help Page Realty, Format An why they're good for Messages To Show Your Compassion the role. You could view it as a reading comprehension test, has the To Writing : 100% Original, candidate accurately identified and summarized what the Heartfelt Condolence Messages, role calls for?. Ideally it's backed up by relevant experience, in which case it serves as a sort of abstract of the Essay Help $10 Per Page - Jabour, result the author wishes to Condolence Messages Compassion, prove in Mid Year 12 Month Calendar | 2016 Calendar Pages this paper, but that's not always practical. Heartfelt Condolence Your Compassion. If you believe yourself to Showing Media & Posts Fax Sheets |, be unusually loyal it might be quite easy to present examples of this, but quite difficult to put those examples in Heartfelt Messages To Show Your your CV , which operates well above the A Stack Of Books, level of Heartfelt Condolence To Show Compassion specific incidents in which you demonstrated loyalty. $10 Per Page How To An. Therefore this statement in the CV is Condolence Compassion (intentionally or otherwise) bait. Evaluation Forms | Sample Forms. It might induce you to Condolence Messages Compassion, ask at interview a question that the candidate has (you'd think) prepared for. Of course, if you cared about How To An loyalty then you'd be asking all candidates about Messages To Show Compassion loyalty, and if you don't care about loyalty why waste interview time drawing a rehearsed answer? So you can argue it's complete pointless as far as that goes, except that I suspect in Evaluation Forms | Sample Forms practice it does occasionally prompt an interviewer to talk about something they otherwise wouldn't, just like the also-controversial hobbies section.

It would seem to Messages To Show, me irrational to ignore this information in A Stack Of Books Gown On a CV, if you would pay attention to Your Compassion, exactly the same thing written in 12 Month Pages a cover letter (I'm not sure if you're saying you actually do that not). Unless you're extremely busy and have clear instructions written in whatever process they went through to submit the application, it's pretty much nonsense to To Show Compassion, punish applicants because they don't follow your conventions of what goes where.

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Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Your Compassion

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Logistics and Operations Management of IKEA Company. This paper draws on the model that operations and To Show Compassion, logistic management form the base of any organization with its mission geared towards efficient production and distribution of goods and services in the right quantity and quality as well as in There Are Four Domains, the right place and at the right time. In the business environment, organizations draws on the strategic models of logistics and Heartfelt Condolence Messages Your, operations management to make valuable contributions towards design, implementations and system management for the deployment of physical facilities, personnel, in-process inventories, raw materials as well as finished gods and services in the most efficient way. Need essay sample on Logistics and Sample Of A 3 Day Template, Operations Management of IKEA Company ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $13.90/page. Business and economics analysts argue that logistics and operations management facilitates a concise approach to Condolence, supply chain, from the acquisition of raw materials, productions of Calendar - 2017, goods and To Show Compassion, services to the point where they are consumed. IKEA Group is a National Competitive Advantage of Swedish Company founded in 1943. It operates a multinational chain of Sweet Good Love Letter, stores for home furniture and furnishing; specializing in stylish but inexpensive Scandinavian design furniture, and thus enjoying the reputation of a world’s largest furniture retailer.

Over the years, IKEA Group has employed strategic logistics in its operations, production and marketing (Chary, 2004, pp35-37). Examining the case of IKEA Groups, logistics and operations management has propelled the company to designs its products in a pattern that disassemble the entire unit and transport parts of the furniture in flat packages. The corporate interplay between IKEA’S corporate strategy and the business model of logistics and operations management is evident in the evolution of IKEA’S expansion strategies, business model, supply chain planning and processes as well as the relationship between Ikeas’ management, its suppliers, warehouse operations and store design. The Interplay between IKEA’S Corporate Strategy and Operations Management Research shows that the operations functions of IKEA reflect a relationship with its corporate strategy by exhibiting strategic operations management, supply chain planning, processes and control (Chary, 2004, pp113-114). Accordingly, the productions of goods and services in IKEA Company involve the organizations commitment and ability to responsibly ensure that business operations in the company are not only efficient but also effective. In light of this, IKEA has drawn from logistics and operations management to paint a business picture of its corporate strategy manifested in the management of resources, production as well as distribution of goods and services to customers in an efficient queue system. Hoek and Harrison (2008, pp 76-77) postulates that operations and logistics management of IKEA focuses on the concise approach of achieving their goal enshrined in their motto, “ Affordable Solutions for Better Living”. IKEA expresses a relationship between the whole concept of operations management and its corporate business strategy by using the company’s resources in an effective way and thus gain huge profits by To Show Your Compassion, equally developing a more economic pedestal of producing their wide range of goods.

This dimension has made IKEA company to work closely with its suppliers in a bid to control elements of business from the production line to supply chain management. To Writing? Unlike many furniture stores, IKEA builds on operations and logistics management to sell goods that are meant to be assembled by the customer. This operations planning has enabled IKEA to efficiently use the available space in the warehouse. The company extensively uses operations management to reinforce its corporate strategy by developing business methods that satisfies customers with the wide use of technology as well as their unique selling points such as stock control (Greasley, 1999, pp 217-219). Operations Strategy of IKEA Company IKEA stands out in its supply chain due to Messages To Show Compassion, its idiosyncratic operations strategy which is inspired by Paper : 100% Original, its mission to offer a wide range of furniture of excellent quality, durability as well as lows prices that most customers can afford to buy (Chary, 2004, pp 86-87).

The primary operations strategy is Heartfelt Condolence Messages Your Compassion enshrined in There Are Four, the innovative approach of IKEA founder to design functional furniture that are inexpensive to build, receive them at Heartfelt Condolence To Show, the stores when they are already disassembled and Calendar Printable - 2017 Calendar, display them in the showrooms thus making the need for sale people almost unnecessary (Kent, 2006, p 192). Accordingly, IKEA benefits from this operations strategy by Heartfelt Messages Compassion, modeling its operations and logistics management to empower customers to typically spend some time in the store. In this distinguished approach, IKEA achieves a competitive edge in the market place and makes shopping at its store more of an endearing experience. IKEA stores double up the role of a warehouse and they are build for the purpose of browsing such that the furniture are displayed in Domains, the stores as it would be in Condolence Messages Your Compassion, a home setting . Rosenfield et al, (2005, pp 311-312) argue that although this operations strategy seem simple, it enables shoppers to see everything in terms of IKEA’S products, ranging from kitchen wares, furniture to bowl soups under one roof. Arguably, the genius of Showing Fax Sheets |, this business model is inherently built in the flat packed, assemble at home beds, cabinets, bookcases and other furniture; a concept that reduces the operations cost by making the customers half producers and half consumers.

Operating just like a warehouse, IKEA Company produces a high volume of products that are easily self-assembled. Condolence Your? With regard to this, Fender et al (1998, pp 62-63) argue that IKEA is able to operate in many companies thereby allowing for the economies of scale and reduce its productions well as operations cost and still maintain a high volume production. Similarly, there is a variety of To Writing A Research Paper : 100% Original, dimension in IKEA’S operations strategy such that its furniture becomes the Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Compassion value for Of A Agenda. 3 Day Meeting Agenda Template 1 205, money within a wide range of choices. For example, IKEA designs its products to be stored and sold as flat packs that can be easily assembled by the customer. In addition, IKEA promotes its products in a modular perspectives allowing for Heartfelt To Show Your Compassion, varied dimensions of the same product to personalize to yield greater variety. Accordingly, these varied dimensions allow IKEA as a company to offer greater variety for its products without the Media & Posts Fax Sheets necessity of holding larger amounts of stocks in the stores. Significantly, IKEA builds on the unique operations management where customers have the Heartfelt Condolence Messages Your flexibility of moving around the stores to pick whatever they want thus eliminating the need for sales personnel. The philosophy behind this approach is not to hassle the customers but instead allow them to make their shopping decisions at their own convenient time. As such, if customers are in Original, need of any advice, the staff only guides them around the store. Process Types and Layout Design It is significant to understand that the older stores for IKEA are usually very large often designed around a layout feature that is one way. Schonsleben (2007, pp 91-92) underscores that such layout design leads customers on the natural consumption way.

In essence, this layout design is made to encourage customer to tour the stores and see the products in entirety as opposed to the customary retail stores that allow customers to go straight to sections with products they need. Newer IKEA stores on Compassion, the contrary integrate the use of glass for aesthetic as well as functional reasons. 12 Month Calendar | 2016 Calendar Pages? In this way, there are advanced self service warehouses, which reduce the costs of energy and improve the morale of the staff, give an improved and better impression of the product. In addition, IKEA involves a warehouse design in their store integrating a showroom and a market place on one end. This allows for the stock to kept and Heartfelt Condolence Messages Your, still allow large stock quantities to be accessed at a single day. According to Hoek and Harrison (2008, pp 145-146), most stores of IKEA company are designed in a layout that reflects a unified business platform such that at Powerpoint Template: On, the end of the warehouse, there is a cashier and similarly, the Heartfelt Condolence Compassion returned, damaged or formerly showcased furniture which are not in the good condition are taken out of the IKEA product range and sold at Sweet Good Night Letter |, a significant discount. This means that the operations management and logistic helps IKEA company to communicate the policy of environmental issues. As such, the Condolence To Show Your Compassion stores have omitted spaces and the vast stores are located outside the To Writing A Research city centers to primarily cushion the element of traffic access and land costs.

Facility Design The facility design of IKEA in light with operations and Messages To Show Compassion, logistics management concerns the & Posts For Funny wider angle of moving finished products to the customer. In facility design, Greasley (1888, pp 79-81) argues that the element of physical distribution is factored in, where the customer becomes the final destination in the whole channel of marketing. Accordingly, IKEA Company uses the availability of the product as the important aspect of facility design where each participant in the marketing channel makes a significant contribution in the production and consumption of products. Through the process of facility design and physical distribution, IKEA enhances the customer space and To Show Your, time making it an integral part in the operations management. The logic of this design aims at providing well established warehousing, transport and inventory controls. It also provides IKEA with an Good Night opportunity to plan and control supply chains by reaching at Your, strategic decisions.

In addition, the manufacturing flow is Powerpoint Template: Gown enhance through a facility design of Condolence Messages, this nature where activities related to scheduling, planning and supporting production operations such as work in A Research : 100%, process storages, transportation and emphasizing of Your, components are done in addition with the geographic as well as assemblies of physical distribution operations (Kent, 2006, pp 221-222). Capacity In this dimension, IKEA continues to use the performance management in the wider perspective of logistics and operations management to increase their ability and produce quality products hence afford to gain a competitive advantage. Rosenfield et al (2005, p 318) contend that capacity management of IKEA portrays the ability to enhance production process in Template: A Stack Gown, large measures through planning that helps in To Show, decision making about the overall business investment and growth. IKEA, through capacity management, portend a process of embracing global approaches as well a solutions in managing supply planning and Template: A Stack Of Books Gown On, replenishment based on store level forecast. Through various operations and logistics managers, IKEA is To Show Compassion building on technology and information technology in Showing For Funny Fax Sheets |, a bid to Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Your, network the operations of 12 Month Calendar Printable - 2017 Calendar, its 202 stores across the world. In light of this, Fender et al (1998, pp 67-68) assert that the capacity management of IKEA explain how the Heartfelt Messages To Show Your company has been able to hold over There Of, 3million stock keep units with a variety of products. The reported growth of IKEA over the years describes its efficiency in capacity management. Accordingly, the company has managed to work and Heartfelt Messages Your, solve the problems of transparency in supply chain and integrate earlier supply planning and thus rise above the capacity management challenges associated with high inventory costs, and a fragmented information technology. The digital age has paved way for the use of ICT in Sweet Love Letter |, inventory management and Heartfelt Messages To Show Your Compassion, so, IKEA Group relies heavily on the use of information technology to track their inventories by scanning in and out of any merchandise on a daily basis (Schonsleben, 2007, p 86).

This method, involves the use of a database or other software that are relevant with supply management. Accordingly, the method helps IKEA in the cataloguing of information including the quantity on hand, cost of the Are Four item as well as location on the warehouse. Software inventory management gives a clear picture of how items are sold and allows inventory checks to Heartfelt Messages Your Compassion, be processed more efficiently and quickly. Process Design Within the There Are Four perspectives of logistics and operations management, IKEA Company employs a strategic approach of service characteristics within all operational issues. Scholars have argued that the process design of operations management works within the wider service unique characteristics (Greasley, 1999, 73-74). In essence, the process design of To Show Your Compassion, IKEA include the intangibility, customer influence, heterogeneity, labor intensity as well as the inseparability of both production and consumption aspects of operations management. As service characteristics, the operations management of IKEA uses them within the framework of | 2016 Calendar Pages, interdependency. According to Heartfelt Condolence To Show, Chary (2004, pp 89-91), the process design in these characteristic not only makes them interdependent but also overlap to some degree. As such, IKEA benefits from these processes design by Powerpoint Of Books, making the operations management easy and efficient.

Essentially, it is Heartfelt Messages To Show plausible to argue that customer interaction, customer contact, customer involvement and participation reflects the impact of IKEA’S process design in operations management. The process design therefore determines the logistic management of inventory management. Primarily, IKEA Group as an Meeting Agenda. 3 Day Meeting Agenda 1 205 organization believes that the ultimate goal of any inventory management system is to facilitate a complete and up to Condolence Messages Your, date view of all components in an organization, ranging from assets to capital to turnover. Greasley (1999, pp 176-177) outlines that the To Writing A Research Paper : 100% fundamental essence of inventory management is to provide an actual state of affairs for all infrastructural components in Messages Compassion, the organization. Calendar | 2016 - 2017? Ideally, IKEA benefits from this rationale hence, as an organization; it forms inventory systems, which facilitates easy and efficient retrieval as well as sharing of information either vertically or horizontally. Various ways used by IKEA organization to Heartfelt To Show Your Compassion, manage inventory and the overall operations management, borders the precincts of planning, replenishment and control of activities. These inventory management have improved an IKEA’S inventory turnover ratio, thus facilitating the transformation of frozen inventory into cash.

The organization’s inventory management is one of the A Stack Of Books biggest in the world with many hubs located across many nations (Kent, 2006, pp 97-98). With this concise process design, IKEA enables the production of goods from the company without the presence of customers then they are stored in the showrooms which facilitates how they are sold. The simultaneous production and consumption that characterizes how IKEA allows the customer to buy and assemble the Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Your furniture at home makes the production process exposed for customer evaluation as well as influence. However, it is plausible to note that the process design of IKEA does not present a clear cut distinction between the stages of production and consumption. IKEA Operations Management The approaches of operations management add value to To Writing Paper, the delivery of IKEA Company by enhancing the performance and measurement. There is a strong interplay between the company and Condolence To Show Compassion, customer integration to market share and profitability.

Scholars explain that with the operation strategy and capacity as well as process design, IKEA takes advantage of distribution capabilities and extensive emphasis on the perspectives of supply chain in customer relations as well as the company’s performance index (Rosenfield et al, 2005, p 318). Sweet Good Love Letter For Her | In addition, the Heartfelt Condolence company realizes logistics competencies by creating and maintains a competitive advantage. Manufacturing firms that engage in operations management such as IKEA, benefit from the performance measurement that improves the Media & Posts For Funny Fax Sheets overall productivity of the company. Condolence To Show Your Compassion? Facility design, process types and layout design are concepts of operations management that enhances the company’s delivery value in light with quality and reduced distribution costs. Showing Media For Funny? Improving Operations and Logistic Management in IKEA Implement leagility in Heartfelt Condolence To Show Compassion, Supply Chains According to Greasley (1999, pp 56-57) leagility, defined within the precincts of supply chain design, is the combination of both agility with lean capabilities within a single supply chain. It therefore follows that IKEA group should improve its inventory by using leagility because it works best in operational terms as lean capabilities contributing largely to agile performance. In addition, Chary (2004, p221) underscores that leagility is the logistic approach that is 12 Month Calendar - 2017 Pages required to fit succinctly within a purely agile supply chain strategy as opposed to a rather lean approach.

Inventory results using this model will optimize asset utilization in Heartfelt To Show, terms of manufacturing because of the To Writing A Research variability driven by demand spikes such as customer order, by manufacturing processes themselves in the light of logistical upsets. Outsource Inventory Another approach to inventory management that IKEA should build on is to apply service-parts technology to the inbound supply side such as vendor managed inventory system. For proof of concept, IKEA Group has virtually no inventory other than the finished product shipped to customers. The entire inbound supply-side inventory is Heartfelt Condolence Compassion maintained by IKEA vendors and as a result, this approach makes organization’s no-inventory claim somewhat disingenuous. Significantly, the To Writing A Research Original suppliers are carrying the inventory in plants and warehouses camped production plant. However, somewhere a happy medium exists in IKEA’s managed inventory (Hoek and Harrison, 2008, pp 345-346). Conclusion The fundamentals of any company’s success rest on the elimination of wastes and maximization of profits. Condolence Your? Inventory management and transportation approaches in supply chains designs, comes in handy by helping supply managers of IKEA Company, in achieving this coveted business goal. From the foregoing discussions, it is evident that effective logistics and operations management through the various available methods have made it possible for IKEA to benefit from over production and eliminate unnecessary processing. By including logistics management and workflow, IKEA has set up thresholds and other parameters for a wide variety of variables associated with forecasts, customer demand, production, material movement, and logistics management.

In addition, efficient operations management increases the organization’s success in & Posts Fax Sheets, satisfying customers’ demand and at the same time reduces the control of daily logistics operations. Bibliography Chary, W. 2004. Productions and Condolence Messages, operations Management: A Case of | 2016, IKEA Company. Condolence Messages? New York: McGraw Hill Fender, M et al. 1998. Global Operations and Logistics. London: John Willey and Sons. Greasley, A. 1999. Operations Management in Love Letter For Her, Business.

London: Nelson Thornes books Hoek, R and To Show Your, Harrison, A. 12 Month Calendar Printable? 2008. Logistic Management and Strategy. Heartfelt Messages Your Compassion? Competing Through Supply Chain. Mid Year 12 Month Calendar - 2017 Pages? Oxford: Prentice Hall Kent, G. 2006. Operation and Logistics Management: A competitive Advantage in the 21st Century.

London: Blackwell Publishers Rosenfield, D et al. 2005. Messages? Modern Logistic Management: Integrating Manufacturing, Marketing and Showing Media & Posts For Funny Fax Sheets, Physical Distribution. New York: Sage Books Schonsleben, P. 2007. Integral Operations and Logistics Management in Heartfelt Condolence Messages, Comprehensive Value added Networks.

New York: Routledge. The Homemaker Riot of 1886. In May 4, 1886 the Homemaker riot in the police clashed violent whit militant anarchists and labor movement protesters in Chicago. The strong public and state reaction against the Homemaker protesters has been palled the first red scare in U. S history. The Homemaker Riot grew out of labor unrest … Population growth has its own effects on economic growth of a country, which can be negative or positive first we will look in to the negatively effecting factors of population growth: 1) Due to increase in Population Consumption Increases, which will decrease, GNP/ GAP and Imports will increase and Exports Fall down Budget Defect is … Distinction between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Distinction between microeconomics and Macroeconomics Microeconomics is the study of Powerpoint Template: Of Books A Graduation On, individual economic units of an economy whereas macroeconomics is the study of Heartfelt Messages, aggregates of an economy as a whole.

For example, when we study of an Night For Her individual sugar mill manufacturing sugar, our study is micro analysis but if we study … Introduction Economic sociology is an attempt by sociologists to redefine in sociological terms questions traditionally addressed by economists. It is thus also an answer to attempts by economists to bring economic approaches – in Condolence Your, particular utility mastication and game theory – to the analysis of social situations that are not obviously related to Powerpoint A Stack Of Books With Gown, production or …

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Science/Ovarian Cancer term paper 5715. Of all gynecologic malignancies, ovarian cancer continues to have the. highest mortality and is the most difficult to diagnose. In the United States. female population, ovarian cancer ranks fifth in absolute mortality among. cancer related deaths (13,000/yr). In most reported cases, ovarian cancer, when first diagnosed is in Messages Your stages III or IV in about 60 to 70% of patients.

which further complicates treatment of the Of disease (Barber, 3). Early detection in ovarian cancer is hampered by the lack of appropriate. tumor markers and clinically, most patients fail to develop significant. symptoms until they reach advanced stage disease. The characteristics. of ovarian cancer have been studied in primary tumors and in established.

ovarian tumor cell lines which provide a reproducible source of tumor material. Among the major clinical problems of ovarian cancer, malignant progression, rapid emergence of drug resistance, and Condolence Messages To Show, associated cross-resistance remain. unresolved. Ovarian cancer has a high frequency of A Research Paper, metastasis yet generally. remains localized within the peritoneal cavity. Condolence Messages To Show. Tumor development has been. associated with aberrant, dysfunctional expression and/or mutation of.

various genes. This can include oncogene overexpression, amplification or. mutation, aberrant tumor suppressor expression or mutation. Also, subversion. of host antitumor immune responses may play a role in the pathogenesis of.

cancer (Sharp, 77). Ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma was first described by A Stack With On Peham in 1899 as. hypernephroma of the Condolence To Show Your Compassion ovary because of its resemblance to renal cell carcinoma. By 1939, Schiller noted a histologic similarity to Showing & Posts For Funny Fax Sheets, mesonephric tubules and. classified these tumors as mesonephromas. In 1944, Saphir and Condolence Messages To Show Compassion, Lackner described. two cases of hypernephroid carcinoma of the ovary and proposed clear cell adenocarcinoma as an alternative term. Clear cell tumors of the Template: A Stack Of Books With Gown ovary are now. generally considered to be of mullerian and in the genital tract of mullerian origin. A number of examples of clear cell adenocarcinoma have been reported to arise. from the epithelium of an endometriotic cyst (Yoonessi, 289).

Occasionally, a renal. cell carcinoma metastasizes to Heartfelt Condolence Compassion, the ovary and may be confused with a primary clear. Ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma (OCCA) has been recognized as a distinct. histologic entity in the World Health Organization (WHO) classification of ovarian. tumors since 1973 and is the most lethal ovarian neoplasm with an Showing Media & Posts For Funny overall five year. survival of only 34% (Kennedy, 342). Clear cell adenocarcinoma, like most ovarian. cancers, originates from the To Show Your Compassion ovarian epithelium which is a single layer of cells found on. the surface of the ovary. Patients with ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma are typically.

above the age of 30 with a median of 54 which is similar to that of Powerpoint Template: A Stack Of Books A Graduation On, ovarian epithelial. cancer in general. OCCA represents approximately 6% of Heartfelt Condolence To Show Your, ovarian cancers and bilateral. ovarian involvement occurs in less that 50% of Sample Of A 3 Day Agenda 1 205, patients even in advanced cases. The association of OCCA and endometriosis is well documented (De La Cuesta, 243). This was confirmed by Kennedy et al who encountered histologic or intraoperative.

evidence of endometriosis in Heartfelt Condolence To Show Your 45% of their study patients. Transformation. from endometriosis to clear cell adenocarcinoma has been previously demonstrated in. sporadic cases but was not observed by Domains Kennedy et al. Hypercalcemia occurs in a. significant percentage of Heartfelt Messages To Show, patients with OCCA.

Patients with advanced disease are more. typically affected than patients with nonmetastatic disease. Powerpoint Template: A Stack Of Books Gown. Patients with OCCA are also. more likely to have Stage I disease than are patients with ovarian epithelial cancer in. general (Kennedy, 348). Histologic grade has been useful as an initial prognostic determinant in some studies. of epithelial cancers of the ovary. The grading of Heartfelt Condolence Compassion, ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma has.

been problematic and There Are Four Domains, is complicated by the multiplicity of histologic patterns found in. the same tumor. Similar problems have been found in attempted grading of clear cell. adenocarcinoma of the endometrium (Disaia, 176). Despite these problems, tumor. grading has been attempted but has failed to demonstrate prognostic significance.

However, collected data suggest that low mitotic activity and To Show Compassion, a predominance of clear. cells may be favorable histologic features (Piver, 136). Risk factors for OCCA and ovarian cancer in general are much less clear than for. other genital tumors with general agreement on two risk factors: nulliparity and family. history. There is a higher frequency of carcinoma in unmarried women and in married.

women with low parity. Sweet Good Night Love Letter For Her | Gonadal dysgenesis in children is associated with a higher risk. of developing ovarian cancer while oral contraceptives are associated with a decreased. risk. Genetic and candidate host genes may be altered in susceptible families. Among. those currently under investigation is BRCA1 which has been associated with an.

increased susceptibility to breast cancer. Approximately 30% of ovarian adenocarcinomas. express high levels of HER-2/neu oncogene which correlates with a poor prognosis. (Altcheck, 375-376). Mutations in host tumor suppresser gene p53 are found in 50% of.

ovarian carcinomas. There also appears to be a racial predilection, as the vast majority. of cases are seen in Caucasians (Yoonessi, 295). Considerable variation exists in Heartfelt Condolence Your the gross appearance of ovarian clear cell. adenocarcinomas and they are generally indistinguishable from Meeting Template, other epithelial ovarian.

carcinomas. They could be cystic, solid, soft, or rubbery, and may also contain. hemorrhagic and Condolence Messages Your Compassion, mucinous areas (O'Donnell, 250). Microscopically, clear cell. carcinomas are characterized by the presence of variable proportions of clear and There Are Four, hobnail. cells. The former contain abundant clear cytoplasm with often centrally located nuclei, while the Heartfelt Condolence Your latter show clear or pink cytoplasm and bizarre basal nuclei with atypical. cytoplasmic intraluminal projections.

The cellular arrangement may be tubulo acinar, papillary, or solid, with the great majority displaying a mixture of these patterns. The. hobnail and clear cells predominate with tubular and solid forms, respectively (Barber, Clear cell adenocarcinoma tissue fixed with alcohol shows a high cytoplasmic. glycogen content which can be shown by means of special staining techniques. Abundant extracellular and rare intracellular neutral mucin mixed with sulfate and. carboxyl group is usually present. The clear cells are recognized histochemically and. ultrastructurally (short and blunt microvilli, intercellular tight junctions and desmosomes, free ribosomes, and lamellar endoplasmic reticulum). The ultrastructure of hobnail and.

clear cells resemble those of the similar cells seen in Of A Meeting 1 205 clear cell carcinomas of the. remainder of the female genital tract (O'Brien, 254). A variation in patterns of histology. is seen among these tumors and frequently within the same one. Whether both tubular components with hobnail cells and the solid part with clear cells.

are required to establish a diagnosis or the presence of just one of the patterns is. sufficient has not been clearly established. Fortunately, most tumors exhibit a mixture of. these components. Benign and borderline counterparts of Heartfelt To Show Compassion, clear cell ovarian. adenocarcinomas are theoretical possibilities. Yoonessi et al reported that nodal. metastases could be found even when the disease appears to be grossly limited to Powerpoint Template: With Gown On, the. pelvis (Yoonessi, 296).

Examination of retroperitoneal nodes is essential to allow for. more factual staging and carefully planned adjuvant therapy. Surgery remains the backbone of treatment and generally consists of removal of the. uterus, tubes and ovaries, possible partial omentectomy, and Messages To Show Your, nodal biopsies. The.

effectiveness and value of adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy has not been clearly. demonstrated. Therefore, in patients with unilateral encapsulated lesions and. histologically proven uninvolvement of the contralateral ovary, omentum, and biopsied. nodes, a case can be made for Sample Of A 3 Day Agenda Template 1 205 (a)no adjuvant therapy after complete surgical removal. and (b) removal of only the diseased ovary in an occasional patient who may be young. and desirous of preserving her reproductive capacity (Altchek, 97).

In the more adv- anced stages, removal of the uterus, ovaries, omentum, and Messages Compassion, as much tumor as possible. followed by pelvic radiotherapy (if residual disease is limited to Powerpoint Of Books A Graduation On, the pelvis) or. chemotherapy must be considered. The chemotherapeutic regimens generally involve. adriamycin, alkylating agents, and cisPlatinum containing combinations (Barber, 442).

OCCA is of epithelial origin and often contains mixtures of Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show, other epithelial tumors. such as serous, mucinous, and endometrioid. Clear cell adenocarcinoma is characterized. by large epithelial cells with abundant cytoplasm. Because these tumors sometimes. occur in association with endometriosis or endometrioid carcinoma of the ovary and.

resemble clear cell carcinoma of the endometrium, they are now thought to be of. mullerian duct origin and variants of endometrioid adenocarcinoma. Are Four. Clear cell tumors of. the ovary can be predominantly solid or cystic. In the solid neoplasm, the Heartfelt Compassion clear cells are. arranged in Calendar Printable Calendar sheets or tubules. In the cystic form, the neoplastic cells line the spaces. Five-year survival is approximately 50% when these tumors are confined to the ovaries, but these tumors tend to be aggressive and Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Your Compassion, spread beyond the ovary which tends to make.

5-year survival highly unlikely (Altchek, 416). Some debate continues as to whether clear cell or mesonephroid carcinoma is There Are Four Domains Of a. separate clinicopathological entity with its own distinctive biologic behavior and natural. history or a histologic variant of Heartfelt Condolence Compassion, endometrioid carcinoma. In an effort to Are Four Domains, characterize. clear cell adenocarcinoma, Jenison et al compared these tumors to the most common of. the epithelial malignancies, the serous adenocarcinoma (SA). Histologically determined.

endometriosis was strikingly more common among patients with OCCA than with SA. Other observations by Jenison et al suggest that the biologic behavior of Messages, clear cell. adenocarcinoma differs from that of Sweet Good Night Love |, SA. They found Stage I tumors in 50% of the. observed patient population as well as a lower incidence of bilaterality in OCCA. (Jenison, 67-69). Heartfelt Condolence Messages Compassion. Additionally, it appears that OCCA is Mid Year Calendar Printable | 2016 - 2017 Calendar characteristically larger than. SA, possibly explaining the greater frequency of symptoms and signs at presentation. There is controversy regarding talc use causing ovarian cancer.

Until recently, most. talc powders were contaminated with asbestos. Conceptually, talcum powder on the. perineum could reach the Heartfelt Messages Your Compassion ovaries by Showing For Funny | absorption through the cervix or vagina. Since. talcum powders are no longer contaminated with asbestos, the Heartfelt Condolence Your Compassion risk is probably no longer. important (Barber, 200). The high fat content of whole milk, butter, and meat products. has been implicated with an increased risk for Mid Year Calendar - 2017 Calendar Pages ovarian cancer in general.

The Centers for Disease Control compared 546 women with ovarian cancer to 4,228. controls and reported that for Your women 20 to Mid Year Calendar | 2016 - 2017, 54 years of age, the use of Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show Your, oral. contraceptives reduced the risk of A Stack A Graduation, ovarian cancer by 40% and the risk of ovarian cancer. decreased as the duration of oral contraceptive use increased. Even the use of oral. contraceptives for three months decreased the risk. The protective effect of oral. contraceptives is to reduce the relative risk to Compassion, 0.6 or to decrease the incidence of disease. by 40%.

There is a decreased risk as high as 40% for women who have had four or. more children as compared to nulliparous women. There is an increase in the incidence. of ovarian cancer among nulliparous women and Mid Year | 2016 Calendar Pages, a decrease with increasing parity. The. incessant ovulation theory proposes that continuous ovulation causes repeated trauma. to the ovary leading to the development of ovarian cancer. Incidentally, having two or. more abortions compared to Condolence Compassion, never having had an Showing Media | abortion decreases one's risk of. developing ovarian cancer by 30% (Coppleson, 25-28). It is Condolence Compassion commonly accepted that cancer results from a series of genetic alterations that.

disrupt normal cellular growth and differentiation. It has been proposed that genetic. changes causing cancer occur in two categories of normal cellular genes, proto- oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Genetic changes in Sweet For Her proto-oncogenes facilitate. the transformation of a normal cell to a malignant cell by Condolence Messages Compassion production of an altered or. overexpressed gene product. Such genetic changes include mutation, translocation, or. amplification of proto-oncogenes Tumor suppressor genes are proposed to prevent.

cancer. Inactivation or loss of these genes contributes to development of cancer by the. lack of Showing & Posts, a functional gene product. This may require mutations in both alleles of a tumor. suppressor gene. These genes function as regulatory inhibitors of cell proliferation, such. as a DNA transcription factor, or a cell adhesion molecule. Loss of these functions.

could result in abnormal cell division or gene expression, or increased ability of cells in. tissues to detach. Cancer such as OCCA most likely results from the dynamic interaction. of several genetically altered proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes (Piver, 64- Until recently, there was little evidence that the origin of Heartfelt Condolence To Show Your Compassion, ovarian was genetic. Sweet Good For Her. Before. 1970, familial ovarian cancer had been reported in only five families. A familial cancer.

registry was established at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 1981 to document the. number of Heartfelt Your Compassion, cases occurring in the United States and to study the mode of inheritance. If. a genetic autosomal dominant transmission of the disease can be established, counseling. for prophylactic oophorectomy at an appropriate age may lead to a decrease in the death. rate from ovarian cancer in such families. The registry at Roswell Park reported 201 cases of ovarian cancer in 94 families in. 1984. From 1981 through 1991, 820 families and 2946 cases had been observed. Familial ovarian cancer is not a rare occurrence and may account for 2 to Sample Meeting 3 Day Meeting Template, 5% of Condolence Compassion, all cases.

of ovarian cancer. Three conditions that are associated with familial ovarian cancer are. (1) site specific, the most common form, which is restricted to ovarian cancer, and (2) breast/ovarian cancer with clustering of ovarian and breast cases in extended pedigrees. (Altchek, 229-230). One characteristic of inherited ovarian cancer is that it occurs at A Research Paper : 100%, a. significantly younger age than the non-inherited form. Cytogenetic investigations of sporadic (non-inherited) ovarian tumors have revealed. frequent alterations of chromosomes 1,3,6, and 11.

Many proto-oncogenes have been. mapped to these chromosomes, and deletions of segments of chromosomes (particularly. 3p and 6q) in some tumors is consistent with a role for loss of tumor suppressor genes. Recently, a genetic linkage study of To Show Compassion, familial breast/ovary cancer suggested linkage of. disease susceptibility with the RH blood group locus on chromosome 1p. Allele loss involving chromosomes 3p and 6q as well as chromosomes 11p, 13q, and. 17 have been frequently observed in ovarian cancers. Besides allele loss, point mutations. have been identified in Sample Template 1 205 the tumor suppressor gene p53 located on Heartfelt Condolence Messages Compassion chromosome17p13. Deletions of chromosome 17q have been reported in Mid Year | 2016 sporadic ovarian tumors suggesting. a general involvement of this region in ovarian tumor biology.

Allelic loss of MYB and. ESR genes map on chromosome 6q near the provisional locus for FUCA2, the locus for. a-L-fucosidase in serum. Low activity of a-L-fucosidase in serum is more prevalent in. ovarian cancer patients. This suggests that deficiency of a-L-fucosidase activity in serum. may be a hereditary condition associated with increased risk for developing ovarian. cancer.

This together with cytogenetic data of Heartfelt Condolence To Show, losses of 6q and Sweet Good Letter For Her, the allelic losses at 6q. point to the potential importance of Condolence To Show, chromosome 6q in hereditary ovarian cancer. Activation of There Of, normal proto-oncogenes by either mutation, translocation, or gene. amplification to produce altered or overexpressed products is believed to play an. important role in the development of ovarian tumors. Activation of several proto- oncogenes (particularly K-RAS, H-RAS, c-MYC, and HER-2/neu) occurs in ovarian. tumors.

However, the significance remains to be determined. It is controversial as to. whether overexpression of the HER-2/neu gene in ovarian cancer is associated with poor. prognosis. In addition to studying proto-oncogenes in tumors, it may be beneficial to. investigate proto-oncogenes in germ-line DNA from Heartfelt Condolence Messages Compassion, members of families with histories. of ovarian cancer (Barber, 323-324).

It is questionable whether inheritance or rare. alleles of the H-RAS proto-oncogene may be linked to Are Four Of, susceptibility to Messages Your Compassion, ovarian cancers. Diagnosis and Treatment. The early diagnosis of ovarian cancer is a matter of chance and not a triumph of. scientific approach. In most cases, the finding of a pelvic mass is the only available. method of diagnosis, with the exception of functioning tumors which may manifest.

endocrine even with minimal ovarian enlargement. Symptomatology includes vague. abdominal discomfort, dyspepsia, increased flatulence, sense of bloating, particularly. after ingesting food, mild digestive disturbances, and pelvic unrest which may be present. for several months before diagnosis (Sharp, 161-163). There are a great number of imaging techniques that are available. Ultrasounds, particularly vaginal ultrasound, has increased the rate of pick-up of early lesions, particularly when the color Doppler method is used. Unfortunately, vaginal sonography. and CA 125 have had an increasing number of false positive examinations.

Pelvic. findings are often minimal and not helpful in making a diagnosis. However, combined. with a high index of To Writing, suspicion, this may alert the physician to the diagnosis. These pelvic signs include: Mass in Heartfelt the ovarian area. Relative immobility due to fixation of adhesions.

Irregularity of the tumor. Shotty consistency with increased firmness. Tumors in the cul-de-sac described as a handful of knuckles. Relative insensitivity of the mass. Increasing size under observation. Bilaterality (70% for Sweet Good Love Letter For Her ovarian carcinoma versus 5% for Messages Your benign cases) (Barber, 136) Tumor markers have been particularly useful in monitoring treatment, however, the.

markers have and will probably always have a disadvantage in identifying an early. tumor. To date, only Mid Year 12 Month Printable - 2017 Pages, two, human gonadotropin (HCG) and alpha fetoprotein, are. known to be sensitive and specific. The problem with tumor markers as a means of. making a diagnosis is that a tumor marker is developed from a certain volume of tumor. By that time it is Heartfelt Condolence Your no longer an early but rather a biologically late tumor (Altchek, 292). Many reports have described murine monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) as potential tools.

for diagnosing malignant ovarian tumors. Mid Year 12 Month | 2016 Calendar Pages. Yamada et al attempted to Condolence Messages Your Compassion, develop a MAb. that can differentiate cells with early malignant change from adjacent benign tumor cells. in cases of borderline malignancy. They developed MAb 12C3 by immunizing mice with. a cell line derived from a human ovarian tumor. The antibody reacted with human. ovarian carcinomas rather than with germ cell tumors.

MAb 12C3 stained 67.7% of. ovarian epithelial malignancies, but exhibited an extremely low reactivity with other. malignancies. MAb 12C3 detected a novel antigen whose distribution in normal tissue is. restricted. According to Yamada et al, MAb 12C3 will serve as a powerful new tool for. the histologic detection of early malignant changes in borderline epithelial neoplasms. MAb 12C3 may also be useful as a targeting agent for For Funny | cancer chemotherapy (Yamada, Currently there are several serum markers that are available to help make a diagnosis.

These include CA 125, CEA, DNB/70K, LASA-P, and serum inhibin. Heartfelt To Show Compassion. Recently the. urinary gonadotropin peptide (UCP) and the collagen-stimulating factor have been. added. Although the tumor markers have a low specificity and sensitivity, they are often.

used in screening for Sweet Night Love Letter For Her | ovarian cancer. A new tumor marker CA125-2 has greater. specificity than CA125. In general, tumor markers have a very limited role in screening. for ovarian cancer. The common epithelial cancer of the ovary is unique in killing the patient while being, in the vast majority of the Heartfelt To Show cases, enclosed in the anatomical area where it initially. developed: the peritoneal cavity. Even with early localized cancer, lymph node. metastases are not rare in the pelvic or aortic areas.

In most of the Showing & Posts cases, death is due to. intraperitoneal proliferation, ascites, protein loss and cachexia. The concept of. debulking or cytoreductive surgery is currently the dominant concept in treatment. The first goal in debulking surgery is inhibition of debulking surgery is inhibition of. the vicious cycle of Heartfelt Condolence Messages Compassion, malnutrition, nausea, vomiting, and Showing Media, dyspepsia commonly found in. patients with mid to Heartfelt Condolence To Show Your Compassion, advanced stage disease. Mid Year 12 Month Calendar Printable | 2016 - 2017 Calendar. Cytoreductive surgery enhances the. efficiency of chemotherapy as the survival curve of the Heartfelt Compassion patients whose largest residual. mass size was, after surgery, below the 1.5 cm limit is the same as the curve of Template: With, the.

patients whose largest metastatic lesions were below the 1.5 cm limit at Condolence To Show, the outset. The aggressiveness of the debulking surgery is a key question surgeons must face. when treating ovarian cancers. The debulking of very large metastatic masses makes no. sense from the oncologic perspective. As for extrapelvic masses the debulking, even if. more acceptable, remains full of danger and exposes the patient to a heavy handicap.

For these reasons the extra-genital resections have to To Writing Paper : 100%, be limited to lymphadenectomy, omentectomy, pelvic abdominal peritoneal resections and rectosigmoid junction. resection. That means that stages IIB and IIC and To Show Your, stages IIIA and IIB are the only true. indications for extrapelvic cytoreductive surgery. Colectomy, ileectomy, splenectomy, segmental hepatectomy are only exceptionally indicated if they allow one to perform a. real optimal resection. The standard cytoreductive surgery is the total hysterectomy with.

bilateral salpingoophorectomy. This surgery may be done with aortic and pelvic lymph. node sampling, omentectomy, and, if necessary, resection of the rectosigmoidal junction. The concept of administering drugs directly into the peritoneal cavity as therapy of. ovarian cancer was attempted more than three decades ago.

However, it has only been. within the last ten years that a firm basis for this method of 12 Month Printable - 2017 Calendar Pages, drug delivery has become. established. The essential goal is to expose the tumor to higher concentrations of Condolence Messages Your Compassion, drug. for longer periods of time than is Sample Agenda. Template possible with systemic drug delivery. Several agents. have been examined for their efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic advantage when. administered via the peritoneal route. Cisplatin has undergone the most extensive evaluation for Condolence Messages Compassion regional delivery. For Funny Fax Sheets | Cisplatin. reaches the systemic compartment in significant concentrations when it is administered.

intraperitoneally. Condolence Messages Compassion. The dose limiting toxicity of Sweet Love |, intraperitoneally administered cisplatin is. nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity and emesis. To Show Your. The depth of penetration of cisplatin into Media For Funny, the. peritoneal lining and tumor following regional delivery is only 1 to 2 mm from the. surface which limits its efficacy.

Thus, the only patients with ovarian cancer who would. likely benefit would be those with very small residual tumor volumes. Overall, approximately 30 to Condolence Messages, 40% of patients with small volume residual ovarian cancer have. been shown to Fax Sheets, demonstrate an objective clinical response to cisplatin-based locally. administered therapy with 20 to 30% of patients achieving a surgically documented. complete response. As a general rule, patients whose tumors have demonstrated an. inherent resistance to cisplatin following systemic therapy are not considered for. treatment with platinum-based intraperitoneal therapy (Altchek, 444-446).

In patients with small volume residual disease at the time of second look laparotomy, who have demonstrated inherent resistance to platinum-based regimens, alternative. intraperitoneal treatment programs can be considered. Other agents include. mitoxantrone, and Heartfelt To Show Your, recombinant alpha-interpheron. Intraperitoneal mitoxanthone has. been shown to have definite activity in A Stack Of Books With Gown On small volume residual platinum-refractory ovarian. cancer. Unfortunately, the Heartfelt Messages To Show Compassion dose limiting toxicity of the agent is abdominal pain and. adhesion formation, possibly leading to Of A 3 Day Agenda 1 205, bowel obstruction.

Recent data suggests the. local toxicity of Condolence Messages Your, mitoxanthone can be decreased considerably by delivering the Sweet Good | agent in. Ovarian tumors may have either intrinsic or acquired drug resistance. Many. mechanisms of drug resistance have been described. Expression of the MDR1 gene that. encodes the drug efflux protein known as p-glycoprotein, has been shown to confer the. characteristic multi-drug resistance to clones of some cancers.

The most widely. considered definition of platinum response is response to Condolence Messages To Show Your Compassion, first-line platinum treatment. and disease free interval. Primary platinum resistance may be defined as any progression. on treatment. Love Letter. Secondary platinum resistance is the absence of progression on primary. platinum-based therapy but progression at the time of platinum retreatment for relapse. Second-line chemotherapy for Heartfelt Condolence Messages Your Compassion recurrent ovarian cancer is dependent on preferences of. both the patient and physician.

Retreatment with platinum therapy appears to offer. significant opportunity for Are Four Domains Of clinical response and palliation but relatively little hope for. long-term cure. Paclitaxel (trade name: Taxol), a prototype of the taxanes, is cytotoxic. to ovarian cancer. Approximately 20% of To Show, platinum failures respond to There Are Four Domains Of, standard doses of. paclitaxel. Condolence To Show Your Compassion. Studies are in progress of dose intensification and intraperitoneal. administration (Barber, 227-228). This class of drugs is now thought to represent an. active addition to 12 Month - 2017 Calendar, the platinum analogs, either as primary therapy, in combination with.

platinum, or as salvage therapy after failure of Heartfelt Condolence, platinum. In advanced stages, there is suggestive evidence of partial responsiveness of OCCA to. radiation as well as cchemotherapy, adriamycin, cytoxan, and cisPlatinum-containing. combinations (Yoonessi, 295). Radiation techniques include intraperitoneal radioactive. gold or chromium phosphate and external beam therapy to the abdomen and pelvis. The. role of radiation therapy in treatment of ovarian canver has diminished in prominence as.

the spread pattern of ovarian cancer and the normal tissue bed involved in Sample Of A Template 1 205 the treatment. of this neoplasm make effective radiation therapy difficult. Messages To Show Your Compassion. When the residual disease. after laparotomy is Sample Meeting Agenda. Agenda bulky, radiation therapy is particularly ineffective. If postoperative. radiation is prescribed for a patient, it is important that theentire abdomen and Heartfelt Messages To Show Your Compassion, pelvis are. optimally treated to elicit a response from the tumor (Sharp, 278-280). In the last few decades, the aggressive attempt to optimize the To Writing : 100% treatment of. ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma and ovarian cancer in general has seen remarkable. improvements in the response rates of patients with advanced stage cancer without.

dramatically improving long-term survival. The promises of Heartfelt Messages To Show, new drugs with activity. when platinum agents fail is encouraging and fosters hope that, in the decades to come, the endeavors of surgical and pharmacoogical research will make ovarian cancer an. easily treatable disease. Altchek, A., Deligdisch, L. (1996). Diagnosis and To Writing A Research Paper : 100% Original, Management of Heartfelt Condolence To Show Compassion, Ovarian Disorders. New York: Igaku Shoin.

Barber, H. (1993). Sample Meeting Agenda. 3 Day Meeting Agenda Template. Ovarian Carcinoma: Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. New York: Coppleson, M. (Ed.). (1981). Gynecologic Oncology (vol. Heartfelt Messages Compassion. 2). New York: Churchill. Current Clinical Trials Oncology. (1996). To Writing A Research Original. Green Brook, NJ: Pyros Education.

De La Cuesta, R., Eichorn, J. (1996). Histologic transformation of benign. endometriosis to early epithelial ovarian cancer. Gynecologic Oncology, 60, 238- Disaia, P, Creasman, W. (1989). Clinical Gynecologic Oncology (3rd ed.). St.

Louis: Jenison, E., Montag, A., Griffiths, T. (1989). clear cell adenocarcinoma of the ovary: a clinical analysis and comparison with serous carcinoma. Gynecologic Oncology, Kennedy, A., Biscotti, C. Messages To Show Your Compassion. (1993). Histologic correlates of progression-free interval and. survival in ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma. Of. Gynecologic Oncology, 50, 334-338. Kennedy, A., Biscotti, C. (1989).

Ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma. Gynecologic. Oncology, 32, 342-349. O'Brien, M., Schofield, J., Tan, S. (1993). Clear cell epithelial ovarian cancer: Bad. prognosis only in early stages. Gynecologic Oncology, 49, 250-254. O'Donnell, M, Al-Nafussi, A. (1995). Intracytoplasmic lumina and mucinous inclusions. in ovarian carcinoma.

Histopathology, 26, 181-184. Piver, S. Condolence Messages To Show. (Ed.). (1987). Showing For Funny Fax Sheets. Ovarian Malignancies. New York: Churchill Livingstone. Sharp, F., Mason, P., Blackett, T., Berek, J. Messages Compassion. (1995). Ovarian Cancer 3. New York:

Chapman Hall Medical. Yamada, K., Kiyoshi, O. (1995). Monoclonal antibody, Mab 12C3, is a sensitive. immunohistochemical marker of early malignant change in epithelial ovarian tumors. Anatomic Pathology, 103, 288-294. Yoonessi, M., Weldon, D., Sateesh, S. (1984). | 2016 - 2017 Pages. Clear cell ovarian carcinoma. Journal. of Surgical Oncology, 27, 289-297. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show any level under time constraints.

Well-versed in most subjects and citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is There Are Four Of no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions. You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the Heartfelt Condolence Messages To Show entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime. The service is totally confidential and 12 Month - 2017 Calendar Pages, all client information is kept private.

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